Today they became a lot more interested in telling me their bottom hurts for another day and if the matter concerning me over their culture and society is not resolved there will be trouble soon to follow but it never will be; this is because I need the culture and society in my possession for as long as it may be required for me to get my Books sold and take a regular holiday from their stupidities to ensure I am of sound mind for my engagements – I took it from them to ensure they do not get to rip up my finances and make me desperate enough to set up a business that relies on begging them for sales at civil rights. I personally have been clear about two facts on this matter; one of them being that these cultures and societies are things the owners will get back when my finances are free from them of which they can carry on damaging it to ensure they never do if they like, while the other is that if they get on my nerves one more time, over that their stupid need to be rich and famous and important for which I and my person and possessions are set out as the main target in this Country there is going to be real trouble to follow too; in essence their culture and society a complain I hear but I want to know who the hell they are as well; current reality is that people approach me on a business basis when they expect me to expose my heirlooms and whether or not I get those back are usually none of their business but I do expect to make some money and pay my way in the process as well, so they must be getting involved because they are Royalty; hence it feeds into that nonsense about a theory that shows itself in public places all of the time about how I am not important because they can tell who is on grounds that there is somebody that has made a promise to protect them – so I suppose it becomes important to spell it out that I am Royalty and have a personal life that Government and Criminals invite themselves into – they are wealthy people who get approached that extremists on a regular basis and we are worlds apart, so I really want to know what their ‘chief seller status’ that concerns a business empire which happens to be their own, has to do with somebody like me anyway; all we ever get as answer to such a question is another set of nonsense about the importance of living in a free Country while I got a royal commission from the Head of State while I was still a student, given me in my absence, which does not make me a genius; its just that there shall be trouble over their culture and society and I want to know who they are anyway – the old story remains the same i.e. we are here because I have shut it down on account I do not want them to be famous and the reasons are that I should take my Christian personality and go out to create a history of preaching so that others can make fame and riches and capitalism and globalisation because that is how the West is built and I am saying they need to use their own lives to do it, while they have been blowing off a big mouth to earn the ultimatum here stated, especially important to be set out over that nonsense concerning how I am a pipsqueak that things I can decide how people should live their stupid lives when that really has nothing to do with anything yet as it were – what has is that it is exactly the same way that stupid culture and society got into trouble in the first place, hence the shutting down of the decadence and popularity because I do not want them to be famous. They do speak of what I cannot take on naturally but its an old story of what has become of the criminals that chose another path by going into popular culture and Media as it were; considering it is an eventuality that I created with my own hands by putting that stupid culture up for sale so they can chase their own lives like they make others with glee every time as it were; the last time one of them got to piss me off in a memorable way was when an idiot attended a cocktail party hosted by Mr Obama in the US and showed up after with a white towel around his neck to blab at me about the interests of Muslims in the United States which then stretches around the world as it were, despite the fact the Middle east was still burning.

I mean you can speak to the arms Industry except the scum in Europe, about making weapons that facilitate organised criminals sitting about with tools they can express aesthetics of their deadly violence with on your equities but cannot make Media and Popular culture listen; we hear of the part Politicians play in the matter instead which is not a new story since we have always been aware that a fight with those is the answer to everything; provided you show that you had tried and failed to do the academic work and the jobs bit first as it were; otherwise there would be no point for the idiots to send out people to rip up your income everyday for a decade and a half blabbing a about jobs you get around communities taking from them, for which they have no evidence to prove, save the fact it is a sensation their media idiots have provided them as it were. So we are getting to a point where there will be a recknoning over that stupid need to leave home and kiss goodbye families and show up at government buildings to pretend to be dogs while I am the carcass or something as it were. To which it concerns, their idiots always speak of my behaviour having a tendency to cause civil unrest, whereas we know that our fellow employers have half their minds firmly lodged in a corner whereby they were famous and that people generally have no right to feel good especially when they are at work etc, concerning which we also hear the idiots at government buildings talk nonsense about the economy for it endlessly as if they actually know what they are talking about too. Hence I do get told that I talk but they are making money and going places, which is not actually the truth: the truth of which is that some scumbag is giving them money to wind me up and is hoping to get it back later and what I need to do is to ensure they do not plug any stupid products into my public image or business to do so which is the reason we are in this position and everybody knows I have implored Media idiots and popularity fools to stay out of the matter, more times than I can remember as it were but they always chose to approach me with insulting financial bullying like they have got the power instead. in the end the Prime Minister and the Cabinet are the big show anyway; one of these days, the rest are going to answer clear questions regarding the getting around local communities to steal their jobs bit, prove their theory with that stupid sensation that media has given them as it were. I believe a major aspect of the problem is that these goons are able to express themselves all over my charitable acitivties, of which I largely believe other Royals to have a better arrangement than I do and therefore really needed as such but each time they do, it is not the one where they make out that they care about other people, the one that made them rich as well, at the end of which they bellow stupid threats at me because they want to be rich and important every day.

So they say I know much about the economy which in actual fact I don’t but what it is said for is so that another conversation might be developed which says that people like me always end up leading extremist groups and telling lies to a bitter end – I however know nothing much about the economy at least not to a Government level, what we have here are a group of politicians we see ever so often at the Banking and Manufacturing sector talking about economy right up to a point where what they are doing is ever so clearly obvious to the most basic economic mind which means they are actually doing nothing about the economy and show up at manufacturing and Banking all the time, trips paid for by the tax payer, for something else entirely.

I mean some people might say that because they are interested in the purchasing power of the rich, they are largely interested in the economy as a whole but I can always take care of myself either by inventing my own stupidities which I can insert into the concerns of the rich if they bother me or make use of their own which I was not taught at Church anyway.  In the end they cannot pin it on me like leading extremist group stuff etc and can complain about how I make trouble for them and run away so they might spend time fixing it while I have fun but the reality is that I dropped out of University 8 years ago because of them and they are still having fun with it; I mean I am not the bad person for telling BMW Manager that I do not know what he is talking about but I can work hard for instance but I am the one being punished while privileges are doled out for those who want to live out a useless existence while spending their time seeing if others can be forced to do violent things and give up a public image to those who want to steal it and make riches and fame with. Its much the same as when the Politicians blab that I cannot handle the fame and fortune gangs, which makes me wonder all the time if it is an actual challenge.

They do say these things and the fact its about a process of countering their need for power is an example which expresses the fact Royalty is stupid; I don’t mind anyway, after all the other side of course being that I mess up their culture and society and I will not tolerate it if it has no wish to be nice when it shows up around my case; if it has no wish to ask before it takes and has no wish to thank when it uses and has no wish to buy when it is for sale, if it continues, then I get to cut it up every time it shows up around my concerns to make me sick as well and with respect to dropping out of University of which but for their intervention, I would have done it all and ended up with a University degree so they can end up with a real problem too. I shut it down as it were because I do not want them to be famous and if they need it so much know how to inherit it from somebody else that actually worked for it or work for it themselves – with respect to not being able to take on the fame and fortune gangs all together of which is an old story of what will happen when I get hold of that stupid marijuana business markets again. It is obviously the only single career colloquialism they have i.e. whether what others have got befits their size and I suppose that is why I have dropped out of University too i.e. now that they know what I have, to make somebody else more qualified than I am, looking for trouble – needs to stop having the fun as it were. We see it every time whenever they want to speak of how I suppose I am clever but am not whereas what happened at University was that I tried to get through a First degree with very depleted resources – it was a time when broadband dongle would set you back some £150 to £200 and then you will have to have a credit rating to sign a contracts too – so what usually happened was that they marked wrong my essays and used the content to teach other students, which fed into that process where their civil rights generally meant if they asked me and I gave it because I was generous, that would make them inferior, so there had to be a way to take without asking, so yet again I did shut it down because I do not want them to be famous; they have to work for it or inherit it from somebody that did and if they get on my nerves further and threaten me over that stupid need to be rich and famous there is going to be trouble for them too and I should add that it is especially so for the Media ones. They do say they have gotten me to see how hard people had to work to be where they are Today but its an old story; if they want me to work hard I work hard, when it hurts the celebrities that exhibit themselves all over my Public image get one as well and nothing gets changed unless the Politicians set out to change something physically and then we have to listen to all those complains. They do say it is all talk from me and that there is actually nothing I can do of course but its an old story; the last time they spoke of what I couldn’t do, it ended with a case involving the Unions and the need to rebuild the entire Labour Party and nobody has been able to approach me on that issue to this day while they are still struggling and fighting for their lives because of it – it feeds into this whole case of what my problem with Public transport operatives really is whereas the reality is still that when my bottom hurts there has to be a reason I have deserved it and it shouldn’t just happen because I am like a grown up child people want to bully and push around to satisfy a desire – I mean I know the reason is that I am a writer and that I work hard on my Books alright but to be a success I must work hard enough to secure a large contract for it and so it is the very idea of large contract for a writer that these guys who are more deserving of my income have a problem with but I want to know what those who show up in government to give them a means of having those incredibly stupid conversations that makes people lose hope in humanity think the reason is. I believe what I say is very clear when I mention that they need to work for it or inherit it from somebody that did and continuous hounding of me over their need to get rich and famous and important will lead to trouble and problems for them soon enough as enough really is enough too around here; they were warned early enough about playing with me in such ways if they didn’t want me to play with them like that too.

So we hear them claim I was full of promise and it makes them angry to see somebody like me degenerate into what I have become but its an old story; when they have opinions either about how Women should be handled or how bad Women are, they should know I am not interested; we set it out while I was still at University in the first place a long time ago anyway – the main target for these fools to be frank, are usually Women who attend church, maybe much school as well and love classical music etc and it is ever so obvious those kinds of Women do not like them too for obvious reasons, so these fame and fortune and popular culture ones are things they use as smoke screen but this is not my problem, my problem is that I am hated for being this guy that scrutinises every aspects of peoples lives if I get any slight sense they have sex using my person or have been peddling my Public life and image to make money and they are always teaching me lessons by scrutinising and damaging everything I do as well, to make me understand how they feel; hence its possible I am bluffing when I say they need to work for it or inherit it from somebody that did and do that very soon indeed too. So I get asked what my condition is but I am perfectly alright; its just an amount of pressure I have never experienced, keeping a security job while holding to Royal Office and looking after a Book sale and Holdings Empire which finances are being damaged – so sometimes I do get out of bed dreading the whole idea of getting to work itself all together because it is a point where I have to push so hard at everything and I want these idiots to stop making a mess of my tummy to begin with and very soon enough for it as well before they have something new to get around complaining about again. They say I had this existence others could deploy to get rich and comfortable but decided to keep it all to myself and cause suffering instead but it is my life and they are done showing me how stupid my religion is, it will be over only after I am done showing them how stupid their existence is too; this case where they are stuck between a rock and a hard case and do not even have access to me at all in the first place, to begin with is only a start of it. Its not a case of matters I cannot handle, the story of what I cannot handle is a familiar one; the reality is that these fools who only want progress where they step over me and always want to cheat me out of the benefits of what I fight for and work for always want to make deals with what they know is pure evil because the ability to exhibit a little of the wickedness to push people around and get by can make them rich but knowing those risks set about ripping up my finances and challenging me to what I can do or not when they claim my Public image as their own, so it does seem their very lives are becoming a real problem all together especially on that stupid media. I mean if you do nothing about it, the result will be the same set of activities around any jobs you have and those who had any position of leadership in an establishment which employed you will leave the jobs and they will take over and your bottom will hurt every single time that you attend work; so in my view they do it because they think they have the power first of all and also because they want a piece of me as well – so that the outcome is always supposed to be their deals with evils they stop you from protecting yourself from, that will then leave you exposed as the person that tried to take it on and will sacrifice you to ensure they make use of some of that wickedness to get rich and comfortable, then get rid of the extreme practices and make it all go away in that manner, blabbing about which ones I cannot actually handle. So in terms of where I really should be, that is an old tale of what these evil goons want you to spend your time reacting to; so I have subjected myself to the conditions that make people want to take the law into their hands and then the ones that make people talk about evils of society which is the one that they are most impressed by, then the one where people want to change things around them, then the ones where people don’t care, then the ones where people care because they have money etc, in order to try and understand how to live with people this stupid and it was worth it too – especially when we speak of socialist plans to secure successful people detached from their incomes whose secretes can be bullied out of them for the common good supposing those people do not have human rights as well that is; the idiots have gone from being stuck between a rock and a hard case over the matter of what I cannot do to defend myself which ended with Unions problems and the need to rescue their entire Political parties, to fighting for their lives all together since they are usually successful when they are stupid. So they say Journalists need a bit of respect from me as well; utter nonsense of course as respect was never the issue but finding out who the hell they are when they demand a certain respect that is befitting that was the issue. The number of times I have dislodged myself from putting up some reason to tease them every day and keep it going until somebody confronts me physically because he is a journalists over the same behaviour as it were but nothing has changed about them continuing to chase my Book sale finances to rip up my career and do something to expose me to crime because they want me to perform a fight that will take care of them while they sell on the prerogative and get connected after. It’s the best advice I am aware of i.e. if only journalists paid attention to the one that actually pays their salary and let be; they are the physical version of their Politicians who know what absolutely everything they come across should be used for, especially the need to force it to when it does not want to be used that way.

So they say they have saved me from violence for more times than they could possibly remember; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that it is the violence where Politicians chose my crowd all the time and it is a matter of people who spend time living their days out in very useless ways, so that any little regard left in them will be respect only for those who are paying for it and I am doing either the bit about appreciating their madness or paying for their respect anyway for my part. It is a question I must answer as to whether they are so unreasonable and having so much fun with the bullying that they can only be made to behave by means of repression – so I do not see how they save me from violence when I ensure they have no loutishness to do sales with on account their celebs are having too much for instance among many other means of social control especially the one where I am the most selfish person on the planet whose personality cannot be peddled by others that need the fame and fortune more than he does. My face does not say anything; what they mean is their interpretation of the effects of my impetuousness – when I got my first job and failed to handle the tummy issues properly and got really scared and paranoid and did damage to my own body in the process which means any scum can turn up to make me smell and any stupid communities right down to public transport goons can set me up for violence because I refuse to allow myself to be used by those who have needs – it seems these idiots always want me to become more concerned with those that are so insane that they are not a threat to anybody and so while they should pay attention to what really matters never actually do because they are driving themselves to mental illness and believe everybody will be willing to give them the opportunity to do harm and stand in a law Court to blab about insanity and diminished responsibility, hence they live the way they do because they actually do think it is a clever thing to do – they do not save me from violence. Cannot handle it, telling me what to do when they get told they are the things Women keep secretes about as well considering its all about making and forcing me to do something about Women because that appears to be the only thing restricting their foolish progress; I mean in the end I have explained it before that there are people with personalities that simply invite rape and murder and that they will never run from it because they think what awaits them on the Media is worse but these guys do not see any reason to change a behaviour, what they think they want to stop is a process where I enjoy disrupting criminal activity, they enjoy punishing me for it while they are in a position to be some easy target for these Women.