There is the talk now of me claiming there are things I do with popular culture celebrities while they thought I was a big joke and it is utter nonsense – what happened is that I set out a structure around my Public image which carried the risk of what a person must do to get into another person’s music studio and seek an opportunity to make popular culture music and support other younger people at their academic and social life pursuits and so the pop stars that have been listed for it got involved with it to be listed, can also opt not to be listed for it by looking the part as well, playing games with me of which will not develop into fine endings bearing in mind the reason I have to administrate it physically is that of their spoiled backgrounds and the part industry fools play on such matters, blabbing about what they can use because it is there and how the owners may open it to others and not to them at a peril, thereby meaning my Books do not get sold even when the sale of it does not depend on them. Obviously, the risk part was setting up the structure in the first place and although popular culture is not a strong interest of mine, having taken the risk and completed a process, now that they tackle my finances for their own personal opportunism, I cannot just give it up. It is the sort of thing that gives rise to me being told that women are taking jobs from men at an alarming rate and that I am of the opinion I will not lose my career to women as well, which is utter rubbish; what happens is that they believe insulting people, spicing up sex life with peoples public activities, having sex on peoples public image to display on the interest after making videos of it, needing my assets to secure contracts as professionals like a question on the future of humanity, then being strict with the female half in order to make products profitable when sold all over my personal life, public image and academic work, only to select a choice of self-improvement should I complain about it, is how to own a career, as stupidly as possible, so we know there are women who do a better job grabbing the opportunities, my point is not that women are not grabbing these opportunities, my point is that they claim the numbers are wrong while their attitude suggests otherwise – then there is the prize of it all I.e. sexual assault issues by which they use sexual violence to ensure they are in control everywhere that they should not be, showing why it is that each time there is a sexual assault, we all can guess the reason is that a woman had enough and told them they were neither appointed government operatives nor elected government operatives or Royalty and are therefore not in charge. For my part they have now settled up on claims that I always chicken out when it comes to getting what I want, which is incredibly annoying because no matter what courage I express around what I do, I will still end up discussing and working it in an environment where people were not interested, after five years of insults built for me through their foolish Media, to decide what happens with my finances after they did the same with my academic work and will not give  me a break unless I reached out and took a break from it for myself, usually leaving them complaining to seek privileges of injustice whenever I have. The others who claim I talk the way I do because I want people to think I can do something about it on the other hand have thought it over apparently, when the reality is that everything I need to make myself financially comfortable can be found at my finger tip but the only reason it is not working for me is that their stupidities are either celebrities or have cultures and societies, so for those who like to point me to gangs and crime and knife crime for soft goons who think they are really up to it such as myself, it will not be the first time that they got what they put into the softie around here and blab nonsense of how their stupid children may copy it as well etc, while it rather sets us apart as a civilised society, that we do not spend most of our time thinking about punishing stupid people for acts of property vandalism in this Country, leaving them with a mouth that is actually bigger than they can back up. We know these things happen mostly because there are women at the work place and they have gone from deciding what the friends of women who familiarise with me should be by wrecking my property for obviously reason, complaining about the criminal baggage for doing it on media everyday and pretending I am the one doing something that needs stopping, about which we may find out exactly which ones would show I talk like that but cannot do a thing when I had built a public image on this nonsense yet – we see the way it has worked out overall i.e. they have conducted their insulting tribalism raids all the way to the top levels of Industry and there have found out that people do regularly have fantasies about others working for everything a whole life and losing it just before retirement, in their case unlike those who were there before them and do not want a style copied, there is now a disjointedness between them and the workers and then the customers being served on account cracked up out of my league issuing threats all the time is not dumb enough to either see what is happening around or indeed pull it off like other people did; hence my view that they will ruin us all and are a problem that need to be contained, in much the same way we have now seen that they are far more interested in giving money to stupid people and celebrities, then show up here to get money from my market which they will add to that and ensure they had all the money in the world while people like me had none – giving rise to an understanding that ruining us all will be understated once their stupidities got anywhere near natural treasury over the perverted Politics their socialists are letting them bandy around in government buildings and yes they do say I consider them to be write off and I really do; it cannot have been the most difficult of all activities to stay away from my Books and stop following me around especially when they see me attend academic institutions, before blabbing a talk that is meant to deceive people into a thought that I am able to do something about it, clowning around and complaining each time it gets serious. Where the Politics is concerned specifically will be the part where I was aware that my business was not the type where I made money off the shadows casted by big companies although the rumours were swirling that I did, was not necessarily something that I would not do if I needed to but it was not how I ran my business – clear it up and end up stuck with their busy body opportunist idiots with a hand up my bum talking nonsense about extremism to run off work place bullying that is based on their need for importance and blow over at popular culture, Politics and filthy stock market, like a very bad mistress, as stupidly as possible.

They do eventually claim I am homosexual, but we all know this business of looking like I want to grab and sell culture and society is meant to produce the same effect their disobedience has i.e. wanting peace and quiet that I never at a writing studio especially because of the needs of black people, such that doing so will mean I can be as distracting and disobedient as they are whenever I want to be but that it is also fundamentally linked to the way a wife would care for me and therefore I do not actually need it, just something I am doing because of their stupid selves being important at my expense and having fantasies about grabbing a Royal Estate here with that stupid media all the time – so it will blab me being homosexual like that to a point that means I get into a position that means it’s a race against time between me and them, to find out who will be homosexual first. We see the same behaviour exhibited by the stupid Celebrities that show up to spend my public image and personal life on themselves until they harmed their self-confidence, blabbing nonsense about grabbing or confiscating a Royal Estate for it the whole time and yet each time I take back the public image, I do them a favour that lets them self-stupid confidence recover, only for their foolishness to turn up at the other end blabbing nonsense about an unimportant person getting involved with them, which means setting up the business first and then becoming the instrument of their insanity next. My point is that the premise of homosexuality is anal sex being made appealing because people live in an environment where some activities have been performed to ensure nothing goes as nature intended, like when I defend myself from these incredibly stupid celebrities and the Politicians rally their industry scum to build publicity around the tummy issues I am suffering all together while complaining about the same problem I tend to resolve, as insulting as possible – so there is nothing to suggest that I am unable to deal with these matters or have no facilities with which to do thereby the need to be homosexual. Then again there are those of them who will pick up on this and point to the things they are not able to do as the reasons they should be homosexual and I have no idea anyway, I know its an example of the reasons we cannot be free from their claims that the Bible teaches hate for setting out that they were never thankful for what they saw, so God gave them over to a reprobate mind to lust after each other men for men and women for women, which further supports the stupid idea I am homosexual all together but the serious part of it naturally is the hedonistic type of homosexuality that is usually a product of people making a deal with the devil that these scum are playing around with like the reasons they never believe in demons until they were possessed with one and their ego will be too big to seek the support of an exorcist all together, leaving them an instrument that wants to tell lies about Christianity on media all day long, picking up on the reasons I am not homosexual as a sign that they are due to be one. They always speak of this sort of premise setting the stage for the reasons that I may continue to achieve such outcomes as a process where they created a war and it is utter nonsense; what they are good at is chasing money to form gangs and criminal groups, they know nothing about wars and the fact they are not nice people, hence when it does break out will never be able to tell whether or not their fellow country men want to kill them either way or get them killed by the enemy all together, all I can say is that the left was meant to be a position for those who handled their civil rights and wanted to give the rest of us a break from it, not for them to show up here and want ownership of the way I respond sociologically to the world around me while I attended University until I dropped out but cannot tell the difference between communist and democratic work activity, talking nonsense at me about the relevance of their leadership and the fact they know where my Books are as insultingly as possible, all the time; what they are good at is complicity with extremism, not war, about which we know they can never stop telling me how to exist and stupid lack girls can never stop getting their hands up my bum in the imagination – something I feel because of celebrity involvement with my concerns bearing in mind the idiots have no sense of commitment either in terms of the fame they are obsessed with or the personal lives about which they are barely aware that at the end of every service day people have to go home; before them it used to feel the same as women complaining at the background of public living, just a little more desperate than the women that is and did not involve me feeling any forms of discomfort but then again it should not be said that I was the one antagonising and attacking them all together with eyes and arms firmly fixed on my property with that big mouth as it were. The point here is that the circumstances that make anal sex appealing like the way I inflict it on them as well, to a point where they now understand I want them to get stuck with me and distracted from what gets to their heads, so that when they no longer have the access they drop off a corner they cannot control, straight down to poverty and destitution, is quite different from the conditions that make heterosexual sex part of living and yet each occasion is subject to the individual concerned, so I am not gay in anyway, even though I love to play the socially gay role because I do not think people should be getting into a fight on my behalf and it tends to show I am superior to them especially when that big mouth is blabbing of the contrary. In the end it’s a simple old case of looking after government Office concerns and the outcome is the people with money whose money exist to make trouble for others and the people with no money who always pick up their own case at the end making a mess, such that when it does kick off there is nothing I can do save start to face up to the specific group of idiots talking nonsense about poor people needing what I have while they are all over it, the same way I wrote my Books that ended up garnering their populist stupidity attention especially in the USA; as for tackling me, I have shown enough time around here, that they could not take me on if they had worked together for change as stupidly as possible, in this Country of theirs the last time I checked. As for what I need to stop on the other hand, I am not the one with a media that allows me to be as disobedient as possible and not to listen to what others are saying to me when I invite themselves into my concerns, for the express purpose of deciding what the public thinks they did to set out consequence and deterrence, meaning that irrespective of action they have taken, my confidence for it would not have been dented, I do not have to stop doing anything whatsoever. When they are not talking about the state of mind of anal sex I have running around everywhere while I am not having any of the anal sex, we find them get interested in talking about what I am doing with women, while they expect the destruction of my career because I got involved with female colleagues whose right to friendship belonged to them all together and a case of what most of the women doing with me being a matter of what they think about when at the backyard of Kitchen back at home etc.