I am told my rhetoric is terrible and I could never make sense of it anyway; these are people who claim they are so important that they want me to help but have a real problem with reading what I write to such an extent they build their own community to help them enforce how they feel about my writing and set about creating their own version of what I should have been writing all together – serve this up on a table and place it in a platter, the question that none can answer will still be one of what it is exactly they expect me to do with this nonsense. Such that we find when it has come to the point of Public service guy making sure popularity guys stopped wrecking his life and vandalising his property to look after their bums, we find that they were not even doing it consciously, which does bring up another question for my part as well i.e. if they find it difficult being able to determine that they needed the services of an exorcist urgently.

I do get told it’s a terrible thing to say but we know the means for all these nonsense is that they are practicing at random the things employers do to keep crowd control because they want to get through their lives being immune to it or being exempt, while their behaviour if the very reason it exists all together – nobody knows what they are doing with the other bit about making public appearances which are spent at channelling feelings towards me associated with what I am to get off my bum and do to make their stupid selves comfortable, what people think is wrong is when I say they are in urgent need of the services of an exorcist. Then they all hang up in the City centre making out their connections all over the world, the Celebrity culture which has nothing to do with me but has ended up being run by idiots who are addicted to wrecking my career and finances, blabbing nonsense about the Country being wrecked because those whose lives they barge into and ensure matters are never controlled, such that they cannot be vouched for and if their victims got into trouble they could not rely on anybody, have been pushing their stupidities back as well.

They claim what is happening to me is extreme poverty, but I don’t suppose Poverty has hands and legs and ears and eyes with which to follow me around and handle my Books the last time that their stupidities checked it up then. Either way it does appear people expect there to be no consequences applicable when they make a mess of my concerns and build me a public image for it and indeed that helping those who are suffering poverty is more concerned with building publicity for those who are suffering it, beginning with me, which is just a process of living in dream world and I have no idea what the women especially are doing with that nonsense about getting on media to pass insults at me about what I am supposed to do to make them comfortable anyway – what I know is that I am not the one complaining about the consequences of all these things and therefore not likely to be the one best placed to raise an issue in public about poverty like they have suggested.

It is an old story about the insults that get service operatives attacking civilians, usually when they are not in uniform, the insults that are meant to groom people into position where it is possible to work some form of distant sexual abuse on them to put these municipal fools in control. They claim they want to ban my Books these days but it really started out with stories that I walk about as if I am a great conqueror when they were the ones who really conquered and to handle me making those stupid statements about how I need to get into a fight, which ensures my career and property ends up in a public disposition where people may do whatever they wanted with it and now it has ended with a story of searching me the last 15 years to ensure I was not some conservative being successful by taking advantage of Liberal ideals – they will find it amusing every time that I have not responded in a way that wipes that stupid smile off their faces concerning the effects, the same way we know that only when it had completely wrecked my life will we find the idiots working this nonsense stand up somewhere to say it was completely unnecessary as they have got their own part of society. This is the main platform for the warnings I have issued on the matter as it is clear now that the only reason we are doing this when I know they are just a bunch of hoodlums, is because those who have media jobs lend it to such a cause, as if it was written in a job description that when they got to an Office they were unfailingly meant to behave in such ways – they can no longer now deny the damage to my property which I have shown to them due to this behaviour is something they caused and like we see them do these things on a provisional basis that will ensure whenever they want top jobs they can compete because they had access to dirt, I am getting after their Shop Manager and CEO gimmicks that involve the Hoodlums they want to get around with and their stupid celebrities putting up bits of my Books to play around with as a matter of what people must think of them, even when they are aware the Books are fully patented and I am going to sack it too, much the same way I have warned them like some sort of sermon at this point about handling me and those Books every day; it will not give me a breathing space if it knows that telling me the way I fail to co-operate with their needs is the way they rip up the academic work and finances will end up being financially profitable.

They however have continued to claim it’s a matter of me feeling like I am superior to others which is utter nonsense as it is the absence of this feeling of superiority that is causing the main problems, as it generally means that I now have to decide that I must chose if I want to spend my time on academic work and other pursuits or I want to spend it hating idiots like themselves. So for their part we hear them claim they have wrecked my life but it’s the old tale of somebody being twice your age and which means that at least ¾ of that age will have been spent in the work force and some form of savings would have been built to play practical jokes with my security and finances by like we see its stupidities give its own to the frugal and it is about to end very badly in my view as well. This is the sort of thing that gets their goons saying that they are happy to hear I do not think myself superior to others as such but it has always been a matter of having to decide if you are better off with those who think the career and academic work issues are as important as you think they are and those who want to be famous, have a fear of work and can never stop telling lies – I believe my warnings are clear now, I have really had enough of them at this stage. They do claim something of how HM wants me to be homosexual, the same way we hear them claim I am complaining about what I had invented – the reality of which is that there is no such thing as The Queen wanting me to be gay when they spend their time blabbing me the coward and local hoodlums good which is the entire point of this conversation in the first place, as I am not the one complaining about the consequences, especially when their bottom hurts and for some reason I got nauseating financial complications because they are so stupid everything they touch gets damaged and as for what I am complaining about, I have not stopped working in a way that fills their heads with what I know lest I spend my time paying the price for their stupidities on account I am on the side of freedom and democracy according to the way that they wanted it, needs be done now that their insults have become part of their civil rights after years of Media power over peoples academic work and finances based political and social experiments I have found very uncomfortable while their foolish disobedience have enjoyed so much.

There is naturally this talk of my relationship with women and its all hinged on this sort of nonsense but it’s largely a matter of how people cannot tell what I am really like when I broke and they enjoy the business of women hitting and washing off me all together – so it is coming down to the wire on making them shut down the stupid comments that help them handle my earning margins and making sure their Celebrities had stopped following me around and then blabbing nonsense of how my responses damage their sales businesses. So I cannot find a partner when I am broke and they have continued to get involved with me, pick up any relationship I have with others and make something of an abusive behaviour out of it with Media; half the time I am embarrassed and confused about it, the rest of the time its them expressing something of their dominance since it becomes clear it would never happen with people I can stand up for if there was an issue, always with idiots that are out of my league but cannot keep their stupid hands off. So, it will boast that it’s a matter of dominance, cracked up out of my league dominance.

They do claim I speak of vandalism and consequences but none can tell where it is happening but all we see on Media is a little trickle of what Celebrities spend their time doing to get rich and secure a piece of my social status for themselves with the help of connections I had dared not gotten close to if I did not want the trouble of my life with their big mouth and it fundamentally involves building a community of idiots with ideas about chasing my bum, who will help them secure the Trade secrets of my writing career because the entire world of Celebrities now relies on it, as it is quite clear their problem is the idea of me selling my Books when they want to be Royalty in my place like humans who have no brains whatsoever. Hence it is rather becoming more obvious that I really do not think Celebrity jobs have the right to exist as well and so tend to see some of this behaviour as a natural defence mechanism because my mind is quite dark, except there is no social balance mechanism involved in handling the Books that their stupidities clearly wrote and more so in such ways. They have always resorted to this behaviour of me in a disposition where I am either being loved by the population or need move left and be a sexual plaything while they ensured I was not Royalty anymore and it means I cannot do what I need to do when I need to do it, cannot get off a Hermitage and spend some time with poor people praying because the Hermitage is attached to a Royal Commission and their incredibly foolish interest had been triggered, in fact I am now facing financial complications over these foolish choices they make and it really is about to decide how I got about crushing it for them as well. On the other hand they say I am a threat that has been concealed while reality is rather that I have a sharp mind and people love to screw with it and complain over what really is a behaviour that they can easily put a stop to, bearing in mind I find it uncomfortable too; so what happens is that when I am single I have to do the both sides for myself, if I have a partner she would aid me with one part and it is not that they are unaware their family members and the business of replenishing the stock of 50 year old school truants that support the financially profitable parts of their popularity disobedience, are responsible for the fact I am always tired, they love to issue the threats associated with gits wanting to make use of my personal space and my sleeping patterns to exhibit distant violence at me by when I had done anything which remotely makes their stupidities uncomfortable, goes without saying I really have no idea what I might if their foolishness got off from here and started handling me physically for it as well.

So like the story of claiming HM wants me to be Gay, while the reality is that there is a sense I spend more time protecting Celebrities instead of the Queen, they also say that mine is quiet Nationalism which is utter nonsense, as what happens is that I write Books from a Public Office and people have turned up to think that you can do Public work without the Public image, we also know they want to get famous and rich with the Public image and that it never works, we know they have begun to issue threats and we know I have begun to seek an end to the debacle of their crowd based mental illness showing up here all the time – it has now developed into a case of goons that fund their industrial narcissism, along with their popularity gits and foolish Celebrities that want to control my finances as stupidly as possible taking to one side. They do claim I am the source of the biggest existential threat they have faced but we know I am only copying and showing off the ideas they give to me, so it must mean they are doing it with intent to wreak the most havoc – it does not annoy anybody that somebody else was famous on their public image, it causes anger when somebody has had to wait for a decade just to hope they will move on from churning his tummy and following him around to conduct distant abuses that give more teeth to their bad habits expressed and for my especially, it does appear they want a response and I am planning to give one to them as well; the excuse has always been that they are showing everybody that I am poor but I would never know if it is the poverty of where their sense of respect for others and my eating habits have met, a case of when exactly their famous stupidities will listen to what others are saying to them for a change.

It has always been the same case all round; the purpose of public Office and those who hold it is to see to their needs which are obviously greater, as far as they are concerned; the needs that will ensure their bottom does not hurt because of what employers do to maintain crowd control whenever they got jobs, which they need in order to have the money that they cannot breathe without and we see that it then comes up with this plans to ensure that it wrecks my property and wrecks my finances to ensure I am some guy that does the bottom hurting while its stupidities got the jobs and it has now become a question of me taking a position on the matter of why employers did it in the first place. So it is not true I am trying to reason with them as I am not in anyway trying to reason with them, just setting out consequences that will follow the continued vandalism of my possessions – I mean they say employers hurt the bum and that is why they need money without getting a job but should be give a while on the business of letting them do what they like so their bottom might not hurt, this is what we end up with i.e. the series and series of things that they will tell you the employer that they need to do which is not signed up to at the job contract and how they will do it anyway whether or not telling them off had become a sermon – we see this behaviour with football people who think they are incredibly manipulative, the same with the Celebrities and Television personalities and now their fans who have nothing. I do get told I need to push but I wonder if people have taken into account what my view of these matters are i.e. employers hurt the bum they say but they need to make a mess of my diet and public image and finances, make a mess of my whole life, keep records of it and build me a public image on this mess, just in case I ended up in a competition with them over a 6 to 8 figure salary or above, they might have some dirty tricks that will ensure that they won – so I have adopted a position which I must build these endless structures I can play with to ensure that they will not be keeping these salaries for long; either way I will push anyway because it does not seem as if they will keep away from my Books and stop following me around especially at the academic institutions if I had failed to, I am just pointing out what people need realise the bearing responsibility when they urge me on looks like - the Politicians are extremely good at this; my personality must be subjected to public debate and then all hell will break lose when I wish to recover and get some peace.