I am now told that I appear to be in a lot of trouble with the world of Men but it is not actually a problem to me from where I am – it’s the old case of showing up to bother me with a history of insults that initially always begins with a case of the wife loving me but how they together do not love me more than their kids who now own my future since last they handled me, while I am stuck in loving them while they decide when they get to love me; so when I twist their own as well they become so important they cannot keep the day job, hence the Moral of story becomes the fact I am not their Son. It gives way to a process where the fact they really get around plays up and everybody that cares about me anywhere is no longer safe, then they realise they can make Industrial connections from what they have seen following up my existence like that but still it’s the same old business of Liberals who think that conservatism is something that should be the exclusive practice of older people, showing up here to issue those insults and threats, then start to think I am the one bluffing when very serious outcomes have begun to emerge. They speak of reasons it happens all the time while the main reasons is still that the most profitable venture in their world is show business and Celebrity activity; so when it has reached this stage of what we see carry on in Asia unabated all of the time, whereby they come up with stories about who has done something brave or served in National service and deserve to own the personality of certain individuals, they had really developed a need to understand that when they issue those threats as the result of how the consequences have affected them because I have been hurt by it, they are likely to be bluffing while I am not.

They do claim I do not have a sense of the length and width of this matter whenever I am so interested in how they push Music CDs up the charts abusively and insultingly on my Public image all over the Radio all day long but it was an old case of showing up at the Military, to make out people are doing something about a Russian threat because they were pinching some socialist acumen, thereafter which is has been a case of one mess after another which endangers the lives of other service personnel all day long, if it gets killed, everybody ends up with a sore bottom as it takes it revenge on a society that has not paid the same price it has paid via processes of insulting an Arch Prince fingering the bum and making a case of its stupidities on Media to get rich and famous; of which it will not yet acknowledge that I am very clear here about the entire country dealing with hurting bottoms because they love to insult me, it is adding up and needs to be shut down with that big mouth they have just yet so far (the length and width of the issues). I have had to take to social media to build this Publicity considering the people at GCHQ and MI5 sometimes are buried in paper work and do not realise they are losing irreplaceable human assets and wealth in experience, so now I have done it, happy with the results that they know when to return home so we can tidy up and try again if their missions have been jeopardised – the length and width of the issue.

It is very similar to the other case whereby it is said that I am at war with the Politicians which is much the same as the Men vandalising everything I have to follow up what they have seen the Politicians do, which concern my Books getting to Westminster where the sales are killed off because the purpose of such Books is to make an MP look good in public eye, the very reasons they are complaining being that I am not able to tidy up and return to the academic system to finish my Legal studies on account their fingers are always up my Bum while they lay claims to my Public image, fundamentally needing celebrities to wreck the finances and get me dropping out of University so they might build it because they need the Public image and then hanging around street corners waiting for a time that they will get some homosexual sex from me – it has not stopped, the same behaviour and the same pattern, when they complain Politicians and Media listens, once back on their feet they start again. Being at war with the Politicians was rather a case where the fact we are unable to live in a municipal society because of the money and public talk sort of leverage that Politicians have provided extremists and other ethnic Minorities that are of the same thought process level in the country, hence the assumption being that it is an instability they will get rid of on a later date while we continue waiting. So it’s good talking about war on Politicians because I solve all the problems in a short period of time and leave them crying out for control as there simply needs be a way of preventing them from behaving like human beings at home and animals at Westminster with me as the victim every day; to make the point that if I have a target that a certain percentage of people will be educated concerning my Public Office and Public work and these matters are preventing that from happening, we have got a problem, contrary to the idea when I say I do it because I have had enough of them, it is the Royal Office that I am fed up with – they do mention this war on Politicians all the time but we all know the average 20 Year old has about 40 Years to work out for themselves a comfortable pension – so it’s logical to assume that somebody who has 10 years left to do that will have little time to wait for a period at which they will come round, otherwise there is clearly no good ending for this perverted nonsense where my Books get to Westminster which is then the stage at where the sales are killed off. We see the same gimmicks on the claim that I mess with Police work which tends to mean if I got off dancing on the streets without reason and it was discovered that my dancing had an effect on crime levels, if the Police drove by and gave me the thumbs up every day, somebody would have a problem with it – same as this case where I am constantly being attacked by them while they have a need to put up financial leverage for criminal characters on my Public image at Westminster, yet when I act in a way that shows I am aware law enforcement is not at my Beck and Call, complemented with making sure I am safe without taking the law into my hands, then we find that Police fanaticism of it offends some goons that are working on the interest of Politicians, while their children have been trained to chase my bottom and make something of themselves on my public image.

The other part of the story being when it is said that I do not think Celebrities are doing something important, about which they never do; it’s either they are blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image or they are just being abusive to get me trapped in social issues, so they might invest on my Public image; they have never once been seen doing something that mattered, I personally really do not know why they enjoy showing up on Media to make a case out of me while they really do not think I were important enough for it anyway, it’s the reason I had taken to social Media to ensure they had followed my profile or shut it down. It is pretty much the same as the case where we hear them claim that people are unaware of what people are doing, which is what Men always rely on the rest of us to think and the expression that we find on the faces of dead people whenever the police have been called in to clean up a killing i.e. still think he is unaware of what he is doing now that killing you will not bother him? So it is the bit that really makes sense of the motorist bullying and the bad behaviour on the roads; in my case they say I behave on the roads the way that hustlers in Africa behave when selling things to motorists, whereas the rules on how to be a pedestrian was also a very strict one, the same way tail gating is a crime; you must have a quick deal with an oncoming car, look left and look right and left again, give car drivers the time to slow down and let you get across, and you must never run across as the driver would never have been able to decide how fast you were travelling, no stoppage by a driver therefore usually means another car was behind him hence dangerous to do so etc. Then again this business of thinking people are unaware of what they are doing was usually a matter of our precious influence of Germany, that goes from showing up to express evil cultures on people’s Public image, getting those who have a Public work to fight for a Public image because an idiot thinks he owns it which has no meaning whatsoever – progressing to one of making an oaf of itself that shows up in Public to challenge people to a fight until people had contracted anxiety based illnesses – progressing to one that involves a case where people can achieve what they wish but on the basis of members of the Public wanting to feel safe, it can be taken from them by somebody who works in the private security Industry – then giving way to one that involves a history of insults on Media that is used to ensure that people are spied on, so any projects they created has ended up making another person’s leverage richer, not least with the help of Celebrities, even when they are quite aware that there are people out there who can achieve such things without the help of finances, only violence. So it has become the official position of the world that they are rich in that way but if they used it to make war, it would not have been the first or second occasion, it would have been the third – for my part, I have gone from a case of what the world will take from Germany if the Allies Pulverised it again, to one of doing something to ensure I no longer saw them show up around my Public image to make my life toxic. They do say I am the one thing they want to teach lessons which is an old case as fucking me means I get to fuck the society and they get to lose the jobs and livelihoods when I do – teaching me lessons therefore which will be one that ends very badly indeed; I mean basically one moment I am a normal person and the next the academic work and finances have been wrecked to a point where I have developed an Achilles heel which tends to mean I can respond to what passes on their left hand side and right hand side, has no meaning whatsoever made good by more insults and a need to take money out of my Public life, leaving me to think when I handle their own as well, I am never going to make them a lot more stupid than they currently are, bearing in mind they hate my Books and want to teach me lessons already. I grew up with siblings that are good at science you see and there were stages in which they are good at Mathematics for instance, then stages in which they were so good at it they were able to develop their own backup equation which lets them work out whether or not what they were doing with a particular sequence of figures was the correct thing and it did not just happen, it was the stages of development that a particular an environment that maintained a certain thought pattern allowed them to acquire – we can see everybody else’s has stalled due to the influence of Germany, while I am some kid they want Public image mobility from if their stupidities are not teaching me lessons as well.

It seems to do these without fail; show up and carry out a systematic vandalism of peoples career, where in my case they now know where my Books are located and the business of Liberal America is now one of finding out if after the damage and history of Insults there will be compromises I will make due to desperation, which they may find useful; the one they are complaining about presently as a result of these being that I want them off my Public image and have warned them this place has become noisier than even a free Book world of Public Library because of them. The women will be the ones that have a civil rights I have never really been a fan of, showing up to threaten me with the boys from the streets while the boys from the streets is what the girlfriend and wife worries about because somebody will want to make an announcement that they have had children every time they step outside of their door. Then we hear there is fear for the economy which I do not share whereas they do have the choice along with their Politicians, to either invest in the people that will take up a £500 washing Machine and make it into a £570 washing machine dealing in innovation, which means more profit, more revenue and more taxes, or they will chase prestige at Industry and drag Industry people into the Cabinet to help them run the Government; from where I am, the first carries only the risk of inflation that may come only if the Central banking system has increased Market liquidity levels, the latter comes with Hyperinflation. Personally however I wish to see an end to their involvement with my Books and Literary Empire and am actually working to stop 100% of the insults including the ones that comes from their Celebrities – business is about working in a team with people and getting paid for a job that you do for the team which the team cannot do for itself on account they are busy chasing other jobs – it has always been that simple; speaking of the money they have extracted from my life and work however, that was a Cake Shop Industrial Communities thing, they can keep it because they clearly deserve it as it were; the trouble with Cake Shops being that you do have the money to buy and eat it there and then, except the owner does not want to disappoint its customers and you can only buy one if you have placed an order online – walking into one therefore comes with hot air in the tummy troubles. The rest of the time I do get told there is no way to manage the ways in which these abuses have affected me and turns up all over my work and Public image, which is utter nonsense; if I broker equities with Car Companies, they will need to create in Car Hospitality and this means working out a sitting position for cars that will drive on roads and neighbourhoods etc, those who therefore want to make themselves a part of my work are welcome to but I would rather they mind their business for my part anyway.