I do hear it mentioned many times that the rise of the far right is a function of how much I mess bout with the feelings of middle aged men but at this point my main priority was to look out for pockets of opportunities for selling products that open up in my firm as a function of not being restricted to books only and so I have considered a need to despatch it quickly i.e. what Americans and every other idiot they have around the world wish to handle of my life and work is not either their homes or indeed their possessions or even renaissance and blowing off a big mouth at me about how their activities create far right movements concerning which I do not have an ability to stop them because there was nothing I ever could do in my position and authority is going to create them even more processes being put in place to straighten them out – it’s a simple case of letting me be by living in reality like everybody else or dying it is if it is too difficult to do so.

We are not talking about the Politicians, those deserve everything I do to them i.e. these guys operate on a level of disobedience and criminal disobedience that is off the scale but the only reason they work it on me and it turns up on media to make them money is when Politicians have been involved, as such of which they do deserve every single thing I do to them to that effect as well but it does not mean I have to tolerate this kinds of nonsense from these fools to such an extent either. It has continued to remain a problem, getting these middle aged idiots off my case; so the story needs to be retouched i.e. I want nothing to do with them and I do not want my Court having anything to do with them as well either, simple reality and normalcy – they however have decided that if it is in their interest to get involved with me there is nothing I can do about what they want to do and their popularity idiots have also decided that rather than speak to the Police and work out the link between disobedience and crime and stop pretending they have an ability to buy absolutely everything that has been put before them in order to blame somebody else for it is the best way to proceed and where the Politicians fit in is the part where wealth distribution is in their interest so that the sacrifice of my entire empire to make it possible is the way to proceed – these guys need to be made to make their own choices and decisions and live with the consequences that will come back to bite them at a later date not given the chance to get on media and talk nonsense at me.

I understand they say it is a lack of response from me when things happen around me that is the creator of their disobedience but this has never been an emotive issue; if I tell people not to do it and they do it, the reality is rather that they should be prepared to face the music not get into the fantasy of deciding what is going to be the result; I have got a bit of punishment for everybody and all those who offend will get a taste of it, no exceptions – I want nothing to do with them and I am sure they can speak and understand English when it is spoken to them as well. I hear it’s a matter of the damage I have done to their cultures and societies but that always comes after the story of competition of course which does actually get to make so much sense of my blanket punishment and an obsession by idiots who appear on media to seek exceptions for themselves  because of course the taking up of that stupid culture and society was designed to ensure competition works as intensely as they seek it for everybody and this story of activities that brew far right movements is of course developed around a need to recover that culture and society from me while at the same time we can hear them talk even more nonsense about competition. There is nothing emotive about this matter; in the 80s and the 90s they seem to have the freedom to kill the smaller ones, so when they saw me they thought they could explore every range and prospect of what they have never before made themselves into which is rather stupid.  They do speak of the smaller ones I mention like they were innocent in the matter of course which I never said they were but never did say these fools do not have an intense need to take up normal heroic people and make villains out of them either – I am an example, where it is all out war because I do not have a side chosen and they can go to hell.

It’s a matter here of laying of my Empire and keeping their insults and greed need for money in check; it’s a matter of getting involved if you know how it’s been done and how it works. It’s a matter of somebody offering free holidays on the internet and if you have no idea how it works you can easily get yourself involved with a murder trip, it’s a matter of the fact people make millions on the internet and if you get involved it might easily be about people who live in silicon valley and think of you as useless so that you will only end up throwing away your personal life. This is not their lives and those things they handle is not their Empire or their Personal life or indeed their renaissance as such and I would like it if they keep their filthy mouths away from me and when it comes to their bragging and insults keep their money where their mouth is – putting up with the disobedience of sexual context is enough and pushing me further than that will lead to trouble.

This matter is not a complicated one for me either – same old story of everything the US does in China and Russia being distanced because it will certainly mess things up for me but above all there is that real need to ensure I pay more attention to interests of members of my Court at the Office and the Firm alike, who are not British since it is the only route to kill off the sacrifice of my Empire by Politicians to create conditions that will make the popular with the general public such as wealth inequality issues for instance. I have never really considered it as difficult as they make out I do – what they mean is that they think the US and the UK is the same Country until their greed has been satisfied but what I think is that in the UK people do their jobs and in the US people want to be celebrities and this is not the US and I do not mind educating them about that too especially the American ones. All together it’s a matter of the disobedient showing the underhand of their rebellion by finding excuses by which I can be said to be disobedient which is the only way they can run their campaigns until those that are in charge are not anymore so that they can be, nothing more. So I am happy to roll with the scandals and let the media do what it does but when they threaten me the game has to change and it has to go quiet for a while until they get themselves together to try it again; I mean when they say their perspective is the alternative reality that can be super imposed on me depending on how stubborn I am against their wishes and needs, it will be that way the day the fucking idiots are able to enforce it and until that day I will continue to test if they straighten themselves out on my life instead of their own because it is a defence mechanism or because they are wagging a big mouth yet again.

So today marked the Burial of King Richard III and what my position is and how much they love the hated King is what they want to know which is nothing unusual; same old case of the fact that with the Plantagenets as far back as history goes, everything they do has to involve a condition where they are celebrities and that means they tend to make it up as they go along and even now their fans are the same things too – the women cannot keep their insults to themselves if they have made up a sense they have their eyes on your possessions and that you are a walk over and it’s the booing and threats with men that are more than you 24/7 and the women’s whiles and the insults and the abuses and all worth not – so it’s a matter of those stories of the betrayals of a fat bitch who thinks she is as good looking as her betrayal suggests, a fat bitch who thinks that he own generally looks like that. There are downsides to that sort of behaviour of course which is very hated at the British Establishment; I for instance do generally have a habit of making people famous when they are actually not and so a process where they are all there being famous when they and everybody else knows they are actually not famous means that a time will come when they will decide they want to stop being bullies and want to try and be celebrities that involves coming up with an idea for a show or a film or book that becomes a best seller and makes you rich as well as famous at the same time and then I will have my revenge for all the bullying but it still would never have been possible to do that if I were a Plantagenet; even now the hatred for it is such that I am always being criticised at the Monarchy and it is The Queen who pressures me to act and not sit on my bum with a Royal Estate at my disposal that gets to bail me out every time and the reason for it is that they think I am using my own to do it which of course the armed forces above all the others hate the most. So the Burial of King Richard III which happened today can be an opportunity for me to clear this up too.