So there are those tales they want to tell all the time about what I get and understand and perhaps what I don’t and it will never make any sense; I have only spent a total of 7 years of my whole life time in an environment in which my Birth Mom existed; so I really hate every goon who turns up to try and see she sets me a new life that I have got to rise to, so they can turn up with that stupid popular culture media to screw around with me. I don’t want to go into it, just to make it obvious that it is never clear how they would refuse to take seriously the warning that this is not the 1980s and that I don’t want to see them around my concerns or how indeed they would suppose that they need my Mom in order to handle me on hand and then on the other it will be a fight that they get to win as such when I am half of what she is anyway. These are the kinds of things I am likely to point out; otherwise it is obvious the whole thing can go on forever – its brewed you see from the fact I pray regularly and tend to listen to the voice of God, which when combined with my writing Books and studying Law creates a personality that is in a perpetual state of listening and that therefore creates somebody they can bully in order to feel comfortable with their laziness and now that they know that they cannot bully me as a society, as a Community and as Country I have no idea what they are going to do with that anyway –so it means that this kinds of stories about what I get people are saying to me and what I don’t is likely to go on forever, just like the stupid one about how I am mentally disturbed which picked up its own feet and went its own way some time ago, what really matters is that they keep off my Books and cleared my frontiers and I mean keep the popular culture out of it, that is if they want to stop complaining too. Some of them would like to say they would be a hard nut to crack for me which is utter nonsense – I am not interested in anybody’s hardness of nut or whatever tickles their fancy; they are not a hard nut to crack for everybody when they expect peoples women to live a life from outside to inside of a family so as to ensure they are able to screw around with people as much as they liked with that stupid media and popular culture and the barely sane politics that supports them at it too, so the same thing that is more important in the previous sense is still more important in this one too. They do complain all of the time as we can see but it is ever so difficult to make sense of how a person could be so stupid and so useless that they get on media and target another over the need to peddle a personal life and that means they rip up my business and destroy all the takings for last quarter for example, only so get on media and organise themselves as a community where they can then claim it is all my fault because I refused to ensure I was playing along with their needs to make their stupid lives appear to be more comfortable than mine on account they are the ones that appear on media for a job – is this sort of behaviour even human to say the least. So when we speak of their Big Wigs like Pierce Morgan or Simon Cowel who want to get famous on the diplomatic frontiers of my Office and help others to it as well, then finish off by creating problems that they will manage my public life to solve and in so doing get to leave behind even more problems thereof so as to be able to wield crowds that target me along with their celebrity minions who are deceived into thinking they are famous, we end up with a story of a general sense they create that they are bigger and stronger than I am and have to deal with more difficult and violent problems in society but none of these things are my problem; their business is to sell entertainment to people and they might want to think about keeping their money problems away from the general public as such not talking nonsense all the time with media access; their business is to sell the entertainment and stay out of trouble and then no trouble will have come to them as well. I am very well aware of the damage the media does to me as such thereof, it is the reason their jobs will never get easier on me and not just because I am raised for public Royal engagements too.

So the story about making me get involved in Politics is all very well, it is not a do or die affair either – the reality is that the insults and abuses have created somebody who ends up knowing things so others can use it by copying him to be important, so I have no idea which Political party needs it to win elections anyway but we are certainly going to get to a point where I will inform them for one last time that it is abusive and then after that every occasion will be followed by reprisals. I understand they speak of Politics being important as a whole but this is not how they were born and how they grew up and how they were raised; it is what happens when I go to the air port to travel and when I go to the train station to travel and when I take a bus ride and when I attend a job interview and I would like it if they cleared my space – the monumental idiots that want to lay their own claims of ownership to such things from other people’s lives. The Industry people always start first; it begins with deploying my public life to do something and make some profit and once they had, then its time to ensure the new found job is sustainable and that is when they set off some very vicious and violent subliminal nonsense that makes me understand I am supposed to give things up – the media clowns just join up at a later date as it were and in terms of making me political we will soon get to a point where I am issue a warning and we will hear it from then on if they do it again thereafter but for now I am content with being top dog when it comes to grabbing the public life of journalists to get things done with, so I am in no way the victim in this matter – it just gets to a point of being threatened and bullied by them and especially so when it is financial in nature where you decide you need to act, so that was the first occasion. Its never a matter of the freedom of the press, that will just make the problem bigger; its a matter of letting a particular journalist of television personality with a consistent habit of handling your property until he destroys it especially when it causes me health and financial and emotional distress, understand what it feels like. Many times it does appear as though I speak a different language from the one they speak – I will say one thing to the person responsible and exactly the same in the next business quarter and then they will make up excuses about maybe being so important that my Book causes them offence or maybe that I did not open up my personal life for them to come in and feel safe in their twisted evil, it can even be that I have no respect for the fact they have more money than I do but all of it always tend to show me as the aggressor; so they had their fun and my books can provoke whatever it likes, we are only in the part where I let them know whenever they do the damage, at this stage. They do say I am still not making any progress but it never really matters as such anyway; I understood the way evil works when I was a teenager, so when it came to the general idea I knew I had to get myself ahead of them in every aspect of my life, so as to ensure they cannot provoke me but when human beings are involved I tend to find myself talking about the life that God gave them a blessing now being used to serve evil that they need me to pay them for and are getting the money thus anyway, so apart from Christ’s teachings of love and holiness, there is no force on earth that can every get me to pay for it as a sub culture too and that is what we are talking about here –the media insults and claims made of a certain freedom of the press being attacked. So they do speak of how I pretend I was not stripped of that advantage I have over evil and it is utter nonsense since on one hand that is the boast while on the other the general idea is that they depend on their hate to get them through the day and I cannot seem to respect that – to respect it that is after ripping up my finances and holding me down for 15 years to strip me of mine as I cleared out the problems associated with crime and violent extremism that was going to result from it, the perfect bully victim so they can get after my Books as well as it were, assuming nothing will happen to their own too – hence we ended up here and I can always send out the warnings if I wanted but when I get hold of them there will always be an outcome where they explain to people why they are the way they are too or I will do it for them. Its what happens every time you handle these very evil people; they get after normalcy because it is the basis on which entire communities understand their sense of agency and then they will start to black mail me and threaten wars that will be on my head. I am trying to get cleared up, this whole story of how my not making any progress develops; the reality is that people are serving the devil by doing his own work for him and feel they should attack me when I do not do Gods work for God with my own hands; so that it hurts them to serve the devil and more so in that way but they think the benefit is that when they have access to media they will use it to harm people and then hold me down somewhere and copy my entire life and turn out on media to make it their own thereafter and then they will have everything but everybody knows my Books were built to deal with such a problem because their civil rights movements are always at it all the time, so it is not news to anybody. The reality is that first, my Books are just Books and then the fact it is not their Book and they have no rights to handle any aspect of it – these two are the ones they like because they say I would get into trouble if I didn’t mention it that way but of course there is the other part being played out where I am unable to make progress thereof involving a condition where the Books can become their nightmare if I wanted it too. So it does seem that unless I get to hurt politicians and media to a point where it is routine and I am therefore ahead of them unto a stage in which I am emotionally stable, I will not be able to run this business properly and that is publicly expressed by the fact that they are always investigating means of making me stop which will develop an outcome whereby they can hurt me but I cannot hurt them – the finest indication they know what they are doing and what the effects are but have no wish whatsoever to stop doing it.