I hear the biggest problem I face is a deluded sense I have of my own importance but I have no idea what it means anyway; nobody is asking any television idiot to inquire about how important I think I am around here, nor do I require their opinion of I have thoughts about myself – in the end anyway, it’s simple reality that if I don’t want pornographers to turn out and do some free porn to serve a purpose that benefits me, I am a least supposed to make a statement about people grabbing my possessions to go off and enjoy holidays they have never worked for in the US, so we are here discussing an importance of me I never asked any fool because they think others are unable to see it does not belong to them.

It’s the same story with Politics where Obama had better not messed with the Queen and because of my case here with women who think they can do whatever they like with anything that belongs to me especially when black, I am at the receiving end of that behaviour from their stupidities and yet I am not complaining anyway, they are about how important I think am when I have to manage what the pornography Industry does to clean up the mess they make around the world on the auspice of my office with their stupid Popular culture in order to determine what Policy is supposed to be on tourism and Policing. Their foolish women issue threats at me because they think I have not had enough of them of course; I mean everybody wants to smother me these days, everybody wants to gut me of anything and everything I have eaten, everybody wants to put their finger in my bum and it goes on those abuses endlessly but time and again they think the stupid threats will not have an effect as well looking for trouble with that big mouth. I don’t want any scum to switch me on, they do need to fight their own corner hence keep their insults where it might be better appreciated and not threaten me. I don’t think it is a problem, they simply expect everybody else to assume they don’t know what they are doing; so plan one was to pick up my dissertation at University and go off to claim my career in the real world so that once I am done with studies I might have given it all away – they failed and I had a botched education of course and now even employers are careful not to take advantage by giving a job while they cannot stop doing their popular culture fame and fortune with my office and my responsibilities, so it’s like when they make out they can beat up some general who used to work for Saddam Hussein because he is now in a terrorist group and something turns up on social media and a lone wolf picks it up and shoots their brains out and somebody else is to blame every single time for instance – in my case they will not keep off the Royal Estate or stop following me around because their very nature is built around provoking people, so that for Muslims it seems the final plan and the final solution is this ridiculing their prophet thing they cannot seem to learn from, for me it can easily be the bit where I have a deluded sense of my importance but nobody really knows; they are big and stupid because people made them that way and an example of the reasons is that you may put up with 200 years of oppression but what you have settled in and called home will become their major preoccupation because half of them want to make you fight for their rights without a job and the other half want to make you flustered in order to become a threat to your rights – so they like to make noise all the time and think they know that much about me and can therefore take me on, they have found a coward they were scared of but are not scared of anymore.

I hear they say when people order my books they are ordering trouble but that isn’t really true; these goons think they have absorbed my temperaments and that is why they feel they are free of all inhibitions that have prevented them from using their size to make better fighters but it is an example of the kinds of things that make people try to get answers over how others are able to kill people as it were and for me the kind of things that mean the reasons they hate Royalty especially the British ones for those of them that are not British is even more profound. They can build industries on the basis of extricating fear from others to make misogynistic happiness that creates advertisement and a sense that others are suffering to make them feel special, there is nothing wrong with living with uncertainty surrounding the fact they do not know and cannot control who is likely to read my books next.

I for my part am talking about it not just because of the fact my leadership is important to those concerning whom it matters and they have no right do to anything about anything but also because they are in my personal space due to confident I can be beaten up by them at any time and it started off with things they could do if they had powers of majority population on their side and an eye fixed on my possessions. Any normal person would see this as a warning of course; they need to leave me alone as there is really nothing they can do and I have had enough of them for my part too. 

The reality is that these are very, very, very, stupid individuals and the problem that they create is that which you may decide to deal with over a period of years but will soon had woken up to the fact that the number of days you have left as an employable member of the workforce which determines what your requirement is like is air tight - hence you are a pensioner already, while they believe the disposition has created Political arguments and made them relevant to talk Politics and how to fix such problems in the future due to the fact they think they are never wrong and rightfully should be in charge which really has no meaning. If I am to let it go, where do I start; the destruction of my property, the destruction of my public image and reputation, are any of these applicable to them in the first place? I did threaten to wait for them at their retirement for this vandalism and nothing about that has changed either. I understand they say none of my activities achieves anything but it is all negative market equity in much the same way it will kick off really soon around their powers of majority population too: personally however which it goes beyond just negative market equity in my case all together since nobody knows what music CDs do for anybody else and they do not seem to know where the market for that is either since I look like I am hollow needing a dick to fill me up with that their big mouth we hear on our media equipment bellowing nonsense all the time as it were; so that when they say I pretend to be the victim in the matter, it does not make sense as to whether I am meant to forget all about being insulted by an idiot they employed to do the commentary on their Music CD channels all day long as one of the 7 days of the week goes by just magically as such, which is why they spice it up for me with stories about my deluded sense of importance. They do say I am being asked to fight terrorism and that is what I want to avoid as well before I boast; I wouldn’t know, all I know is that the terrorist groups are made up of ex soldiers, and the most skilled of them is ISIL on one hand and on the other is very incompetent National security operatives that like to screw with me when I am playing some little shooter video game all the time – where I am supposed to fight the terrorism I have no idea, and yes they say I said something that made progress and am being asked to finish the job but what I said was designed to prevent the terrorist groups from recruiting young people and apparently of which the Politicians it seems have recently begun to put their stupid hands to a process of making involvement with terrorist activity an offence anyway, so there is some progress on the matter but they cannot just expect their insults to hurl insults at me all day long to sell music CDs along with their girls wearing bikinis and seeking out holidays they had never worked for then finish off with distant violence that will hearken me to them and make me see I am not fighting terrorism as if they were relevant in anyway. I understand nothing I say is going anywhere they say but it isn’t; people can buy anything these days even if it means that concerning music CDs made abusing the personal life of a government operative that is currently attending University with them on claims his position will exist when they recognise it; the energy rush was apparently enough to prevent dependency on drugs and mental illness problems as well, so that there thus was created with little pennies on the internet and two figure sums at the shops a need for it to continue and more so on a global scale – I have only been pushed into choosing and must ensure the mental illness and whatever it is that needs to be avoided here does not affect me.

We do here it’s the challenges I throw at Politicians but reality is for instance that my work takes me down the route of certain people that are of a certain build that people expect to get shaken up on the go who are deeply fans of mine because I am not somebody that gets shaken up easily on the other hand and so we have a father figure children relationship going on especially for the women thus how I take steps to ensure these stupid individuals do not learn my Royal ways and go off creating wars because they have an ability to fight which is why I am happy with hearing them scream about civil rights instead and that leads me down a path of setting out a statement that discourages people from thinking terrorism is the same as the need to get rid of Royalty in the world and make the planet Political on one hand with that their big mouth we hear on Internet all the time and on the other discourage terrorists from recruiting young people to their cause but it will have meant the biggest dunces we have ever had in government offices say they have had a career they built from making involvement with terrorist fundamentalisms an offence stolen by me – so that in this case every stupid little girl that needs to threaten me and pass a violent insult at me just so she can strut down the cat walk and make friends with society and community idiots that will build an atmosphere of abuse around me to allow girls have feelings every girl should have in their lifetimes has been given the confidence for it from Government Political office, they are in no position to complain now, I am only getting impatient about the fact that punishing them for it is not creating me results as early as I would have liked it to and these stupid girls with bad tempers as we hear were getting bolder and bolder with a big mouth too. So that when they say they will cut off my benefits I always say they can do it if they want but I think they are bluffing. As for the black people and Africans I offend, they said their women can do with me as they pleased because they are dangerous people and the reason is that they can see what I have and I ought to know not everybody is home, so they are not going home either so we can find out what it is exactly they can do.; of course this will again have exposed me to women who have had me wrapped around their little fingers and can deploy me in a fight for any kind of life they want to have – I wouldn’t know since the process of attacking Politicians whenever people turn up to abuse and insult me on media as well as cat walks and so on was designed to reach a pinnacle where they will touch me and get to do it for the last bloody time as well; we are discussing it because I have gotten very impatient about it, I mean somewhere between the distant attacking Politicians for the insults and abuses people use to create misogynistic popular culture and advertisement and plug products into your company to make a killing while destroying your health and so on and the eventual result of deploying all that history on them each time their gestures with a big mouth on media causes you tummy ache or chest ache or causes damage to your academic work or damage to your business and so on to ensure they have chest ache and tummy ache and headaches as well every time it happens to ward them off and so on is the other added benefit on the fact when you target their millionaires and create one of those problems stock market chaos is made of and so on it gets a lot better in terms of when people gather in government buildings to decide the way forward for their constituents is if they spend your earnings starts to diminish and then disappears but this has not yet come through and this is what I mean being impatient and needing to get to the bit where people start to feel pain when they make me uncomfortable and so on, so that it is as easy for them as telling their people to keep off me if they have told them I am to be handled in the past; so it has never been any more than a process where I am supposed to rip up their millionaires first before we get down to the violence but it seems when I say I don’t want my Christian personal life or Royal renaissance peddled or anybody to plug anything into my book sales market, what happens is that they become violent and this is what breeds the impatience, everybody knows when they learn what makes warriors and heroes what they are the result is always the burning of whole Nations and so I understand they say it has all gone wrong for me but it hasn’t. So the rest is basically female vandalism, sex and sexual bullying and Mr Obama – the female vandalism bit being modern women should always because they are able to do bad things have an edge over religious men and their possessions, the sex bit being that I fancy older women and black women own me and the Mr Obama bit being the natural thing for Politicians to do and of course they never listen as it does mean I waste 14 years of my time regularly while they get around as it were and it will end really badly over the book sales too; I mean they own me so when I have a Court of female journalist my mother’s must get their Court of me as well and it goes on like that endlessly while secretly with idiots they fuck and think you expect you will do well at your academic work while they get into your personal space for that without consequences, will have endlessly assumed everybody will find it amusing; this has always been the big matter with them and nothing more – mean now there is something black women fancy but will never have, as for the things I do to deserve their bad behaviour on the other hand, they will always tell me if they have men that can beat me up for them because they have got a penis as well or that it is their side of society as it were. So the story comes up way too often that I dance around my pain concerning black women while I assume I am still up for it but there has never been a new thing about a black idiot threatening me when her fashion idiots or pop celebrities actually started it in the first place and have not stopped as it were considering she controls me with a big mouth; so the most popular of their threats is where I will have to stop her if I cross her babies and so on and they will find out provided messing with my books and office continues along with their community idiots too as it were. I am not saying in terms of dancing around a pain that does not exist that their activities do not affect me as such, they do but I know what it is i.e. they have nothing to do with me nor I with them thereof but because they claim to control and own me which is not really true and need to express that some prognosis of insolence and transferred hysteria that they love to claim ensures they are making use of a man that can talk their problems and make them beautiful is in full swing and I have to deal with the discomforts of it just because they tell lies of controlling me on media when they don’t; to this of course the idiots will make a statement about what they have suffered in their stupid lives, hence some kind of news we are not all aware of thereof – they do say I provoke them by leading in my absence but the whole point of leading your people in a leadership that applies to others in your absence is that their corruptions of involvement will never prevail and forcing it on violently will end in trouble – they however have decided they share skin colour with me and can get involved with me if they wanted. It’s nothing to over think, the easier days were the days when it was only a matter of how my problems are keeping up at night society men that idiots at pop industry and fashion trash are mostly concerned with and how I needed to go lower while they invaded my personal space so there might be enough for everybody – today even their Politicians will listen to the problem they have with my Christian temperaments issuing threats of violence on claims I am always in their homes and need to get out, while I had decided the personal diaries were full and it was about time we talked about how they were going to stop it which I knew by this time would be difficult because I had cut off every other alternative ways of having such fun and it is the same old issue with pop idiots and fashion scum, if the bad experiences they have had is not good for strutting the cat walk they will have your personal life at any cost.

This is usually where I get told that the Court did sort out the matter for me a long, long, time ago but then again the reality has continued to remain that of the claim my Court is free for all on the authority of my mothers – so the rule now is, court sorts of anything, they find their mates to have sex with, so I always like to think of those insults and abuses so they can have sex with people are defence mechanism but they talk too much and physically handle my possessions way too often for their own good. They do say I even have a problem with people having a sense I have taken their problems on myself and they can now relax about it but that is not true; what is true is their evil and compulsively lying nature and it goes beyond just human nature kind of evil or wickedness, it’s something spiritual, some way of punishing me for robbing them of the purpose they were happy to serve their master the devil for and the men do it as well but whilst I inflict suffering on the men they are free to run at the moment with all kinds of nonsense the media helps them with too; so the part where I have learned much from their transferred hysteria as a result of their civil and criminal disobedience showing me the road of transferred violence that I can deploy on them when they are an obstacle to my faith and then to my academic work and then to my book sales is all coming together, except the bit where the millionaires that support the Politicians that incessantly send them out to attack me losing enough money for me to be popular is supposed to have happened before that.

So it is asked why I feel I must enjoy punishing the Politicians much but then again it’s the reality about it i.e. terrorism for instance, what you do with a three year old that will trash the play room if he feels that his toy is not better than that of his mates; in their view you set out a few years and give him whatever he wants then expect him to take out those who don’t co-operate with you until he cannot take out those whom he cannot take out and turn up to barricade others and ask them what they think about terrorism all the time. I don’t think it is an issue, just that at face value the reality is that all these stuff about keeping a life and career away from violent people was never done by them, never done by them for them or done by them for anybody because they were too busy leading everybody else. In the end when you do it for yourself as such what they want to do is get around giving people money because they are evil and serve the devil and how the power to make others poor or rich over you and turn up at the other end to claim the problems associated would not have occurred if you had co-operated with the demands of the idiots in the first place, so that I for my part would be hard pressed to find anybody that would tell me they would not want to punish it. In my case however it got worse because I was the Christian with a unique Christian personal life that was enough to accommodate everybody and make them happy so they could do whatever they liked when I am around because I exist and they want to spend it and nobody can convince them otherwise and my existence is responsible for that, so yet again I will be hard pressed to find anybody who would disagree with the idea it should be punished too. So I have done my start by setting out books containing facts about these trouble makers and it is now a race against time – for them to get ahead of those who buy and read and for me to get ahead of them and sell it and now they want to discuss things they know nothing about with respect to society in an academic fashion and move away from violent people in that way but it seems there is no other way except the one I approve. I understand they say I live a useless existence and then try to rub shoulders but that is not true; all I have left now is to spend some money to sound a gong for my books and nothing else and it’s the vicious cycle of the fact HM Government wants me to do her job and if I slash out 8 hours and get off to find funds for my books and the Monarchy does not want to deal with that, what they do with their media and Politics is make sure the Monarchy does not want to deal with it as early as possible and sit around boasting about a trapping of power that involves being able to put people out of work that they can also build on as well, so  again I would be hard pressed to find anybody that will disagree it should be punished too; so I cannot get a job in which employers will have to pay for the cost of being Royal without knowing it just so as to keep me no matter how good I am and without getting such things cannot raise funds for my books while they wait for those periods where they have created a sense that I saw the market and a chance to make money and was too lazy to take it up so they can steal it and get violent as well, hence everything they do to plug in results in shocking force from me as well as they can see the books are patented in the first place and whether or not I spend any money on advertisement should never determine the whether or not they get sold. It’s the grand old case with their Popular culture and what they do with it; in terms of Industry they turn out to buy shares in companies and later spend acumen and money on these popular culture celebrities of theirs claiming they are controlling them but it is not a plus for anybody except them which is no way to run a business and they have a problem with those who don’t like it that way too which makes no sense whatsoever – they do say I support the popular culture as well which is utter nonsense, the reality is my work which they corrupt i.e. if I have property equities in Countries that don’t have favourable relations with the UK I would like a Pop star to do something with it and if I had one where I had to deal with the arms industry or organised crime I would like them to do something about it too; what these fools do, more so to bypass me and get through to The Queen is to savage my work to create the problem and get their American friends all over it and all over the place then make money from it and buy organised crime products, then spend my property to solve those problems and savage anything that is left over – when asked about it we hear them claim it is the excessiveness of their nature and that is why it will not be tolerated too – as it stands, they are now richer than mainstream industry that spends money on them and tries to fake its way into my income and profit margins every single day and that is what I needed to achieve on this matter, those who spend money on them seeing the hole in their pockets that is testament to that not some process of getting it back somewhere else in order to ensure they are not wrong or do not generally suppose what they do is bad – an end to that great old case of idiots telling me I cannot seem to shut up so people can do my stuff for me as it were; whatever on earth their Politicians are going to do with my opinion about terrorism anyway – I understand they say the way I behave indicates I should actually have been a terrorist which makes no sense whatsoever, I mean I don’t take a stand on other peoples personal lives and then tell them if they want it back they will be dead, so I am actually a long way away from separatist or terrorist etc – reality is that the Politicians don’t want a fight that blew up and ended in a negotiating table when they make all these trouble they want us to agree with them what the terrorist or separatists are fighting for does not exist as it if, then deny the part of it we feel should actually be a crime, then polish us off with the expectation that their sense it should be a genocide affair is perfectly acceptable. It’s like the old case of living a useless life they claim or the part where they say I am dying slowly and so on; I mean what do you need to do with your private time in order to skewer other peoples careers by turning up every day to address them the way their Dads would? Are you their Dads? It’s the sort of thing they spend time teaching and grooming each other to do in those secret gatherings where they pretend they want to have power to control the towns and Cities and so on and then when they think they have given it enough rehearsals blow it off at me and expect there will be no trouble and when I give them the finger so they can be my Dad proper from there they turn up on media to bellow violence with a big mouth; absolutely no respect there whatsoever. It is in like manner that what I may want Pop stars to do with my work and or possessions is not available to all, they do see there are less and less women in Europe asking them difficult questions that will kill or telling them things like ‘I am your house’ these days – it does not happen by magic and does not happen on the cheap, these are things I deploy to distract people, it is not an indication they have become harmless – likewise the story of my case made about the incompetence of National Security operatives needing to be cleared up whereas everybody knows I should be picked on for playing the odd video game by Tyrants and their children and relatives, not my own National security operatives people and so I have no idea where MI6 and GCHQ travelled off to, finding these guys thereof – the Politicians say for their part that what my function to the Political system is, is not really clear and hence largely debatable but I wouldn’t know anyway, they are the biggest problem there is around here; they want to create problems for the general population that will make them behave in a certain direction and thereby create problems that will allow them to go off into Parliament and become great Politicians, they listen to nobody or anything and are hell bent on it, so that the add on problem of the natural frictions which create these problems to make them relevant has now been completely overlooked because they are largely more interested in the ones that manufactured which they are deep into right up to their necks, typical of the damaged goods they wanted to be: so mine has never been debatable in anyway, always as simple as social and economic support whereby I still own over 70% of economic equity which is to stay between me and my Court systems, I can understand nobody wants to see black boys equities in their white communities or Muslim communities etc but they say that all the time just so they can make space and do their own as well, so they had better not touch or handle the products, it’s a touch and buy Policy here especially for them but for their Politicians it is impossible to locate which part confuses them about the reality that economy needs to be in the hands of non violent people and yes they will say it has always been that way of course which is clearly why I have made it discursive and debatable so that legislation can be made on it and people can allow racist copy my work or have a piece of my world by making noise it is what they were told to do which drove them into racism in the first place looking for trouble they love to all the time – it’s as I said you see, it add nothing and does nothing for anybody right down to Popular culture and this success of the damned thing they cannot keep off the Industries. The Labour Party is clearly supposed to be at the heart of it and if I see that stupid Pater socialism that is running wild in mainland Europe around here they will be missing me in that parliament and looking like they need drip when they are playing football again when somebody else has to explain for them why they are the way they are if they are not actually doing it and then I can get beaten up or killed by them after that too, those stupid anus and penis ruffling and their superior nonsense.

We hear there is special credence given to religion with respect to civil rights and free speech which must be broken otherwise the civil rights will simply shut down; there is really no such thing – the truth is that these goons have societies they belong to safe from the prying eyes of the members of the public, ranging from highly organised ones that receives regular financial dues from its members to low level ones involves friends and cliques that get together in the pub regularly and all they do is train themselves in what they can do to rule the City and to take over the world and when they are done training themselves, they turn up in public and when Muslims don’t want drawing Prophet Mohamed they draw it knowing it will offend them anyway, if they see Christians, they want the personal life that belongs to those are some new civil rights and start to invent new belief systems like humanist and so on. I have never thought this matter was a problem anyway, they simply keep telling tall tales about credence special made at expense of civil rights and freedom of speech for religion and religious people, which has no basis on reality; for instance of which ISIL is not necessarily made up of people who are diagnosed with mental illness, so they can actually explain what they are doing and why they do it, there is no such special credence given to religion in anyway and I don’t want them travelling around complicating any wars to get innocent people murdered. They will speak of my involvement with societies in which I have no membership of course, never mind how I am responsible for the fact everybody is having anal sex these days without even knowing what it is about but I am responsible for all these things – for the last time we checked, Royalty grabs cultures that belong to everybody if they want to plug a product into my personal life and public work and so the culture rips up your life on one end with celebrity fools getting rich and famous with your Royal Estate while on the other people have to believe that you grab culture that everybody should be part of and make it yours. In the end the Court has tried to keep them away from me by means of sex and relationships to no avail – if they need narcissist relationship from me, they are not quite used to being denied what they want, so I should not have stirred up their desires by existing in the first place, so they will feel like their fingers around my anus every single second followed with violence that is designed for the down trodden with a big mouth while their fashion idiots savage my finances and secure connections with community idiots that protect whores from people like me and cannot stop threatening me so their stylists can talk nonsense about how I must stop them if I start whereas everybody wants to smother my breathing these days, their finger in my anus these days and I need to be made to slow down all the time but these kinds of threats have become the rage as it were with a big mouth and it is much the same with a condition where I fall in love with or am involved with any woman, if not my age range they should be the one to have her and so on endlessly then it finishes off with a need to get on media and censor my books because they want all these things but it makes them uncomfortable when I am Royalty and they are nobody, they are censoring my books in this condition still as it were; so that while they complain I get involved with societies in which I have no membership and then complain about what view it has of me, they think messing with my Royal order and the National security operatives that rely on it thereof jeopardised, nobody will be offended, so personality competition from those who want people to be involved with their societies only when they have a membership is well okay, especially when they want to plug products into my possessions and get rich. I don’t think it is a serious matter for my part either, they just keep saying there is special credence given to religion when there really isn’t one; I mean I do involve myself with societies in which I have no membership alright it is the bit where we will get to the point where they will touch me for the last time for their part as well primarily but I am sure that at some stage I will start to gather information on where they usually meet and then I will take the whole involvement with societies in which I don’t belong to a whole new level by sending them letters each time they exasperate me – it is incivility taken to a whole new level and just guess where I learned it from since the last time we looked they did not teach it in Church. This is basically all there is on special credence being given to religion story, not much after besides the consideration of their need to get into a position where they want things and therefore have a desire to sensor books written by Royalty whose order they can do whatever they like with and are therefore certain cannot do anything about them; slowing me down has come to damage everything here from academic work to finances but when we see them issue the threats each time they want to plug products into my possessions and get rich, it is easily construed as the end of the world: the magnitude of their stupidities that are a function of what others have made them as a result of their need to exasperate others and make them angry to extract their reaction and have a warrior spirit that brings down governments or works tyranny if it co-operates with them and or burns Countries hence the reasons people make them stupid the way they are is such that when they see me, their girls set out insults that are beyond human language in some form which will bring me low, their celebrity idiots and pop industry fools then follow on with the story of how I can leave with being denied what I want but they are not quite used to it, finished off with a statement they make about how I am the thing that is usually deployed by others to serve them - and this is on one hand, on the other they really hope and act in ways that ensure Muslim groups have to kill those who have no control of where their thoughts have drifted.