Now they say I am in some sort of Political melting pot which there isn’t any in my view, just very incompetent Politicians telling Industry goons they can trendy vandalism wreck the economy and then when the crisis has appeared on Media long enough trendy collect all I own to make them and any business they have acquired but do not have time to work on due to Government Office wealthy due to trendy economic recovery and this is what they will never have. I mean I am left wondering why the Industry goons are never the ones to suffer the most each time others are following trends anyway, but it is just an after thought due to the way their Politicians are really screwing around with matters.

I do get told they are expecting me to be a quiet none interfering Royal but I am not interfering with anybody while reality is rather that if they were doing the economy bits then sales people would not have become such a necessary evil; in the end if somebody is asked to spend £100 and they spent £60 instead, that makes a £40 and the last time we checked, it was the government that was dealing with a finance based economic crisis; so taking it out of the hands of the Public and then failing to get the job done, does not actually make me anybody’s bitch like their big mouth suggests – this is all common sense. The hallmark of their economic incompetence will be the part where their society and culture trouble makers are telling me what to do – the Judiciary has its procedures which are set to ensure that although criminals show up at the Legal system on a regular basis, they like to think they have learned from it how to avoid it when they commit further crimes but reality is that they have not; the Politicians are rather spending all the energy on me instead of protecting themselves from idealistic goons that might want to make their lives as Politicians very difficult, then they tell me it is a melting pot where the entire world is waiting to own my Empire and it will be handed over one way or another while such a thing really does not exist.

They do speak of the racism bits and my view is mainly that they are racist at Government Office because it is the greatest expression of their incompetence; the part that leads them to make those statements about building an economy that ethnic minorities can show up to make themselves better off with, which I find incredibly annoying. What really happens is what happens in every Country where there is a Majority Population and some people just love to pick on the minorities – the stage set for every other nonsense that will be discussed while the original provocation has been overlooked due to counter measure lies their society tells is usually one of a case where it has taken years for ethnic minorities to settle up on a sense that they have a home and it needs to be changed; they have seen I am one of those individuals that are incredibly intolerant of this nonsense but are still making such statements regularly – the way it works contrary to show up and making good of the economy white people have built is to set out the cost of living in the UK and the cost of being comfortable enough to secure yourself a daily routine, for most ethnic minorities of which this is usually their only profit as such and in this I have made it clear over all those insults and abuses that have carried on for years, that if I left the Country and to live somewhere else, word will filter out one way or another that I used to live in the UK and also what happened to get me moving out of it and this generally means that if I wanted to be an MP after I left the UK because I was made to suffer for being better off on white people built economy, there will be abusive statements made about this and so the out will continue to get worse and worse and all I will be able to do about anything would be to put my head down and then putting my head down will make a process of just getting by everyday impossible because people will think they can step on me – I have warned them of this outcome being the case and a process where leaving the Country will most likely see them follow me around to obtain missing bits of projects they took from me but have never fully been unable to understand and then I will be back to help them burn their precious Country as well.

Those who like to handle the National front are good to go of course in my view; as far as we know, everything can be a life threatening item if used the wrong way – detergents can be just harmless detergents that you use so often scientists will find traces of it in your blood but when baby drinks it, somebody will be heading off to A&E asap – I have no idea why people like to think that making time to handle Country is a good idea and then handling it the wrong way makes sense. It was the same delusion before the second world war ended the way it did; that when soldiers show up, they will show up to do something over there and kill something over here, while what we know happens is the same thing that is happening to terrorism i.e. somebody took wife and children and travelled off to the Middle East to engage in Terrorism while the Wife looked after the Children, when captured by the enemy, if let out of prison, as we have seen happen in Russia she will not be able to leave Town and the Police state will have her on watch list – this is what they have to do to ensure they have neutralised a threat in a professional way, the paper work and all; such that we expect they will be doing the same if somebody said he was a superior race and started a war on it to eliminate the rest of the world.

They do say  I do not consider this matter a threat while everybody is tense over it and yes I do not; they boasted the same way until I recently got Liberal America out of my concerns in China – where they saw my Books and while they have never paid for a copy of it, have developed insults to get in touch with any authority higher than mine and build some trade canopies all over my concerns in China. What we have here is a case of the US, Russia, Germany and France doing what they do best – of which it was obvious that although German businesses love to work with the British the two forms of Politics do not get along at all and the French have always been in love with their practical jokes than anything else in the whole world, those who could see it knew that Brexit looked inevitable decades from this point, the moment that Germany and France dominated the Union and now cannot stem the tide of fascism that is rising from the Balkans without finding a scapegoat. We have always gotten along with the Spanish who can be a pain sometimes as every society has its problems, we have gotten along with the Greeks and the Dutch and this is what the UK really is on the international front. I am not afraid of them because I can trade with China, Spain, Greece and the Netherlands to make myself successful as a Country if I work hard enough on it – they have no melting pot, they are just competent. The other side of this question being the Japan issue but Japan is what some Women do and we hear of women who really hate Trump; this is what it is all about – Japan Job is taken, and since Australia, Canada and Japan are a single Triangle, coupled with Mr Trumps Trade Tariffs, their jobs have been taken too; hence I am said to be instrumental in this outcome while I am not, the whole time they were playing with Mr Obama, who took up the Japanese Economy that was largely developed around environmental awareness and then the Australian and Canadian one that was developed around the same thing because they traded with South Korea and with Thailand and with Singapore everything else in Asia as well and condensed it into some Environmental treaty led by the French and signed off at the EU as though as far back as history we could go, the United States has ever been that reliable. I am now left here fighting for my Empire because of the Environment security systems I built and invested huge amounts of my Asset equities on all together – I mean it was happening in bits and I was controlling well the business of how the theme of tech-shows will be my Canopy Assets displayed to it being replaced during the next show because something from the west has showed up to blab about how nobody knows who the hell I am but that was when they had not yet created an Iran deal and signed off everything at the UN by means of French Leadership and US backing to Celebrate some new era or Neo-Liberalism for it.