They do claim what I do is directly lifted from white race sensibilities and it’s the sort of nonsense that spends Ones energy and resources because I am an ethnic minority who needs location security in order to start thinking about other matters like financial and self-advancement in the first place. I do not make use of white sensibility, these are a handful of cowards who complain about women all the time because women are sort of the grown up versions of the responsibilities society expects from men and they do not like to be depended upon the way they depend on others to a point of building the violence itself – my case is the one about the Aunts that could never let me be, so I grew up with the sense that I always needed women to approve what I was doing with my life and that got me getting my own all together, they are white because black women want to perform an experiment where I spent time with white women and then they made me homosexual and deployed some cultural power to bring me back to the black race where I served them and women were able to go places thereafter and we shall see this happen in this life or the next when hell freezes over and they spent time blowing off their insults at their mates instead. Here they will say they have gotten me giving up some secretes that will make them feel comfortable as usual, but I wonder if their cowardly stupidities will make a lot of it, standing up somewhere at the City centre to cracked up out of my league tell me to show some respect for millionaires all together anyway. I have tried to show these goons that since I have a Royal Estate I am not really interested in Corporate Governance and that Public Governance is also a completely different thing from that and it has never worked due to the assumption that I cannot handle the corruption from both which is where they are wrong obviously – such that when they claim an Arch Prince works for them and then make it easy for themselves by claiming I am not an Arch Prince it then means that I could never deal with the corruption, while everything else apart from what I have above mentioned is generally the unexpected showing up, the sheer number of stupid individuals who want to pick on me because it appears to be what Industry wants these days and the USA is rich in that at least but even so we know Obama will not save them twice as it were. The rest at the Monarchy continue to build up the sense I am not a Credible threat while they have been warned many times to look past my beeline appearance and we see them complain about me every day for not doing so. I mean sometimes popular culture explains it all i.e. I think of it as something women do to facilitate sex and the one that works for me is people doing ballads, the part of people doing ballads that works for me excludes black people, so it must mean that they have a type as equally as I do and we do not need to explore these facts everyday looking like extremists, concerning some really stupid individuals who twist up their involvement with other human beings to a stage where it is fundamentally annoying and then make their corruptions of involvement with others into a matter of crowd based power that brings them wealth and fame. I do get told that I speak in such ways but it does not actually make me better off in a real way but the better off one was the centre point of all these anyway: I am supposed to work my act at a Hermitage, look after an audience that wants to hear what I think and what I am doing with myself in it and perhaps complete the academic pursuit that lets me handle it professionally; what happens instead is that a group of Daddy characters who have a problem with religion show up to ensure that a sense of Royalty being like Celebrity and Celebrity being like Royalty drew attention away from it all supported by Politicians and then the publicity will hang somewhere and wait since it has no purpose, until they had decided that they wish to get rich with it: even so most of them are reasonable, the media ones are the worst of all, when Court is female only they take it over in about 5 years, come up with a way to ensure I have to invent a new idea for organising my life every day while they spend what I come up with and have a desire to see me smell like my loo which gets them poking my tummy and then they finish it up with a sense I am this writer whom people get involved with for gratification replacing the process where people read the Books and thereby ruining the business itself. So their case is where the whole thing hinges, that when people complain about me they need spend their time with their mates and then their problems will be resolved; every time they disturb me at this Hermitage or pass around insults that suggest I am no Royalty, it is so bad people do not want to engage with me and then I end up cash strapped and they cannot have a Royalty that looks the part to bully in order to keep up a personality trap, which makes them frustrated and gets them taking it out on me to secure the response they fear and loath in equal measure. So apparently when I am asked how I will get around my concerns if I am doing it by myself, it does seem that one of the biggest problems with a Hermitage is that big brother who needs to choose his girlfriend like he was preserving his Genes gets all over it and what my corporate identity is doing is to cover up the naked girls that they have had sex with and get displayed all over the internet doing so – if these busy body opportunism idiots who make foolish comments all of the time do not disturb me at this Hermitage, then there is no probability that they will be disturbed as well, the gimmick about me doing a lot of talking while they expect action is a fallacy. It’s an old case since I left home, they do boast that I may say all I want but my whole life has been wasted which is utter nonsense; it’s never really stopped – since I left home the need to make use of my personality meant the need to get respect from me and raise their kids to be like me as disrespectfully of my Dad as they possibly could and it soon gave way to the part where saying I am not homosexual is not enough and finally settled at the pressure that could be worked into Politics and claims they appeared on this land before I did involving the processes of parking their cars by my bedroom window several times before dawn every night – then there are the black women as well who think that if there is nothing I can do about an insult at the immediate it will cost me everything, so when I say it’s a social problem they absolutely have no limits, if I said its damage I had committed myself to act in ways I did not plan to spend my time and yet if I decided it needs to stand in the middle of a ring of gang men with big penises, I would have been classed as somebody that had done a terrible thing and yet all these nonsense can be tracked back to their need to play up some poor get poorer and rich get richer obscure absurdities over my life on account I walked into a Church for which they showed up at University to wreck the academic work for me. We see it all over the place and see their stupidities dress well for a change looking for the prize of villainy when women show up to play with me from fashion and popular culture and so on, those could never feel safe on the left and on the right and have nowhere to turn, just before we find the bloody idiots then get off to tell me I need organise my life and open it to them to allow them feel safe which has gotten worse since Obama got into the White House to help them discuss their stupid problems with respect to the fact I existed. Point is that my life is not wasted at all, these goons really enjoy making a mess of people’s lives, pushing people into social issues in order to open peoples gauntlet and build a crowd that will get rich pushing people around – so if it is a fashion model, we suddenly find them become obsessed with seeing what it will do when it is surrounded by Men that want to touch its body parts and their way of making money will involve peddling the results either way, in my case I have a Royal Hermitage so they want to see what will happen when people want to crucify me to save them like Jesus Christ did and it leads to everything from crime and violence to racism and war and they have showed up to dress well over it already, so I could have saved my academic work back at University, I just wanted to open their own gauntlet too and if I see that stupid culture and society they will see it for the last time as well. so it’s open, open, open and watch people grapple, even tell them the racists will come and get them if they fail to c-operate and build publicity they are the ones who support and or are complicit with racism, open-open and watch them grapple as the only form of fun and happiness that could be had, so the result is really how wasted I am, I was happy to waste. I do get the accusation this response is extremist in context but it is not; these goons are ill you see and theirs is compulsive lying and surviving by attaching themselves to the finances of important people, for them it is an illness and they could never stop it, if they need to deploy racism to achieve their aims irrespective of which race they come from they will do exactly that; the Politicians do think it is kay to rip up peoples finances and spend tax payer funds helping them build their own because there was a general public problem with moral people, it’s the fall out they are apparently concerned about and as for me, we are here because once that had been done for them, they were not lacking in self-confidence or money but had since appointed themselves other ways in which they want to handle my person.

Now it is then said that they do what they do because they wish to see me in the Armed Forces and it’s so annoying because their bullying has taken me past the part where I look like when people look at me they see everything of what is going on in the UK, ready to fight others, to this stage where I look as though their insults had accomplished something incredible. So it’s an old tale of the need to deploy their position, when white as the majority population with closer ties to the Country and when not white as people who belong in a community that has brain washed them into thinking they were here before me while I am older than they are; they hate me for this behaviour right through to the sporting communities because I churn their tummy with it as well talking for the both us each time I had decided they need to start talking and no talking was forth coming on their part and yet the appeal of using this position to see that being an ethnic minority means I always have to settle down first before I think of career to get me spending all I have on settling down is stronger than any other forms of reason – so they do not want to see me at the Military at all, it is all mockery associated with the fact they enjoy digging me out of my closet and are now out of their depth because I dig them out too. It does build up to the other part of the story where they are always showing up to abuse me in some way because somebody is getting married into the Royal family to whom I will be subservient and it does feed into the business of recent occasions where I get out of bed and feel as though my tummy will not give up on me anymore because there is a sense I can chase up every malicious thing the media does to me and shut it down, which then tends to mean that the business of looking like I am sharing a Royal Estate while the system expects me to raise a family by it that will serve their cause continues, total corruption of my filial responsibilities and then deploying my whole life as a tool to ensure those who are married into the Royal Family are taught how to be Public Princes and Princesses; hence the same old tale where it’s all good pretending they will never keep off my Books and shut down the abusive comments when they have media and Celebrity to play with but that is what we shall soon find out all together as well.

I do get told I am getting rid of my aides and now am assuming that I will be able to defend myself; I am not, my aides are controlled by the Queen herself and my State provided security was based on surveillance – so there is also the part where I am living on government support and top civil servants have access to me and what I get up especially when they conduct investigations into whether or not I am defrauding the system and this will add to the part where I enjoy taking out jobs, so that I might be exposed to National Unity issues and these are the things that will help cook up enough problems for me to ensure these Media and Celebrity trouble makers, along with Royals that marry into the Family but want to do their own thing all over me are as incredibly important as they have made out that they are – it does mean that I can take some breathing space for myself since they will give me none.

It is much the same as the story of my demands on Politicians especially with respect to Brexit and whether I understand what the complexities are but I would never have chosen the path the Politicians have, if I handled it; they have gone for Corporate control first because they are paranoid that somebody will take it from them and that means they find the Business of Government role at Industry such as facilitating the smooth working of the economic and production processes cycles working properly very, very difficult since the people they have allied themselves to come with two faces and one is to be nice to them while the other is to take advantage of an opportunity to get close to Government for the purpose of boosting their profits due to their proximity with power. They always tell me the results would still have been the same when we all know that regulatory powers of a government would crush this sort of problem in a very short period of time at any time they wanted and gave them complete leadership and control if they were not playing or dancing to the tune that these people came up with, never mind the role that National Government plays at Corporate leadership coming to their rescue if they faced difficult situations. So I do get told that the problem was that I am a total coward but I do not see how the business of being beaten down by abusive community croons in whose interest it is that when I am angry I stay that way and become a laughing stock to a point where I smell like my loo and their need to make a case of my bedroom window pays off abusively, after Politicians spend tax payer funds to fix their finances and then spent it to damage mine would have played a part for them like it currently does in a fight situation anyway – we all know they would have hit and that I would have hit back too; the point is that these things do get explained by some Public festivals like Carnival, where we let the good and successful people get past and then those who cling to National front and community relations for their own purposes to fight for whatever is left at sundown which is why there are always shootings and stabbings – to say that I am afraid of the low lives that exist in this part of life is living in dream world, I have been clear enough times that I am not a fan of financially well off psychopaths, Politicians are a fan of that, so when people blow off the big mouth that is really where they should do it; it happens all the time whereby their society is the place where your talents and abilities go to vanish forever and they never deploy it to make money either, so because they have had contact with you to such an extent you will find yourself in trouble at a future date – so in essence it will tear up your life without reason and then find it needs to be violent to protect its own life on account people have seen how pleasurable that could be, when it issues threats you feel as though the right and might of civil government has been placed on your head and shoulders to act and take the law into your hands and I have made it quite clear at this stage that seeing their stupid culture and society on my part will set the stage for the last time that they saw it as well.

Hence I am said to be making ever bigger and increasingly more demands of Politicians which is not really the case as such; I have a simple demand which is that this Country has a Climate and the corruption we see our Politicians spend time with is feeling disgruntled that ordinary people have more money than they do, picking out scapegoats such as myself and starting up a tale because they know where the treasury is and I don’t have the same access that they have got for good measure; so I want my normalcy back if they do not mind and that means that ordinary people can get richer than the Prime Minister in the UK. We see the whole thing feed into Brexit as well where they assume that somebody who has five Rolls Royce  Cars is likely to have Public influence while what he really has is a sale Army he talks to at a Conference room about a New product on a regular basis, hence find it difficult that when they drag these people into government they have to do the job that such people were meant to do and then do the job that they were meant to do as well if they should satisfy the Public Offices that they hold and convince the Public to elect them again and so it becomes a daunting tasks of which was entirely predictable. We cannot afford to live faster than the Climate itself allows us to live and this is all the demand I make of the Politicians; the rest is where I fit into the effects of their corruption, being one Royal they enjoy picking on so much that there is now a clear way in which I can get involved with Politics without touching the system in anyway whatsoever; it has happened in the past and so people like me soon become some Angel in the Sky for the Public, do not tend to live long, stay single for as long as they lived and their actions lead to outcomes where women have to be controlled by society – these are all matters I have taken care of as well, I mean they enjoy sucking up to the criminals and making a mess of public Office over this corruption gimmick but what we see them complain about all the time is just the ones who are sick in a manner that gets them wanting to manipulate important people into a position where they will not be required to work for money, so the bottom hurts and its already claiming that I have a problem while I don’t, what really has happened is that the gimmicks have been replaced by far more serious matters. For my part however it seems they enjoy the abusiveness that allows them to play a game of pulling my clothes of my back to make me look naked for community croons and society goons but this should not have been a problem if I am able to shut down the comfort zone of these trouble makers every time they get out of it to tackle me and make me smell on account the main point of it was to make a case about physical and sexual violence that I deserve, I am not doing it effectively because I am distracted constantly by people who cling to my finances and Public image to tell lies that will buy time for them to make money on it like a Political gimmick, so this business of stopping me from doing anything will be very difficult in much the same way that nobody really sees the warnings I put out before I act on social media while in my mind I am excused from the burden of thinking they were never warned before I had acted, much the same way they do these things knowing community croons are relentless in their abuse of others and that if my thing is to ensure they were stuck with the mess they have made of Public sensibilities was my own thing that happened every time I got attacked it was going to be relentless too. It still comes down to the fact that when people have not disturbed me and my concerns at this Hermitage, I am unlikely to disturb them a right to human decency and to be free from their stupid tummy churning practical jokes blackmail over money issues, lest I have to take my breathing space from them myself all together; hence I do get told about the corporate and government corruption thing and I think I have a certain grip of both, leaving me to wonder what I must do with the entertainment Industry where they are constantly picking up my property to make products with and then setting out subliminal messages to the buying Public which suggests that I work for them, setting out the message they are just a handful of film makers who do not really govern anybody in the first place. In the end I am usually asked what I believe the Government is lacking but we can all see it simply; I get off and do some adjudication over what I have pointed out here – how during Carnival we allow the good people go by and then the bad ones will decide what they were using the Country for all together, find some people stuck between the two and your adjudication works with respect to moving people away from the throes of Tribalism, it does help them understand that it is a job in Government that somebody is doing and that they can trust the person to get it done, that being part of extremism is pointless and does bring home the fact Government is a thing and a job in Government is a specific thing people do to get paid by the general Public, so if it is a Public matter, somebody has got a job to do somewhere, the same way I am usually told what I do solves no problems but we all know it keeps out the inventive crimes that have no name from mainstream living and I usually ensure the rest of the Public shares any equities associated with violent people not accessing my Public image and then attacking me because they think they will be able to keep it for themselves.