They do claim they have got me as well, which is utter nonsense; when I say I have had enough of spending five years waiting for a group of fools to build up history of insulting me, which will then allow them destroy my academics and finances to get me making money by spending more of it on their advertisement services, they say it happens because I have got more and the Politicians have not given up on doing the same with my academic as well as the time I am doing it is not really good for their plans to make a name for themselves with what I know; so I have to admit it’s a matter that will develop into one about Politicians picking on me to blab about their backup like it used to be in the 1980s, while the fact I do not get along with them became a Public issue to stop the Media idiots.

They do also claim its people telling me to keep my mouth shut which churns my tummy but if I responded by saying it is how the organised crime community works which is something I do expect, then it would not produce the right fun effect as such – so I should say when I fuck the society and they lost the jobs and livelihoods, then the situation will improve, announcements about my Tummy Ulcer and Haemorrhoids will become less of an investment. For now their stupidities are the ones with all the money in the world, such that whilst their families are unaware of this nonsense I am so broke I cannot have one as we find them secure beautiful girls to sleep with all the time, making me appear to be very irresponsible while I am just waiting for them to move off or to decide if I have to move them on.

I am now said to be completely unaware of some things I should not be doing, which is an old story about how I handle myself with respect to criminals doing their activities; so these are the things the Police grapples with every day, not the one that commits a set crime and gets locked up, these are what career criminals really look like and it’s not clear where you might find them but Media is very popular, all that nonsense about telling lies all over my Public image blabbing about fame being taken from it is never a matter of social pressure, it knows exactly what it is doing. I have now been clear I am tired of being exposed to this nonsense by the Celebrities who use it to spend my work on themselves and tell me the problem was that I had more, we have seen then make out it is amusing as well and so where it concerns service matters, we find the goons want to insult me all the time on one hand while on the other, every insult provides an opportunity to befriend Government and National service operatives, where they can join ranks and fight my battles, which is what I need to ensure they are fighting at a limit especially when shot at by the enemy and yes I do get told that they will join the enemy for their part as well, which is perfectly fine as we can see it is how villainy works, it’s already hurting the bottom every move it makes as it is. It will show up like that in suits to pass those insults and develop a big brother disposition that cannot keep its hands to itself and if I say I am fed up with it bottoming out my finances for the last five years, it goes on to tell me I am a little man that gets out of bed to measure up every day, so I guess this story of not knowing what I should not be doing is a matter of the fact they have been fighting extremists and criminals that are their size as well and I am running out of the nicer options of stopping them insulting me like that every single day – especially the part where their block heads make out my Books are good but should not be bought by the Public until I had written one that should be written by somebody that acknowledged their size, meaning if I don’t that is what their next career move will be. I mean it has always been what Politics teaches people to do i.e. show up around the concerns of other talented persons to rip up everything and count pennies all over it which magically make them millions at Popular culture. In that good old completely unrelated way, we find them make out I propose I can handle them when I cannot which is classic hall mark of idiots who assume the right to handle and discipline other people’s children until it goes badly wrong; whereby my Books are not to be handled irrespective of my patents being famous or not – being just a tad bit convinced that human beings really can be so stupid.