We hear those tales endlessly that I am addicted to women and that it is a big problem but there is really no such thing just incredible levels of abusive insults; they do not think that when I work with women there is a chance that I do them favours and they do me favours as well and that is because its women and people can do whatever they like with it because it is women and then for my part they say I am not a man that gets out of bed to think about what he needs to do to win the bacon and the reason I have become a woman is that there are female allies all around me and that means they have a place for me that implies I have adopted a woman’s disposition, so no respect there whatsoever and it reaches the point where some woman will have here twitter profile assessed by a personality expert, if told it comes up as matching male and middle aged and she is in need of my possessions, I must hand it over because I have stolen it all from a woman’s disposition that needs to be handed back to a woman and it is not the only reason I kick them either as it were – there is also the one where they claim I am a woman as well and there is then the one where I am addicted to women and need to be punished through the confiscation of what I own and so on, so it never goes away because there is a possibility that can be exploited as created by them. The Political side is usually for instance when the Labour party allows you a normal thought process of if I am on benefits then government is paying for this building and I need to focus and get myself a job but the conservatives think it is a good idea to hound people at the job centres as if there is a soul in it that was intimidated into a job; so that people can punish conservatives at the Polls but I will always get to punish Labour for their compulsive lying and the need to handle my possessions to make me work and she turns up a block head who says I have taken a woman’s disposition and need to hand it back and is seen all over the industries for it as well looking for a piece of me all the time which is something I am handling at the moment- the first one that led to the case where I am not innocent in the matter either was the one that meant they can screw around with me as violently as they preferred to using community men that allow such things because of their fanaticism of the rich and the need to oppress younger men whom they can oppress without problems and can oppress without fear they will break and get those who oppress them into trouble but it gets to a head when it means that whores can get after my penis and anus for the fun of it knowing if I am not going to buy the sex somebody else will see her as a result of that abuse and I dared on express an anger when I am bugged like that every single second because these stupid men have cars and those cars have horns and some might even drive public buses for it – the next one will be complains over Industry because these foolish block heads are still at it the woman’s disposition I have stolen that was the source of all I have as it were. I understand this is where the Duke of York and his family come into this matter where it is said he is busy grabbing my Royal Estate as it were which has never once happened, only his spoiled daughter travelling around the world thinking it has; the reality is that he is good at working with football people to threaten me because he is getting an appointment from stupid socialists now he is with his savings that run into millions only but getting a taste of what it takes and when he is finished I will get into trouble too if the rumours are right which has no way of happening in the real world – I mean an example is this process of talking about matters concerning these idiots and a certain need to make people poor and we see them at the Industries for that all the time concerning which others can never ever, ever, be allowed to feel good as a result of the fact they are trouble makers – these royals usually have no plans to get involved with industry people and ask how they can help, what they think they want to do is sacrifice my entire literary empire to have an easy way out and it is the threats that mess up the academic work that will cause this matter to become a serious issue as well. They always say there is nothing I can do most of the time but that remains to be seen, after all there is no rule in this Country that says I need to deploy my office in the service of the family of the Duke of York let alone him and it taking anything over around here and I am for my part talking because I have no plans to do anything about it and the reason for that is that I have got it all covered for my part as well and so it will only become serious as their games over my finances and book sales and the pillaging of my expensive equities while they keep their savings to get around industry and create problems for everybody where the poor and the rich come from their side of society while they get about manufacturing poor people all over the place no behaviour linked to it of which can be explained by what indeed they are doing around Industry in the first place anyway – concerning which it has never been a difficult issue to crackdown on such things and more so of which we can talk to the Politicians of course but if they appoint themselves I will appoint myself as well and they can keep away from me and my work and possessions for that regard – I am talking about it because I have not got a reason due to having found another way, to work it all out set out my own public humiliation for them by which time it will be too late to do anything as the need to see what they are made of will be in play all together anyway.

As for the story of my hatred for the general public which means I can never get such things done if I wanted to anyway; that is usually thrown around by a collection of idiots who speak of racial injustices all the time as a means of dragging everybody into their problems while their silent genocide against black conservatives continue and yes I am one of those that are easy to kill as it were, more or less, sooner or later, historically etc with all those stupidities as we can see. It’s all the white man’s fault 24/7 when nobody wants to know and they find it so impossible to keep their insults to themselves as well all together.  Apparently they have been trying to build reality on these things, a new life a new reality and of course an inability to keep their insults to themselves will lead to even more trouble as not enough have died yet so far as it were, the one where there will be a real issue with their homosexual societies and so on. It seems when I had come through in such ways, then it becomes obvious they have nothing to lean on to hide the fact they are like women more or less hence the story of my addiction to women coming full circle.

So they say I have big problems but there is really no such thing; people really like to have a go at me, that is the problem – its always either they want to knock my head against that of a Politicians or a Royalty and pretend my position suits them better or it is always that they want to drag me into a fight by making a very abusive and insulting advertisement and Popular music to rouse a temper or gain a reaction that will be recorded and I made to live up to while they extract the money or it is always that or they always want to see that they can scare me or all three all together – even the US President is rather fond of leading the way when it comes to a story about important things falling to the hands of conservative people where I am hailed as worker of freedom but have no respect for anything including the highest offices of government in other countries and so on but without any plans to answer the question of whether it is actually his own property or that of his people then in the first place and in any case. I do take a look at my window when I am outside and my door and my home to see if anything is unusual about it which encourages these things but find none whatsoever, so a fair minded conclusion is that they are looking for trouble and it does not make sense when they complain each time they find it as well. You would be hard pressed to find very few places in the world where children organise themselves into communities and will not attend school unless they have a hate figure and you will be hard pressed to find a place where Politicians chose a Christian for them because he has a good heart and will never stop being good; these fools need to keep off my books and then they can see how much problem I have got after that and their Politicians need to keep off my details at the Civil service too and brag somewhere else – most of the time it is really difficult for them to see due to how thick they are, that they are working for the whims of some stupid woman that thinks about having sex with me and spends every single moment of her time booing and cooing and exasperating people endlessly which is no wonder these idiots are poor and lower class scum they are since such women always end up with the men handing it to them and the women singing their praises and so more often than not they are very ugly full time house wives. I understand they say I snub the men which does not make any sense as I am not really conscious of snubbing any men; the men want to compete with me over who is the better man and as a result of which they enjoy savaging my finances and keeping their own – it is usually the first step, follow on step is supposed to be the part where I rebuild by my hands or their own, so that we can find out if the need for involvement they have with me is actually based on the fact we like each other and on each occasion they do not feel I have the right to rebuild my finances as such and of course it is the involvement with me that will destroy everything in the first place – the stupid English boys for whom it is as though looking for trouble is second nature: it appears to have stopped being funny of course the part where people shut down because they cannot understand what manner of people get on public media to wreck the businesses of others and turn it into a daily affair when normal people cry some justice if their involvement was in anyway linked to somebody having lost their pride and joy of a company whether or not it was the persons fault, that I am the one that has a problem now in their stupid minds is completely beyond me.