I really do think I have reached the edge of my limits on this matter of Politicians disciplining me. I do not understand what it is that makes me do it anyway but what is clear is that the culture and society trouble makers soon pick up on it and then when I am finished they will be fighting to ensure that the same goons do not find out how Political jobs operate once done discipling me and yet they continue to do this and claim that I look like a child that people should be able to discipline because the law does not allow parents to discipline their own children at home, which means it is all down to Politicians and a certain vanity of which if people worked it on them that way they would never have passed exams in school to become Politicians in the first place, hence it must be a new thing they are doing, requiring a new response as well as we can see them complain about me all the time for it too – same as those goons who support them telling me how to exist when they are neither my mates nor their Politicians were but of which if they were the ones advising the Politicians it does help to tell the Politicians I have spent the last 12 years at least telling them off for showing up in public places to propose a process where I am disciplined and its as though if a teacher were to raise the issue in a classroom, it would have been a classic case of Political discipline as a caption underlined and then people being taught about it, so I fail to see which part of it they found amusing.

What happens with it is the same that happens to the others at the Monarchy who claim they hate my guts and I showed up from nowhere to rise to the top too quickly; where it wrecks the academic work and then shows up to complain about the consequences of me having a Public image society and culture trouble makers can screw around with, want to make fame and fortune from and will be happy to stab and shoot if they detached me from it and realised I was taking steps to shut it down and then it becomes a silly counterproductive stupidities way all round of telling them they wished I had completed the academic work after all. The rest of the time I came from nowhere to rise to the top and yet we know I have planned it so well that I have let them rip up my finances, so when I do not have the money they will carry on with their Popular culture friends and stop bugging me, what they prefer is to show up here to make difficulties for me which means that for each time they show up society will be part of the Monarchy where they are as well. I do get told if I carried on like that some people will lose their parents to a national enemy and I really do not care for my part anyway; my state provided security was handled by women and we are here because somebody and or someone has changed with without HM permission, showing up here to tell me how to exist all the time.

Its an old story anyway about this nonsense concerning people with power needing more of it but I suppose making it clear why I react like I do as Political discipline and its insults are not necessarily the thing anyway – we all know they are finished now setting out some money over my Public image, which will allow some idiots show up here to count pennies on my Public image until they made Millions. The rest of the time they say I need to stop being so selfish about the way I handle my issues, which I am not; making sure the fact I am not the one working with society trouble makers who need to chase the bottom and make people smell in order to sell their personalities, sell textiles to them for their fashion or provide Labour at a Price which ensures their wares were not too expense does not continue to produce this alternate result where I am the one dropping out of University for it anyway and a typical example is the fashion Industry where there are some Fashion brands that want to broker creative equity with me and then they show up to make a mess of my corporate identity and public image to lay waste everything building their own fashion pieces on account they were notorious for having an eccentric fucking character and then my bottom hurts all the time because the idiots being employed by them were beautiful people. Hence its all a process of making sure that since the relationship between me and those that are making use of my Books in their case has gone from a process where they bought it and I provided a service to all these nonsense, they have ended up with a power game that will ensure they paid for the Books too – the opposite of what they are doing being the Associates who broker with me and turn up to saddle me with responsibilities which suggest I am informing them if my bottom hurts I can sort it out but if their own did they could not and hence they need to pay attention to company efficiency and sales, while they regularly get on media to show me they have gotten themselves into a sticky mess and I need get them out and we understand the Industrial family we have built to work that way, except each time I am at it my finances bottoms out on account of some prostitute patronising goons in the US with a civil rights movement that cannot show respect for National anthem and sits about wanting my empire every day, making a mess of my property by exhibiting its stupid self all over the world for it. When they do claim they will secure the secrets of how I did it free of charge then the obvious fact becomes one which suggests that my methods are producing intended result, since what should happen is that they soon start to copy family life right down to sexual activity and then I have reached a point where I can tell them that each time it happens there will be a bill on their doorstep. The Girls for some reasons enjoy claiming they are the ones that can handle me for these fools, while reality is rather that each time it shows up, it exasperates me to draw attention to what passes on its left hand side and right hand side, about which if I handle their own there is no doubt I will end up making them even more stupid than they are; so the Girls were the stuff of Public image who took over my Public life, any aspect that facilitates processes of punishing me for the effect my religious beliefs have had on the world and so on, which I suppose is set to continue until I made them sort it out while I supervised.