It is said that I get around deploying cultural sensibility that should be deployed by people who are fighting for their lives at National services, I would never understand anyway, what I know is that half the time they would claim this sort of story applies with me grabbing American culture and sensibility, the other half they will claim it’s the British and European type I grab and what we know of their situation is that they love rhetoric and practical jokes such as claims that I showed up from overseas to build the idea it is easy to be successful in the UK which brought it trouble from overseas, that feeds into the racial insults their Liberal and Socialist Politicians can show up here to believe they have the right to handle anything they wanted without consequences and get to run with as it were, the one somebody did to them a thing this similar once in a blue moon, compared to the very public one they do to me on media everyday is the one that made them racist all together, now blabbing about my sensibility. I do not think it a serious crisis either, I have warned them that unless somebody is doing these same things to their stupidities that means building a crowd that helps them out with a need to do whatever they liked and get an exit off my Public image which crowd they do not control and cannot now get rid of, so they are set to have me rip up the Celebrity and Popular culture to make them get rid of this situation that means I am dragged back to that point where I drop out of University over and over again, need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around unless they were sharing the Salary and got their stupid ideas of somebody chasing them around to ensure they smelled like their loo which was found to be amusing – if I do not put it this way, ripping up the popular culture and Celebrity culture will seem like a bad thing obviously but personally, blabbing like this only means they make me enough trouble to ensure I got to teach them one they will never forget as well.

Its not unusual as such in any case; Politics was racist enough before these socialist idiots got off with ideas about getting minds that could make money fighting for their civil rights which will create a civil rights that went up to the stratosphere, as they worked out self-preservation that was financially profitable by doing so – we know Nazism was a brainchild of socialist ideology all together as it were. They do claim the main case here is that people do not have a sense of themselves anymore because of me but so has it become a sermon around here as well that it needs to disband any community it has built up with ideas about what to do to me, stay away from my Books and stop following me around as I am not custodian of their stupid popularity and do not keep their money. The idea that I am caught between great powers being utter rubbish as the reality is more a matter of the fact they enjoy these insanity and if I had five subjects I studied at school which could give me five career options, their need to show that wealth distribution was a matter of teaching lessons to those who had the effrontery to achieve something their culture and society had not yet tasted with spend decades of my time living up to the gut feeling they had that they were superior to me on each of those subjects and career paths because they have a stupid Politics to run with – feeds into this idea that ethnic minorities never build anything of their own which they usually claim whenever they are out of their depth as well and run into the gimmick about getting exits while they behaved anyway they wanted off my Public image, meaning that those of them who are not sleeping well want to share my bed-space, once convinced they have access to my personal space to such an extent, then the distant violence begins right up to the stage where their stupidities hung around local communities ripping up careers, academic work and family finance bases with an attitude that showed they had nothing to live for and were working with Celebrities to get a share of fame, it then builds up to this stage where they never stop claiming they can have as much fun as they wish at my expense because I could never do a thing about it, while they know such nonsense not to be the truth and can never stop conditioning me for homosexuality when they are aware the last time they said I was homosexual I got myself off on a journey of self-discovery that meant homosexuality was a disease that could be cured.

The theory they bandy around that there is nothing I can do about it not based on fact at all, as I do really want to see what it is they and their stupid Politicians can do concerning the damage to my academic work and finances in order to live out a gut feeling they were superior to me by dominating all my career prospects and the ethnic minorities need to solve their own problems and stop bugging if their contributory stupidities that caused all this in the first place bore results that they were complaining about as well.

They say my position on homosexuality is not in keeping with an Arch Prince’s Office which is utter nonsense; I said the last time they insisted I was conditioned to be homosexual it appeared as if homosexual was an illness that could be cured – reality is that homosexuality is a sin that people can repent from and not a disease that can be cured. Same as the way I run my concerns not a show of Royal authority, while what I have done with my Books is to ensure I was paying my invoices by building practical jokes that will ensure I was no longer University drop out Prince, putting up with their own – it works so well on social media because on social media the mind tends to assume people have heard and seen an item that expressed warning towards a behaviour while most of the time people had not, it’s an 85% stick and 15% carrot situation for me to enjoy until they had stopped working their exhilarating vandalism on me. The other tale of how what I really have a problem with is their money and lifestyle being utter nonsense as it will likely mean they will put the feet up somewhere to enjoy some hospitality, passing around insults a bird will carry around the world again concerning my person and their children will end up complaining at every Holiday resort for it too, right down to the stage of picking up pornographic activity (again). Its all a measure of how completely unnecessary these activities are but how it happens only because their stupid narcissism has fallen in love with the way I respond and hence need it like a drug, as stupidly as possible.

They always suggest I am not in control of the situation despite warning them time and again they live in a Country full of Caribbean who think success is being a Celebrity and have an imagination that ensures they live in peoples anus, which they need dilapidated neighbourhoods to create and therefore get around wrecking peoples finances and academic work to tell politicians they want the personality for the purpose of fame and fortune otherwise they will turn to crime, which stupid equally social corruption Political that sleep around tend to comply with. I have warned them my parents come from Nigeria and if they follow me around at the academic institutions again, I will certainly give them the trouble that they seek for it. The Politicians as stupidly as possible have always tended to claim this is how wealth gets shared and crime is controlled, the crime that has been controlled is now associated with what I do with my self-every day while the new crimes are now associated with the new public conditions that have been created as it were. The excuse is largely that I am angry at everything and need to do something about it which is not true as well; if somebody created competition with me, the outcome would be an onus on me to get on with a day job and not conditioning for homosexuality which they are now complaining about because I did it better and got the coward label at the same time as it were – these are villains who need to stop following me around and keep their stupid selves as far away from my writing career as they may deem it safe for them too. The women that like to boast about small man talking big are usually the expression of how it’s so stupid it will never pick up what gets to its head as personal possession and get on with it without completely destroying mine, to first get involved with me and make a mess, then claim I am irritating – so we find their foolish decadence involves a space on the left that needs to be clear of all issues and the problems there getting through peoples heads and down the throats and into the tummy and to make a bad smell which they build a crowd for, likewise the society ones build a crowd for a space on the right hand side that is a mystery but is really about how important they are which no problems are to end up in otherwise people will smell too – it has nothing to do with me and I am still looking forward to a time when this place will be quiet enough for people to show up and read Books without trouble as it were; the Politicians claiming I am distracting which is very rich coming from them after all these and the stupid women can never stop making a mess of my career and finances so that when I set it correctly, they make me publicity about how it means I am able to do violence for everybody, to tell me I am lucky every time I deploy their Celebrity careers for purposes unintended as well and I can see it end when I had completely destroyed it for them too. I am in control of every aspect of this and definitely do not envy anything of their stupid money and lifestyle; we all know the people who express such nonsense the most as the Muslims and that the Americans who live in a world where their religion is satanism but the wickedness they devise is what they will not practice on themselves are global leaders for it – it shows up here to make a mess of my Books and rely on me not to do anything about it, sets out that I am at peace with myself while people as important as their stupidities are have not had a good sleep for years, once it had started to share my bed space in its imagination, the neighbourhood distant violence that will condition me for homosexuality while it grabs my public image for fame and money will run uncontrollably in the dead of night, worked by their parents and grand parents in the neighbourhood, will never stop until I had saved it up and used it to condition their stupid lives as well, especially on the homosexuality issues. In the end what has happened here they say is that my financial condition is laughable while the truth is that of my finances being tied up to property equity at a Royal Estate and a Literary Empire I built into it, now being subjected to idiots that claim they want to own it for their own financial benefits having fought my battles for me at the Military with a big mouth and their American friends claiming that they want to confiscate it and deploy it to build wealth equality around the world with an equally big mouth as well, so it does appear to be something that will not stop until damage begets damage and I do all I can to ensure they kept their mouth shut with respect to my concerns, in every possible way.

I do get told that this business of all I have being tied to my Royal Commission means I will never be successful, which is utter nonsense – as mentioned above its doing the insults that will ensure its Children are complaining to a point of picking up pornographic activities at the worlds resorts and holiday centres again, the start of its problems with me was originally the business of making its sex life better by making reference to me while it has sex, bearing in mind it then sets about black mailing me by trapping younger people in obscurity and claiming it was my fault – when I then inform them I am unhappy about it, it will teach its Children to do the same as well, which result was that walking around the streets getting matrimonial services at random from women because they have built themselves a vindictive community that supports such activities for it is now dead and buried, so is their war on true love, while the new thing on the block is generally the idea their children will grow up with a certain idea of me and I will end up with more public problems, looking for more of what they are complaining about. It feeds into this question of existential crisis we now face around the world naturally which is all very well but what it really is, is the usual thing of these goons deciding somebody dared to have something they had not tasted and such a person will be the target for civil rights abuses associated with wealth inequality which will ensure they developed abusive equity that allows them to run small businesses they can build up very quickly – this is then used to damage my academic work and finances while another group of idiots show up all over my Books all the time without a plan in the world to read it, such that they make out they are not part of the problem is the Book solve a problem and they show up around it without a plan to read it; in the end neither of these two are the main problem, the main problem is still the gits that damage the academic work and finances, rely on me not to do anything about it and ensure I have to do my Book work over and over again to spread me around and ensure they can take anything they wanted, such that if I stopped them a large chunk of my market will be lost due to a need they have to play up some gimmicks of others being more important and what I am being ascribed to somebody else having gone on for way too long, so I will release all the funds I need to pay my way in the world by from this Estate through social Media, which means that I will tend to operate consequences based on an assumption that people had an opportunity to respond to the warnings when in reality they probably hadn’t.

Now they say when they speak of existential crisis, I am one of the perpetrators but it’s a simple question of their incredible stupid importance as it were; the fact that what they devise at my expense does not harm me very much is not to say they did not invent it to cause the most amount of harm. I do get told I need to stop behaving like a grouch at a Royal Office, which I am not, it’s simply isn’t so easy to dish it out when I know that unless that stupid small business that forms the reasons it chases my bum to make me smell and ensure I am unable to simply get out and attend the Local college if I want to update my qualifications, in order to ensure its Children got ahead, while it grabbed my work and public image to claim its now in the hands of Media and Celebrities where I could never recover it and set about befriending rich people in the City centre by, is dead and buried properly, it does seem nothing else can stop them and we can see that if I did, very few will want to go against me defending myself from a group of popular culture, stock market and political gits with busy body opportunism that suggests living up to the age of 50 was a luxury. People who say it’s a case of the pointlessness of decrying the travesty of the whole political situation but it is not for me; I know where they get it from whenever they turn up on my concerns to blow off the big mouth about being important, rip up Book sales and any public interests in me putting myself out there because I had written a Book, making such noise about doing my thing, doing things, as if I don’t know they get the idea from going off to bother people who have the energy and strength to simply work for money and make themselves rich by so doing, until when I have enough of them and take them for a ride like so but we are where we are because the Politicians had decided they wanted to see what people became when they dropped out of school over goons who hang around in the local communities ripping up lives and finances to hope that Celebrities will share some fame, so I am responding to it all as they required but when they see me writing or studying, it is usually a very bad time for me to respond as we know the result is damage to the Political system and endless complaining on their part too. The American Politicians think we will not be able to handle the bottom chasing that Americans are good at when we started to think that since their Politicians will not allow people who think well of British to succeed and prosper in the US, they can Migrate to the UK but they are obviously wrong.

As for the question of me using other peoples lives to succeed as well, it was always an old tale of the fact it never really happens i.e. was always a story of Parents having to do it and always insisting I was party to the process, hence you grow up that way and all that was up to you was the business of convincing somebody you were good at something and then deploying it to sustain a living. What we then have is these gits targeting a personality to deploy for fame and fortune, such that they never discipline their own stupid children running around neighbourhoods making trouble for everybody while they are unable to keep their hands off me at the same time – really fancies the fact I have a good reputation and I am broke, cannot have enough and complains on the Political scene looking for privileges of injustice and finding ways to deploy the financial aspects of my career for violent purposes that will make its stupidities feel comfortable all the time, while running off media nonsense that suggests I am the trouble maker and building me racism based problems for a reputation. They do claim that Celebrities are not actually my problem but I have never suggested overtly that they were as such even though I do have a reputation for looking after myself - I am trying to reach an arrangement where those who want to handle things around this Hermitage reached an agreement with me, that I might get on with my life and not end up in that situation where I drop out of University over and over again because of their madness (its only getting violent because they were running out of time to dream as it were - something got serious and its heading toward a stop). As for the tale that I want to make money taking advantage of their Culture and Society, the reality is that I am writing Books on the History they have built here and they have some deviant Royals who want to work on behalf of the Queen stopping me from keeping an Arch Prince's Office which they claim never happened via the copying of the same process too; this fact is therefore nothing unusual and the Celebrity culture involved tells it all too - so its about being me for a change and working such a writing career will ensure I put up enough practical jokes to ensure I was not a University drop out Prince the next time I showed up at an Academic institution to ensure their stupidities kept me cash strapped long enough to make the Monarchy see why others were better for my position, as foolishly as possible, the way we see their stupid selves give their own to the frugal, which I had had quite enough of at this stage; so when they help Celebrities extract money from my Public image, it is not what the Public image exists for, when they help some goons take the Clothes off and thereby help stupid people make money for getting naked on my Public image, its not what the Public image existed for, in like manner, I am not the one distracting them as their ego is doing that very well enough first of all and they do not like my Books but want it anyway, the same way I do not want to have sex with these lewd and badly behaved people but am bullied into feeling aroused anyway. It is a Book that people switch out of very easily and when this place is quiet enough for that to stop happening, only then will a writer be able to get onto a Book signing even without trouble and they will get a respite in the process and learn some respect for others as well thereof.