So to the question about me and the issue of looking after my health with regards to relationships and the process where people can turn out in public and say something about me with respect to relationships which is bad all the time is not that much of a problem to me. As long as they are expressing what their opinion is, it is very unlikely to go wrong over here. However if I must answer the question of how my health stands in the way of getting into good celebrity culture relationships as if I am their mate in the first place. The fact of the matter is that I am not a person who has my life all to myself; there are covenants I have made with God here his part of which he keeps all the time and therefore my living quarters my sleeping chamber is always shared between myself and the spirit of God, all the messengers and all the protection that I get from heaven. As a result my dreams are not even mine alone because they can also be interfered with by God himself or other heavenly beings. I mean these matters are easy to see and understand: do people really think it is possible to have keep and maintain a global intellectual space from which I earn a living without the support of heavenly being? Do people actually think it is possible to utter words that have more power than physical weapons again and again and again, even when I am forced to do my social responsibilities repeatedly so that my filial security can be completely wrecked and the wickedness of society and culture given unfettered access to my life, so that I can be mocked and abused without there being an effect, if I were not getting divine support that is physically keeping the temperaments going? Do people think the fact I say a lot about them gets to mean I have made excuses for people when I get bullied by them? Do people really think that as a result of being bullied, not only have I lost track of my talents myself but my talents are now an obscure concept that media messes around with which makes no meaning to anybody (when in actual fact they are extracting millions of currency from my property without permission or work, the loopholes of which I need to shut down one way or another, the help from mockeries of fools and greedy bastards of which they are relying on)? Now anybody who wants to sleep on the same bed as me has to bear this in mind, their dreams will not belong to them any longer. Do they think they can live with that? Bearing in mind also because of this condition there is in my life no real separation between heaven and earth and so the wife I choose will have to be approved by God and I will have to marry her into the after life not divorce her and marry somebody else etc; do they think they can live with this? The annoying thing about it is that they do not have to be so abusive about how much their daughters need to stay away from me and find somebody whose mind is kindled towards success and money and power etc. I always suppose this is the case because they have not taken into or have not been prompted before to take into account the distance between their children and me with respect to any kind of personal relationships.

So yes now I have mentioned it I expect their next move will be how I have stolen the lifestyle that Kings of the UK should be having. It’s much the same with those stories they tell about how they will believe in God when they see him on account they don’t want to be nice to human beings because they think it will turn out the way they plan it. As for the challenges they throw at me and into my face all the time with their stupid media. It remains the big conundrum: why it is that when women and young people misbehave they are chastised with respect to finances but men have control of everything and choose who gets chastised with respect to finances and who does not to show their power while they misbehave as much as they want. It is not happening here with that their big mouth about a Queen in her 80s and a 30 year old Arch Prince; I wouldn’t want to play games with them as it were.

All that “knick knack paddy wag and give a dog a bone” which involves football idiots that always get to your neighborhood to push you outside and set you up for old men, then when they think they have come full circle cannot stop making noise as well about how you are the one doing the wrong thing, for which we will see as well. It seems I have never put it this way before so it can never be serious because what people believe is clearly determined by back stage media.

For me the knick knack paddy wag has nothing to do with my Christianity but I have been completely relocated and I don’t even know what their stupid names are. Now I am being detached from my sense of imagination, such that if I work with my boss and use my initiatives what happens on media as a result of an abuse of my privacy can result in a sack and yes he or she will always know they were wrong but will have stories about insubordination to cover their tracks and if I pass through 2 ot 3 employers in that way I am in real trouble through no fault of mine because an idiot has media to play around with. No body gave them the right to do such a thing and I will keep my mantra that they should not get carried away with talking rubbish all the time because when they make mistakes that is when they will loose their perception based control on the effects of what I can do with that their stupid media and the opportunistic idiots who believe them in search of conveniences and other peoples children to use and abuse.

Of course they claim the reasons for their actions is that I like to analyse things all the time; this is because they have not been intimated to the fact the biggest reason for the frictions I have with my parents is that I could never have enough of criticising their sinful behaviours especially the ones they have dragged me into as well, with respect to conscience especially. I said I don’t know what their names are and bloody well need to. What am I meant to say? That the idiots will not do my health for me as well? My books and games they play with those and its market and derivatives on the other hand, will most certainly be their undoing.

I would rather they shut it; these things they say and do in public does nothing other than stir the wickedness of their communities at me which makes me want to hurt them physically as well, after which they claim there is no God but there clearly is a devil and witchcraft through him and through that to be powerful with anyway. Now they have back stage media to control peoples lives with perceptions they think they are going to be rich and it will never work that way as they have already legitimately publicly licensed me with the right to run campaigns that I expect people to get on board for, over the whole process of why we do not need celebrity culture and why it is an evil thing and needs to be gotten rid of.


Figures to be chosen for the queens diamond jubilee is not that which I am aware exist. Those are supposed to be idiots that we all owe a duty to ourselves and our communities and our children if we have them, to ensure they are made a fool of each time they want to study or get a job etc because it is the power they barge into other peoples personal lives to have, in order to move them on and become their baby brothers and sisters bearing in mind it is never enough. Now it seems that before we know it, they want their diamond jubilee stuff-thing-whatever; they are already finished with being High Street lowlifes. 

I am not interfering with Politics and people need to stop being so stupid. When I have been lumbered with a cash flow crisis and controlled with media perceptions and still have Government office to play around with, it is impossible to keep diplomatic relations where they criss cross my office secrete. Politicians will do nothing useful with their lives and work with me around, that space will be filled by Celebrities I choose-this is where my interest lies. It seems that I will still have my fame and reputation and talents if I no longer have government office and so the cash flow crisis is there because people want to prove something, which they will. Its like the old story about what contributions exactly Bishops can make to Politics and its twin the fact I had history with modern Churches who become more evil the richer they get-so that when I defend myself I will become the Anti-Christ and cannot therefore make out the reasons I thought they could change hence pick up on my obsession with the UK because of the merging of Church and State roles (at the same time seeking credibility when they make claims I used to have history with them and their modern churches where fools can get away with arranged believes in God when they actually do not in their heart and have their stupid soul travel and energies that can be used to achieve things to tap into but will not because they can establish church in their own names. Then when finished do other things like claim their church is not working any more because of something I said which does indicate I am being gagged as well).