They do say I interfere with the interests of Politicians and that it is my biggest problem but I do not see that it is anyway, the reality is that they want to extricate some of the sweetest aspects of my work and go off to play with City friends and get very rich and each time they do, it is accompanied by something else which is supposed to express the sense they are tying off lose ends and I have had enough of this stuff if after 3 successive prime ministers have not been able to prevent me from dragging them back to fix the problems so I can move on as well has done nothing to deter them; so whenever it happens they need to take it and take it all so I can do something else with myself and not have to deal with all that nonsense which concerns them expressing some level of greed which is incredible. In the end they talk alright but even when somebody appears on National Television asked to speak about a topic which he has chosen, he does not have a clue what he is talking about and soon enough take a swipe at me to play up the comforts of the crowd and other forms of general consensus to get by – five minutes later and I am dealing with another insult that will change my life over his stupid needs. They say Politicians are not the only ones that complain about me but it’s a matter of having your English A levels and Maths A levels and Law A levels and economics A levels – what lies before you are careers in economics and sociology and Media and Law but what do other need to set out how your mind works in terms of all those careers and build a condition for themselves in which they were more qualified on Media? So they have their fun when they have it and I hope they have the good sense to stop at a time that is good for me and good for them too.

So now they say that Barrack Obama hates my guts personally, I wouldn’t know anyway; I only know these are a collection of goons that complain every time we listen to them, about pressure their body type cannot withstand but at the same time think that this sort of behaviour are a worthy activity to perform in other people’s lives. In the end there can be two ways of managing this problem that involves making rich every idiot that wants racism as a means of social control, while attacking those that are brave enough to fight it and one of those is that they get to stay the hell out of every single one of my concerns while the other is that like it is presently with that stupid culture and society which says they do not have to work for it or inherit it from somebody that did if they are bullies, they will never be free of me because I will control every aspect of their own lives as well. It has always been a simple process of distracting them from all things that allow them make that stupid money that becomes the source of all problems and then sitting around to extract from them as painfully as they teach it at Church as it were, the means and the market and the sales and the good life, as a function of what they fight for and which are the most convenient posts from which to make money with it and mock and abuse them as you do but then again, do I want to relate with human beings in such ways? Of course not, so the fact they need to keep off my Books and clear my space is not lost in translation in this matter, so what needs to be underlined here is that there is really no reason for me to care about what Barrack Obama hates as I am not his relative.

It’s the same story about stupid ageist men playing games to seek the easy life but in the case of Mr Obama’s leadership, it is that old student union corruption nonsense getting into the real world and making them want to appreciate me in my absence; so as it stands cracked up out of my league has never met me in person but has made enemies with what he has never met. It seems that if this very expensive fun cooked up by these incredibly stupid men does not cost them dear as a regular activity to engage in, they will never stop it and also just like they get into government Office and have no clue what to do as such, they will always find that engaging in such activity will be bemusing at all times – I am only concerned about keeping an eye on it to ensure it does not become too big for me and this suggests that getting involved with me and especially for the purpose of harming me is really not a route to the freedoms of Men; hence they will never recover that stupid culture and society from me anyway either way. It was the same story when we look far back into American history too; there was no segregation after abolishment of slavery, the main problem were Children who were unhappy they were robbed of an evil but pleasurable heritage; what these goons used it for was sexual activity to a level when the segregation was actually necessary and this was then followed by a long and bloody battle to civil freedom which was essentially control by evil because they were stupid and free and we see that foolish need to play games and grab peoples market play out here again i.e. Mr Obama hates me and I ought to know like it was useful news as per the wickedness that knows where peoples anus and penis is and likes to take over Church so it might shut it down and open it up whenever needed on account it cannot simply just leave people alone as it were and soon we find that homosexuality is that civil right for the one purpose only of telling me how to live my own life, which can continue forever and get violent if it wants to when I have refused to do anything about it too.

I believe I have made it clear here that bullying me is not in any way the route to freedom as it tends to add one more thing to peoples jobs and career that they need to get doing all the time. It’s not a Child at all, it’s a 36 year old man and they are insane, so it is fair to assume there is going to be trouble as well. It’s a slippery slope getting to this point of letting them practice their rights on me to a stage where people can no longer tell lies about how it all works out and then follow it after that with wrath as well but I suppose I am not a Child after all anyway. It’s always happened because they are more deserving of riches and decadence than everybody else and I do not think the fact they need to work for it and stay off me is lost in translation either; I am not Barrack Obama’s relative and therefore would gain nothing from sitting about wondering if he is pleased with me or not. It’s nothing unusual, just the way they approached me causing me to lose my temper but the question remains still; do I want to section the men as well and spend time making fortune from deciding to deploy and basically own the most convenient aspects of all they work and fight for? Of course I do but I want a reason first of all; otherwise their vandalism and need to attack and bully me for misogynistic pleasure and stolen property should actually be at a limit. Just like when it is said that I never do anything in its entirety whereas I actually never do anything without completing it; what is happening here being that Journalists now know more about a Government and Politics as well, then somebody who has actually studied the Law – so it is that old tale of a matter of series and series of very vile insults they want to come up with and maintain in public places at all times. It is a problem out of which I have no intentions to bail them as it were.

The racism thing is just pure evil and I really have no idea why people think I should discuss it anyway; I mean if I wanted to satisfy a feeling that was twisted in me by killing people, five would have been enough – there is no way it would occur to me that I needed to pass some 6 million through gas chambers, except I was running some project to kill five people for another 1.5 million who had twisted feelings inside that needed to be satisfied just like me and this was therefore a leadership I needed to provide in a comprehensive way. The problem in modern times being that when it is supported by those who are not white, I wonder if it can be called racism anymore; hence if I say it enough times a goon will get off and spend time with white people until it becomes the friend of white people who was murdered by white people to preserve my civil rights – hence I am about to stop saying it anyway. So in the end I see the world according to what I see and hear and smell and it is very antisense indeed and these people do their society stuff for instance because they see the world according to what they hear, assuming therefore that passing them insults at me is the best will always prove to be such a bad idea when I do them as well; my point is that their own is like mine and hence the point they need to stop telling me what to so - AS EVER, EXPECTATION IS THAT OF EXISTENCE OF EXTREMISM AND A MORAL PERSON THAT IS TO RUN LEFT AND RIGHT HAND SIDE AND ALL OVER THE PLACE BEING SCARED ON ACCOUNT OTHER PEOPLES IDEA OF EXISTENCE IS BEING IMPOSED BECAUSE MONEY IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT AND THEN PEOPLE CAN HAVE SOME CIVIL RIGHTS.