I hear they speak of US influence but that is largely when they have no wish to refer to the activities of goons that are slim built preferably white and blond and have a need to get a job wreck the finances of others with a good personal life, pretend they are gods of violence live in homes by the countryside and help their foolish daughters to every abusive nonsense that happens to others in the pop music Industry; at the moment they are no longer sitting around expensive drinks to rubbish me, which turns up on media and advertisement all the time, so they are more keen on sitting around in holiday resorts to rob it in my face that they have made use of my earnings and market to get rich anyway and will dig me further if I get between them and what they want but it is an old issue they fail to recognise never mind the part where they can no longer push their foolish children into drugs and crime anymore as punishment for their equally deviant nature which is largely always also violent because of me,  the other bigger issue of the fact their behaviour creates an ever increasing pornography Industry in the US which creates a problem for British tourism and while I clean it up and keep it clean they then turn up to influence me; I am not a novice at what I do anyway, so it is possible it will not lead to trouble.

I hear my use of swear words have come into the picture yet again but it is not really an issue; swear words especially the sexual ones are supposed to indicate the power of the strong over the weak, I use it because it is impossible to make out another implication for telling a group of people not to do a particular thing for 15 years every single day, so I use it to find out if it is actually the way they have claimed that it is. I do think about dealing with the matter but it is rather far reaching than they have given it credit for i.e. to reverse all these violence that corrupts my hospitality so they can chose self improvements and copy some privilege to look beautiful, I will have to start with the number of years I have spent on benefits and who started it in the first place. It’s nothing unusual, it’s the great nepotism of these idiots before they complain about racism, which is fundamentally necessary for their well being and the only debt you owe is to ensure it does not spread around and become a great problem. The reality is that of a group of people who get a lot of pleasure from harming me so that it continues to get from bad to worse all the time e.g. nobody on this planet could have the imagination to conceive that I might be punished by journalists on media for using swear words but that is exactly what they have gathered up to do at this point. So I will simply have to wait for when I get about signing books to customers for a journalist that will turn up in front of me to continue as it were.

It is never true that I am scared of black women, that is something about which their Politicians try to create some apprehension around me so they can latch onto for; the reality is that they are either frustrated fools who want to tell another man stories about how badly I have treated them in the hope I will be beaten up and humiliated and they will steal the beauty of public life, so it’s always a matter of stay silent and work hard enough to make yourself financially comfortable and then an ugly idiot will not give you such trouble, except that for some people staying silent will mean death by racism and at the moment the result have been that not enough have died yet because I talk and nobody knows whether it is my staying silent that leads to the deaths all together so I win again – nobody here is scared of the fact that every little witchcraft they brought here from Africa is something they feel has become unquestionable which is utter nonsense because that does not apply to anybody that they have not brought to a point of justifying murder with their abusive insults but it is nothing new of the kind of things that led to the racisms in this country some 30 years ago which specifically targeted only good people in the black communities that refused to be a part of such females or the males that beat up or kill them or the others that tell tales about how well you ought to treat women and so on. It starts off with the need to get some power from some witchdoctor in order to be successful at a visa application to travel to the UK and live a good life and then the days when the Politicians claim what they accuse me of all the time is actually true and that there is no God or devil, will have been the days when they claimed it was for the purpose of protecting themselves from the evils around them – now that it is the anus and penis of the Politicians that is being chased about and abused and somebody is finally listening I have no idea what they are going to say about the need to get lots of attention from claiming there is no God or devil in government buildings anyway but we await an outcome. It’s like when they say people have forgotten facts concerning the second world war because of me whereas there are living members of the SS on this planet today who serve as the voice of the other side, telling of how they did not expect that Americans will let them live after capture but it is not their message of how angry you get and how you are told to kill and how you get to do it that people want to listen to, what they are more concerned about is levying violence on me in order to extricate my Royal anger and copy it to do violence with in order to look glorious like I need news and information on the fact they are stupid and that is why their insults and threats especially those of them that think they are famous when they know I engineered a condition where they can never be.

It is never true I court trouble; they seem so bent on making the story of my life out of a case of abuse and disobedience and a shut up shut up me touching you really badly, then get used to it and get to touch you and your feelings really hurtfully all the time whenever I want; it has come to a point where they need my help on sexual abuse and are not getting it or on racism and are not getting it or on civil rights and social justice and are not getting any but such is their sense they can have anything they want because they are stupid as it were that all these things are supposed to have served to cover their tracks so they can keep doing it. Since the Politicians have a habit of getting up on our government buildings to claim neither God nor the devil exists, we still await an explanation of what they mean when they say they are evil beyond our imagination and need to have their needs looked after or else – I for my part know I serve God and that he does exist, they have to find an explanation for what is happening to them and their celebrities, bearing in mind they are not more so saying it much to Islamic extremists for instance these days anymore.