The story has run endlessly on Media by know better people, that others really do want to engage with my Books to a point of insanity but the problem is still that my Books are somehow facts on the bits my Mother left me; it is utter nonsense of course since I have in many ways shown it is about intellectual property administration, not withstanding of which you are likely to do a lot of that alongside your mother anyway, never mind the business bit all together; but we hear their opinions when we need to and when we don’t, about how Royals never listen because they think they have the right to lead, whereas they actually know nothing at all whatsoever.

Its sits hand in hand with that case of how I speak tough but the reality is still that whenever I step out of my door, others impose dishonour on me without consequences all day long; the reality of which is rather that, this is all a fabricated nonsense by a Media that wants to see me detached from Royal position so I might show up in public in order to try and match my own reputation – it has become serious again and the possibility of others claiming it has become real again because they enjoy their narcissism way too much for their own good. So again it matters to mention facts about flexibility of being able to set up office and deal with Public matters anywhere that will be taken away if I become a celebrity the way they want, besides other serious matters like the theft of my public image by those who do not have the funds to afford it, meaning I am to face more media based financial vandalism when they get stuck and the cycle is to continue endlessly simply because they are disobedient people. So it is fair to mention that if the-me they have developed on Media does not stop trying to take over the real me that can act to determine what the US Government or Russian Government do in my direction for instance, there is going to be trouble. They do say there is no possibility that can actually happen because they think they have got me which is not actually the reality; reality of which is that at the basic level – when blacks speak of racial equality I can easily campaign to let whites do what they like because blacks are doing it as well and so on, right across the board for white boys and media goons, just to find out what will become of it too but in any case this is the cheapest means of controlling them i.e. all together it makes people remember those ideas that come through about what to do when people are being stupid, whereby the parents want to behave like children on my income and the children want to grow up to be like their parents and they are all complaining about inequality. As for the disobedience, it’s all militant socialism story that Royalty deals with for Politicians and if they are not under control what people face is assassinations and civil unrest.

 It’s nothing serious to me, just the old tale of the nature of evil and if it does not take over my religion and create a society of its own idea of respect that will ensure I am under control and then set about deciding when I practice my religion and when they can shut it down, it will never let go; so there is always the possibility of dishonour being imposed on me leading to talk of my shame for trying to take them on and then to cutting to pieces that stupid wickedness godless culture and society, whatever bit has been resuscitated from the last action I took on it etc – while the media ones tend to leave me wondering what I am to do i.e. if they steal my public image there can be two outcomes and one will see me throw in with Industry trouble makers and make enough money to match my position by showing them where hell really is in the process and the other is being rewarded financially by the Queen – both outcomes will see me publicly shown as Royalty whose lifestyle they steal but cannot afford and serves them right as they do have a real problem concentrating on their own concerns. Hence it is not a bluff as such and if this process of provoking me to get my attention on which their happiness is based continues to give way to spying on me to pick up on what I say and do, to show on Media and tell me where I am supposed to be, does not stop soon enough, there will be trouble alongside it. It is one of the stories in my Book, which are certainly not the bits my Mother left me.

The great idea here is that my Books have not been protected in this way but that has always been the problem i.e. these guys do not read books and they do not buy Books and they do not sell Books, the only thing they want with me is a person they can use like an item for something they have in mind and so I love to discuss the matter in great length to show that I am not disillusioned and it will be foolish to take unnecessary risks.

As for the Politicians, I have no idea why they are always deserving of all I do; everybody knows the way it works is that every ethnic group in this Country comes here alongside the evil aspects of their culture and that this is what I manage on a daily basis – besides it setting the stage for the things I can do to punish people when they are being stupid, it is also something politicians cannot stop using against Royalty as revolving door in this Country – they have to bring in new ones as soon as the old ones are resolved and then start to think you may be bluffing when you tell them that insulting and abusing you in such ways does not necessarily go hand in hand with having that nice little earner on which their lives depend, which is why you will never stop filling the public in on how their jobs work. We have to put up with alternative ways of seeing it, all of the time; the most popular is that I am dealing with problems associated with my view of getting involved with people that are beyond my league but the reality is that all my engagements are public service and the Court is the only source of fun that I have but the Court is sad all the time these days and I am always angry, so when I get any little chance to have a look at what else is in there, they always complain too, since the only other thing that ends up there making trouble is Media idiots and Celebrities getting rich - then we hear them claim that I have a misconception of what is really happening i.e. its the Court creating more fun, which is fine as long as they are not making sure the fun affects my finances, since it is obvious that is what they are after i.e. controlling my finances 'cracked-up out of my league'. The reality is that the Books I write hurts even me its writer, should I live in a loutish environment, so it is really stupid even to observe them make all that trouble and then blow off their big mouth about being out of my league. So the part about my behaviour not helping my Book sales is well understood but then again I am aware of the many ways in which my Books are being deployed by those who claim to be selling it i.e. if it solves the problem of society, society needs to read it without buying a copy, an open secrete with society will be the Book that was written to solve the problem of society, a reputation of society that is linked to the Books will be what society becomes and then others will sell it and get rich, to pay me my peanuts probably - hence it is damaging beyond reason and understanding as a whole because I have to keep writing it over and over and over again if I am cash strapped, which is what it is all about-to behave in such ways that is; so the only thing that helps me cope is a none loutish environment, what I am dealing with is beyond loutish, since it is a matter of people getting into my Court and getting on Media to tease me for a reaction that will make them feel good about life. So should I be dealing with the problem in more powerful ways? I should be doing so naturally but the problem is that I am a very happy person and tend to forget various ideas I have developed for the purpose of punishing people when they are being stupid, however I should also point out that they do not get to blab on their Media and more so on a regular basis that the reason for their behaviour is to hurt me considering that they hate my guts due to their half baked ideas about how we should all live for the common good and a need to make me live their stupid dreams for them, which insults are beyond normal human beings' imagination all together and does not bother me as I know it is pure evil and has lost most of its potency. Of course it’s never a matter of me and just me – it’s a matter of being made to endure undue suffering, simply so that your quality of life changes to a tune of the need to have conversations about those who wondered about being famous until their self confidence was affected and they remained like that for the rest of their lives, orchestrated by very clever civil rights idiots obviously who cannot let other people be. Then there is my personal favourite involving Politicians who push me into government whether I like it or not because they want to make use of my life and are aware I will never share it the way that they want it. Should a person be handled in such ways and people brag about it setting a precedent, there is nothing wrong with homosexuality being cured and those who are affected by the process getting involved in violence. It’s the tip of the iceberg of course, since even in terms of my faith, I apparently stole the beauties of white Boys and Men who need to control that light and decide when people use their religion and when it gets shut down for conveniences – football people complain the most about the actions I take with respect to but celebrity abuses means I am going to break their stupid spirit as well the way that they have mine soon enough.