Now they say I get around provoking a huge amount of people, which does not really make any sense. What happens is that when I am being bullied, people prefer to tell me what to do and then spend everything I do to stand up for myself which ensures that the bullying takes up all my time and this has come to mean that if I have a full schedule involving my Church activities and my academic related work or any jobs I attend to, over 80% of my time is still spent on a group of people concerning whom I must come to a decision as regards carrying on with what I doing in terms of hating them and all they get up to – if this is then broken down in terms of what has gone beyond the fact that it is twisted and becomes even more so the more it is being made straight, to a question of where it fits in the matters of good and evil, the matters of morality and immorality, then where I stand on the matter becomes clearer than a simple statement about me making enemies.

Similarly we see them claim I have ended up in a condition where they want to make me smell like my loo and then attack me of course which gets me off on another gear since it goes way back to when it all started in 2001 i.e. there were women grumbling on the background like they always do and then a certain Men who were determined to implement some nonsense about having found a Man that can make women behave to suit their purposes, since then which I have been shafting them to solve lots of problems and they had since forged an alliance with my Mum to create this sense that I do not get along with my Mum and hate my Mum in order to start their gimmicks all together, the result being that each time they boast about damage to my academic work and finances, it gets me off on vengeance one more time; so the University bit was the third time I had given it up because I smelled like my loo every moment I spent in the academic institution on their account, it became the most important because it was the one that got them making out that years of tackling me and persevering had paid dividend in the sense that they had found out where the Crown Jewels of what I was doing was located Literally. The outcome naturally is the degree of damage I have done to the Labour Party, so I am thinking this case of attacking me physically goes beyond the fact most of them like to talk about it and then when they meet me they cannot do it without help from their Politicians who groom me for rape all the time, simply means they care going to end up with another story built on the total destruction of the party so that the Nation might need to find an alternative opposition to government at Parliament.

It’s much the same as the story of claims I hate black people which I do not; I am simply not related to them and do not know who they are but against my wishes have to deal with a matter of them behaving like the worst possible family I could dream of having – hence the challenge has become that it is impossible for me to be left alone and to have some time for my own needs as such. The boast on their part is always that I cannot do anything about it but as it stands we can see that the business of the big brothers showing up at academic environments to wreck what I am doing, peddle my personal life and public image and secure a future for themselves while they blab about the boasts of the little men concerning which others will be doing their violent bits has given rise to some important results, such as making sure that their need to damage everything here and then sit about telling lies to women as they improve themselves on everything I do about every difficult situation while their low life idiots who need quick money and nice things to get out of a condition that leaves them boasting about everything while others do it better all the time leaving them in a social position that is lowest of the low and the only way that their stupidities therefore do not get us all dealing with intensely violent issues like racism absolutely every 24 hours, has given way to a process where I too have invented a means by which they hit a brick wall and feed somewhere else. The society Men who love to tell me what to do when I am being bullied while they spend everything I do to stand up for myself on their self-improvements and get me tackling women to preserve the means that supplies the money in their imagination and cannot keep their hands to themselves are the ones who are finding the business of telling me what to do very expensive. The others who show up to damage everything I am doing because they know what value and money can be made from my personality if I simply agreed to go along with sinful popular culture are the ones that are getting stuck with me until they are past it and the women who keep it together for all three and cannot stop starting off the relentless insults are the ones that are stuck with the society of men because they are performing a Public service that I put them up to as well. It is therefore not true that this is unlikely to develop into a case of making sure hitting anything here on their part, by means of mean or popular culture or celebrity culture or even Politics means I hit their finances as well, nor is there anything preventing me from progressing to the stage where I tackle the Liberal America celebrity money that is the source of all my problems by facilitating this nonsense at my expense – not true at all that there is nothing I can do about it, the case is that their stupidities depends upon me and hates anything that depends on them as well, can never stop getting violent about it which distracts me from very important matters and the challenge is that I cannot be allowed to be by myself if they had a say in the matter.

Much the same as the case where they claim people do not hate me as much as I have professed that they do; utter nonsense naturally – I do not profess that people hate me at all, the pressures are things women who play with me and get about with me on a daily basis create; the involvement of other people turns it into a problem and the fall out is not to be left here since they believe that the decisions and choices are their own to make. It’s the grand old case of being persecuted by ageist men, adding up with the business of constantly being attacked by civil rights women who want to get rich and famous with your public image and believe you will let go so they might if you are stuck in a gang fight, it does not in any way mean I am as weak as they have made out; it’s just an inability to carry on with my own life as well because they show up here with a busy body selfish idea all the time and cannot stop issuing those insulting threats with it making out their stupidities are really important and probably have experience of handling human beings that are just like me. We have seen a pattern emerge which is a cause for celebration i.e. they always need the partying an boogying and clubbing popular culture lifestyles to look after the bottom but if a girl makes a song over my Public work to get a record label putting a sticker on it, they take over after years of abusive and destructive insults that leave them with trophy destruction and an impetus, gut the system for the money and then when they had completely destroyed it, left us smelling like our loo, they go back to the popular culture clubbing and partying lifestyle while we deal with the criminal fall out which is a matter of their supposition that when they are angry it matters while other people’s displeasure does not, looking for trouble 24/7, so it is not true that I cannot do anything about it.

It does seem we could never escape or be free of tales about how I have been pushing for a war – whereas the reality is more that they are convinced in the world of career criminals activity where they had labelled me the small power and themselves the middle power while others are the big powers, they have done my bits that involve picking on me and then getting in touch with the Authorities to make a case of their position first before I did which actually does not prevent me from socially controlling their stupidities like they believe it has. They have always been a very nasty bunch whereby Celebrity work creates a process where people can show up from nowhere to poke the famous but they had therefore come up with a plan at narcissism industrial popular culture canopies, where somebody manufactures them into fame and the person that will be set up for the crowd to pick on and for people to pick on an random will be completely defenceless.

There is obviously no connection between the procedure of being an ethnic minority Celebrity and a process of tackling me but we have never seen them just pick it up and carry on especially when they have got some leadership from their American friends as well without doing so and the first time it became an issue, it was because they built it up from New York right across this Estate like a highway through to Japan and I ripped it up, now it continues because of the deluded idea that they can handle me if I acted on it; just like we hear them speak of living with the bad things our soldiers do overseas while the reality was more a matter of the fact the British were the most selfish gits in the world simply because we told them invasion is different from intervention and what the Americans were doing in the Middle East was a bit of both with the invasion coming first, they said we were a problem on account the Americans brought money – now we have ended up with the people who knew what to do with the crisis getting killed, Terrorists getting endless supply of Man power and a bigger international scene mess to clear up, as they show up here to pretend that being a Muslim Celebrity or business Man or indeed being a black Celebrity and or Business man has something to do with their insults tackling me to add to the fact they already had a very low opinion of me in the first place, so we find the same is as it happened in the Middle East when too many of the minds that knew what to do about the crisis there were dying at cross fire and believing it was worth something to the whole time. Even now we find them continue still, getting around randomly putting labels on people that set people out as small power, while they insert themselves into the position of middle power, the whole time knowing they do not do so well at being homosexual. We also hear endlessly of this case concerning their career criminal activities civil rights women who think that their purpose in this world is to get high authorities taking property from me to make me them feel comfortable while I am made to get a real man’s job, showing up here endlessly to make out the business of me keeping the career and finances from the gangs and criminals, to be something of me grabbing what women should be doing while at the same time it is something that their Men cannot do, about which I am to spend time with those and then what I am doing will be so counterproductive for it too – much the same as the claim that it is my cowardice that leaves people with hurting bottoms, which it isn’t but if I said that it was anus whipping that does it, then there will be a lot of instability; however they are all now aware whether or not they are raised very terribly and also in a world where they think women are items, to show up here all the time and expect co-operation from their mates at random with a big mouth, that what I do with their society adds up to whipping their anus as well and that all that need to get the Politicians helping them with finances and self-confidence so they might gather as a community and groom me for rape can only lead to outcomes where they fuck me and I fuck that society so they lose the jobs and livelihoods in the process and then their problems will really begin, hence all the blabbing especially considering that most times they meet me they tend to do a lot less, never mind the business of spending my time in these ways to start with, concerning which it has taken 10 years so far and the business of tidying up, not smelling like my loo in public places so I may return to finish the academic work I started has not been achieved, notwithstanding the fact it was the very reason I dropped out in the first place. So the case with their Labour Party is as I mentioned earlier; they just located a Man that will be dealing with women so they might keep their jobs, on account there were women grumbling in the local communities like they always do, since then I have been shafting them and they have been solving problems all over the place too and so when I dropped out of University blamed it on myself because I spent more time doing that than I spent on practicing how to ignore them, just then which they kicked started another one even when the fact their Politicians were spending tax payer funds to wreck my finances and help them out with their own generally meant they were not in need of money or self-confidence, they kick started another one anyway; this is the reason for all the bottom hurting and has nothing to do with my cowardice. I do get told that nobody really understands what my view of the world is but the reality is that these guys have very strong views about being disciplined and I am pretty sure my parents did mention something about how they use celebrity culture and popular culture to make up for what they were supposed to know to handle the problems when it comes along, wrecking people’s lives while making an exhibition of themselves in the process.