I have no idea who has brought up this story of Military operatives being detached from Human rights laws anyway; I mean comparing Military platforms, we can say the American ones who just kill the enemy over there does not want to be free from it, it is the British ones that are steeped in history and tradition that want to, which does not make any sense at all whatsoever either way. It’s the myths apparently, one such that Heroism is a matter of bad people who decide to do bad things to bad people in order to protect others – whereas the truth is that heroism is normal people putting themselves between bad people and other peoples to ensure bad people do not harm others; so than the right thing to do becomes trying not to be bad so that it is not called for and keeping the military that needs to be clear of junkies that cannot get along with rules free of it too. So that in the end it will never make sense why war does devastating things to soldiers who do devastating things to the enemy as well, in a condition where a soldier has no way of detaching himself from the band of brothers roller coaster ride would need to be free from the Human rights laws itself.

It’s like when they say I love Law enforcement while everybody hates it and think my way of living is defensible, which is again another myth; it’s never as much as a matter of loving it as it is a matter of regard and consideration for those who do a difficult job that keeps me going everyday; the problem therefore with these guys is that they are wasters and when their bottom hurts all the time because they have caught the attention of a Law enforcement worker, they still cannot understand that why such people cannot have enough of them as well is that they are being wasted for being wasters; the same applies to the secret security service that is a hot bed for people who want to use the security to solve personal problems; usually a case of everybody thinking they are cowards and they will solve that problem by getting involved and planning a career where they get to see as little violent activity as possible and end it with a good retirement just before all hell breaks out and there is a war – so that anything that wants to change that automatically becomes the enemy and you are all caught up when you go to a super market to find everybody there behave in such ways as means that somebody somewhere in the security services had started a plan on how very stupid market square behaviour goons that can go from teasing people to committing racist murder are a protected lot and then when you are done with your own game as well therefore, the day ends with some story of a phenomenon. I have mentioned it a few times i.e. waster wears a T-shirt saying he hates the Police and the Jewellery store next door was being robbed and then he was shot dead by the thieves who wanted to ensure there was no witnesses – they never hated him and it was nothing personal, it’s just shooting him was the standard procedure to get the job done, in the line of trade they are into, which is obviously not the Police and then the Police have to clean up a body covered in blood in a T Shirt that says I hate the Police.

As for me, I am a Christian and not necessarily a novice at what I believe in hence can recognise evil when I see it and they hate my guts on a wholly different platform and arrangement. They do however say that Law enforcement wastes my health and Love to cover it up and put a brave face; the myth being busted would mean I have to mention first of all that what does waste my health is the fact drop out Prince is not necessarily a good thing and although the conditions would have caused anybody to drop out, my abilities being assessed means I could have managed just fine – so nobody tends to think of the fact I underestimated it and by the time I had made a decision to act they had crept under my skin and it was too late and hence I am constantly reminded I am a University drop out; all of which can be easily resolved if people stop messing up my Book sales, which will stop my cash flow crisis and allow me return back to an academic environment but which is not what they want to do anyway, if the process of Government getting involved with my concerns just as criminals invite themselves into it becomes their main preoccupation for the purpose of getting up on my Public life to make themselves fame and financial comforts without a care for what really happens around the rest of it, if they can set about making sure they come up with insults and counter blame insults that mean I cannot tell them off and allows them to ensure any problems they deal with becomes something I am forced to come up with solutions to resolve while they maintain a life of convenience and celebration as wasters. The other one is as I have mentioned before; myth busted, it is not the Police and law enforcement and security service that waste my health, it is the fact people mess with my finances while the Government gets involved with my concerns and criminals invite themselves into it; so that the issue with the Military is that people are confused about the fact it is made up of very many different kinds of people and it does not work to try and understand what their world is like by putting them all in the same box and likewise of which each and every one of them have a preference of leaders among their ranks which they prefer to follow,  just like everybody else.

So they do say the main issue is that Politicians want to control me since I am a danger to other is some way; I wouldn’t know anyway as the main problem is that they have nice little earner at home which have become more important than Government work, hence although the government work is the one from which they kiss their families goodbye and  get involved with to pretend I am carcass and they are dogs, while I have to sum up the courage to regard the esteemed Offices of state with less respect enough to do something about it. So that it is the fact that when I had reached that point, is the stage at which we will start to see occasions appear where MPs want to punch me in the nose if they have the guts for it while every swipe they take at me will result in papers from my office cutting them as well when they go to work. It’s a simple process of intellectual property administration which means that unless the entire world knows a particular item is my property, I will never make a living and we are not talking about Talk show hosts especially the American ones making my entire business out to be that thing that those who Police the world do, which I have taken up without authorisation, so as to show the needs of their stupid socialites all over my Public image and income to provide the kind of twisted leadership they want to provide, which their counterparts around the world want to follow ass well – it’s something I have followed up right up to a point where I see the American secret services build their insanities all over my renaissance in order to prepare themselves for an existence underground. Hence it’s currently a game where the Intellectual property administration business cannot protect its own intellectual property income margins and has the earnings bottomed out all the time for them as far as they are concerned. I would say I do not have the time to administrate all these little matters of crime prevention of course but that is actually not good enough; another little bad thing I must sum up courage for is the one where Men are supposed to go from walking into my personal space to seek their wishes on grounds there is ample media claim it is public property and then every process of pushing them out resulting in the guy who walks by ganging up with them on me without reason, ending up in another case where there are public questions as to whether the pleasantness of their living rooms and lounges are things they have actually earned or worked for and therefore deserve and then that will be a start as well.

They do say what I am experiencing is called racism but we all know it works with the same old parameters i.e. when I am a writer I must be able to protect my income margins from those who want to live on easy street without doing a day’s work in their lives for it; the problem of course is that the Politicians have a problem with anything I may do to protect myself from such crimes and it has become ever increasingly obvious that I need to protect myself from them instead – hence every process of finding out what it looks like when a moral person that is me cannot get a job and does not have money, must result in a follow up process of finding out what it is like when MPs simply cannot please the Public no matter what their manifesto looks like and the whole process of making sure usage of my work without payment results in the trouble makers associated with theirs finding out the way their jobs work was never associated with the jobs or businesses or livelihood of stupid meddling journalist either, which actually does not amount to a side of this conversation that I want to have anyway, regardless of the fact they do say that the female journalists in their establishments betray them for me, while the truth is that she will build that career over ten years and he will muscle in, one fell swoop by which he choreographs some graphics for her to work with when she appears on screen and takes over everything, I am not denying that when they get their heartstrings pulled as well, some of it is done for me anyway, since that part largely is to do with the fact that they have to punish people – they have to punish people all the time, punish people and find out they were wrong and those they have punished were right all of the time. They do speak of Women that will behave in ways which will suit their needs of course and I don’t mind; all I have to do is become a far more patient individual than I am at present since it is what their women do not have and then I can compete with it.

It’s like that case where they say I am at this stage exactly as discriminative as Hitler was; whereas the reality is that they are always doing the ugly stuff, distraction from academics, sharing the processed of my studying mind as a cultural prerogative, sharing public image and fame and fortune that is attached to it, passing their exams to become superior and never ending the left hand side and right hand side gestures which make me sick to the stomach and shows they always get the better of me stupid low life scum. So the time before the world wars was when people said there was a type of person whose existence just causes anger but like it was then and is today, you do nothing about it to find out they are the ones issuing existential threats and that the Women can never be seen seeking sex with their own mates, especially when those they love to hunt with it are moral people; then the party piece comes through of the threats which are associated with the fact they think there is nothing you can actually do about the bits they can perform to avoid getting their gratification by some extreme means such as conflict; it is the bit that is associated with city centre goons wanting to find out if I can act on them digging my personal and family life to make inspiration for getting rich on account I have to get outside of my door and attend to a daily concern and have now done so, the same I am referring to as the idea that I have no time for Media and Celebrity ones is actually not good enough an excuse.

They do claim I am struggling and it is utter nonsense, it’s always been the case that the route to success is preventing crimes of property sharing by Media and City Centre people and Celebrities; this is what their profitable disobedience at my expense does not wish to allow me have and they really shouldn’t be spending as much time on my Books as it is neither their property nor their livelihood. As for the struggling issue in its own right, that I can end by having a problem with neighbourhoods and their five bed room home well off enemy families and then being pushed into providing a service by gangs of communities who then do not want to buy it again and again and again to punish me for my faith and make up reasons as they go along when I bully their own as well will stop – it is usually the point where it becomes a form of bulling i.e. when people are not buying my products as well and the Books never did them any favours nor are the Americans able to question me about their stupid freedoms at this stage, so I am not struggling. They do say the Women who support me are cowards but we all know a matter of where you believe should be divided by what is happening around you means the younger ones always fall through in the middle and the older ones are always questioning if it’s me they really want – I do not have an issue with it and the matter is none of their business too; if my Court is respectful of me, this is the situation that replaces possibility of sexual activity –obviously they do have opinions but the big question is whether it is thus required. The blacks do make out if I am made to suffer until they controlled my life, they will get what they want – I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that it will only make me more unpredictable because there is no other way black women will relate with me save treasuring me when I am not around and taking away a certain amount of respect so as to allow them seek their exits in life with my Public image – obviously I cannot get rid of my skin colour to be free of them as far as they are concerned, so they have me in the bag and all I can say is that the fuckers need to leave me alone as it were. The first reason for the problem these people have with me was those whose process of ripping up my finances to link me with criminal communities and trim me to manageable size to make me their own – that ended in a Book they have now hated for 8 years – there is going to be another reason pretty soon.

It has never really been an issue for me as such, what they really enjoy doing is spending time with criminals and gangs that do bad things over Women and then show up around everything I own to speak of how I treat them but expect to do business with them as well, over the discrimination nonsense and so the reason is usually that Princes have the world and ordinary people have nothing and each time you then say they can have it too, the result is that your life is flushed down the toilet and the gangs rule it as well; so we simply had to ensure the Americans could not question me about their freedom before the conversation about the reasons they need to stay away from me and off my finances and property and concerns really began, what they have been doing instead is causing years of delay and business losses with the use of Political and public interests so that I hold onto the ability to turn them over and make them bellow those threats while the conversation is never had until they are ready – the Muslim men are the ones who show up at diplomatic circles to hit me until I know what my position which is lowest of the low really was, to all know them take what they wanted and Media idiots whose parents are not proud of their insanity are the ones who make the most of my plight. I might say all these things but it does not mean I make much of it anyway; the reality is still that I get on with what matters to me and allow anus and penis insults idiots whose abuses are usually the cause of their demise to do what they do best but they usually mark me out to get attention from me because it offers convenience and perhaps something stolen that will allow financially ease and so they never do it without touching Books and touching person and touching public image and so on and this is going to lead to another set of outcomes for which there has to be a reason as well. So they say I need to become a more compassionate and humanitarian person, which I do not mind seeing that Celebrities want to take over that aspect but then again, so have I already set myself up as punching bag for civil rights goons and Politicians without retaliating especially when expected to against young people, which will hamper their growth and development and since I can get my finances fixed after I would like those who want to be proud of their leaders to let thing work the way it should and stop blabbing at me about a lack of respect for young people.

I do not think it a problem; if it is not telling me they have noticed me try to make lots of money in a Country they created to allow buffers which facilitate a means by which people can do so without doing violent stuff and that if I do not wish to share in a condition where they are superior need to leave their Country, then it is about issuing threats and complaining I have a problem with people as a whole never mind the discrimination, whereby black people can make their problems felt too. so it’s an old tale where they are seeing whatever it is they want to and the classic case has always been that if people will follow you as long as you work hard and remain original and I will be as successful only when they are not screwing with my Public image and Office; for now my Books generally extricate from them an effect where they are always complaining about disrespect for other peoples cultural fathers; they say they do what they do because I beat people all the time which is fine by me anyway - either way of starting my writing at any point whatsoever or process of giving away my Books if I feel it might save lives or putting it on a University computer system while I am studying, when it comes to selling, it people have preferences and that means those who have interests if it is that important to them, must buy the Authors Books before they get involved, so he does not write to make them feel sensations of convenience while he picks up another job so they can keep their own human rights: Its never an issue, it is an evil of Media building people financial vulnerability when they think those they want to target in order to lace their career have not got any and it comes eventually down to a very abusive sexual teasing that suggest my life is being threatened as well - in the end they have got it sorted if most of their pedophiles are now caught after they were demised. It is not to say that I find it to be a challenge anyway, the reality is that I have good friends already and there are bad people I must avoid, are those bad people the guys, of course not - so I lose when I express my temper at the guys who are only just trying to get by like I am but is my friends thing the Guys? Hence, the Court is not free for all and they must be getting involved because they wish to work for it and if I said it years ago I would not have had any fun.