The reasons that matters suddenly go from being about Government issues to being about me in Parliament has never really been an emotive one like people make it out to be, it’s the old story about the fact that the Politicians have been shaken up to the fact that no person really has a grip of any conflict situation in this World and that they need to keep their abusive, arrogant and insulting imaginations away from my anus.

The rest will be the people who claim I am in a difficult situation which is utter rubbish; the only thing I need ensure that I am doing with myself every day is to get out to bed and write some Books at a Royal Hermitage which involves an income margin that I am not being forced to share by any civil rights or Political fool and to beat down seriously anything that wishes to damage the Books in order to control my finances. They always say that there is nothing I can do about them naturally which is not based on reality; the reality is that when these stupidities that have something to do with Industry goons giving them money for passing insults at and or abusing me, which then progresses to a need they have to damage my Books on account they were desperate to dominate me financially, had developed into something of a face off over why they think they may look like they have the power of God at their fingertips when the colleagues or subordinates are incompetent, they can play these foolish games with my livelihood every day, then we will find out exactly which ones they can beat up with their big mouth. It’s always incredibly stupid and incredibly selfish and has just this one talent of damaging peoples livelihoods, loves to say its problem is that my Books are mundane but whilst I have to deal with the sort of aforementioned nonsense I have described, their ego is such that I cannot write and sell mundane Books because they needed more and I am usually left wondering who asked them a fucking question about my career while they can never stop talking nonsense about my language getting me into trouble, like pests in suits who have selected a similar girlfriend looking like I have twice the problem now as they preserve their stupid genes.

I only pay attention to these matters as much because at this point it seems the proceeds of my Office is being demanded by Government on a frequent basis, otherwise it was a simple case of giving money to people who abuse and insult me all the time, employing criminals in the neighbourhoods for the purpose and then telling me they want to control my Finances, so when I secure a means of reaching Members of the Public, they secure a way of building a crowd that wants to talk about something of theirs which I had taken every time I step outside of my door and this translates into a process of saying that I cannot ignore them and just get around selling my Books without a bother – so the way my social Media works is that I know of their stupidities following me without necessarily being friendly and so do I have people I follow and place on a specific list without being friendly as well, it is therefore meant to interact and both are supposed to balance each other out and get the hell out of my life while I write Books and engage with an audience that reads it – the theory it’s not going to happen unless they said so is that big mouth wagging again a bunch of pests in suits looking for some of mine since last their stupidities met a situation where matters got serious on a daily basis instead of a persistent practical jokes that resulted in protest.

I do get asked why exactly it happens and how the Government may control the whole thing but it’s an old tale of their wickedness and evil; so they believe that there is a link between their imaginations up peoples anus and their market places making them more money, it’s just that it does not work up their own anus all together – the Celebrities want to do the wicked things and build a reputation that they keep as a source of power, then find somebody from whom to grab a real public image to be celebrities by – then there is the part that makes them attack me all the time since any process of handling me always develops into something of a danger to their lives i.e. nothing you do about the way their stupid personal decisions endanger their lives is ever enough save the part where you absorbed it and got off to get killed by racists and gangs and criminals, so they might know where their problems ended up and how it went away, this then supports all the stupidities we see them exhibit to make trouble for me and be proper pests in suits that cannot keep their mouths hut and their stupidities off my Book sales every day; so it is an Arch Prince obviously and very concerned with the religious issues, will likely become their worst enemy thereof, I would fancy they kept off my Books and stopped following me around like I have instructed them to, it got serious, I had enough of it.

They claim I am doing exactly what religious usually does to create violence and war, but I am lost as per whether peoples grandparents ripping up my Book sales to do Celebrity moves that adds up to their new-found happiness and freedom, should it have provoked me to a stage of physical action means that religion was responsible. There are others as well, such as when I think about my academic work and how it would have supplied me the tools to work on broker with my Clients to a point where I had a grip of what I was doing with them and were able to help them with market forecasts and get myself involved with stock market trading; the first bit is usually that the next time I either mention I am an Arch Prince or a writer since these are things famous people do I will get seriously beaten up, now it’s just a matter of setting the stage of their relentless community croons and showing a hatred for my thought pattern while it gets off on Public places to steal my Literary empire by copying my very existence all together i.e. this is something religion is responsible for. It’s never really a crisis as such, I have been clear they are not nice people, there are a lot of people that want to harm them and would love to do so, needs to stop following me around and keep off my Books before I started dreaming of how it would drop out of University and or those stupidities around social issues is what I think it’s foolish selfish and stupid career should be spent on.

They do claim nothing I say or do will be safe but so is it important for them to see as well, that I have been spending time on the Pornography rounds again as it were, considering it is where they really should end up, so I can breathe and organise a life and family for a change and so there is always that sense I am wrong when I say they were stupid people but we can all see that it needs my leadership, it simply is not interested in what it does or how I apply it, just interested in the ‘work’ that I will be doing with that big mouth it has got and this then means I have to deal with these issues all the time where it is suggested I want to control people whereas reality is more a case of seeing how small your world really is: that the guy who used to fail all his exams at school may have been the son of wealthy parents who made money by being illiterate trades people – here the Politicians will want to know the full dimensions in order to set out Public Policy but I have no idea in a real sense, all I know is that considering what reality looks like, when a person leaves school their world becomes very small indeed: I am doing Creative equity based intellectual property administration service; I have to find the equities I have to develop them and make them go live, I have to ensure they are market worthy and can be integrated into products, then find a legal platform, after which I set about making sure that people get to buy the ones they can actually own which is contained in the Books I had written but I have seen others do things like sell website packages and it is such that you buy one website and then another and then another and when you buy enough, alongside a security system and maybe a shop structure, it will add up to a job and you will know that it adds up to a job and then you will either have to motivate yourself or they will motivate you after which if you are still unsuccessful they may give up but you can continue to buy your web packages if you wanted to etc – so the period in which they are pressing you to buy these systems are usually the points when you think they are extorting money, by the way of which I heard that Mr Tim Berners Lee who invented the internet is building a new one because of the mess that has been made of the current one, which is very good news. As for the question of thinking they are stupid, I don’t know why people argue with me anyway, when we can see that they have gone to a lot of trouble to groom themselves; buy expensive creams and makeup and have it all covered, appear in expensive clothes so its impossible to tell right away that they are real pests and about which if they have gone to such trouble, one does think its important to let them be and here I am 6 years since I wrote a Book not getting it sold because my Books are mundane, they wrecked my academic work and have continued with the attitude, along with their ego that was already big enough for the entire world, telling me I cannot earn a living because my Books are mundane while their abuses and insults put me where I have lived and written the Books in the first place.