They say they want to know what I think about international women’s day. I do not know what they want my opinion for except that old understanding I am the kind of man they can take advantage of. I mean the way it has always worked has always been that when women behave in the most appalling manner imaginable people say they are just women and that is enough but of course besides that, women are the biggest problem that they have. It is always okay for them to behave in the most stupid manner imaginable because they hope to get away with it, will never acknowledge that most of them are like football hooligans but because they want somebody to rule will never go after their football hooligan counterparts who want women they can ensure stays at home to keep the home while they are bread winners, they always locate somebody else’s colleague, somebody else’s friends, somebody else’s lover and all those kinds of things and when finished wonder why there are so many of them in boardrooms.

For my part I have no idea what exactly about a man who is notorious for detaching them from those things they think they have done onto their history to help them to be good parents every time they insult him and progresses from that to detaching them from those stupid men they can use to threaten him whom no body has yet caused some real pain yet because he is much more busy with the moderate manner of opening up those their stupid wounds and salting them basically instead for the time being which is why they continue to do it and talk rubbish about racism and injustice etc so somebody can open up those their wounds and make them understand exactly how he feels about it before anything improves, makes public statements about the number of women he rendezvoused with without getting stuck anywhere because feminists exist and of course confiscates the left so that male Politicians can wreck his finances to make them happy, that they feel they can take advantage of anyway; it is never clear and I am not a man that women can take advantage of in anyway those are their false confidence and media insults and they need to get off my book sales as that will itself be their undoing.

I am not giving back that stupid left because these things mean that they and those relationships they want to have with money are not good for my personal health safety and well being, especially the black people owning millions side of thing. But by far the most important reason for it is that a time is approaching when I will set out to purposely find and cut to pieces fame that Politicians have built for themselves so that they can wreck my book sales to create the effect that feminists have me trapped in a corner because of course it is easier to stand to my face and rule me, it is also cleaner that way as well. obviously its women not human beings and there are no other more comfortable places they can go to live their stupid lives apart from around me where they can build up insolent false confidence about a man they claim to have the ability to control by lending their stupid opinions to absolutely everything I say. Of course the popular idea is that plan to dominate me by which I will get into violence for a woman so they can be satisfied now I have insulted them but clearly they have their boyfriends and husbands or whatever for that and this is reality not that stupid fantasy world they live in the Pornography of which I will stifle as well. its about the things they do you see which makes it really personal-it started off as persecution for my faith and now it has become the inane desire to find out what violence will look like on the man that likes to get in the way of other peoples plan for riches and of course naturally what is anybody guess they want next, access to the treasury?

They speak of equality and empowerment and it will never ever make sense at all. I mean from what direction anyway? The biggest problem in this country far from equality and empowerment is people’s insults, I mean it is impossible for me to be loved and adored by a few hundred people because there are people that will replace that with painful abusive insults instead. I mean how do you hate people because others like them and it makes them famous, what are you going to do with those people who like the person anyway brainwash them and make sure they don’t like the person anymore, then turn out to like you while the person they used to like is forgotten? When they start you never hear a thing about it you only later hear complains over equality and empowerment. Whatever on earth is their problem anyway about which it is impossible to live in the knowledge that I could be escorted by six guards to appear before a hundred people because I do something for them that is very important to them. People would hardly believe the reasons I have trouble selling my books, which are that there is a Christian caught between the modern people and their city and the Church and its people on the other hand and for this purpose it is worth asking considering equality and empowerment, if anybody has ever seen them say or do anything, in public or otherwise, without moving into my right with that big media mouth.  Whatever on earth is their problem with a process where other people get respect and of course they are modern and obsessed with money too and like to use people like a piece of meat even when they do not know their names which also means that if I hold government office and then am a religious person I am actually their prime target. The religious part is just the one where they think they are modern, more modern than I am too I suppose and for the fact they and their homosexuals and city people do not like religious people and those who are not modern have never ever taken a break or stopped to draw breath other the process of attacking bullying and causing me lots of suffering, while this is happening of course there is no limit to complains on public places about my activities on Public places of which the question I like to ask is whether anybody has seen recently their homosexuals and their city people? Always exquisite ideas for the suffering of others like resourceful women have when they want to get into business about setting out somebody to get lots of good feeling from causing lots of pain and using like a piece of meat because they are modern and do not like those that are not, soon after I get complains about witchcraft murders but it happens 24/7, never a break for any reason and you will never hear any complaints, it is the only means by which they experience contentment. So let them bring it on and we will see too.

It is suggested there are things that I can be made to do, things which I can do and is in my power to do which I don’t want to do and it is always said on media. First of all which I have no idea what media and their Political idiots hope to gain by going off to people they think knew me to tell them to tell me to do things. However the way my office was before they set out to set off new responsibilities for me were things I did with respect to National interest and security as a function of the west and the east leaving me with social media for the purpose of sorting out idiots from Africa and other means controlled by the Government as a means of dealing with Politicians but bearing in mind these new threat based responsibilities, I may have to revise these plans to ensure people get a fair sense of the fact that I have set out and finished work on the process of security which involves service people taking care of problems that are created by fools that always come round here to demand things like power sharing and personal life and income sharing otherwise they will make alliance with and sell out to communists; of which they will of course if they don’t get shot doing so bearing in mind such things are things idiots from Africa will pick up on as well. For the US there is now a fair understanding that there will be endless streams of liberal work to be done when they cross me or mess up either my work my national interest matters or indeed my earnings, bearing in mind they do nothing else but that these days anyway because they are the only ones in the world that need money. This is what my office looks like at the moment and I know that music industry is tight and seriously secure anyway, I always say what I say about it because of the 24/7 abuse from those who actually run the music on media. It’s the answer to the old question of I wish I thought to how Afghanistan was the crucible for terrorism and Iraq for regional stability but clearly they cannot because we do not work in the same office.

So there are these other matters of the things I have done to offend members of the Royal family which gets me into trouble everyday. The fact being that there are a select they must be referring to like for example the Duke of York, who had work to do with respect to being the UK trade envoy but was rather interested in the parties he could arrange with rich friends, properties he could exchange with them and all that stuff, particularly disturbing of course was the issue of his far eastern friends bearing in mind at the time the Queen herself was having difficulties with idiots from South Africa who want to ensure men are doing as they are told but also had far eastern friends and connections in the US by which they today do nothing but rip to pieces all the time the value of sterling in the International market which costs me huge sums in equity and security to take care of all the time and he does nothing whatsoever to help me do so except attack my book sales to figure out how to get the Queens attention as well with the use of the media, in order to get rich, so he has done very well for his part and I am therefore in trouble. Not to mention his alliances with football people incase I got up to anything bearing in mind I had already put up with so much rubbish from those goons which has to do with how I must wait my turn to marry princesses because they were here first, which later became something every idiot that wants to get into the University and get a degree before I do picked up on as well of which the last straw from the messing up of my academic work at the University of Greenwich that they have not yet paid for. His daughter has placed herself on a self destruction programme but he is not interested in anyway because all he cares about is he and now it seems the only crime I have committed against him was to presume that the UK trade envoy might want to have copies of my work before I put them on publication. It appears he thought about his job with respect to the changing world and I do did in the same context but while he thought about his rich friends I thought about putting my resources to do my own job as well; it is not my fault that with respect to results and outcomes I have outclassed him. As I mentioned before, it is difficult to see exactly how he hoped the things he got off to would complement the Queen and the Job she was doing bearing in mind in the end we all report to her. Then there is the prince of Wales as well who liked to do his stuff about how I will be Christian for everybody so he can marry his precious ex mistress and now that he has married her and does not care how I deal with the problems but it seems each time I do he becomes bothered. They all seem to have these idiots that have been hoping for somebody to give them license to take whatever they want from my property that they love to dispatch on me all of the time and it is not clear what they expect I think; perhaps terribly scared, maybe finally at long last. So they can claim I hug the Queens attention whereas in actual fact each time the Prince of Wales wants to do anything it is the Queens attention that is most important; so considering he will be in charge of the Country when she is not around any more that is very comforting. Which brings me to the things I have said about Garter knights; of which a very small minority were off playing silly games at the stock exchange and if I am remembering correctly it was how my equities ended up there while a group of stupid Politicians were creating us the biggest debt in the world and of course an economic crisis as well. Hence altogether there is that talk of things I write on my site which I will take down which is utter nonsense especially for the Duke of York in his case of which the purpose of it is to ensure idiots he makes friends with from the east bring cultures here I can sell extravagantly. They do these things all the time and it is not clear what the purpose is anyway; like when they say the Queen has set a very high bar for things and it is entirely my fault, I mean I do not work for them, I work for the Queen and it will never make sense. They plan to rule women when they do these things but I find it difficult to figure out what makes them unable to see I am not a woman in anyway. Of course they always have their excuses especially the ones they make about what they do not know; what I mean when I say these things is that they are all the same thing, from community idiot to media fool to corporate goon to stupid Politician to Tyrant; they all do the same things i.e. when they are young they are immoral, when they have begun to have money they are evil and then when they had begun to have families they become selfish and if I were a terrorist of which they have referred to me as one on several occasions they would be setting up lots of innocent people for me to murder in order to get to them. I had to make myself clear to Americans that might want to sit somewhere and tell me I am a black man who insults the heir to the British throne who is not only future King but also white, in the same way that I had done with republicans who can just sit in the US and have ideas about me without reason or purpose which is violent and violently scandalous until I actually fit the bill but until then of which the opinion is set in stone as if I am their mate or something; this has now led to a process where the source of attacks from the Prince of Wales these days come from Black and African men who think they are older than me and so when I look at them and find out they do not recognise me or my work I will fall to pieces. Of course I intend to steal all that their stuff until there is none left anymore especially the music industry; which is already set out at this point chapters and Pop star names as sub chapters and of course it must also be extravagant too.

Now I must make it clear the truth about my feelings about the Media contrary to popular ideas is simply that all those things they do to hurt people are a function of their ego. It is just a simply ego issue that when somebody has a big ego he will interrupt your conversations and make a Public duty of insulting you so that you might never stand before anybody to say or do anything without questions. So I always feel that unless I am about to do something physically to stop it there is nothing I ought to do about it but this is where Politicians and fame idiots are more interested. So that is why we have the media, media, media let me in way of dealing with absolutely every aspect of their lives but for the media themselves, they have nothing to fill that their head so those information that clog it up need to do so, that they might have the sense that they are ruling people only as a perception which costs them their real person and of course for the record; the things I do with my friends on the Media is not sexual (I mean any normal person can see that if the manipulation of people you work with to create publicity which suggests that your dealings with them is sexual to the point where it gets violent and they get to abusively describe you as a raging bull due to how somebody has dressed up to work on the day, as a function of your own endeavour, which is to settle some things you do to get your job done, most of whom your boss would not necessarily tolerate and everybody else you have to answer to has to spare based on advise and information you give about them, it will wreck absolute havoc on the job and also on your income but you cannot of course send them away because that will not cure the problem either will create some problems that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives too ).

Stealing women’s beauty however is meant to have been all about things a group of idiots always do to insult me to the point where I am always tired and in need to rest, so that more cultural abuse might follow which get violent and the reason for it of course is that every single thing they do begs for tyranny and encourages corruption which works against others that are already having a hard time, even the look on their faces. Of which my condition will soon turn out to be women’s beauty all together as well in the very near future where they will also be getting exactly what is coming to them. I mean the primary nature of everything they do which involves me of which no body knows why it does and more so all the time, is to find out some secret of mine, so it is all going in the right direction anyway hence I don’t mind so much. However the way I deal with it personally is to take away everything that helps them to be good parents from them and of course in some years the effects of that will come to roost when they have run out of games to play on media as well; it is the way it is supposed to be i.e. “I don’t know but if I wind him up it will only get worse.”

So for now there will be no improvements, only lies and attacks and an eye on things they want to have extracted from my life or things I own which they covet. As for the claim all I do is sexual it is hard to understand how they would come by such conclusions when the primary reason I hurt people all the time with most things I do in the way that I do them, is the involvement of men in my affairs.  However I always think people believe those things because they are hurting me anyway because that is the reason people make them up and believe them as a community anyway so there is no reason a third party should as well. I mean I will not go out with you or have sex with you because you will certainly hurt him and my career is built around him or my family is raised around him should never get to mean I have sex with people in the real world.

They speak of things that I must do to ensure I have said things that will bring the Armed forces home from Afghanistan earlier. This on the other hand for my part of which is a matter about which I feel that when people want the Armed forces to return earlier they will vote for those who will bring them home but until then I will wait for other means that they intend to make that happen with, so that while they do it will be my turn to vandalise and secure myself people whose pockets never dry up, in order to make way for my wealth and fame. If they are never going to do anything about it for fear of this, then it has always been easy to see that I will do nothing either because I am still waiting for them to or it would be helpful if they shut it.

I have no idea and am not sure anybody can explain why they are so stupid; I mean there is a part of brain that both rich people and poor people have which they don’t and this always means they think and behave like animals and not human beings. I mean I want somebody that will get into a fight with people over me to make me feel as though I am privileged but I will find somebody at whose hands I will get into trouble first so that I can get on media and insult and bully people with the use of my problems which then means I have won a great battle and have written or rewritten history. I have told them to find a more comfortable place to sit down and live out those their stupid lives but that is not happening at the moment. It is not clear exactly what has made them think that there is something mysterious about them to me regarding the fact they sit somewhere to write essays that are posted on newspapers or read by a presenter on TV which earns them between 70 and 100 thousand pounds a year. They are too full of themselves and it is the same attitude all over the city; go in there and you find every idiot that has had a face massage show you the look of his face which expresses the kind of money he has and therefore creates the question of why he cannot have his way with people like me with a big mouth as if they could if it were handed to them.

I can only say it is important they leave me alone as I will never dispatch a huge amount of this warning before it happens to deteriorate into a fresh fight that involves stealing that their own until there is nothing left of it. I mean fresh fight as in guaranteed to have never been done before; it is not enough to live in a fantasy world and then get on media to make up stories about other people which ensures that you create your own way in which you want to live with them for your own purposes, it is not enough to ensure that is the way things really work in those peoples lives in reality.

They always way Hollywood is responsible for these things; utter rubbish-they know in Hollywood that this is about a Global Empire that exists in the name of one man who owns a Royal Estate in a Country that uniquely goes by the name of the UK and that this applies all over the globe. Except for idiots who live there and they always seem to get into trouble before I had gotten the chance to say anything. I mean first of all there are the really expensive products people create because I exist which condition does not belong to anybody else but these matters have developed onto insults that get to allow pop music and then later pornography none of which I have given any permission for. So of course the fact somebody takes the picture of some lazy girl and puts it on a giant poster in a city is not enough to make out my property belongs to her or to them on account they do not wish to work for their own income because they can spend mine instead. Now these days everybody have no excuse, they all understand how difficult it is for me to raise funds for anything I need with all I own when I have not consolidated these things. I can only say no body knows why they are so stupid and I mean no body; I have researched the entire world and I know no body knows why they are so stupid. I am not too worried about it, I would be if I did not know these are meant to have been things people do to cost me a lot of money, then get on public places to offer me anal sex, they seem to do these their things globally and it is not clear what they want with the diplomatic front anyway. It’s not clear why they never use Mr Obama’s existence to get rich anyway for example bearing in mind he is their biggest fan.