I am  perfectly aware on the contrary of the story raging endlessly that I have some kind of resolution; new year’s resolution maybe that gives me a guide for what I do but there isn’t a shred of truth to it; the reality is that people will likely get up on media and make pop songs by deploying the faith you practice in your personal life but every single sentence in that song will be about abusing you still while they express their cynicism for the faith, and get after your finances too, end product being that they have the money and will not go away and we end up with a problem; whereby 2014 was financially violent for them because of me but 2015 seems to have become a matter of total annihilation. It seems I consistently need to explain that I do not have any resolutions but they consistently need to show they are impossible to reason with. The story of black people at the Monarchy is therefore not an emotive case either; we are not mates, they are impossible to reason with and need to leave me alone as it were – a story of power we hear, a story of how much of my possessions they will confiscate we hear but it’s nothing new, it always starts with Industry idiots who have ideas about revolution which of course means when they have money to spend and a need to assume the positions that Monarchs formerly did, they develop this characteristic hatred for women but it is when they help fund every stupidity that these incredibly disobedient black people seek that we end up with a problem because then not only do they have a need to see people flustered all the time due to cosmopolitan environments that means that the second man characters in the lives of women are likely not to be far younger than the women are themselves, which again is the other story about my inability to keep off peoples wives whereas the real issue is that I hate it when people say I sleep with peoples wives and that sex is what we do at Court – it leads to this condition that will never go away whereby we have the sex and they have the pain as it were so we can see how much they like that kind of sex. My point is that these black idiots think they have achieved much in confiscating my empire as they put it but for every Industry fool that helps them with money its always okay to tell me to build a Country in which they can get rich comfortably until they tell me my company does not exist and we end up with a problem but for these goons by themselves the warning has always been that they need to leave me alone as we are not mates as it were and I can always by the way devise a play time that will cost black people jobs and contracts and sales like.

It’s never true it troubles me that much, it’s always been a matter of the behaviour of common people and this gleeful need to have a scapegoat whenever bad thing happen whose possessions they demand and want to own by any means, making themselves a plaything for idiots with ambition where they can cause real trouble too as it were due to some misguided sense that those who are religious are incapable leaders because they are not violent and so on. So they really do love to target Royalty each time they are hard at it leading at the front in every turn of which are Americans with a gamblers economy behind them looking for trouble; while their need to take a problem they have and make it into an issue for others as a means of getting through it in their very free and democratic existence generally gets to mean they complain about what the British Monarchy does to them and how they need to avenge themselves on me, it is still so important for them to enable politicians to a global reach for intellectual property security that will mean tax payer funds spent on them to get rich with is cost effective by making them quick millionaires and it is such kinds of little effective and very provocative nonsense that constitutes the basis for their perpetual victim status as well. Their worthlessness and how it predisposes them to a need to be the hell raisers that get children and gangs to attack others is another story because of course it always reaches a peak when the conditions have become such that it is beyond the degree of children and gangs and is all up to them which means that the more important you are is the worst it will get and the more important you became at an earlier age is the more dehumanising it will get too and furnishes me with ideas of inhuman treatment to levy on them all the time with media idiots especially Americans upping the ante every single day. I have never considered it a problem because I know what it is i.e. think about criminals and then think about criminals whose career path runs along the lines of being concerned with peoples religion and personal life and family life and personal happiness and intimate moments and homes and so on and these fools will fit the bill perfectly, so I am Royalty and what they have described as massive and big enough for all, so I am not of the opinion they and the idiots at the Monarchy as well will ever stop targeting me – it does not mean I think it a problem. So far the outcomes we have had is that of their foolish children chasing academic work on this and wrecking mine only to become qualified enough to spend time chasing fame and fortune on my Royal Estate with a stubbornness and disobedience that is beyond comprehension and all done on this assumption that I would never have thought of it but that the fact remains I have taken steps to wait for them at the jobs markets as well is very unusual. While they complain we are know they are louts you learn to hurt not get friendly with and so they think I am not there yet and that they are a pain that always get to me every single time because they have that power over me but of course it’s a boast alright except that their disobedience means power over me and mine means I am causing them a need to attack the Monarchy but everything the Monarchy does to them must be avenged on me and it goes on like that a vicious circle over and over again. It has only come to notice at this point as such that their issues need to be looked into, especially the bit about incidents around the world and the need to rally people with problems and target some royalty with violence just to pretend they can only get used to it. 

It’s much the same as the tale of the things I say and do to make people feel uncomfortable about their stupid lives which course has no way of making real sense in the real world but people are made to go along with it because they are being forced to; it’s a tit for tart behaviour emerging here where I will have a faith I practice in my personal life and somebody will turn up to deploy the bit that ensures his deviance does not lead him down the path where he has to deal with violence and make music CDs with which to get rich and famous but the whole process still will involve very violently abusive cynicism about the religion, about God and about the personal life and finances of the person that practices is, so that once finished and made the money we now have a problem because they will not go away. The result therefore is that I need to handle that fame and fortune as well, aware of the parts that deal with violent issues so that I can escape it, never mind I was able to do it for myself anyway but now that they have gone and done it on my faith must now be settled as it were, so I can get violently cynical on it as much as can and ensure I am famous for it the process as well, no such thing as making people uncomfortable with their lives. We all know it’s a matter of civil and criminal disobedience and what is most important to them is that they need to reach s stage where they handle your possessions and set off a statements about your disobedience which means that you are the one being disobedient because your livelihood is something they cannot tolerate or are unable to and when you go and shut it down, as in my case the result will be that they are so powerful that they can censor books they don’t fancy and that this result ought to set a precedent as it were. I am only saying people should not be paying attention to them as their perspective will be forced onto everybody the day they are able to enforce such nonsense but for me personally I find it difficult to spend time on anything else because I have to clear up these things while they get off to it every day and pretend they have an alternate reality as a result but is something they should not be doing and they know that too, hence I want to handle the matter in such a way that if I do not get rich and famous for my religion on the basis of being cynical and abusive at the popular culture and its finances, it will never be over and then I can end up being the disobedient one while their industry big wigs pretend they are completely unable to feel my plight on account it is not their flavour which is what these bloody idiots all want to practice and has nothing whatsoever to do with modernity. At present the way it works is that I have not yet created a sense when I sit at my office I am managing a company by making sure everything they do to damage it especially those I have expressly warned them about and more so tabled effects of to them and the distress caused thereof, is well documented and presented to them along with the consequences set out to ensure a touch mine I touch yours and my customers will be safe as well as yours situation emerges from it but they have already gone one step further and advertisement and tacky day time television shows that are supposed to help them sell products cannot be made unless it is made on the basis of history built up for me that suggests I write things and talk because I am trying to communicate with people that are not interested in me but interested in them and they will make advertisement in no other way bottoming out my finances all the time and talking nonsense about a perspective that will be imposed on everybody claimed to be modernisation with a big mouth only and things I say and do to make people uncomfortable. I hear it’s a matter of teaching me a lesson concerning my discriminative religion of course which makes no sense whatsoever; there is no discriminative religion here, I am simply not going to make their alternative lifestyles as effective for them as they would have liked it to be knowing perfectly the reason is that they need to have access to other people’s lives while keeping people out of their own; the story about people has always been the same i.e. people: – there are many types of people; everybody knows this.