I hear they want me to wade into this story about don domiciles and it will never make sense since if I make five million pounds and decided to move my home overseas in order to escape tax the government can always tell me its utter nonsense and send me a bill for how much I owe them and still if I lived overseas but regularly flew into the UK to work for instance, does that mean I am as none domicile as an artist that only recently broke through market and made his first million then decided to relocate home in order to escape tax; so it isn’t clear why the Politicians are making it a problem for everybody, all we know is that Labour spends tax payer funds to facilitate the whims of idiots who want to use arts as a means of targeting those who dare to have what they don’t one hand while expressing themselves in terms of their need to be important on the other leaving them with so much energy to make such problems as non domicile controversies but it is the Tories whose ranks are full of these idiots that like to make out I do everything I do because I am being bullied into doing it; whereas such claims never did Labour that tried it first a lot of good and all I know is that no normal person gives us a normal life just so they can get on media and set a day to day claims of how everything another person is doing is something he is doing because they are bullying him into doing it which then gradually gets violent, so only two things can come of it and the first is that they can speak English and understand me perfectly when I tell them breezing in to take over my livelihood everyday has to come to an end and the is the bit where they will ever have a normal life again the day they can enforce this sort of nonsense. In the end the none domiciles controversy explains a lot of things; for instance what they are worried about like those who use the roads for 3 out of five days not paying the full tax as those who use it for all five which is what none domicile status is all about and other social matters like the case of English toy boys who always ensure every Industry is destroyed by them playing white idiots and white trash, so they can go off to have sex with American women for money, who now have to face up to realities about none domicile status that means there is an argument out there that says they need to get off people’s property and stop acting like they want to take hold of their country on one hand and let others do on the other so we can all rip it up together, get off other people’s property in case the owners have somewhere else to travel to as it were. For me the issue generally explains that old story about how the recent crackdown of sexual abuse is facilitated by my activities while my views of sexual abuse is unimaginably bad but it can be explained by such things or it can be by the fact people read economic texts these days to see diagrams drawn about the circulation wealth so they can get on Politics and media to decide where they want to end up to ensure those things are passing through them i.e. if it is to be a bad thing to do they will be the ones to do it and so the matter of social and cultural change which means giving something to take another away and not leaving gaps as it were was how I was to settle what kind of economy we wanted while creating the social and cultural change needed hence ending up with appalling views of sexual abuse while facilitating the means by which there is a recent crackdown. Besides which quantitatively the none domiciles pay more taxes than they do as a whole anyway and in a case spend more of local businesses too for good measure. They do speak of one rule for the rich and another rule for everybody else but it does create wonder as well as to whether if the government made rules to keep careers and academic work away from violence and crime it would have meant the rich are enjoying a different set of rules from everybody else but it is largely the same old story that these are self harming fools and for me it has gone beyond the part about never make your statements about my public work or books on media or comedian stage or talk shows and so on unless I had given you permission to do so, it has gone beyond this to the need to tackle that good old breeze in, take over and insert your own products whenever a market has been opened up issue none of which changes the fact these are really stupid but also evil self harming idiots. So it’s largely a matter of settling exactly what they mean by such statements; I mean if I have a small business it is never the rich turning up to destroy it but those who claim to be fighting the rich for me that are doing so, hence the need to find out if such statements mean they have evolved even further or is as a matter of fact. The reality on the ground is that writing books from living in rented homes seems to be impossible with them around and everything that is a sense of progress from this will be chased up by me and cut to pieces unless it is concerned with their popular culture abuses that are usually the best expression of the fact living in their hell holes with them is much the same thing as a condition where they are superior to me. So like the story of high profile heists and so on, it’s much the same; in the past jewellery traders were usually part of the criminal community so it was a simple case of take it and somebody will see it and report you so you will be made to hand it back and a lot of the times for that reason the crime type did not make sense and the consequences at the law were comparatively negligible – today jewellery can quickly change hands and fund terrorism and more so it’s all cost effective and the Police have to wait and so on – so I have no idea why some people like to attack me from the Industry and make up tales about having bad girls at fashion who make my life hell all day long for rubbing shoulders with them anyway; I had provided enough equity to give the industry cover and facilitate anonymity and sense of social displacement and of course above all equity balance i.e. if you raid some jewellery store what do you get as a career criminal and so if they know that is likely to escalate they will hardly do it and those who do will hardly have made many mistakes as it were. I mean it’s simple common sense that those who make use of expensive Jewellery are celebrities and wealthy people, so you have to imagine who the kind of people that may have a problem with them and want to make a statement by stealing their highly protected prized possessions will be and in terms of the celebrities it’s always a matter of the fact they want to show people they can be ruthless at business even when they are selling celebrated services for a living and in my case has something to do with commercialising my public work with the help of scum like Simon Cowel who likes to issue threats that are difficult to forget for instance and then leaving me the meagre equities from it to talk nonsense about how little I have learned about messing with them which is something that need to change yet around here as it were but of course my point is that despite selling celebrated services they will attack people in kind which is very close and very violent and very hurtful on account they are showing they can be ruthless at business until somebody grabs the jewels and sits down somewhere to show them celebrities are enjoying a favour at that stage since it is only possessions based on how angry they might have been. So it’s not the first time the tales of how I do not know what I am doing has resulted in heists being carried out. It is fundamentally the same story that is developing around people’s attitude towards product appearance property equity assets; time and again it’s used as a means of enhancing a great products place in the market to cause maximum harm; I mean your sales operates are like dogs and you have to remind them where the company itself is and that is where you are talking about your own property not give them another person’s assets to screw around with and pretend the person is either none the wiser or you are so wealthy he wouldn’t mind.

Like the case of digging for crude oil in the UK which damage and commotion would be akin to a war and the kind of destruction they will cause to get a minute amount of crude oil will only be surpassed by a condition in which the UK was in an all out war but it is the same old thing about these idiots behaving as though they are handling a club when they are actually handling a Country and the country in question here is importing a lot of its food while arable land is being dug up for oil to boost local supplies, it is a country where 60 years ago tanks were running down trees to get by and blow up human beings because a goon somewhere in Germany thought his race was superior, so that there is virtually every reason in the books to dig up green field lands and areas of outstanding beauty to look for crude oil, it is a Country of seven small Kingdom that are not in the same area of land but wants to be ranked in their view among the world’s great crude oil producers. In their defence they say there is a sense we wait for other countries to find the oil to create supplies for the world, whereas in reality what happens is that companies find oil and communities emerge, their proposition says communities will be dug up to look for oil in arable land that could have been deployed to produce food instead and they have not answered all the questions they have been asked either; all I am saying as such is that the land should be used to produce food first of all and until it is bombed by a nuclear weapon there is no need to dig it up for crude oil that can be deployed to wage war on the enemy that did it. It seems to have reached a stage where people have decided these industry trouble makers that like to stir things up all the time need to take up the public image issues and yes I will be ready for them as well – they can turn up on that media they love to much and make their case; all I am saying for now is that it does not work to get about digging neighbourhoods to look for crude oil in the UK as there are too many people who think they are racist and there are too many people who think they are feminist and there are too many who think they need connections with culture because it helps to oppress and steal from young people financially, too many people who need not have their body image encumbered any further whilst it is currently all about how much society goes the other way over everything that concerns them due to a high level of misunderstanding and these prognosis of peoples is also largely brewed and fostered by industry each time it is negative, they simply cannot just dig up places to look for oil and now they can make their case in public too – maybe they do not have enough money yet and we all want to hear about that as well. The part about businesses targeting me is nothing unusual; I mean these idiots will be happy to tell their sales goons to watch out for the company so as to avoid damaging it but are happy for their fools to deploy my office and public work to sell things and they are targeting me now – the bloody clowns. The big question they love to ask all the time is whether I have a problem with feminists which does not make any sense as it is never clear how anybody gets to have a problem with feminists anyway; these are supposed to be really stupid women who behave in the most appalling ways imaginable; I am not saying I do not get pleasure from observing them, I do, especially the bit where it gets to the part where everybody believes the lies they tell and you need to see the expression on their faces for it: - the real issue around it is rather more serious such as how on earth getting into my personal space so as to finger my bum is something they own for instance and whatever on earth it does actually mean but then again they have time for that, so that whenever they realise they have made mistakes in life and a racked with the regrets they are after moral people and priests and now feel I have a problem with them which is rather farfetched; all I can say is that I attended a boy school in the early part of my secondary school and then a mixed one at the late part, so it’s as though my parents had it all figured out for them so they can turn up here to fuck with me like getting off girls school to find boys and bother them in order to become feminists getting into people’s personal space to finger their bums and it is over my book sales and their stupidities at industry that things will get real. For now I am more interested in the Politicians since they are the reasons I never paid attention to it when I was younger but now do when I am older creating this sense of worthlessness as a result and they are not hurting badly enough yet as we all know the ignoring of these fools is the only way to live in a world where they exist as it were. The rest are supposed to be male idiots and especially the media ones – they are from the swinging 60s, groovy 80, dancing 90s and so on and all they want to do is handle me violently and show how much they hate racism on the other hand playing games of the male best friends of women and they always say that the problem is that I masturbate and blow off the roof and the lady of the house does not like it so I suppose they have their point but over the book sales will it blow up in their face when we eventually get to a state where they will get to touch me for the last time as it were but for now I own that stupid culture as well and that stupid popularity and that stupid sex and drugs and rock and roll nonsense and they can get it off me if they have the guts for it too. They do say I have made my own statements and yes I have for its always them on one hand and racists on the other and their sex and deviance has to be found all over my livelihood and my finances and my academic work, now they are asking me if I have a problem with feminists as well. I am not saying I am the innocent party in the matter, I do what I have done with that stupid culture and society because men are still invading my Court and as a result are able to share my spiritual temperaments that are exclusively for the Court to feel and know as it were – they say the reason is that if they want to get involved with something a history of their democratic corruptions of involvement about which I can never be right means that they always get what they want but I know it’s a matter of living for money on one hand and hating the over stimulation that comes with it on the other, so they need to take over my Royal Public work and my Royal office and my Royal Personal life and that is what their biggest problem to date at the moment is and it will blow up over the book sales as this process of saying and doing something on media to cost me book sales and twitter followers continues to exists as a regular feature of their daily concerns. As I said I did put my hand up some time ago to the fact they had a point but it has gone too far like it always characteristically does. For now each time there is loss of sales and loss of followers those their money madness bums need to hurt as a result of sales and over stimulation that the love of money brings and that is why I do it – none negotiable, especially for the Industry ones and their foolish women; everybody knows money comes as a result of sales and overstimulation except those who actually would give anything for the love of money and my personal life they target all the time and it will not stop while they complain. I mean would any normal people round a person up with social and cultural violence on a daily basis over five years, ruin their academic work and push them down a narrow pool of talent, so they can predict what career path such persons are likely to follow and get on media to get rich with it, only to finish off by making sure there is so much bullying their victims are detached from every sense of home and family and their writing career is therefore channelled towards this behaviour, in order to stop at the precise time when such books have gone on sale in order to ensure the books lose credibility, by which time 15 years of the persons time has been taken up already? It can only be matched by rounding the business itself up in that way and making sure people need the products in order to replace it with another product at the precise time when the owner has invested money and make out all kinds of useless excuses for doing it, so I have to ensure their behaviour exists in a provisional state when I need it and when I don’t as I am not a novice at what I do as it were. I don’t write books about them and their stupid civil rights of evil as such but these things mean I get to make side statements about it regularly all across my narratives, so I really could do without having to do this but does that then mean I go ahead and say so? They do say I take little things and blow them completely out of proportion of course but these are a group of idiots concerning whom not paying attention to is fundamental to your health and safety and well being but they like to think they are important and it soon becomes a fundamental barrier to their importance that you are not paying attention to them and that is how it gets violent with a big mouth – now I am the one blowing little things out of proportion (it has always been virtually inevitable; they are always important until there is that clash between the guy that does not pay attention to them because being successful at anything depends on it and then it gets violent starting with his book sales). In their defence they say they work in partnership with me but I always get off on a tangent and it is utter nonsense, I do not do anything in partnership with any; what happens is popular culture idiots picking up my public work and diplomacy equities and corrupting it to get rich and famous and when done leave me a share and that part will be full of bad publicity and problems and means by which I can get through intense suffering so that they can get advertisement contracts and I could really do with it all especially the bit where they start to realise the money they have made at my expense is enough to make an animal out of a normal person and hence start to become abusive and violent rather than leave me alone as it were, so it is all working like it should (it is not true the Monarchy goads me on either - they are lovers of money but haters of the modernisation and trends and over stimulation unless it is all happening to somebody else, so they are a very disgusting collection of goons mostly and as a result of which others tend to have things they want then get all confused as a result of their needs - its a clear case but one they have no plans to pay attention to i.e. because they are able to spy on me and follow on what I do in service of the Monarchy with their disobedience and perversion that they find amusing, the over stimulation is happening to friends and allies and Royal Estate is in disarray and I cannot sell my books, so considering I am not doing their own like that well that stupid Politics and popular culture and media and Industry at the moment, it always only escalates with people using my life to do their own, hence there is more punishment to dish out yet as it were).