It really is impossible for me to grasp exactly what people are trying to accomplish for most of the time when they attack my book sales to run those their wicked violent money crazy systems which are based of getting together with me to do things and more so do things for people in an eventuality that they moderate and lead which also applies to my income as well.

Most of them are of the opinion that their stupid women and girls can collect my colours for their companies for example among other intellectual property but how they will make this happen when those colours where chemically put together to match my temperaments exactly and no body else has the same temperaments like me in the world? insults that will abuse me to the extent of changing my temperaments which damage my brand as well so they can continue to run away with both my income and earning potential without consequences. Of course any business that uses my Equities and or intellectual property or securities in such ways takes a big risk with everything, to which I personally cannot make out how they will be as rich as they are and yet as stupid and they show themselves to be.

The meaning of all these nonsense to me is that when people buy their products they do not buy products from others as well and it will not do, I will take their world too and make it smaller by rounding them up the Entire planet wise for the purpose.
With respect however to my Job with Her Majesty meaning any scu can impute things into my life and rob me of earnings and then make even more money on top of that getting rich while making sure they were doing things together with me to solve problems, it does not have a good ending; I placed my securities and Intellectual property at their companies in the stock market to ensure I made the economy of my Country and the Entire State successful from my Office which U got payment for the job through selling my books from, I never insinuated or created a notion it has become their property and so they are beginning to owe me money nearing in mind the ability to say anything I want to say whenever I want to say it was gained by hitting them hard enough to earn it in the first place.