As for the matter of me ending up in a situation where I faced an impending doom all day and everyday, we know we can never be free of Media and Celebrity goons behaving towards me as though they were happy for Daddy to do something to save little girl by going off to fight my battles at the Monarchy, the rest of which is mostly utter goons playing abusive games of which it’s simply impossible to avoid, being told the way I talk will get me into trouble when I am trying to get them off gimmicks that involved building up a media presence for my concerns in order to boost their own income and it’s the one thing I have done every day for the last decade at least.

The teaching me lessons bit which is an old story that goes beyond their understanding of what it means when such destruction wrought on other people’s careers left the owners cashless and also goes beyond what their understanding of a condition in which they were told their victims had endured enough of their gimmicks meant, so they were rather convinced they will be teaching some lessons very soon. It does not bother me much since it only tended to draw attention to the fact that I am considering several options with respect to the time that I had decided ignoring them does not actually solve a problem. So if I said I wanted to get after the whites, muslims and Asians that are likely to rip up my Bookshop and hang around working on public image at my expense, alongside the blacks who build communities that get imagination up my bum in order to get comfortable with market before they did anything they had to do every day, I would have had to judge that I am responsible for putting them in this position where they had gone off to spend their villainous sense of security performing National duty work somewhere at the Military and I had to decide which of the two was more important for me to keep – so there is need to consider other options which I already have as we can see their careers are the only ones performing the afore mentioned activities while walking into people’s lives and careers to introduce themselves as important people.

So for my part I run this Hermitage like I think is fitting to run it, if I wanted to avoid the idea that their civil rights meant I was to get into a fight with people in order to make them comfortable while their women developed an imagination that was fixed on my public image and incomes but they had completely destroyed everything that allowed me earn an income while I am working on it, to pick up my finances condition as a yardstick by which they claimed I am a dunce and their children were geniuses and set about building communities that get imagination up my bum, claiming my time to show I am not a dunce had gone by and we see each time that this is not in any way linked to a process where my income does not look the work I do, or a process where I am a structured professional with an income that looks it or I am wealthy and don’t have to worry about money – just the incredibly destructive money and security practical jokes associated with their bad personal decisions, setting me out as a character that had pushed fat cats gimmicks, industry trouble maker practical jokes and greedy celebrities out of my Hermitage, which has set me out as somebody they can attack and abuse in order to suck up to rich people and we know there is no reason for their stupidities or organise an existence in that way.

I do get told that I would have done something about it really if there was something I could do and if there is something I could do, I needed to know that I had to do it but there really is something I can do like when they claim what I say does not necessarily imply I am the victim i.e. what I have done with the fact I left University in 2007 and the destruction which caused my failure continues at the hands of very disobedient male fools with money on their minds laying claims to something they own and created and this thing they owned and created is what the destructive behaviour had made out of me, so I really don’t know why I issue so much warning before I act anyway, I guess I was raised to understand that hurting people was a serious matter. The other part about the way I handle it is that I need their money and they are always doing these destructive behaviour so that whilst they handled my concerns they had a means to blackmail – such as when they want my career to go somewhere and disappear and I thought otherwise, they destroyed the natural environment, if I had a cause in mind and thought about helping people they conducted tribalism raids to remove from top business Offices those who cared about Clients and the Public that was getting served through products, if I thought that my right to look to a working life in a professional way had to be respected, they attacked women because women were most likely to tell them that they didn’t run the country and it produced those outcomes where they decided which one was going to deal with society and culture trouble makers in a way that allows the business to make money and this is where the threat of sexual assault is usually at its greatest. So I run it the way I do because I need their money and their need to pick on me starting from when they see me walk into a Church to times I pushed back but there was still something left of my public image to seek self-improvements by, meaning they invented new reasons to carry on until they appeared to have gained a qualification in bullying, will continue to produce an effect where I responded in a way that caused them to lose profits. We see the same with respect to stock market operatives; the definition of stocks is no longer applicable, what stocks are is no longer applicable and there is no stock to trade because of the stupid behaviour they have engaged in with peoples assets over the last decade and a half, so they say Royalty must give up property to the poor and once done with applicable PR on that they start running off customer services to make money, which is done of bringing about general public equality with me – so we end up with whole populations of people that want to buy supplies to run their lives by, through some market induced narcissism – hence it is all the more important that I applied the same process to them as well, especially after I had coaxed them into expressing how academically qualified for earn their incomes they were, so it might be possible to excuse my behaviour on grounds that it was certain they never read anywhere that business was run in such ways. We have seen this develop into a social side too; where a group of women showed up to put a court in my care because they wanted to report the news without being abused – years later, I found I could not step out of my door without facing abuse because the men had taken over, they had reached a decision on what friends their female colleagues should have and had come to an arrangement that they were entitled to all media jobs. Now I am having to consider decisions on trashing peoples culture and society because of all the threats, daily targeting and abuse associated with their money madness gimmicks because the idiots always start off the abusive process and run it all day to ensure that they were safe in the process of carrying out their media jobs. Besides which is this need to set me out as a character people got to abuse in order to make friends with rich people as a stage by which their Children will make richer and better friends for the future and they will seek a better life thereof.

It’s the worst of the absolutely worst bad company if people wanted to get stuck with any and end up in a difficult situation or even get involved with crime, save in their case, I don’t have to invite them into my life because they are so entitled, they believe that I live in a fear they will entitle themselves to my income and then my life will be over and we all know the media and celebrity jobs are a product of specific qualifications that have nothing to do with me, about which theirs is the only career which invites itself into people’s concerns to introduce itself as very important persons for obvious and nefarious reasons, teaching me lessons when I want comments on my Public image stopped and gimmicks around my Books and income margins shut down. They always boast that they are fighting my battles naturally and its utter nonsense too as we know the battles they fight is nothing to do with an Arch Prince who is protected by the Queen or a Hermit whose opposite will be an evil at the gates whom they like to think was a smaller size but will end up facing something they have never seen or known as such, about which we can see that since they have never had to deal with such a thing even when they were being paid to, they have not been fighting my battles and are lying but I will never stop taking them out for a painful ride over it as well for my part anyway.

The Politicians have said that this matter is graver than the way I have talked about it and everything here is graver than the way I had talked about it as such. I mean we are talking about the same gimmicks where smaller countries had to respect the fact there was little they could do about bigger countries in a violent way, while bigger countries had to respect the fact messing with territorial arrangement of smaller countries will always lead to conflict – the Germans are always all over it and every filthy form of Politics that can be played on it will be played, once the mess is made, we find the Germans slip out of the room quietly so to speak. We are then left with a constant state of negotiating the mess that had resulted i.e. the unsuccessful bigger countries were complaining about something apparently but copying what makes smaller successful countries in order to make themselves a better threat it is assumed with not worsen their problem. The same applies when I speak of the activities of the men adding up to a process whereby I am being pushed into an existence where the same way I had decided it was okay for industry and market goons to tackle and abuse me on behalf of women, provided they were paying the women for it will be applicable to them but it is more complicated since we end up with a process where I am dealing with a death dealing arrangement literally to make a fashion brand more profitable on account that there are Americans bothering people because Americans were rich and it was okay for me to be abused by Americans as long as products made from my equities without paying or buying the Books, garnished with the idea I am meant to get into a fight with people to make them comfortable were being bought by Americans. So we see that it does not happen if the Germans are not turning the EU into a haven that allows them screw up people’s lives and stand up to Americans at the end of it and we can see that whether or not they had a safe place for their incomes and interests did not excuse this behaviour all together – for my part it’s simply a process of messing with state ceremony as it shows up near my Office and I am preparing the stage for the tearing up of peoples fashion brands over UK State Ceremony which especially if it gives rise to a social media or website on its account, would likely mean the whole saga stopped the way I wanted instead.

They always pick up that case where I am running my concerns and a bunch of women will show up and I will decide which part I didn’t want which they could have as some act of self-harm but we all know I need them to stay away from my Books and stop peppering my public image with silly media comments if the Clients are to feel comfortable about reading it which is not happening currently. So there is no need for me to keep anything that had been a product of hanging around getting tortured by their stupidities when there are women around to pick it up due to the fact giving both to children involved body and pain management. They do speak of women they know managing these issues without raising a problem but I for my part as a Hermit and appear to find that my concerns are safer if for all their need to push people into the sex industry I simulated a process and covered myself with fornication, hence the insults which are usually uncalled for and the fact I had no business with them is that which they really wanted to pay attention to if they were bothered. Besides, I know what my size and body structure looked like, the way I run my concerns should not be interfered with, it is none of their business, if they are happy to run their own without raising a public issue. When most of what I do to ensure I carried on my concerns safely got damaged, I should ensure they were stuck somewhere teaching all the stuck lessons they can teach as well. This is where we get to make sense of the commotion associated with people protecting their position as superior forms of human evolution – of which what they mean is the way they expect service since people who earn a lot of money are usually very good looking, had the energy and health to work for it and for them the process is always an adventure that must be taken very seriously, which gives them a particular demeanour that suggest they will be willing to pay with you but it is difficult getting there since you were likely to disrupt their lives – the point this really brings up is one about how I am a single Royal Hermit at 40 and why they are still hanging around with financially profitable insults and abuses keeping watch of something they claim they own, something they claim they had created. So it is said that most of these activities are racist but they are not, just want a group of utter idiots who would not be out of place being described as scum, as it does rather fit the way they keep all the good behaviour to share with family and lay waste everybody else’s career and social life getting opportunistic – so we know that racists are bound to take advantage of the fact it’s never clear the reasons their community croons spend all day getting on a roof to abuse people verbally, socially and sexually all day, while they found all sorts of abuse and insults that showed very clearly the unseemly ways in which human beings may be handled and used, creating this outcome where I too want to make them feel as though they had been imprisoned all the time. So I have been told that my work runs too fast as well but they were always going to try killing their opponents with work load once they realised their need to use their size and influence as a tool that helps make money, fame and creates Political stability without being noticed had been thwarted.