They say I am supportive of this eventuality where British Defence budgets are getting completely out of hand and it’s beyond the imagination exactly which budgets they think are getting out of hand when they do not even have the basic structures of defence in the first place; I mean the Navy has only just gotten its recent Aircraft carriers, the Destroyers were themselves made obsolete by stupid secret service operatives doing what they can to help weapons companies get rich and selling the fundamental basis of British defence even to Russians as well – the same way we see them send in soldiers to deal with Russia created problems that can be handled by gathering intelligence and then claiming it could have been done better, like somebody putting a two ton toxic waste canister on a 1 ton Truck to complain that when it did spill, the problem was that the spillage was toxic – we have an Air force as it stands but only recently have we purchased appropriate Aircrafts for the Carrier which we use as a stealth platform, we have an Air to surface and Air to Air attack Aircrafts which are fast enough for the job but would not do so well if they ran into a trap because they are not the fastest in the world, we do not even though the Eurofighter does put up a front, have an Air to Air combat system while we have an Air Force; my point is whilst they say I know these things when I am not a trained defence specialist, they cannot tell apparently that their enemy probably knows more than I do in the circumstances and that the basics have to be settled first before the specialists get to decide if the defence budget is getting out of hand and there is no point criticising people when it is the basics that are being settled. Like they do say I am cursed by my parents who sold me to the white man because I am a juvenile as well which is utter nonsense – what happens is that I step into Church and my evil Mum sees something that should become her personal Jesus that dies on the cross for her and her braindead friends but when they gather and bully and set me up for it, their problem is that I am an adult and will move off somewhere to deal with it and die etc, so they have these scum that think they were famous and various other Political fools following me around, keeping an eye on me and wrecking everything around here. It will always be the same case where they hate some religious people because they are modern and after ruining all they can, like they have yet again, they want to move into the right hand side and I have warned them about that insulting and stupid sense of theirs which underestimates what is likely to happen when they do showing up here for those stupidities all the time, while the one they are complaining about got ample warnings before action was taken as well, is the one where they believe culture exists as a tool that allows them get me complaining about them every day of my life.

I do get asked what I think about UK defences but it is a two part business where the Americans know we are able to handle their own global problems alongside our own while they redress their economic issues because they will make a mess of their responsibilities if they had to do it without a hand of support that kept it from them in the meantime – so they are pulling out of heavy support in South America and we must now see that if we are not telling the Russians that they cannot expand into South America, nobody else will and if the Russians think our Air Space is not dangerous, every time they want to expand we will have to escort a Bomber off it – the other part is the fact Liberal America is the biggest threat that Australian and Canadian economic interest face and they never do like Trump, never say this is me and I am now on an America first basis thing, what they do is create so much problems that by the time they take it, it would have been a Candy taken from a baby situation. The Liberal America story is not a complicated one in any case; the history we were taught in Africa is that not all slavery and slave trade situations were created by criminal white men kidnapping and selling people into slavery, some were created by parents selling juvenile children they could not control into the slave market but what we see the goons do every time is bring up slavery issues and never get serious about it and like this case, the facts will be mentioned when they believe the civil rights value to be at its peak and in the meantime my whole life comes to a stop until then, looking for more; so we find that in their view, the business of showing up to make a mess of my academics and finances with stupid girls, open me up and set the stage to ensure they can take anything they want from my daily concerns and sell it to Celebrities who would later create the filthy popular culture stage for them to be famous as well was never how the bloody slave trade worked.

So, UK Defences are not looking the best they could have been but then again, the templates to build on are looking very good and naturally these goons do claim it is all too big a responsibility for us while they were happy to create the Economic crisis, then identify the behaviour that is causing them to play a party in it, refuse to change the behaviour and instead opt to rip up even more of peoples lives and finances to create trendy recovery, before they were able to identify which responsibility was too big.