Now they say I behave like an animal and I could never understand why the confidence that there will be no consequences for blabbing insults at me on a platform which suggests they are important and therefore find insulting people something which is profitable at popular culture while their sense of importance is such that when others passed insults at them as well, there was no profit for it. The reality is that this condition I have placed myself is temporary, exhibiting some Princely behaviour will not bring about an outcome that makes it any less hellish than it is but the way I relate with the trouble makers is something that facilitates the work of other people at the Monarchy, so I would like Intellectual Property Administration is complicated at a Bookshop that gets them complaining about me all the time, fancy that they had stopped distracting me from this as well. It’s nothing unusual that 80 of characters that get dispatched on the streets, so those who commit the crimes get off giving us information at the Justice system about gits with nothing good about their characters hanging around the streets wrecking people’s lives blabbing about every move people make doing their thing, as per where their stupidities are going, none will be doing their thing anymore, look like these and I want them to stop blabbing at me too. I am told that I cut a controversial figure but the reality is rather that I am not actually controversial at all; it’s simply evil and spiritual wickedness – that my biggest achievement is associated with the Church right up to the top levels of Government, I spend all my time in an environment created for me which adds up to a Hermitage, yet, I am a black person whose international reputation is that I foster street murder, gangs and racism. It wants what it wants i.e. market and money control – in my case its stupidities can only achieve this by wrecking my Bookshop and relying on me not to do a thing about it lest I face Military might from more powerful Countries and sometimes I do feel as if I need to get on with my own concerns, other times I really feel as if I need keep a folded hands and watch the Politicians screw with this until it goes all haywire. I mean when they say neither God nor the Devil exists at the top levels of Government and the effect is one that keeps these goons from driving their activities into mainstream living, I am a religious person that appears to be doing a better job of keeping it out of mainstream living than they are.

Right after this sort of story is a tale of how I treat professionals as if they did not matter, whereas what happens is that they invite themselves into other people’s concerns and then set about running it against the interest of the owners – the stage at which they take over those concerns which is usually a self-appointed disposition, the stage at which they start to run it against the interest of the owners being a personal one, all set to make a statement that their superiority has not been recently supported by a process where they grabbed market that others had worked for, to improve their options when it comes to the uncertainties of making money. It has never really been a crisis as such save the involvement of the Celebrities, since we know the Politicians only tackle you for defending yourself until you dropped out of University, so that at a stage where they require your help or support, it’s impossible for you to give it to them, always the Celebrities, as the original problem is the business of keeping them off your identity while you ensured those you paid to help sell your products sold it to those you knew well and that the customers were treated properly, which in my case is usually a struggle because they are more interested in listening to and running with the stupidities of fools who want to see what kind of fighting I will engage myself with. So we find that most of these accusations are really a defence mechanism in anticipation of action that one might take to keep them off a Business like I have – we can see that from what I have described as per who treats people as though those they handle did not matter, my treatment by them fits the bill, especially in terms of deploying my work to boost their incomes without permission that I would never have given anyway and then a story told of how badly I treat people as such on seeing that this behaviour will become increasingly obvious the more they practiced it – which feeds into the other part of the story that involves the full picture of lies and accusations being issued on Media because they have no wish to stop inviting themselves into other people’s concerns, take over and run it against the interest of those who own it, to such an effect when telling them I don’t want a relationship with their Celebrity stupidities usually means they make it quite clear their stupid money was talking to me instead, then the rest of them will hang around a civil rights movement especially the ones involving women who need to be looked after, to build up a picture that says I am not necessarily somebody who makes trouble for them, just a character that would serve them more profitably as a punching bag – thereafter we find that the Girlfriends put on the makeup over the matters I were handling on account they had failed to deal with it miserably, looking like they were in need of a fuck at my expense. So I have tried to move on without success and it’s now developing into a stage whereby each time I tell the Celebrities to keep away from my Books and what I am doing with my Publishers and distributors, it will make perfect sense, failure to do so will mean I sacked their show business for it too.

What has happened over time is that they have exhibited their vandalism at my expense, top of the list being entertainment Industry business idiots who started off claiming since 2001, that I was a kid who belonged to them on whom their future depends, nobody knowing thereof if when they gather hoodlums and criminals to make fame and fortune with, their stupidities want me to get killed. Since then its moved on to the film Industry where another group of idiots like these built me a Public image that said I spent time rubbing shoulders with important Celebrities while criminals themselves were buying films, we have recently been done over with that so it’s the turn of the abusive Celebrities with a need to gather alliances from narcissistic goons that want to wreck my whole life and offer me anal sex at the other end instead of show up here to read Books and for each time their idiocy enjoys the benefit of their money along with their family, they set it out in a gratuitously insulting way that prevents me from having a family of mine, which I must now see as a problem and set about making sure they moved on and out of this place and stopped wasting my resources using their bodies as a weapon right down to the way we have seen them feed as though it’s a feast every day. It has eventually produced that tit for tart result where I punish them and when they copy the way I punished them, with the justice and fairness features etc, they set about punishing the entire world but for now, they have forged an alliance with society trouble makers who help them drive me into a situation where I had done something deserving of punishment, so that they got to punish me as well and this generally means that I end up thinking about the way it works in terms of their stupidities affecting my Office, which leads me to think about getting rid of the root cause of it i.e. Celebrity and its culture. As it stands, the Families of Celebrities are none the wiser about the nonsense I have to put up with each time they attend their Offices, a usual expected outcome concerning the activities of some very stupid individuals that always have a need to decide how other people ought to exist, with specific need to ensure that they were financially comfortable from it – so starting from 2012 when they had begun to build up some statements on how I had gone off to get punished by a bunch of racists, then progressed to buying equipment and venues through which they can extract money from my reputation, then set about spending the money to buy shares with my Publishers in order to control me, which is what the last 6 years of my time has been spent on, as abusively as possible and I intend to get rid of this nonsense if the option where they kept from me and stop handling me had failed to be complied with, by tearing up their Celebrity culture as well. They speak of people I should be responsible for at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense – what happens is that those have now developed their need to put pressure on the Crown for their own version of what I have, to a stage where each time they get some responsibilities they built themselves another history whereby they did not have to be nice to me and could do whatever they liked with my property – outcome is those times when the Government faces difficulty because of this and their need to get young people to wee on others career wise so to speak started to feed the business of leaving them looking like their counterparts from overseas who always live in a war zone, into Government business, I personally think that they deserve everything that they get and they have been going off to fight my battles in order to counter the effect of this nonsense, so we understand each other very well indeed. They have continued to make up stories about my rude behaviour at the Monarchy while no amount of Royal Politics tended to obscure my work – the outcome is the fooling around with leaves them with this outcome where I want them to pay for what they used around here and they have only ended up picking up more bills by making trouble for me; so it’s the same case all-round the difference with the Politicians being that the Labour Party especially is full of gits who think that they now have me while tax payer funds is not their money to ensure that I am unable to be myself, so I ended up hanging around some more at the job centre, getting told what to do by fools who are so superior that they need it in order to top up their self-confidence and sense of importance which maintains the stupid superiority in the first place – either way of which I am done with the females by making sure I didn’t have any money they could steal or take advantage of around here, now I need to make some money, which will add up to a business of dealing with the males as well – the same case all round in the sense that the vandalism of my work and property never cease, so when I punish their stupidities for it, the organise their communities and round me up like sheep, to push me into situation where I did something wrong and had to be punished as well, so to protect myself and Office I must get rid of the root cause and the root cause at this point is Celebrities; Celebrities who would rather an option to full around with their sociopaths at my expense than just keep away, the sociopaths who fancy money and mid-sized gangs along with the media twerps who cannot keep their insults where it is appreciated, looking for relationships that will leave them the means to hurt what they claim they cared about – do know what makes them tick and it’s a good idea to start again as it were, start again before the complaint we hear them from the women that I had gone off to calculate both number and size of the men in their Communities that is. It’s also the same when they claim my main problem is largely those I share what I know with; while reality is more a matter of the fact when people had chosen their practical jokes, then it must have been chosen as such – 7.30am and I will meet him with that stupid car running off that nonsense he spends most of his time on, concerning how my personality and Public image should be used, with his community children pushing off an imagination that gets up my bum, ironically because he had a job to attend to, on beginning like so, I will be dealing with at 7.30am when I am attending to my own concerns as well, every day, so should I want to rip up what gets to its head as well, we will find the other ones with poverty based civil right movements get involve naturally, so it usually becomes a two part story where I must finish with one side before I got to the other – I don’t share what I know with them, their need to look for trouble is almost immeasurable and because it gets support from some very stupid Politicians, never stops. They do claim that there is nothing I can do about the Celebrities but we all know what really happens is that I am not entitled to my own family life on account that it is set out in a way that is linked to my Bookshop and suggests that their stupidities should pay for what they use with the wealth that gets to their heads, irrespective of which Public image and personal life they took advantage of to get it, adding to the fact that it’s only my family life and my family getting the full information on the stupidities they are able to exhibit in what they think of as a work place and any response from me will ensure their families got information on the nonsense I had to put up with every time they attended to work as well – we see the same behaviour exhibited by their friends at the Monarchy, whereby I am irritating and they don’t have to be nice to me when they need my support and when they end up creating problems for the Government and the Public start to show some Industry gang behaviour that really makes a point of the fact they are a handful of educated idiots by hacking into my social media. In the end they say I appear to suggest this impossible situation whereby I am small and humble and powerful which is utter nonsense; I am a realist and the lifestyle these fools chose leaves them with a need to get people kissing their arse over municipal living and then we have to deal with the many forms of abuses they wish to adopt in order to get it out of others – getting into a relationship with them a the best of time is a matter of living with people who are a blessing for my enemies and at the worst of time people who will attack me for those who want to assault my whole life, so I am very happy that life itself turned out the way it has and don’t think they ought to get more than they deserved for my part. In the end the dangerous bits is the fact that you may end up hurting somebody and doing so seriously when you are unable to control some very stupid individuals hanging around the street corners to make statements about every move you made doing the dreams they were trying to live – it usually results in reprisal violence from communities that have more people in it than your small nuclear family naturally but it is best their stupidities shut it down and did not underestimate me as well; they do talk of bigger powers that send them out to do it naturally and that was never news as well – we know the Germans are usually a fundamental threat because it’s about Daddy and boys building communities that get imagination up peoples bottoms, such that Ladies first society is all good as something that means they don’t want to sleep with their Mums either but these women will never be free from threats as well, the French on the other hand being the best thing that ever happened to sex offenders, happy to ensure a bunch of idiots were able to get together and work media in order to suspend academic work and career of those who knew more than they do, while they built themselves a publicity that eventually dispelled the idea that they knew less before their victims may go free but either way, it does not mean I am on the side of Brexit either, since where their interests lay on the International scene could be cleared up with respect to where British interests were, without Brexit. I don’t think that they are famous; they are a bunch of goons people want to keep Children as far away from as possible while Celebrities are meant to be people you cannot allow the Children spend too much time with lest they failed to concentrate on anything important where and when it mattered.

They always say it’s impossible for people to tell what is going on with me but the story at the Monarchy is always as they had decided it should be while the reality that they were keen for Royal Politics and got it, so when HM is affected by it, what the Queen does as a result affects other people’s existence and even right to exist, so the difficulty is how to live with the consequences of showing up here to make even more of a mess whenever they had been given some responsibility and decided they didn’t have to be nice to me over it. In the end, I like to imagine that when people see that they are hurting somebody else when they performed a certain behaviour, they would stop carrying through with such a behaviour, not continue and make a decision to stop it at a time that they find most convenient and the threats are all good naturally except for the fact I have been watching pornography and the business of doing so is concerned with the public image of some really stupid Celebrities, while the Politicians and their goons who enjoy issuing threats at me can continue on the same business until it gets me taking the risk to see what it is exactly that people who are twice and three times my size can do about me. People have been murdered and people have committed murder as a result of not being able to get out of handle society mistresses warming their way into people’s lives to make a mess of family and personal finances, what I put up with every day is something of a collection of very stupid individuals who consider themselves to be very important and famous, using National media to ensure my whole life and any property I had was exposed to that, the fun that the idiots claim they are having with this behaviour is that at the end of every day, their stupidities have been seeing me get myself out it i.e. when they know they are hurting somebody, they need to stop, not decide they were going to make it into an event which ended in a way that was most convenient; the Politicians like to suggest I can do little about them but we know about the Labour party where people do that all the time, that the last time I went too far as well, I made my own statement on how the fact everybody needs a job must mean that the Labour Party is the thing to take advantage of, not necessarily the thing to vote for – I have not been able to undo this damage, they have not been able to undo it, the threats and insults and property vandalism will continue as far as their stupidities on handling me and making fun out of it were concerned still. They claim something of the way I make use of people to be the problem naturally but we all know what happens is that they perform a certain behaviour that feeds into the duties of others at the Monarchy who work on getting Members of the Royal Family into relationships and into the start of families, then they get around public matters in which The Monarch had made a presence with a certain behaviour on my behalf – I could say they need to watch out for this but I am so tired of this nonsense and need to control my own working Court; as for the nauseating financial complications, we now know they will never stop making excuses to get around hurting me and making the process into an event which ends the way it is most convenient for them, then claim I have openly declared I watch pornography and it might be a problem as well with a big mouth. So the pornography feeds into certain conditions where the difference between British and German students for instance is that British students smell and German students don’t, which is what they do in the planet that their stupidities live in but as far as I am concerned, their insanity then becomes something exhibited as a profitable insult by their Celebrities who can never stop lying at my expense and if I did not pick it up first at the sex Industry, those insults will show up where I least expected them and then there is the problem their idiocy has with my Books, since it prevents Daddy characters from building communities of Boys who get the imagination up peoples bottoms like the air they need to breathe – same case of how matters could improve if stupid individuals such as these spent their time realising when they are hurting people they needed to stop, not make it into an event that ends in a way that is more convenient for their foolish selves. As for the idea that it is still messy to watch pornography, I don’t care which one makes a mess for them as well, it does need to stop disturbing this place and leave me to work a writing career without having to wonder why it assumes its Society, Celebrity and Media insanity was normal and that most human beings were as stupid. It’s so difficult to say the same things to the same group of people over a decade and a half without consequences, it’s impossible for human beings to achieve such a thing.

I am now told that I face unprecedented threats which I never take seriously and I have no idea what threats they may be anyway – we know the Politicians do not have a Law to back them up when the ethos of their activities is to rip up my career and set about securing contracts, opportunities and progress for their families in the City centre using my Public image, it’s just supposed to be a Parliamentary narcissism on their part as equally as they are aware that if a way for me to be safe from it was devised, stories of threats I face would dissipate and not in a nice way. The rest of the times it’s supposed to be the threat of the dildoes, with silly society goons, especially the Public transportation operatives having seen me do some security guard job, decided they and their Celebrities will feel protected at my expense and cannot stop escalating the local criminal activities towards my residence – their story is that of the abusive things young people do in terms of a certain behaviour that draws from the likes of uninvited squatters wrecking expensive apartments in London, while the story young people tell is one of feeling as if there is no home to live in even when there is a roof over the head, due to practical jokes. So this is meant to be the main parameters of the stupid threats I am said to face here, the one where they claim I never do a thing about what is really bothering me, being the pubescent idiots at this disposal, wanting to devise some power that Politics should exhibit at my expense, which was the same thing that created the history we had over the security guard job they refer to all the time, then it shows up here to express something of a willingness to get killed by gangs and criminals, and sets about collecting some privileges from Politicians that allow it to keep an eye on me as insultingly as possible, then it finds its stupidities can never stop getting the imagination up my bum to make sense of everything that it is doing – I do like to think of it as something they do because they are surviving, unlike the trouble the Media goons make which is a matter of the fact that 10 years ago, they were flushing my life down the loo on account that I needed to get into a fight with society trouble makers, today the society trouble makers are not a threat anymore, they are friends with the media who are flushing my life down the loo because of new found power, about which we find the idiots push me from a point where I think it must be a stupidities they exhibit because they are at deaths door and are trying to survive, to a point where I want to give them one more opportunity to blow off the big mouth at me about a disrespectful tone on my part which will get me into trouble. The former is a matter of the fact that we can see if I push back as well, I will end up with a history where they claim I committed a crime and got away with it, while the latter will be how badly the story of when last they saw me do a security guard job and wanted to be protected by me, getting completely out of hand. It’s an old story that one should never talk about, whereby there is nothing good of their characters save the money they spend on the highstreets and are always seen hanging around street corners ripping up people’s lives to make money at Celebrity culture, blabbing a doing my stuff story the entire time, such that if you hurt the younger ones the story will be that you have harmed something that was courageous enough to fight battles you were too much a coward to deal with and if you hurt the older ones, you hurt big things in their communities, about which I have as such now been very clear concerning what is getting at my nerves the most and wish to avoid a scenario where I set out a Bookshop describing myself as an Arch Prince, only to end up dealing with their well off stupidities, as we can see that when it blows off that big mouth, it’s always suggestive of a sort of fighting where people cheat and use weapons and the history we have already is that those who can beat me up will not stop lapping it and those who cannot will not stop hurting themselves. In the end, should this nonsense lead to an outcome where I got mortally hurt, we all know that as much as an example of it is a case where society people spend their time making young people feel like the roof over the head is not a home was a problem, the main one I face all the time is still a need to handle me over what they claim is the wishes of my disrespected parents, as stupidly as possible, randomly on the streets, we know if I got killed, the relatives will show up and everything associated with these nonsense, from the idiots with communities that get imagination up peoples bottoms, to the society fools and the Politicians will have to respond to the questions and that they will have to pick up their own and do it as well – where the Monarchy got involved will be the part where a replacement for me had to be found and we know one will be such that they will have to love it as well.

I am told of people banging on and banging on at me all the time which I do nothing about while I boasted but it is an old tale about some mentally disturbed goons, the neighbourhood I had picked for my work which is full of them, the biggest mental health support system provided by the state is about 2 Bus stops away from residence, to say the least but then again, so speak of their ailment and how my work affects them; we know they claim what bothers me is a matter of what I do to distract people as well, while reality was more a matter of the fact that between 2003 and 2012, their whole lives were about detaching me from my academic work and career because they needed my personality for popular culture and by 2013, it was obvious I had grown sideways, so if they told their children to build communities that got imagination up my bum because I was a bum it would make sense and help them grab the much needed Public image, the result is that I could have written five pages before going to bed and by 6.00am I have had an idea on how to continue, save the way they want to do their jobs feeds into what people want to do concerning my bedroom window which beats me down in my own bed, once I get out of it, I want to shake off caked up mud of depression among other things and the results will leave them complaining all day long. The others who get physical on the other hand however don’t like to hear me talk but had decided I cannot be left alone, as stupidly as possible, so now it can bang away as much as it likes or stop being so stupid and so mean all the time.

So I have been told at this stage that I am supposed to be an Arch Prince, raised and educated on matters of war and peace but all people get from me is the war bits which is not necessarily the case – we know that I am always getting into trouble with Americans because I don’t think that we would have a better world when they are at an all-out war with Russians, I never get into trouble with people who are actually engaged in frontline activities as such, it’s always the stupid Celebrities I got into trouble with and for the part of Communists, I had devised a way to communicate it to them, that a recession does not necessarily mean they could pick off American interests and for Russians especially not doing so would mean they did not have to show up on British soil with Chemical weapons to poison people. Once this message has been clarified at the Diplomatic scene, we should only be left with work on an economy that is not able to put the brakes on when it comes to the business of constantly experimenting on itself, while the Communists in our heads stopped getting in there. It still all comes back to the Media and like I said, it’s fun for them presently as such until it ends really badly – like I get told I am not afraid of the Celebrities while most people are, which I am not, since it’s like the very top end of idiots who make a case of the violent things that exist inside of you which you never knew of before getting into academic institutions to pass exams, wreck your studies and show up later to dominate you with money and in their case, I am able to account for the money they have made by buying equipment and venues that help them extract it through a process of engaging with the worlds public over my Public image, than they can, bearing in mind the overseas bank accounts that help them avoid the taxes and hide their gains but when we hear them blow off the big mouth at me there will be a suggestion that they are probably good at what they are instigating – so we find that I get told this money will not be taken out of my Public image if I could handle the matter which it isn’t, what happens is Industry fools spending money on it to create a perception: on one side will be celebrity gits buying equipment and venues that help them engage with the Public to extract money from the Public life of Public servants, on another side will be the Industry idiots who speak of teaching people dot com millionaire tricks because I had put up a few things on social Media and can never stop behaving as if I am linked to the families they leave behind to conduct their tribalism raids in the City or that I am linked to those tribalism raids or what they are doing with themselves, to spend money on such nonsense in order to build a perception, so all is under control save the daily advantage that the Media builds them at my expense while setting out as insultingly as possible that their stupidities should have been responsible people until I had decided otherwise, so I do say their case will end very well, since they are doing it to survive on account they were at deaths door in their view, so to speak. It is remarkable that these goons are not afraid of the fact that their stupidities have never been able to control the fallout from any of these matters, interesting that whilst I can, I am absolutely saturated with fear of failure; fair to say, we are now progressing towards a stage where that society and workplace corruption that is coupled with Celebrity and Media corruption to make me feel as if retirement age was a luxury, is something that will get people complaining about on a global stage because of how far I took it, organising my concerns to ensure my work ethic over it left people in pain and misery for some reason – I have been very clear about what is getting on my nerves the most at this stage and one more time a goon blabs about my disrespectful tone, I should ensure a stage was set where I picked up my own arms as well.

I have been told that its people handling me all the time without getting a response that they were most interested in and its utter nonsense – what happens is that people are mentally ill, so they show up to play up abusive practical jokes at me but the reasons I am a target is because of the way they run off their society gimmicks and the Public transport goons want to handle me for no reason whatsoever; the reality being that if somebody was mentally ill and showed up to play practical jokes on me, there is no reason such a matter ought to have developed into something more than that. The part that they have created is that this nonsense will follow up to an academic institution and leave me with fail grades, about which I have warned them a repeat will be the beginning of a process where I built them a powder keg and made them watch me light it, bearing in mind if I hurt the younger ones doing their stuff to see what it is exactly they can blab all the time and do about it, they would say it was the brave Children in the neighbourhood I hurt and if I hurt the older ones, they would say it was the father of fathers that I hurt, so the fighting may happen, I don’t know that we usually control when it does or how. On the ground it’s the same story of making young people feel as if the roof over the head is not a home, while young people are always doing the squatter vandalism routines but in my case they had decided this obvious parameters by which they escalate local crime with respect to where I live, on account they saw me do some security work and have a need to be protected by me for reasons of thinking their foolishness was very important is one that will ensure I was made to behave in a way that fulfilled their dreams and we have seen their boasting about how the fighting will work, add up to some new alliances with Celebrities and Fashion idiots too; so what I am really supposed to do is ignore the whole thing until this matter of fooling around with local crime is big enough to seriously damage the lives of people who earn about £60,000 operating Public transportation and then will I make it blow up. It’s never really a problem for me; we all know if somebody is mentally ill and play practical jokes on you on the streets it does not mean anything but the stupidities they exhibit while they are still complaining about a previous response they got from the career vandalism they find to amusing due to a need for handling my personality and to manipulate people until they got to do it as much as they wanted and the complaint is usually a National phenomenon asking the Politicians to take action concerning my attitude, is something they want to do every day, besides which I am still on benefits and there is enough time for their stupidities to enforce the will of their disrespect ed parents somewhere else. They do claim I suggest these goons are taking nothing from me while that was never the case and its utter nonsense; they are not taking anything from me, save the effects of the vandalism Politicians perform – the first occasion where the complain about me became widespread was due to the fact they followed me around and made a mess of the career, then when I wrote the Book all hell broke loose, now it is a more direct case of inviting themselves into my concerns to work it against my interests and exclude themselves from the customer base, the time they take to do that leaves other customers with an inability to get involved and my finances looking like the bottom was cut out – so Politicians can continue performing the vandalism that is required to keep up this perception naturally, I am of the opinion the outcome will be one where these goons found something to steal or grab in order to support the idea it is reality. It’s an old story where we are deceived with that tale that Heroes and Villains were the same depending on which one was hurting people to protect others, now we know why Heroes always have that Policy where it is unacceptable to pitch inequities against each other, I am just completely insane, so I am about to pitch their own as well, nothing to worry about thereof since I plan to get away with it too.

They do claim this is the Political responsibility of the USA and I don’t understand if they have ever defined a Political responsibility of the USA in their lives anyway – what I do know is that this is the sort of nonsense that destroys my Bookshop, I have to tolerate it every day and will soon start to destroy what matters to them as well; it is an old story, they think this nonsense, work on this nonsense and talk about it all the time – my Publishers are American and will tell some College students my Books are something they might want to read, with such results as all hell breaking lose especially in black America and the power of their Country meant they will use my Books as a tool for handling me into doing whatever they wanted done. So it has now reached a stage, at least in terms of what I have seen of those who have travelled to the UK, where they have developed an alliance with other black idiots twats talking nonsense about those who pick up due that was their own because they arrived in the Country first and this adds to the fact that their stupidities are usually talked about by them and acted on by them to such an extent when they sit near people the churn the tummy, it exists in a certain corner of US society but thinks it runs everybody else’s existence and when it permeates academic environment the effect is just the same with a stupid need to decide how others get on over a violence it can dish out without thinking of reprisals and consequences – the assumption is usually that it’s a massive problem for me as such but it isn’t in anyway whatsoever, if they handle me for the smell bits, they will get a response that will start of the business of cleansing them of those stupidities as well; they were purely evil, then they became really stupid, now they are addicted to my personality and the way I respond to their foolish activities, worked well by their Liberal gits in Government buildings and I want a break from it.