There is now talk of a thing going on with me of which none knows how long it is set to last but there is nothing going on here – what we have is that people get on Media and build a crowd that will help them enforce the fact they want me to spend my time getting involved with people who are just living out their lives in the stupidest ways imagination, the purpose apparently should be to prove myself and do something violent against these people because they find the persons intolerable, when I get hurt it serves me right as well for not thinking they were superior to me; so when they get these ideas about what people should do to get involved with bad people in the neighbourhoods like these, it is set in stone and no career of value is worth saving for any reasons while they rage for their practical jokes and gimmicks with their media, yet when I get involved with these persons, they cannot stand it and become a security risk to me themselves while the behaviour continues without reason or purpose still, until I took my own obviously physical steps to stop it. The part about my Books being the most distressing of all since that began in 2009 and we are now talking about a business of when a thing about me will end in 2019; the primary premise therefore suggests they want it all to go away and will keep away from my Books and stop following me around to Churn my tummy especially when they see me attend the academic institutions but it is not good news at all, they are simply looking for a gimmick that their big brother selves who consider their stupidities to be famous, have the right to play at my expense and I have had enough of it too, have begun to put out warnings I intend to ensure it ends very badly as well, have begun to put out warnings that make it clear I am of the opinion that unless they found me show up at their homes to ensure my warnings were clear to them and if they pushed me further I got off planning my life on their savings, it will never stop.

I do get asked exactly what point I fell out with the Media and it still feeds into the same story of a thing about me with a question of when it is going to stop; I have not fallen out with any person and there is nothing going on here save their stupidities extracting my income from my business using media – the process of which is closely linked with foolish women who have criminal links taking pictures of themselves on my public image to blow kisses at criminals which then ends up in the magazines and shows up at the top shelves building hell for me in the neighbourhoods, except they had added to this by offering their media jobs as an opportunity to societal criminals who want to get around claiming my life in now in the hands of media and Celebrities from where I could never recover it and so have I been explicitly clear that I have now reached a point where they are about to get a response from me for it too. There are obviously no stickers on people faces to say that one is a lesbian and has torn up my academic work and ripped apart my Books because they saw me look at a Girl or woman they were chasing even when their subjects are married already in a certain way but this is what happens with these gits, never likely to improve as a situation until they got involved with bigger men who will fuck their arse before I get beaten up or they ended up in those situations where they are convinced a certain thing must not be allowed to hit the vein on my account, only then would I get a break after a decade of this nonsense going on around my livelihood every day. There is no shred of truth whatsoever to that claim they have me wrapped around their finger, which especially with the help of their American counterparts that are usually stupid beyond belief tends to have added up to something they can trade on whenever they want to make their sordid and incredibly foolish lives a little easier, never mind that it feeds into their pathological fear of work, while they want to be able to plan their lives on other people’s wallets.

They always push off these excuses that I claim others are not important which is utter nonsense as what I have made obvious here is that they believe it to be part of their civil rights to hurt me and make excuses about what happens on my account because the Monarchy is running a Government and whilst they have gotten off making money and fame from insults developed out of building communities that will help them extract incomes from my Public image while making me respect my mother and I have not yet built one that will help me extract an income from their lives with getting them stuck at home to love their mothers as well, they can already predict exactly what I am actually capable of and it is always expressed through very insulting and pragmatic violence with a big mouth. The part about my Books will be the one where as stupidly as possible, they had decided the best income to earn as a matter of social status was the one extracted from my earning margins and anything I had done with my Hermitage in terms of finances and we find their Celebrity culture will not be run another way since 2009, doing this everyday and wrecking absolutely everything they have come into contact with like a question on the survival of humanity itself, while they don’t even know what my name is – it’s been 15 years of this nonsense and I have had enough of them, it does not bother me in a larger sense since I know I can and will i.e. when I think I no longer have the time to raise myself a good pension, I will get the financial revenge out of them for all these nonsense too. They do always boast that while I talk others are getting on with it but the famous vandals are really not getting on with anything whatsoever; half the people who give them the money they handle me and talk abstracts with me by want them to go away and the other half are simply making trouble for somebody else – they can either spend this money to run a nice life to a point where others are able to make a living well enough to ignore most of their antics or they can put it away in an overseas account where it will give them power over others and stop showing up here to push me around – as I continue to repeat, if they follow me around for these insulting and violently abusive gimmicks the next time they see me attend the academic institutions, I am really going to give them the trouble that they so desperately seek as it were. As for the story of being important; as I mentioned, we know the boundaries are made clear when I discuss how they make money forcing me to respect my mum to boast when I have not yet gotten them stuck at home to love their own, we know the boundaries are clear when they get stupid people taking off clothes on my Public image to plug their products into the sweet business that an Arch Prince runs at his Hermitage which arouses me when I don’t want to have sex with any person and yet when they see my Books, they want it and do not like it at the same time, so they set about destroying it – we know these facts ensure those lies they tell in Public to cloud the human side of people making stupid assumptions about being able to predict what people can do come to nothing and the need to damage my earnings daily is something they have done to the extreme stage that they have because they want a response from me, which they are also about to get, their civil rights does not in any way look like that.

They do speak of the Government bits which was always an old story where the Politicians will teach endless lessons to some kid who does not want to go along with ideas about being led when others are in charge, as it is easier to do what they say when they wreck the academic work and finances, standing up in public places to cling to the personality and public image while delivering speeches to urge crowds into getting me stuck with bad people or communities who are living out their lives stupidly as they can in the neighbourhoods; this only continues for as long as I have not been keeping them busy enough to keep their eyes off me, the same way we know that breaking up their names and sore names and discussing it as a separate entity from the Government Office they have occupied is a process of behaving dangerously, which no amount of power in the Government buildings can help them out with.

It has always been a very simple case of the wastage of the various instances in which I have won an opportunity to start counting the Clients at my Business and how they boast of an ability to keep it going for the rest of my life and the investment of money they made by passing exams first to sustain the gut feeling they have that they are better than me and it will not stop the way they like it to as we can see, it’s a way in which they turn their problems into success apparently, like true misogynists. They have become so attached to boasting that I cannot come up with a plan that will get me out of this mess instantly and even if I did they were to far financially better off that I could not catch on and its utter nonsense as it relies on me not to do anything about the wasted years that was due to the damage they were making here to facilitate this sort of talk, besides which once I stop the Celebrities seeking to take for themselves in every public appearance, structures that are financially which I had built in the course of my livelihood because it would have meant status and prestige for them to have it and had stopped the media idiots running off such nonsense over this all day long, getting attached to some industrial misogyny that says when they harm me it makes them happy enough to feel they were superior too and makes it more attractive to be themselves and to sell things and make profits, turning their negatives into positives thereof, returning to University soon after will have mean it had all gone away – about which they have always claimed that they will keep the history they have with me which is just another assumption that their stupidities can tell what I am like as well, when I rather think it will be the point at which they get organised for that job that gets to their heads and stop handling anything that is an effect of mine while I supervised; we know these things are done without reason by these perverted bullies because they think they will cause the most amount of harm in a condition where a push coming to shove situation would not have made them worse off and I have warned them enough times that I am not emotionally attached to the fact that they are famous.

On a more public aspect of this matter, it is said that the problem was to do with the fact I am always complaining and getting into a fight and The Queen is unhappy about this, so people pick up what HM says to run off abuses and attacks on Media. The truth of it is clearly that I complain which is not really a complain as that is a rule that must not be broken, to a process where they say I am an Arch Prince but they do not necessarily feel as if it matters in terms of what they think of me: the outcome is that when I say my role is a small one in terms of the fact its only the way I understand religious matters which helps to build statements that cut across difficult matters and allow Church and State to be run together smoothly which is required of me but we are where we are because they cannot keep their insults to themselves and their hands off me, it would have appeared, that I have instead set out some form of appeasement that accepts they are a danger to me, instead of the intended purpose – so I am meant to follow it up with making it quite clear Government business is such that when you are given a task or a privilege, should to help yourself to another, it will come to the attention of the Head of State in a Country where the ethnic minorities know their insults very well but if we listen to what white people say we end up with a monumental problem instead and you will pay for it at some stage if it took years to do so. Hence all these noise and obfuscation is designed to rip up that popular and Celebrity culture and to attain a process where they keep their hands to themselves and their insults off my person; so it sits at the heart of the matter when their media jobs tend to mean they can drag people out of academic pursuits to get into a fight with gangs because their body type would look good for it as it is unlikely to end up having a churned tummy, which then means that whenever they have ideas about those whom they think should be doing such things with time, it is usually set in stone as long as they had a stupid media job and if you do not get involved with the gangs and criminals for it, the gangs and criminals will be brought to you. I wish to rip up the popular culture and Celebrity culture in an understanding they think I would have done it if I could a long time ago while what I rather think is that doing it when they are in their teens and early 20s will leave them a means to do something else with their time or pick it up again but doing so in their late 40s and early 50s will mean they did not have the stomach to pick it up again and you will end up being a proud owner of some personal space.

As for the story of me being some sort of echo chamber for racism as such, I would never understand anyway; what I know is that if I meet a racist my size which I do all the time, the idea I would not necessarily have been beaten up by them will easily mean their theories about superiority was not based on fact and we see the same as well where these guys meet racists that are their size, except in their case it generally also means that their size was bigger so the lives of those they had saved must provide them wealth and fame because of it and we find its all about greed and the idea others will show mercy until it becomes a habit while they will do whatever they liked i.e. racism has always been like an accident, the government may say whatever it wants about it being prohibited but somebody will always mess around with Children concerning the matter and the reality of it is that bad things do happen to good people and these idiots who want to pretend they are unaware these bigger people tend to organise crime and sell its products to the smaller people whose lives they have saved by simply existing as equally about which they play these games, create serious public problems and set about fighting for my civil rights, blazing my trail, as equally as they pretend the rest of us are unaware its about their need for money and decadence, whereby if others fall to obscurity it makes them more famous and also reduces competition, such that they show up at University to chase my bum because they want me to be vulnerable to the Politicians whose racism would have had little in the form of public answers to cater for it. They claim my activities are needlessly supportive of white people but we all know the racists they are complaining about are people they had met for five minutes and seen once in their whole lives but there are people who are not racist that live with these persons for a lifetime. Its not true that I chase consensus as the answer for all problems as such, the facts of these sorts of issues are that those who complain the most about racism, are really complaining about the fact that although they demonise some racists, they would not live the way these people live for a week and it is the sort of thing that Politicians justify for the purpose of targeting ethnic minorities and we find it’s those who don’t that do not bother people who have the energy to get rich by doing some work or do not try to ensure that white boy is okay today and thinking about racism the next day. Much the same as when they hear them say I am an Arch Prince but it does not feel to them like it is what it is and it makes sense of not ripping up the Celebrity culture when they are young enough to pick it up again but when they are too old to stomach the process; as what is required of me at the Office is really a very small matter concerning my understanding of religious issues which helps the processes of running Church and State concerns, bearing in mind an Arch Prince really is not supposed to do any work i.e. their insults and Celebrity culture are the reasons I have ended up with a Public Media presence and the reasons they are complaining about me the way that I do about them.