I am said to be embroiled in a very complicated task which I am not from where I am to say the least; I know I have done networking for my Books and I know I have been meeting with people I want to meet with and people who are really interested in what I am doing via the internet, this does not work with mainstream media where they think they want to run my life all the time naturally, so they are party to the business of people showing up here to express all sorts of nonsense – such as claims my personality are a matter of me sleeping with peoples wives for example and then I have to dispute this every single moment while they boo and coo their sexual abuses at me all day long, churning my tummy and making it impossible to look after employment or personal engagements and then getting even more physically abusive about it, while the foolish men think of grabbing the finances, so they had since come up with a plan to ensure I am stuck with such women and they were making money off my Public image and issuing threats at me, over what they claim is the bad smell I make. My personal favourite being when they follow me around at academic institutions and attack me in public places for busy body opportunism purposes – we find they had soon wrecked the academic work, considered that since they were women they could do whatever they liked, then gotten off to lay a pipeline for assisting Celebrities to get whatever they want from my life and showed up to both fight my battles and threaten me all day long; it rather then becomes a very difficult thing running a Bookshop while a group of people that have adopted a position which is fundamentally against the law, make it a point of duty to get involved with my concerns for the purpose of making a mess of it, each time I try to find out what their purposes are, I come up against this idea they are very important and I am being oppressed.

What then makes it all very complicated is the part that the Media and the Celebrities have been playing in such matters – it feeds directly into this idea the Government wants co-operation from me on Brexit which I am left wondering whatever on earth is wrong with them as they had two jobs to do with the EU i.e. one was to tell the EU why they wanted to leave the Economic zone and the other was to leave it – the Public had made the decision for the first question for them and so all they really had to do was the single job of leaving the EU. What we see is the fact they are in love with the abusive behaviour of their European Counterparts which involves wearing frocks to get around pretending they controlled the City – then those that cannot stand the bottom hurting will tackle me because I have a Public image while they got into government office to tell me I had taken up a public image that should rightfully be their own on grounds that they were making decisions that affected the lives of criminals. The Part the Media plays in it being the business of helping people get off their backyards and their homes and the roads that lead away from it to anywhere they want to go on the planet and cling to mine, so the business of claiming I sleep with peoples wives have been so incredibly vital for the purpose, such that if I said I didn’t, then they would build me another publicity that suggests they are certain their wives may feel safe with me, which does rather get me thinking they were bluffing all together as there is really nothing they can do about me – the other part being that I have a Court of female journalists that assist me on some of these matters and they have built up a public disposition which suggests it is a free for all access.

They always point out this case of me and Americans which does not make any sense whatsoever; the only thing between me and Americans is a case of my backyard and that of black America in a clash here and they always say I pretend I am incredibly tough when I am not, while reality is one where they will find out what I can do as well when they build up those communities that have ideas about what to do to me, their Politicians set them a stage to discuss their problems with respect to the fact I existed at all in the first place for personal sensations of convenience, and then run off popular culture pipelines from the US to Japan across this Hermitage like they did before. They do claim I am in a difficult situation with the Politicians when I am not – we know the Labour Part has spent the last decade of my time making out I am disrespectful of Politicians because Politicians are not millionaires, they have then set about over the matter and on my Public image, spending tax payer funds to run off some National civil service corruption through civil service trust systems that help them bribe their voters and its all done on my Public image for which they have my books – the conservatives have spent the same amount of my time claiming that what is happening is happening because some ethnic minorities like myself show up here in the UK without seeing that there are things I should not be doing all together, leaving me to wonder whether they claim they want co-operation from me because they think co-operation means getting around with old friends they used to have strange ideas about ethnic minorities with at school, for the purpose of extracting money from my Public image in such an abusive way that I am to annoyed to concentrate on the academic pursuits all together, hence should they have a go at me, I shall ensure they had a case about me to complain of too.

The rest of the time we find them speak of financial matters which is an old case of relying on me to do nothing about the destruction of my property on account they want to maintain the benefits of claiming it is a behaviour they exhibit because they were very important; we all know that apart from the processes that get us all spending time on the social chores while they passed the exams and extracted the best jobs from the system, which if they didn’t do would have made their stupidities a greater responsibility, nothing they do with the fact their whole lives are about seeing others as tools that help them escape the bottom hurting aspects of being so obsessed with money has once made sense around here, especially the media job and Celebrity. They would rather say this view is one that categorises success to its own detriment but they are not successful in anyway whatsoever, just incredibly destructive – love a condition in which I am stuck with culture and society trouble makers because it helps to threaten me and make me ill, then wreck the academic work and finances to pass the exams first; I want them at this stage getting my Canopy looking like it did when they found it in 2005, the business of doing damage to it of which has been developed on the fact I have been giving away information about my Books because it saved lives to do so and only because of Industrial narcissism have I now ended up building a business empire in which the money making systems have ended up somewhere else and the last straw was the fact that I have not yet found the will to punish Celebrities and journalists for it before I had lost everything so far, I want it looking as they found it in 2005, when it was easy for me to say that I had brokered creative equity with some companies and they had developed new systems for mining crude oil for instance and since I was allowed to have a say, made Natural environment security so much easier – that I could set out a campaign about those who damage environment with crude oil destroying the property of crude oil business owners by wasting the oil that was mined at great expense without an interest expressed to see it show up on the bodies of wildlife and other parts of the ecosystem, never mind destroying the wildlife until somebody lost a job and likewise could I make a statement about people who go off to abuse those that work in Crude oil companies without bearing responsibility for the outcome; so that it might be obvious what is happening is a destruction of Heritage because individuals who really should be junkies that got off way laying some celebrities to seek out a relationship from which they may conduct some form of expensive divorce at a later date have ended up working in Crude Oil Companies, so we are carrying the burdens of Celebrities who are not making it easier for us.

It feeds into this other case of the claim that Video games make people violent which I could never make sense of anyway – some people do say it makes them violent but then again its largely a matter of finding out what would happen in the real world if people did what they did in the video games, at the expense of other people, minus the parts where they got killed in the video games because they did not do it well enough, wherefore others get harmed by them in the real world because they did it in the real world well enough all together and the general public did not. Besides, there are many types of guns – an air gun would not kill a person even if you shot them through the heart, provided they had medical attention on time, an assault weapon would because it is full of led poison and we know air guns are used to hunt wild animals for food or other purposes because it does not poison the meat, so the question really is why there is a link between video games and a condition in which human beings possessed assault weapons as we are aware the only way to make hunting animals with assault weapons viable is to waste the meat and only keep the parts that have not been poisoned by led in the bullets – video games do not make human beings carry assault weapons in anyway, it’s a bunch of idiots doing first and finding out later, not the games which they have obviously made it is not enough for them to live out their fantasies by – in any case of which the video games involve people in the difficult decision making processes and the fact somebody is irresponsible enough to be thinking of other things while he is playing a part of the games that is traumatic, then take out their feelings on others is not due to the games nor is the part where they experiment with what they have done there with real people in the world. We all know unless they have covered their backs, whatever they are planning to do with the way they feel about the video games can never be done well enough if others were prepared for them too – we all know what happens with people who have military jobs that if a bomb lands there is always an order to “take” a “cover” hence it is a very hazardous job. In any case I used to get stuck reading war comics that took me out of the decision-making processes as a child afternoon after afternoon and it has not gotten me taking my frustrations out on anybody, since or indeed now. I do get told that the way I play video games does make others violent, which is utter rubbish; what happens is that I am British and I am playing a violent video game, so the result will be a British way of playing violent video games and if those who work in the Military recognise a pattern, others simply have to live with it and let me be – I mean I have had to take precautions and my games are now full of strategic deception, so that if they picked up the deception bits they will risk their lives and lose it more so, if they picked up the real bits, we get to find out which Royal Order they believe they may fool around with.

The case of Politicians issuing threats at me is nothing unusual but there is really nothing they can do about me, especially those who claim they want to see me out of the Monarchy for their part as they will indeed have to make me. I mean they rely on me each time to pick up residency in bad neighbourhoods where I can get myself involved in the business of a hermitage, to play up stupid games about a dream of seeing me become afraid of them all the time, end up ripping up my finances and getting media fools to translate some of the worries about invoices as a process of being afraid of them, as stupidly as possible and then they might feel as if they do not wish to practice their abuses on their families instead of me after that for a while – issues the threats relying on me to show regard for the Offices of state they love to abuse and never shows up to do it by itself because it is expecting some criminals to pick it up, is the rule they live by and it is getting to a point, especially as we can see the simple business of deciding to move my Book sale business out of their way, generally means they follow me to make out I am supposed to set out exceptions for parliament, starting something similar to what has produced a result that we see them complain about endlessly too. They do point out I am using the lives of poor people to make myself better off but have not explained why they use it to ensure this Library is never quiet enough for people to show up here and spend time reading Books I like instead of their expressed stupidities – what we have seen come forth from it goes beyond the business of making sure I cannot stop their violent gits from making out that dead or alive they will be deploying my person or work to make money and that I have got things that people must share, after hounding me into writing Books to share them and not wanting any commitment that will get them reading it – so that I look like somebody that will give it up to them and stop disturbing them for using it if I got stabbed, the one that also allows their society gits to show on Public places with a Media that helps them make out my life is now in the hands of Celebrities which they will get rich by and I could never recover, while they know I will sell the culture and society for money if they pushed the threats at me, the one that allows the Celebrities get involved with my concerns and stifle Government Public image unleashing their rejects who need those insults that help them maintain an environment which means they have family life, are superior to others and can pass exams on a business of chasing peoples bums, that I must now tackle and clear out before Trooping the Colours in 2019; it becomes a question of how easy they think it will be for them all together issuing those threats all the time – a question of the fact that since people who have been approved for State duties at the Monarchy are divided into Earls and Dukes and Kings, they have not yet worked out which Category I fit into, cannot stop issuing those threats or blabbing the insults that get the community croons chasing my bottom and beating me down in my bedroom while the criminals got off finding new crimes that have not yet been settled in law from it. I do get told my financial condition is a disgrace which I cannot make sense of; I have written my Books and done my network successfully but the business of waiting for the distribution contracts is faced with fools who want two jobs and one of the jobs will involve the money that makes them superior to others while the other will pay them nothing and involve the business of making sure other people may not have an income, passing around insults to tell me everyday somewhere between 11.00am and 13.00pm that the prospective contracts have been delayed a bit further because they were very important and there was a problem with my attitude; besides which people are always making trouble over money, especially the incredibly stupid ones that think they are very important, so I am always making an example of myself, as a matter of the fact they never read, so we have never seen them read what they find on their banknotes, which is what money actually was. We have not seen them share their earnings, we have not seen them read the Book they wish to review everyday as if their lives depended on doing so, we have not yet seen them keep the mouth shut as they know nothing of the Books they have not read, what we see is me losing money and a lot of bragging. It has as such always been an interest of Royalty to take a position when it is impossible for people to learn in school or at the workplace on account that others were getting famous, what they have claimed happens is that when you are good looking, then Royalty hates you, what they now have to deny is that having not taken action for years, the Government no longer has a Public image unless something is done about Celebrities and their rejects making people smell and commandeering everything that concerns peoples lives, especially what happens when people step outside of their door - so it goes without saying they are so important they are going to likely become as important in an environment where ex criminals and extremists had left their ways behind and are trying to make a living for themselves and then we will find out where the bottom hurting will go when it becomes increasingly obvious that the claim I want something from them is a myth and what is true is that I want to see them veer off a corner they are unable to control and plunge to poverty and destitution, bearing in mind its not really as bad for everybody as they make out that it is, rather than making something of the fact they are Celebrities or celebrity world rejects who will make profitable the believe that they may behave in anyway they wish and as long as others have got a public image, they will secure an exit from the consequences later on, about which we are here because they are not getting any from me all together, once this is over, from where they may control me like we see them seek to do as insultingly as possible.