Most of those stupid things silly ageist do is not that much of a big problem for me; there are two main issues with it one of them is that each time I sit down to my job or academic work I always end up doing three things at the same time and then get abused because I tire easily one of those have to do with all the things I do to clear up the space for my academic work before I get down to it which in itself is an effort and the other has to do with the fact that each time I concentrate on anything that mind should be deployed to fight peoples battles so they can feel beautiful cultural and decadent when they are women and when they are men those are things I should spend doing civil rights and I have put up with this and it has cost me quite a bit since my teenage years. So one of these days there is no doubt whatsoever that there will be action justified by me about physically doing something about it since what I have yet done is not enough and of course it is my books that will be their undoing all together. Until then my warnings are quite clear but what they choose to be interested in is the fun in their bullying.

The purpose of being born into this world first before me of course has been always that my hatred of them is ignorant as it were. Last I checked career wise is the one I have mentioned above but there are other hatred points like telling Politicians there needs to be revolution in the UK because of me on account they want my Christianity to get rich with when it is successful and now it is a royal estate they want and that is even better than the Christianity all together; bearing in mind everybody else thinks that the way we work is set out a business and make it successful then when a market has been established spend money on it and expect a certain percentage of it in income 50% of what everybody aims for from which those who work on the publicity will get paid as well but for these idiots they have media and the ratings are 100% certain and now they want revolution so that they can get politicians to give them my royal estate after it has been successful and I have already put up with a decade of cash flow crisis because they are hoping on this and are making sure that they get to own it and that I cannot put up a fight when that time comes. The third part is the part where they want connections with the Prince of Wales as well and I have no idea what that one is supposed to do.

It is not the first time I have made such things obvious and most people will think it is surprising but it is not; I had already mentioned I have these idiots where I want them all the way to public place bill board advertising. So one of these days with respect to that as well it is will be a case of somebody setting up a stupid bill board with my property without permission and then I will wear rags and walk into the city where he works and no body will get it until I get there and then there will be a fresh fight after I grab him by the scruff and the collar and he is pissed off about it and then we will get in touch with each other and then it will get dirty and that is usually the point where the flash and glamour disappears and more so for good because it will become clear to the rest of the world that people walk into peoples offices in London to grab them by the collar over a bill board advertising . for now they love their big mouth and community idiots that will stab me with a kitchen knife.

I mean when you are responsible for the fact somebody else will exist at a point where he works really hard and ends up homeless at the same time; what would you do? I mean I am asking this as a rhetorical question, not asking it of them. it really gets to show that the rest of us live in a different reality from media idiots and until it reaches a point where stories fly around regularly that somebody got beaten up and the police got involved and the reason for it was Media and a so and so group founded by a so and so person, none of it will ever show signs of improvement, nor I suppose will there be any improvement unless I set up structures to secure a process where I can grab peoples media firms and break them up and sell them each time they attack my finances like they love to do and I need not mention that it is their case with my books and the sale of it that will become the biggest problem eventually and then maybe when that happens people will think about what they want to teach their staff and they will think about whether they want to employ certain kinds of staff like everybody else has to think about. I mean for now it is a case of the feeling that I can never be right whatever they do because there are children starving to death in Africa and there are wars happening around the world which they are reporting and so we will get to the point where things are done the way they are done in Africa and the result will be those kind of situation where there is a status quo well understood by the government that a certain interest group and the media do not get along and that they are prepared to use violence to achieve their purpose and then there will be other things such as my name on one side and celebrity culture on the other.

I have put up with that thing where there is a Christian that knows how to do things in Town all through my teens, it took from me my GCSE’s by hunting me to the exam room and making a mess of things there, now it has hunted me out of a degree programe and placed me 30,000 pounds in debt to the student loans company and it hunting me over absolutely everything I study to have a qualification to find work with telling me I can never be right because there are children starving to death in places in the world and there are wars that they report on their stupid media in other places around the world as well.

Now with respect to the other stuff about beat me, it’s the same as fight, fight, fight which has led to the above result and does not do them any good. the beat part will have much to do with the same beats that got them where they are today; so far they think they have socialist parties and those will save them all the time. The part where they discuss the real cash value of the Crown Jewels making up stories of how it has much to do with me when it does not create enough controversies to get rich with I really like; after all it always means I can make it clear that a person who is deemed as somebody who has a royal estate people want to confiscate and peddle in place of revolution that will get rid of the Monarchy so they can have the Crown Jewels in museums is clearly a poor man on account that he can never be right with a big mouth since there are children starving to death around the world and wars happening which idiots have to report on television.

Its always all a matter of things the media does to cloud the realities of what my office and work really is which causes cash flow problems as well. I mean being the Arch Prince of the British Head of state of not a mean position to hold in the first place and if we want to look into it, then we begin from when I am regarded as the Golden King; which has to do with what Her Majesty feels in the air in her realm and why she wants the person to whom it is associated to be in her service, which of course is the basis on which I run all my affairs, after which for the purpose of activities of royal personage property and office is a matter of being the Monarchs I.P. Administrator and of course officially I am the Arch Prince. It does not appear to media and celebrity culture idiots at any point in time which their sadism and masochism to get rich with that I need to check my identity issues by being properly aligned with the way hierarchy operates around me and that is why I am so steeped deep into their affairs and that of their stupid Politicians to sort out my identity issues. Some say it is the completely opposite way that a Royal would react but that is because they respect money and when they wreck my own they do not realise all the things they are likely to do with such an advantage will only lead to a process where they tell racists I am their biggest problem. For now they like and follow money and there are people they love to sacrifice like media power