So it is said my views on sexual abuse and racism needs to change and so this is a matter that it seems will never go away until I clear it up; so here is the clear up – the bit people dream of tyranny and it damages business and people get away from other peoples dream of tyranny by dumping popular culture problems on chosen targets, these are the two main pressure points and of course I have given them 15 years of my time and will give no more, so I am going to have to make them prioritise between my books and their problems. The way it works is that their Politicians are always claiming that when people are deviant to a fault and want to plan their insolent lives on other peoples finances and personal lives it means Britishness or even something else, while the Industry ones always think it is amusing to dream of tyranny around your finances and disrupt everything in the process never mind what the popular culture idiots get up to, all combining to create this sense you dress up and get off to serve customers when you don’t even know how to avoid what hurts you, so I say its effects must be handled like what it really is as well and I know that at this point my activities amount to an overkill but they cannot be reasoned with and every insult from their Politicians is designed to ensure there is something I should be doing which I am not that means their community croons can make me hysterical and finger my bum and I will never stop hitting them for every single one of it. So when it comes to racism, considering what racism really is, every none white person should be dead by now and the reason that is not happening is either because to a certain extent racists do not think that killing none white people is 100% the correct thing or it might just be that there is no racism at all – so these bloody idiots do feel they have reached a point where they get to tell me what to think about racism and terrorism for instance and they couldn’t be more wrong and it has now reached a situation where they need to prioritise between my books and their problems right up to Parliament. In terms of sexually abuse then, the story has always been my view that when they were fucked as Children they loved it but there has never been a thing at any moment that dispels this fact from their liaison with evil scum that have recently gotten involved with industry to handle peoples products and mine to express dreams of tyranny while they get rich and famous trying to get out of trouble; so for each time women cannot make a living and stay out of trouble until they are homeless and sexually abused so people can turn up to save them and I am being held down by them while a bad history is brewed for me on media until it takes over my life, they will never ever get out of trouble and there isn’t enough money in the world to ensure that happens while I am around – prognosis has always been simple i.e. when women have affairs with me to determine what a certain corner of their wardrobe looks like, somebody takes it over and commercialises it, if that he is he does not write a story about it that he sells to the sex industry and it takes a certain level of intrusion about which they are in no position to expect a privilege of injustice to come through on their behalf to achieve; so the rule was that I was supposed to set out structures and systems to allow women in my world bargain for their dignity because they needed to and when they were all clear they support me to do my academic work and run my company which is where we are now in a classical sense of the word, none of this concerned these bloody fools who now believe their deviance will determine what I think of racism and terrorism and wealth inequality and so the idea they are telling me what to do and how to live while they complain about my views on these things will in no doubt lead to even more trouble. I have never thought this matter was a difficult one to resolve either; these are the things Politicians spend tax payer funds on and my case has always been as simple as the fact they need to keep their insults to themselves unless they are paying my bills so somebody does not get to drink to their stupid health as well.

In retrospect, it is rather impossible to imagine that we are sitting here discussing public policy on the basis of how the crimes we commit against the authorities is when we put ourselves together, we are sitting here discussing Policy on how the religion is an evil thing; I mean you would never have devised the imagination to make this up if you were paid for it. So they do say what it happening to me is racism of course but that is supposed to have been the third branch of the whole story; dreams of tyranny, Popular culture and racism and these bloody fools and their problems cannot keep their insults somewhere else nor are they paying the bills as it were. They do say they are talking about business and economy of course and I cannot make out what it is exactly I am talking about anyway if they say so; I mean women have an affair with me perhaps because it is part of the deployment of assets to develop each other and ensure we are successful at what we are doing – so others deploy the ones they get from their friends and family to feel tough enough to deploy mine and they do in their defence say I make use of other peoples spouse of course which takes us back in circles i.e. it gets to a point the bloody idiots – I mean which do you get to tolerate, the intrusion that gave them access or the civil and criminals disobedience they have already gotten used to make out is your fault because you are a tease with that big mouth? This matter is not one that is a problem at this stage; it’s a simple case of the fact each time Pornographers liaise with my work they will get it and the hammer blow will fall on the American and African ones hardest too; I am only displaying details because they talk too much about my views needing to change concerning what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour – I don’t take orders from them, as ever it gets to a point.

Every abuse Industry idiots set out on grounds that you have things they can take like candy from a baby and there are areas of your life where you can crack to be handled is developed around these insults; the fools have no way of holding to a different belief save the one that they can only get the best jobs by being competitive in such ways and it simply reaches a stage where stocking books in garage to sell them successfully needs to stop being vulnerable to their insults and this is therefore just the beginning of that process. Everybody does it as it were; even pornographers that have sex for a living do it too – they give each other these processes of support that are unique to the relationships they have with each other and the general assumption is that nobody will ever know what it is exactly that makes sense to the idiots who feel like deploying other peoples own, while in my case deploying mine has become a global phenomenon while they tell lies about wealth inequality and oppression.

The fall out therefore are these stories about government people getting after me which makes no sense whatsoever as they have always gotten after me; it has happened once before and they didn’t fare so good – the bit where civil service staff always get the government to behave by setting out a scapegoat they can accuse in order to get government to give them some handout and stuff; it didn’t end very well with Labour that had such ties with the Unions that reached a point where they might not agree alright but the scapegoat they must have chosen was a strong point in which they both agreed on the side of government and the Unions without reason or purpose whatsoever, just their twisted and evil nature – so what happened was that I behaved so badly that they had to get me under control if they were to show they are on the side of the Politicians as Unions and the Politicians had to make deals with me to ensure what they did to me did not appear bad in the eyes of the public and so they have ended up in chaos since because neither side any real means of enforcing anything against or on me and of course this yet again to be the least of their worries at this point, more so because the first time did not end with books and blogs being written but this time precisely that might be the result. The other side of this story is that of some need I have to challenge the authorities which really does not exist; what does is that you get out of bed to dress up, look good and go out to provide a service for your consumers but the Politicians and their Media will mess it up and pass insults at you that has to do with exploring the bubble that exists between Politics and the prisons at your expense as though you have not got such a bubble going for you as well, so the question turns up as to whether they feel that Politicians is their name for the Politicians and for the Media it becomes a matter of how a company that belongs to some Royal Prince is no different from another with operations in various countries and board of leadership comprising of up to 20 people, so that it becomes an intellectual property issue that simply has to be resolved in an ending. So this part largely always develops into another tale of how I am being forced to respond to the wishes of the Politicians the way I respond to that of the Monarchy; no such thing is actually happening and by the way of which nobody here gets out of bed to think about challenging the authorities either – it is always best explained not by the candy from a baby big mouth we hear all the time from them when they think others believe everything their Politicians say and hence fail to notice they are deviant people who plan their lives on other peoples finances which is why they have that need to set up some arrangements that result in an ability to finger peoples bums and turn up on media to do the things they have expressly shown leads to such distressing results as poor people thinking I have talents but never use them because I am a tease and professionals thinking I mess about with aesthetics of careers I know nothing about and need to be attacked and so on, they cannot be reasoned with or made to stop and then the story moves into that case of the damage peoples businesses whereas I have not yet done enough to either make me famous or to create a deterrence obviously as we all know what happens is that the candy from a baby insults that concerns those who look the way they once looked before they ended up with their incompetent money making contraptions that have become the reason others lose their health and well being develop to a point where I am being told I ignore the subtle racism and that it is my biggest problem whereas there is no racism I am aware of since it is clear that if people feel they need to travel to the UK and find out people live here then move off to Germany and locate the activities of some Neo-Nazi group which stages a reason to set out something the British should be doing that they are not doing to make others comfortable by which to get about fingering their bums and so on then they might engage in it but we can see already that these bloody fools are not getting any good from it anyway, they look like the devil measured them with a ruler and once he realised they were all the same size set about trimming any differences, so that we can clearly see they think we believe everything their Politicians tell us and that is our view human beings normally look the way they do. So it’s the same old story; I rather enjoy the getting back to civilisation routine but they always say nobody will give me that and so they will have to keep their insults unless they are paying my bills as it were and are free to open their careers and ask me to touch it if I have the guts like they love to do at present while complaining at the same time; so state of affairs for the Politicians is that when they are weeping and wailing and lamenting the result of my activities they have less time to find some witchdoctor somewhere to give pocket money to for abusing me, then set off on public places to pass insults at me which means that the idiots have things I have not done to finger my bum with as a means of expressing how much their power can oppress – never mind giving money to deviant people and popular culture idiots to build their confidence when they wish to extract an income from my market place which Mr Obama largely likes to think he will make into a confrontational state and a global affair too, for the Industry ones they will continue to complain that I damage peoples businesses until they keep their insults where those who appreciate it are since it is obvious that sense they have that they need to express all the time that what is mine is actually theirs was their invention and not mine as a result of their vandalism,  and for the media it will always go beyond the fact they are the ones with the media but I am the one with information domination the wonder if selling my books is going to be a problem with them as it were.

Where what I can back up and what I cannot back up as a story is tested is here of course; if these matters were looked at as a case of clans – then these fools will be the clan of deviance who get a leg up all day long while we would be the clan of workers who work for things and we can hand it to others by two routes; one of them being that of being raided and the other being that of female infiltration – this is what Mr Obama decided he will make confrontational and develop into a global stage and nobody knows what point exactly he decided it was not such a good idea anyway. Welcome to the 21st century; for my part my case will end when people know what the full facts and reasons behind why some are rich and famous and other are not and the role of the government is to settle a blanket standard that is acceptable for all – they enjoy their games and I enjoy mine just as much; the real me is the me that supports celebrities in my world and life who in turn do things in public to support me while I study and manage my office – people can use it too and no one will have enough of them. The general idea is that they wreck your own and are off to National and International Media making you hysterical and calling it civil rights garnished with accusations you are the one doing so to theirs and that it is about the essence of you that needs to be given up on the direction of those in authority such as your faith and religion and they are the same complaining about your activities while they are busy working on you instead of their stupid jobs claiming it is a taking candy from a baby thing and it just gets a to point – that is what I keep saying, it gets to a point.

It’s a matter of how I can play the end of the world routine when people refuse to employ me as it is clearly my loss as it were but when people are confused about a government operative with celebrities in a Court that support him at Office and hence claim I wreck the chance of getting the book contracts secured all the time, then they can go to hell basically and that is something I can easily convince them is the right decision; it where I get to do my own version of back to civilisation routines, complete with a means of bragging about messing with the essence of me to incur a wrath where I mess with their own too right down to the drugs but no matter of violent those who sell it to them might be; it’s not a complicated matter, it’s a simple reality that my view of the world is that people are largely divided into normal people and villainous people – so if you do not want them having cliques in your Police Force and Secret service for instance you get to look the part and in my case they will become such bad customers for drug dealers that they will be cut off by them and it becomes so dangerous for them to keep the custom that recruiting their industry goons and taking over corners in people’s business empire will not be good enough; so whenever they think there is too much danger and that it is okay to mess mine up they are thinking wrong.

It is not true that I think Politicians are crass and that I cannot be bothered to get along with them, it’s just that they have developed an original provocation of the bubble between Politics and prisons at my expense and now seek involvement with me on the basis of some game they think they want to play for abusive power – like I said the story of how we are now talking Policies on the basis of how religion is a bad thing and so on, done on the assumption that there is nothing about my endeavour that produces a bubble between me and the prisons. So that need to get to a place and condition where they feel they can punish me and then forget all about it to feel like father figures is something they all share along with their media idiots even comedians whom we regularly see talk nonsense about how I need to get off a woman’s life whereby I suppose asking them to supply a joke and specifically a practical one for instance if I need be precise will not touch a nerve bearing in mind they are comedians and these things happen on call. The point being of course that this whole provocative need to be seen in public chasing down my personal space for organised abuse, talking nonsense about competition over who is the better man and more nonsense over their hatred of authority concerning people walking around their Country as if they are the eternal boss and so on has just come to fruition where I have been spending time on matters concerning the ladies at Court and it means I am a woman and must now be challenged to bond with the men who are media and Political idiots while I am the effeminate man trading private equities and securities for a living. It’s that old story of black men hounding me apparently; started with moving into my right hand to be my father figures and the abuses have never stopped because I had been set out as somebody on whom they can practice their civil and criminal disobedience in order to feel good and their children to make riches and fame from it at a later date, so the intensity of their violence has only increased for the only discernible reason thereof i.e. loss of profits and it is usually the only thing they understand – when you get on financial and stock markets to ensure they lose it all and give you some peace of mind thereof, hence for now the abuses intensify because they have not told their stupid children they are losing money on my account because of course people had decided to spend their own private funds on young women that were loyal to me to make them popular culture and I was supposed to have provided those women with securities for the popular culture and having been they are now famous and have families, are prepared to support me at the office while I complete my academic work and look after the job at the Community but it does not mean I was ever unable to make myself financially comfortable all along – only the destruction of these black fools running riot, where every step I take is a route to breaking the record of a black fool and must therefore be stopped or paid for in a way that will restore their glory and it gets even better when their children start to join in too and it’s a matter of the things they take away from me because they are the ones it fits better considering they have more strength than I do and so on; so it has reached the tipping point on both sides: on their side they have reached the part where black persons are always liberal and democratic and there is a space they have created for me preferably in the US and will insult and abuse me all the way to making me fill that space and then that will be my life, for my part I have come to a stage where I need to take the book sales personally and again they have failed yet again to understand and are complaining about loss of profit at the markets and we all know for instance among many very many others that the only way to finish any task and let it all drip away after work done without having all your perspectives beaten down by abusive interruptions and rough handling and stupid wild and violent playfulness that are forged from intrusion into your personal life and happen every single second clogging up your quality of life is when these idiot lose all their money and let you some peace of mind.