Now I am aware of this public need to hear what I have to say about women bullying me to deal with how men irritate them; I have no idea why it is a public need anyway but the reality is always very different from their stories – at this point I am happy with keeping all I do from the insults of men especially black and am happy with the women I work with but these fools have always decided they can get involved with me and do whatever they like with me if they wanted and continue a campaign of claiming to have a piece of me and a royal estate of their own to that effect looking for trouble and cannot keep their hands to themselves as it were; for the women however it is an old story about women taking 2 steps forward and five steps back as ever, they speak of this case of women making Political progress and Industry progress on one hand as usual and the next what do we know, but they are after moral men especially the religious on claims men irritate them and nobody really knows what the problems black women have with my personal freedoms seems to be anyway, all I know is that they know where my penis and anus is they say and I know what I size is as well and it is progressing towards the direction that history has indicated they are usually more comfortable with as well. I mean I really don’t need to know about the story of protecting themselves from men that mess around with them by making sure they have to deal with war whenever they do but lets imagine that I did, so here we are, they are after religious men and moral men and are picking on those when they are frustrated and when asked to supply reasons make it clear it is a matter of power; classic case of two steps forward and five steps back as usual.

I don’t think it is a problem in any way, I do not speak about them because I use them for specific purposes i.e. when I need to ignore people while studying they are always around and are the kind that yield a lot of benefits in that direction too, along with those stupid toy solider children but with respect to how it is a social issue I am meant to respond to, I am dealing with a collection of stupid block heads with an ego so large it determines how they think and what they think – so that while these women think they can apply a behaviour of being able to make men go into war for power against me, these idiots think they can find problems and make me solve them with that media. So it is generally an old case of behaviour issues and the fact they are so stubborn and so evil and such a collection of block heads all they really know is what they feel and what they don’t want to feel and how sharing what they feel with my personal life will ensure that they don’t feel what they don’t want to feel and therefore tend to feel some of what they want to feel while I will have to understand them by feeling what I don’t want to feel which they feel and so every involvement is hard and stupid and blockheaded and violent and continues to get even more violent then we hear them talk nonsense about picking on me because men irritate them with that big mouth which does indicate it has come to a head as well and need to be addressed.

So apart from the uses I have for each and every one of these idiots and take for example violent community idiots that cannot keep their hands to themselves, we all know always eventually end up living in American slums where they are living in the land of the free and home of the brave and can screw around with Royalty while their Politicians do something about it half hearted; so these are the things you ignore and set on a table as trivia when you wish to spend time with your academic work most of the time; so it has never been a problem in my view but the men have continued to be the men who rule over the women that rule and when those women are your boss or your allies, then you have a problem and that is why I have acted to allow them do whatever they like and get all over the place, since the last time we checked these fools never ruled the women that were their type either ever, so that when I consider those their statement as something said in order to get involved with my personal life and use it for any purpose they please there arises a need to put their complains to the test and justify them but for the stupid block headed bad behaviour female ones who can never change as it were, it will always be an old case of what the hell they suppose they can do and I hear they are notorious for hating religious men so they still have no answered my question of how that tallies with their claim that are advocates of freedom, what their problem seems to be with my personal freedoms and it will end very badly too because these are the only processed by which they mess with my academic work and create a process where their stupid children with ideas of how to rule problem solvers as they can never ever solve their own problems turn up to do academic work as well to compete with me and win thereby doing my stuff and I have mentioned before we will have to test what those toy soldiers are capable of soon enough too, considering that these things happen in that every single one of these scum are getting involved with each and every one of my valuables because we are fucking mates each and every single one of them as it were.

I hear of a case where I was considered to be a mediator between women who make progress with their lives and men that do as well but I don’t see what being mediator has to do with women picking on and attacking me and handling my finances because they seek power and make excuses that sound like men irritating them with that big mouth for it all the time. So there is nothing whatsoever fresh about it, it’s just that now it has become a main topic for conversation it seems they have come to a head as well and all need to keep their insults where they might be better appreciated.

The reasons they behave in this way seems to be the underlying issue of course but if we do suspend action on the absurdity of civil rights idiots positioned on media and public places to run away with my income career, then what it really is about is the fact that these are fools that cannot attend school if they do not get help from a witchdoctor and so they have come to deduction that the witchdoctor help never works unless I am under control and that I agree with because they cannot keep their insults away from me; when they do the part about damages and self improvements for their stupid children they say it is being modern whereas we knew between us what it is and the men are just as bad, they check me out tirelessly 24/7 to find out how I can be open to the fact they need to touch my penis and get some sap from it get rich and seek self improvements with and the Politicians love to buy their story of modern all the time and I am clear where I stand about kicking them Politicians every time they do it because Politicians are stifling my income; I mean they started with me at 21 which was because they like to cause people immense suffering and distress, so that there was no baseline whatsoever by which I can go my own way if that is the path their stupidities have chosen and of course I am not 21 anymore, its been 14 years since and this thing has been enforced from the highest possible levels of government complete with lies to cover and I want the fame of the Politicians as a means of adjudication to find how they and or their stupid children will do my stuff as it were. So I can see what people mean when they say the worst thing that ever happened is female suffrage but although it is utter nonsense, the question is that of what if you spent 8 years of your time on these idiots claiming they want to make female progress at Industry and Politics only for this to be the outcome? I have done it hypothetically and this is the result; all over that stupid media with the same journalists that give them all they want and regularly think they can do anything about my vengeance each time they hold me down for them talking rubbish at the other end.

So we understand a case of the black men that will do my violence stuff for me, which of course has never really crossed my mind as the black men that will do my violence stuff for me have always understood Christians don’t like people doing their violence stuff for them; so it is an old story of how they do it but continue to complain while they are doing it – hence it has to be a case of Tories travelling overseas to find problems they can import into the Country for me and its an old issue that whenever people beat up Tories in this Country they do like Tories were Liberals and Socialists, so that these idiots keep their stupid hearts and do the same things again given half the chance and I am going to change that, I am going to break it as it were; I mean it is actually the point where their witchdoctor powers of success is measured by the perception they have reduced me into an item that they can handle and deploy to do things. It feeds into that old question of what my problem with the media seems to be which is not an emotive issue as the length and width of every problem with the media is that sitting down in an office to work in an information Industry where you have to handle information to an aesthetical state in order to communicate it to others for a living is something that others who collect and relay it envy to a point where they want to control your income right down to the basic starting profit margins that your patents offer you which only is as big as your work is good; so we have finished the first stage of seeing them turn up around people, women with blame culture and those they have picked on to make people comfortable and men with a sense of apology about looking like little Kings of the information world, while asking people to furnish them with what is happening in order peoples lives so they can make a living – the result of the howling and the complains and the damaged sex lives and the damaged families and divorced spouses are everywhere of course but they are still here and for their witchdoctor people its a matter of their threats developing into a case of never seeing that culture ever again so they can come round here and get it if they want while for the media it is a case of the fact I am going to do them again hence we have moved to the next stage.

As for the story of people trying to kill me, that kind of information has become common place these days but the reality has never changed; people have always been trying to kill me for as long as I can remember – I mean here in the UK it started with Mr Blair whose idea of work had to do with statements made to the effect of what passes through the filth of his party down the filth of his society through to me to tell me to find a white man that will show me integration and step away from my personality which he wants to deploy for his career lest somebody gets me off his stupid back, today the information about people trying to kill me seems to come through from incredible sources and I simply cannot make out why they have not yet got their problems figured out at this stage. In the end it does boil down to a part where they keep their insults to themselves after all we have finished with what I think about their stupid children stabbing people which they claim happens because play grounds and social clubs are disused – I mean somebody has died and you will never understand what knives might be doing to improve play grounds but that another person would think such things happen because these things are damaged or disused is an example of the kinds of nonsense we have to deal with internationally, where Mr Obama likes to think he does not believe in God and that all the prophets mentioned in the Bible were magicians who refused to teach others their art because they would rather write up holy books that can be used as instruments of moral power instead and has nothing personal to say about diplomacy that he has ensured in based on that his crap as it were because it will jeopardise his position at this stage but for the Politicians here in the UK it does seem their problem is that they cannot keep their insults where it might be better appreciated rather than assume the consequences will not be effectual; so naturally they are next and we all know people stab others when others have things they don’t and that when it comes to it its a matter of those who set people up and wind up others still assuming somebody will not pay with his life and that is what they are doing with my work at International circles too – standing in front of a terrorist execution and thinking that all the rubbish they build up around my work will be undone that very moment to save the lives that are about to be terminated and so if that is not the case, then they are happy people got killed on account of them and it shows others should not mess with them when they want things, which stupid power does not take me up to a minute to rip up as well as those stupid cameras do continue to serve less and less and less people in this world which all together is a good thing, however which it seems the terrorists are completely oblivious to the fact they are doing the devils work as well as it were. Here in the UK the Politicians have come to ahead as well which is why this story of people trying to kill me had reached a pinnacle and that parliament is not where they live and hence the best place to show their thugs want to have me and I am being served favours by them, others work them besides them and this is the start of my part in the matter too. It is always said that I pick up the wrong idea about what people think of me and get all over the place with it because of this issue, which is not actually true, what is true is that people can simply get off and savage my books and finances because I refused to pay attention to them as they walked around the streets and behind their ability to do that is Politicians getting on my finances and academic work, so they will never have a public life with me around too and yes it does take a bit of work all the time but I always rip it up anyway; its not a new issue about women like these who should be able to have sex with boys like these in order to rejuvenate with them Politicians, its just a case of how there is a Monarchy preventing that from taking place but sometimes some boys that are so beautiful and end up in certain corners of life that they cannot be reached and saved at the same time that those are practically their possessions that politicians should not cause them to lose, hence 14 years of cash flow problems for me while their grip on me that makes no sense and has no effect seems to tighten all the time showing up in Industry as well to continue so that every fool in there can rip up my book sales further with some expensive absurdity that will let them cash into my Royal Property; usually very common with Germans and their African or South American fans, while the idiots responsible then regularly turn up for a Public life like it is a debt I owe them: I do hear the issue can be resolved of course but I am not holding my breath because what they are saying is that if their Political actions are responsible for the insanity of these women, when they think I am a possession they must not lose because the need to attack me sexually in instigated socially and stirred up in them by Politicians, that they will actually listen to them Politicians, stop and back off - so I am optimistic but I am not holding my breath. The Film Industry I am happy about in terms of where it has ended up - I mention it because the case has been turning up over the matter of losing touch, which I have not; all is well with them now and they are settled in and of course The Politicians can continue to act flimsily towards their own fame if they have media and other peoples personality to chase, after all there can be no consequences as far as they are concerned: I mean they do say most of what they do are defence mechanisms to ensure I do not get after their Public life but at the end of the day I really cannot make out what goon gets after the Public life of Politicians anyway, unless they have been getting around with Mr sunshades from Africa who must make money in this life for example and wrecked my finances so when they need violence they point their trouble maker friends in my direction because such things are fun - I mean it is an example of when people do not understand what I mean when I say terrorists are doing the devils work i.e. the corruption on the left is media idiots playing games with people so they can turn up with camera to save the lives of those who are about to get killed with some wise words stolen from me and a process of claimed power sharing, so that when they fail it turns out people died on their account anyway and nobody should mess with them when they want anything, otherwise the left is mostly made up of people who do not know any better about matters of violence and we have continued to have this condition where social idiots want to kill them all the time - the other one on the right being the twisted social idiots themselves and so its all very well for the US President to talk nonsense about drone strikes being a last resort now, whereas when they claim American President is God and nobody can practice their faith in their own bedrooms anymore, the White House will take the accolade like no mans business, hence in my view they do need to order to bloody drone strikes and stop talking nonsense at this point (apparently we now learn that them Terrorists are performing a service of providing young people with a means of picking up arms against those who are responsible for the fact they are not getting what their mates are getting elsewhere and when I speak of kids dying while the superior remain which kind of makes sense of the whole issues, I wonder what they do suppose I am talking about anyway - however which it is not clear what they mean by the crisis in the Middle East not having a Military solution hence drone strikes a last resort blah, blah, blah).