Now they say I support the British Empire without knowing what it really was about; the truth of that tale is rather that I was not born when it was in operation and know nothing about it really but from what we have read of history and what is still happening by nature today to corroborate that, what we see is a collection of behaviour from human beings which is absolutely historical even by the standards of the cruelty of the French Empire and German Empire and Portuguese Empire and the rest of them – it is not that the British did not carry out cruelty as such, it’s the fact that these their cruelty all set precedents and none of it has a centre that stuck together because there was practically none and hence a load of Empires based on human greed and the butchery of people, which simply explains why the British one also was forced to make the decisions that it made even though it centre stuck together for such a long time for the greater good of the world as a whole. I mean the latest was the German one and we all know that Hitler killed himself and Emperors do not do that is an age of communicative democracy, hence it must have been some empire indeed as it were. Even now what we see all across Europe and Africa and South America and the Middle East is the same thing; they will agree life is always better when Women make home and Men provide bread win but the idea of handling Women properly is always only the best thing to do when they have gone about ripping up people’s lives only; Ladies first British Policy is the reason he had his life wrecked by his own sister or mother, the reason he cannot control his wife and that means he could have been more than he has become and free from the anger that is killing him like poison from inside and so ladies first means war on the British by the South Americans and the Africans and the Europeans and the Asians and the Middle East people, except when they set up Women on your public image to rip it up getting famous, which will make them rich as well, then what they do with the money is look after Women and rob it in your face because it was the right thing to do all along; so image that was rife and rather less civilised in an age where war was fashionable and you were in possession of some serious military gear built from years of fighting enemies that were bigger than you are and behaved in exactly the same way and above all there was possibility that with that much incentive the technology could be leaked by unsavoury elements in the Country, without having to think about further imminent threats, important decisions had to be made. So the only thing that recued the situation was the Americans coming into the scene, taking over and have done a better job of it all since; a typical example is when you decide the oldest basis for economic sustenance is the Maritime one and so we normally traditionally link it with Policing and the Welfare of Women here in the UK – what you end up with, to a stage where trading deals with even an institution like the NHS is being affected by the needs of greedy people around the world, is the fact they love the money but think the fact British Women are sexually savvy and sexually dominating means war as well altogether and you cannot get your head around it; only make sense of when they make it profitable and spend the money on Women to mock you as per they always knew that was the right thing to do. Even now, we have some that have travelled to the US and have tasted freedom and all that stuff; they are still fond of it, in fact they are now building their own sub culture that is threatening to take over main stream living and it is about hatred for women and making Women behave – when you had asked what their problem with Women is, then you find out that the problem is that Women want to do it by themselves and take care of themselves instead of letting the Men do it and then it becomes clear that these behaviours really have no reason whatsoever.

The world they want to live in is one where 6.00pm and the roads are lit up by car headlamps and each headlamp trained into your eyes tells its own story of the wicked things that the person behind the wheels has done in order to make money for the day and where he is going from that point is home, home to his family; so if you trigger anything you will lose that Woman that encouraged you to continue with the way you live because it is the right thing, when you doubted it on the streets a few weeks earlier and the reason will be that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time, married to the wrong man in terms of life and death, safety and security etc, which then leaves you thinking about what you should have done and through no fault of yours it become impossible to be more than the low life their insults have decided you should be, followed by absurdities showing up at your business premises and calling you names, every scum wanting to play with you as well; hence I have been supporting the British Empire and I do suppose I will not be the last then after all too. At this stage they have not told us what exactly terrorism is or what it is meant to achieve or indeed what they are doing with it, what we know what they want to discuss is how I suffer at the hands of Women but deny the fact that I am – referring to every nonsense involving peoples throwing in their own lot at me because I need to be perpetually alert and ever watchful for events that may create duties for an Arch Prince which is being carried out by the Monarchy and the Head of State, being the suffering Women cause me that I deny all the time and it is not difficult to see why it is incredibly annoying as well. The UK ones are a bit of a collection of freaks all together; they love to make mention of how I am an illiterate Prince but everybody knows I live in a separate life from the ones they do and have a specific environment and condition created for me to get around completing an academic engagement and fulfilling certain public duties; the problem of course is that they do not wish to have alliterate Prince and this is why they are always off getting involved with me and my academic work especially to perform behaviour I have expressly informed them causes me distress and damage – so I really do not see why I should get myself all bothered up about giving them an educated one when I can always do things in my own time instead: the state of affairs as it stands is that I have dropped out of University once and the fact we have reached a point where they are discussing my illiteracy is another clear sign they will never ever take anything seriously in their lives, because they can find a way to make their behaviour rewarding. I for my part am not falling short on controlling general public and social disobedience all together, in fact people hate my guts for it anyway; last week for instance the reason was that Jeremy Corbin had given his Party a leadership Promise to take it back to socialist roots and win them the next election; so what it generally meant as far as they were concerned was that every social outcast that gets about all the other developed economies in the world which are bigger than the UK one in order to show up and make trouble for me and everybody else, has to get about everything I do testing me to a point of health destruction as it were and it is a test they invent every day, there has to be a test every day, some sort of struggling with personal demons kind of test.