Now they say I am getting into trouble with politicians, which can only happen if I have no time left to live my own life getting stuck with people’s ideas about how I should live their dreams, needing my help and knowing better. The Men speak of hurting bottoms and the fact I was responsible and we all know what really happened was the sort of things we still see today from hours and hours of berating me and disciplining me until their idiots on the street pick up on it and start to do it for fun as well; at the time the result was that I fancied older women and their own was under control while the women one was unleashed, it has since been put under control as well but is now spending a lot of time blabbing about Men that can treat them like women story. I am never going to get into any trouble with them when I have clipped the wealthy ones who now rely on giving them a few thousands and millions to ensure I never grow past a certain stage where their superiority is affected and this is what people should be doing with their time as it were, never mind it being what the Politicians are actually paid by the tax payer to do before we hear the complains. Of course I am never going to get into any trouble with stupid men and cars that have not got a panel on it that was created in the last five years picking up these insults to chase my private parts all along; it’s the same rhetoric that comes on again and again i.e. don’t mess with my child, he is dangerous and does not like people messing with his fame but your public image belongs to me and you have no idea what day I have had, just about to find out etc – they do speak of my friends getting hurt but we all know the bit about having a Court of Female journalists was very well calculated as it were and these Journalists will now become media managers at the precise time when I am about to get into trouble. At this point they really think I have not had enough of that gonadotrophic nonsense; I mean it should be aware that what I do not fancy too is 5.00pm and the headlamps are all over my streets while idiots think that contraption they have been paying attention to all day long to ensure the evils of the day have been done amount to a job, talking nonsense when somebody else has done their own as well and we are not talking about me being somebody else’s baby lover either, that was another story behind the reasons the Court is always playing up older women’s love thing. So, what we are looking at here is probably that the fact I will get into trouble with MPs being put forward here is to do with the fact I have not yet re-shared the parliamentary events of the day on my social media but it’s the way they have taken up the business with Politicians all together and we see the same with the celebrities, whereby their involvement now creates the sense as a result of the insults and abuses, that I have a personal relationship with these celebrities and journalists and Public figures that get around with me which is not actually true – the outcome being that a simple process of a relationship with the Princess of York where I get to know her Family and she gets to know mine has become so complicated that the American ones are in pain while the others hate my guts but cannot keep their mouth shut when they complain about their hurting bottoms if the purpose is to tell me I am not Royalty, knowing perfectly that the bottom will hurt even further because their idiots on the street will pick up on the insults and have a go at disciplining me like the daddies they learned it from too, which seldom brings about revenge all together – no idea why they cannot spend time with their own mates. It’s like I get told especially when I talk about ideas these fools have to get themselves out of difficult situations they have gotten themselves into, such as using and abusing women, that I am such an amusing person people hardly take seriously anything I do; whereas anybody can actually draw up a sense making link between women having the body type that can cope with pressure and a process where somebody gets to run around with famous and important people and we see the same with public transport idiots who are trying to find out what I may do if I feel that I do not wish to be barricaded behind my door by them, every time I have found out my empire has been pillaged to build a train station but when they realise it will not affect a Royal Prince to do that, the station becomes the hub by which they get about with celebrities and fashion people too – I mean if you go out to have a drink at the pub by midnight every day, you will court friends that come to your house for drinking, so to stop these type of friends, you will have to stop going out for drinking so often, women on the other hand have to give birth and the processes of child birth suggest some connections between the anus and love, so the reason people go there when they know that neither the male population nor the female ones are able to do anything about the problems that end up there beats my imagination, now I am left in wonderment with respect to the way the idiots have decided they hope to get out of the problem all together, usually by organising women into a place or position and so on: so it comes to that stage where you have to make clear that all that stuff that brews an outcome where the UK is a transit for those who become millionaires in worlds where men can be real men is obviously built by not abusing the female folk as it were and it usually blabs that it is a society and culture kind of person and nobody would dare claim his personality is being used to solve problems until I actually do it and he finds out there is nothing he can do about me: I mean the Police one is good because somebody gets shocked by some volts until they salivate, the military one is just sad; I mean it’s an example where it is said everything I say is amusing unless I conclude by mentioning it’s all well complaining but the sermon is still that none is to peddle my faith or public image, people are to keep off my Books unless they need a copy for themselves, and they are supposed to clear my public image space not sit around talking nonsense of how what happens on it will get sold so they can make more money if their bragging mouths were big enough. I mean you may take stock and calm down and realise there are people whose whole lives are about doing other people’s jobs and careers but then it gets off threatening me while handling my work and property whenever it is not getting its idiots’ results. It’s like when I get told that the way I work creates administrative uncertainty for the government which is actually not my intention; my intention is to ensure economic separatism does not actually exist – it’s an old story we hear them tell all the time where it’s okay for people to be talented but it is not okay for talented people to make money with their talents which expresses how they know that wealth equality is not actually a workable ideology through natural selection processes but this madness of which is not actually how capitalism works as opposed to a case of five people keeping your business going for the last 4 years and the question becomes that of what you have done to try and find out what the community this people have identified themselves with in order to ensure what they do for a living does not attract bad crowd really looks like or how it works, which if you do not, then you are set to see them move to somebody else sooner or later. These guys are the ones creating wealth inequality most of the time, destroying peoples talents with people power and then setting off to spend public time ripping up people’s health to preserve their own so they can be tolerable to wealthy people on account they are healthy and I want them to keep off my Books and stop churning my tummy as well; then claim my theory is not how it works mostly but we all know what they mean is their credit facility economy that relies on giving people money to help them find jobs by which to pay it back with interest, of which there are no jobs around; there is nothing to suggest that people have settled on the activities they are 100% certain is likely to support those who have jobs, which then amounts to a process of having a job as well and therefore being self-employed and it certainly has not happened to a stage where both are secure enough to tolerate a credit economy – so the advice was that they will have to wait until the jobs are booming again, what they had decided since was to start a fight, which is all god for them in my view. They always say the more I mention it is the more they do the things I am dissuading people from which does not bother me at all, as they will never get economic separatism either way, what they will get is a society that pushes them into a corner so that those who want to aspire to working for them can do so; this they say has been done before but I never said it hadn’t, I mean I get most of my ideas from reading – reading economic texts. I mean imagine what will happen if the government decided at this particular point to flood the economy with money in order to clip that stupid power they have got; it would be heaven and those who would likely be hardest hit if it happened would have triumphed for a change.