So I am told my activities are very destructive and I can understand, I mean take Pop stars for instance – somebody will pick up my work and get off to Music Industry to make some money; so the Music Label will take up the talent and everything attached to it and start to pretend it belongs to the label all together, which means that at some point all the Labels in the world will be merged into one if they are unable to pull themselves apart when I am trying to keep my world together; for now however my whole life comes to a stop because of it which really should not be the case save that they are stifling my Book sales which is completely unconnected with whether or not my Office and property has become part of a music Label and so the question of my destructive behaviour hinges of the answer they might supply as to why they have. It’s nothing but the usual stuff we see people get up to all the time; incredibly stupid and as long as they are allowed to get away with it like those lies an accusations want me to allow them do, they will continue to make up cleverer and cleverer lies for it every day, which will change nothing of the fact they know nothing at all whatsoever and the highlight of their day is usually the point at which they are thinking about sacking people from a job.

The case of Americans wanting me to work for my existence hinges on this as well; those will be a collection of very stupid individuals – the girls are sort of the matter of wickedness you are aware of, the ones you can handle which you take steps to stop, the ones you cannot because you are not endowed to and the ones that are an ongoing issue, while the freedom girls and women exist to get on media and secure a busy body opportunism on you income while you are at it, make themselves look amusing for it, become very disobedient, make your life toxic, complaining about trolls on social media and men stalking them and then find themselves amusing and powerful with a big mouth thereafter. The Men however are another story; it gets involved with my concerns and does not listen to anything I say or pay attention to anything I do, the services its American stupidities will get from it will be bitched and bitched and bitched and then when it thinks I am stressed enough the idiots will then become completely uninterested in what my work does and become very interested in trolling insults getting me to respond to what they are doing and offer thoughts on how they should do it, which will help them do it even better looking for more of what they were complaining about. I gathered they do this to show that the USA is full of very clever and educated people and that this behaviour is a function of the fact that I am an illiterate and they have got University degrees and we could not get along because we were not in each other’s league.

So it has always been a simple matter of handling these very stupid people without paying too much attention to how they want you to all together; when record labels make songs on your property, it is just a song and as long as you keep it that way, your assets and property and trading will be fine in the short and or long run, when they have other ideas it simply becomes a matter of those who live in Glass Houses not throwing stones at others, which is what they are complaining about here; it’s just a song, it’s just a sale item, it’s just a service, they have not become Royalty overnight and we are all fine as it stands. They do say that I am an illiterate in Government Office, which reality is that they make me work for my fame and for Books I have already written, so it is so distracting that I drop out of University when I was supposed to complete the academic work to pay full attention to a Commission that was set for me at the Monarchy, only to end up being tackled because I am a contributor to global instability by holding Government responsibility without being academically qualified; it’s a fucking yank of course and incredibly stupid as usual, blabbing about circumstances concerning which a war will exist while there will be no such thing, when I can always make the squirm again as it were; very, very, very stupid and finds it incredibly difficult to listen to what people are saying to its stupidities, especially when it has got the foolish corruptions of involvement to screw up peoples well-built personal lives with and then set about trading it for the money that was the answer for everything with the big mouth. They do not scare me half as much as they believe they do; in my view it’s a bunch of idiots walking around the cities finding ways to run a business and make money with their friends, the highlight of their foolish day being when they have to think about sacking another person and I want to see them become completely disinterested in this Literary Empire as well.

I do get asked why it happens but it’s the old business of wars that happen simply because of the worth of those who have a natural monopoly; so we find they will show up to provide leadership when they know nothing about religion and keep talking nonsense about their financial needs even when they have created wars and counter wars – we see the idiots show up to tear down all I have and make money at the other end but each time they carry on further, it is an act associated with wealth inequality issues. So it’s nothing but the fact I am being targeted because I took out certain activities which caused their wickedness to become less powerful especially in the US, since I have said little about from 2013, there has developed this sense that I had become lazy over the management of how Satanism runs completely unchecked in the US and very bad things happen even as a matter of people putting up structures to provide a service other people will pay hard earned money for; they do get on International Media to complain of course but so do we see them do the devil’s own for him with their own hands even when they have never seen me do Gods work for God with my own hands as well, signs they are really good at looking for trouble naturally as it were. So it’s the old case of the evil that is the evil you are conventionally aware of when Church business is a main priority, then these ones are just the ones that want to creep under the skin and decide how you will respond to the main evil because they wanted to ensure you were cashless and homeless and had to be a violent gang or get into a fight with one because you were abused and attacked and bullied to a point where you succumbed and did something that made the devil happy because he was served – hence my personal space gets smaller and smaller because of their interest in me and when I want to breathe I push back as well as we are not mates anyway.

When they say my activities are destructive it becomes that question of whether that would be been a position they took because they were here to attack me and make money with what actually belongs to them all together. In the end I want them off my Books as their gimmicks generally mean the disposition of an Arch Prince chasing the finances which then creates more problems besides the business of me chasing money and losing the fortitude with which I get around with Members of the Public who are not necessarily moral people as it were, keep off my case as we are not mates. They do however claim it’s a declaration of my multitude of sins against them so to speak but it isn’t at all; we are here because picking on me is how to do Media job and so there are many answers for this including the business of them getting stuck with the job, family runs and shopping routines to ensure they were professional about it and were not snooping about messing up my life seeking connections with Industry goons that are working narcissism over money. As I have pointed out before, most of their families think they are just famous faces on TV, completely unaware that these things are targeted at me and are what I have to put up with all day long, wrecking my finances; so it is very harmful thing to do, if you seek out an author and spend some media attention wrecking his Book sales and building a crowd that will put pressure on him to give up his trade secrets to you but because I have not raised Publicity for this, they have rather become convinced that they will do it for eternity without consequences. Hence we can see the reason this business of making sure it was job and personal concerns without bugging became so important was that the economy had been damaged and if people do not damage that such activities will not be necessary; of course we know they could stay on their jobs and pay less attention to other people’s concerns especially when its Royalty they love to bully but due to the fact they were big brothers and big sisters with years of abusive and insulting behaviour they had become quite used to, it is virtually impossible to keep the job in hand without integrating something that will harm others by the way side into it and so since I am always being targeted, I need to start building up a habit of hurting them as well, right up to a point of being able to take aim at the career of any goon that gets on Media to have a go at me at any stage of the day. I hear that the Politicians need my support on the matter and it’s become a question of whether I am on their side but it’s not an issue of whose side I am on; if culture and society trouble makers want the career of Politicians, this is instability and in the interest of the Crown that I supported the Politicians but then again, I do wish the Politicians will stop wrecking the career and holding it down while getting them involved with me as I have bulls to pay until they got under my skin first of all, claiming they are good people who just need money as it were but the Media and Celebrity ones are those that suffer when the economy is damaged because that is usually when Men in overalls covered in grease want to know what is happening at the stock markets and stock market idiots with money start predatory behaviour of problem sampling and society sections exploration.