Of course it isn’t true that the current Political situation in the Country is of my doing; I mean an example is the Liberal democrats where the leadership says messing up other peoples academic work can mean there is little your leaders can do to prevent tuition fees being raised which makes them enemy number one; these guys are always looking for trouble as a people and it is when their leaders lead them in the right direction that a crime that cannot be forgiven Politically has been committed. The problem is largely always that they love to think they are more modern than I am but that is not actually what the Books I write suggests either; so the business ones perpetually feel like handling my products to ask questions as to whether I want to sell my products or sell other peoples own whereby they make the decision for me that I want to sell other peoples own everyday to get rich and the money is then spent on loutish clubbing and partying that ensure they cannot be reasoned with, the media ones rather like to provide leadership for the bit where people tell me that I churn their tummy by the things I do and say and that I am very perverse of which the reality is actually perhaps that I am a leader and they are not and like to make out they hand handle me whereas they really cannot and nobody knows what their problem therefore is with the respect bit i.e. they always like to think they are more modern than I am whereas the Royals know I am the Modern One and is the reason I need my Religious and Moral anchor to such an extent. The story of how I am the black sheep of my family is an old one but as I remember I had the highest score in the family at our first school leaving Tests, so everything else is just parents engineering family and they know as well as I do that the things my Mother does to me and the things their wicked money loving society follows it up with is not that which any one person should do to another but chose to make it into a political asset and turn up to complain while they are such tools at the same time like it was their own family when I kick their own too. It has actually never really been a problem for me as such; I view handling these guys as the thing I do to ensure I am a normal person who does not live his life in a way that makes trouble for others; so the need for the Politicians to please the Medical insanities of their various Communities and Media is counted among that and being seen making comments about or handling the Books is always something I view as them cutting me off from my exist route to find out what I can do. The ones that sneak into people’s companies and turn up in the City centre to wear suits and stuff are obviously the ones that cause women to say ‘its really, really, really stupid then isn’t it?’ and then you end up realising that is really how to put it. I mean the world of things they have come up with because they wrecked my academic work playing their games, which by the way jeopardised the body of knowledge that others will be paying thousands to acquire and others depend on for their livelihoods still in the work for, on account I took steps to ensure it is safe for me the next time I try as it were on that stupid media every day.

We hear them speak of how I live on benefits and how I need to be made to say something about it all the time that it is mentioned; of which the reality has always been that the benefits are designed to help me find a job, working for somebody or being self employed and they do need to stop spending mine as it were, get off my books and stop making noise about how many mortgages they have and need to pay it off on seeing that when they talk to me it’s like talking to a very respectful kid of which if so needs to co-operates with their needs so they can have anything they want with a big mouth. It’s nothing unusual; the Middle Class is full of idiots who have no plans to seek out how to work with their mates overseas to make money and do business if they can have my Royal one for instance and so I gave them the opportunity and they ripped up my finances but have since not gone away and one of the two of us will end up with my life and we all know which one that will be as well. The threats will not improve anything either; I am quite fed up with the story of these fools and their stupid girl friends and a case of spending my possessions while being out of my league, I am really fed up with it, since it is clear there is no privilege of sex with the wrong crowd happening here as such; I have never thought it an issue, it’s that noise making all the time about how they would give anything to stop me making out I am Royalty when I am not coupled with a need to Middle Classes tell me where I am supposed to be and if they get in my face for it, I promise they will give it for real as it were. If I have to have one meal a day to save money and plough it into my business to patch up some lose ends as such, it is what the benefits are given to me for and I don’t want anybody to spend my energy on their stupidities and violence and frivolities in that condition, this is not their lives but I need to say it since they are hard of hearing already anyway – so these guys might want to face facts as it were and leave me alone i.e. if you CV turns up on the Table of some 1200 out of 2000 employers, then you have to accept the outcome has to be that you created your own job, I cannot continue saying the same to the same group of stupid middle class scum for 15 years without consequences. This has always been what it is about; complains they have problems – the history of their lives does not help either and every local community goon wants to do their job because they work on media but when done they will never buy music CDs unless those are made abusing me from their fellow vandals and when they complain they issue threats with a big mouth alongside as well, their bottom hurts and many times as much when the elections are on but they still cannot put their money where their mouth is.

They speak of their undying need to call people up on media and progress the process of probing people’s minds on it, the probing peoples mind itself of which has become a state of affairs for their media jobs as it were and of how I showed them how to do it. Whereas what really happened was that they and their friends wanted bug business but took the whole game of a lack of respect for the unwritten rules to another level i.e. if they are the ones complaining about human rights, surely they should be able to see that if  million people buy a product and they know which company it belongs to and who owns that company, it will be an impossible task to simply get up on media and take it away from them, maybe you can bend market conditions and end up rallying a board to buy it from them so they end up with money and don’t have the company anymore since you cannot leave people alone but you cannot take it from them at that stage – what they decided they wanted to do was to get on media with an alliance of very violent idiots with socialist small businesses that specifically exist to help them bully people, to bend the mind of the population of the world into a perverse state, then claim I am the one that showed them how to do it because they want to build prognosis by which they do every single time from religious things I get up to and time again they believe that people think the way they have claimed it happened is how it did and that is why they issue those stupid threats at me regularly and of course we all know they can never ever buy books, that is something they vomit on or something, then we hear them claim my Books hurt as well and twice as badly when the elections are on but cannot be caught dead keeping their stupid selves outside of it for goodness sake.

We always find that time is wasted over that around the premise of what I know and how I keep it to myself because it means everything to me to hoard it all and allow people come to harm, while they pillage my personal life to investigate and do my career to feel like me on media but it’s much the same story about feminists and a boy who have figured it out again and hence his complain about vandalism was unfounded and he will know what is what if he does not let her have what she wants via seeking equality with him when she already knows she is superior and as for the men, they are freedom goons and it is defined according to somebody else’s personal life and possessions but the big bit is that they are bloody idiots but cannot be caught dead asking others nicely. You do have to imagine yourself in their shoes and then realise you would have been a person that really enjoys the violent aspects of seeing people Naked all the time and that is how they get to finger peoples bum violently to ensure others do not interfere with their needs – now they work so hard to convince people they are trying to make me look human whereas the reality is that they downloaded my renaissance off the University computer which I put there while I was studying for my own purposes and are now sitting down to enjoy something of the preaching I was supposed to preach to give men their spirituality and sense of ascension and so on and I am going to hurt them seriously over that the same way I did over the need to get Politicians to ensure I can dominated first before I even complete an academic work. It’s the old story about meeting people one with their own flavour of how they will use the personality of the Royal Prince that they are able to see on their streets and these are just of the kind that like to say the way their own works is that kids like me go to them to give them a sense of village and fraternity of Nation and it’s an old story about the Politicians having the freedom to pass their insults and comments about my work at will if they can reason with them and make them stop at will too, otherwise stop complaining about the consequences – the media ones I will not dignify their complains with a response unless I need to describe them to others; I mean there are many ways I can reason with the media for instance one of them being telling somebody that messing around with my work every day to ruin the sales because they want to feel like they have got a Royal Estate as well means I will be sleeping rough in about five days time or maybe I met a professional on the streets today and he said something about messing with aesthetics of careers I know nothing of thereby creating problems for them etc but I never will because they are criminally disobedient talking nonsense about how doing my career and making me history is something they will achieve one way or another and that is why we must start with the sense they have got a Royal Estate of their own all be it a feeling.

They do say it is the same sort of stubbornness when they don’t want people to come to their country and people just keep coming – the reality however being that they want you to leave their country when they handle your career and you don’t want to give it up for there is actually no other way to leave their Country while they are doing that too. So the story having been that argument fails all the time usually very quickly turns to the tale of how there are others who have defied the will of their social class to give a useless me whatever it is I wanted but of course whether or not they can go after my friends is up to them, I however am clear the fact they are democratic people and can get involved with anybody if it is a need, to play a game of a right to be anything they want and to live in a free Country that allows them to that effect will not end well especially when it involves their nature which is to stifle my book sales for decades until they prepare themselves on media to be the side of society that practices intolerance on me of which if they really want to wind me up can lay down popular culture pipelines of my renaissance and right hand again as it were. They think they will not pay for it considering they want to stop at their own time and not when I tell them to and that is why they tell their tales and make fun out of it, whereby their perspective will be enforced on me the day they are able to back that up too; so they do not teach it at Church of course, the whole game of clamping down on others and handling their livelihood to make it operable, guess wherefore where I have learned it, but then again they will never quit while they are winning. It’s like those stories of how I make Royal enemies which of course is utter nonsense too; I mean they plan their plans and get involved with the Queens family to build their wealth to dizzying heights – the wealth that was their own as it were in the first place and it always has something to do with hurting me, a pointless violence in my direction – just like their media idiots spend all their time making out each and everything I do is a function of what I don’t want to do but they have forced me to, so that it gets to a stage where people ask them to prove it and I have to deal with a pointless violence I could really have done without endlessly; so is it the same when they have a shop selling designer clothes or make shoes for Royalty for instance – its violence, violence, violence they cannot explain because they have seen my private equity Intellectual property Administration Company and want to impress the kind of girls that they get to roll with and you wonder why people would break into Jewellery community safes to steal diamonds when they know the market price for such goods are so high that they will get caught eventually – perhaps it has become important to some people to break their stupid hearts as it were. Of course there are power issues involved in this matter; starting from the part about doing so well concerning the process of putting away violence and destruction of general society that I earn the attention of these idiots who then get on public places to build me another concerning them and are always after my finances to ensure it makes sense, right up to the Industry ones that hope I will do nothing each time they handle my possessions so it does not lead to a process where violence against me in required of them and yet they destroy it to get rich every time hoping they will make the money to stop me from doing anything about them – it’s a matter of how One's very existence makes people feel when they are determined not to stay out of One's space.