They do say I claimed to care about women but am now the biggest problem women face; utter nonsense of course since the reality has always rather been that they are evil and like to mess up my stuff when I work with women every single time due to their needs and intolerance of a process where they are not currently having all they want, then serve up the men that will dish fate for me as well and stand at the other end boasting about how powerful they are and having been that has been doomed to failure, their evil and violence has taken another turn in terms of conversations they want to have with me or throw in my direction all the time; so that the reality is that they like to think that when my actions are in agreement with those that have given them a bad experience, it means I have a problem and as for the part where I underestimate their negative feelings about the Monarchy, it is when they are sitting ducks like the Monarchy is that they will keep it to themselves and leave me alone; for now I will sell the books their way or mine for the time being. People are always going to have negative feelings about those that are protected from them when working for their money is as poison to them and others exist to do the working and then get hit by them every single day if they want which is why those lies seem to be so amusing especially when others have to listen because it is linked with government.

I mean they do claim I like to live in penury to protect those that are exceedingly wealthy which is utter nonsense and really annoying because we are going round in circles on the matter, having been I had made it clear they think that I care about women if my behaviour is in agreement with those that have given them a bad experience in their stupid lives and normal people with normal brains and normal thinking patterns normally know what is their problem and what may exist as a problem for others. This is where the whole process of how superior they are to me is normally resolved because if I have a Royal Estate then somebody’s Son or daughter from God knows where who got elected into Government or public office sometime ago turning up to be superior to me will never make sense and so it has nothing whatsoever to do with what the state of my bank account is, which I propose they know nothing about too. It is an old adage; they see somebody that scares them and not in a violent way, when they wind him up they complain about being affected, they do not have as much property as he does, they do not have as much money as he does, they are screaming for civil rights and attacking him over equality but they are superior to him as well and it is no wonder the fucking idiots are poor as it were. 

We do hear them say my activities mean MPs become more unruly and that I have run this vendetta against Politics to a point but in terms of the latter I am not the one running any vendetta against Politics, what happens is that MPs consistently want to make things very difficult for themselves and have in turn gradually turned parliament into some very blunt instrument of social control that means they are now stuck making laws people can simply exploit for career reasons either way of good or bad – in terms of the former, they have not becoming unruly, it’s the reality where if they think that the right is where power is they will support it and lament anti-Semitism later and if they think the middle is the process of moving into people’s right hand to live there permanently will become a major preoccupation and if they think the left is they will become spin doctor racist governments and all these three have been done by Labour in just 12 years of office and so I act like I do because there are no more questions to answer on the matter. Hence the undertones and undercurrents of their need to have conversations with me that instigate an involvement that the evils that be in their society can share means there is regular wrath and ruin too, while they become more frustrated they have not been able to make good of it in order to appear to have become more civilised. It is not a problem for me; it’s just reality that when you have allowed a Politician to stand up in public and pass a self improvement weeing on you kind of insult in your direction for whatever reason of which most of the time is a would you could you question that causes it, and then you do nothing about it and then again and then again and then again what will result from it is an atmosphere and because doing something about such things isn’t what we make time for the problem with it is that it soon develops into a social issue that needs to be settled again and again and again and again which is what is happening. It is impossible to locate exactly how chasing me about like that could have become more important than the job they were elected to do; so I may be overreaching myself mentioning it anyway because the job can always pass to somebody else.

They do say on one hand that I expose my feelings to others to play with them blame the results on everybody else; which has no shred of truth in it whatsoever as the reality is rather that what they do is stir up the evils that be in their society and turn up to have a conversation on a platform of social equality which will make them look civilised then brag about the power of what it does to you when the idiots who work those evils want involvement with your personal life and it is always more important than  day job – big deal starts when I do not respond to their conversations and they get on media or Government buildings to throw it up in the air whereas if they wanted to avoid trouble they could always leave me alone. On the other hand they say it is a matter of making me serve the people just as the other story about reviewing my opinions about terrorism when it is their opinions about me which need reviewing since that is what is causing the most harm. There is no service here that I must perform for the people whatsoever HM provides them all the service they need and it is an old story with Politicians making noise about the hard time that people have endured and pay no attention to the fact people at this literary empire now have to work many times as hard for what they already own while their precious people have developed a distant violent habit of moving into their right hand to live there permanently which they also echo all the time and provide leadership for in parliament – so they say we need to give the people who have had a hard time a break and like to assume they are not going to give us one as well.

They say Africans are the problem which is utter nonsense; they are not – they are like their white friends looking for somebody to manipulate with distant violence getting support from the Tories who think their targets will not feel abused and provoked because there is nothing they can do about it if they did: it’s the same as the claim I started first when we assess the grafting they have caused me and the one I have caused them and the fact they and not I are the ones that have determinate salaries thereby offering evidence as to such claims being fact thereof in their view – they are the ones offering African idiots a means of turning up to flirt with torture in order to transform a failure to get agricultural economies to make them enough money to buy expensive cars in government office, into narcissistic advertisement concerning which their very smiles are a function of sexually abusing somebody important than got there when he was too young to and so on. It’s not just the African ones – the British cat figure idiots speak all the time about ruffling people’s anus and penis and talk nonsense all the time about Tory policies and the things that have been left on the ground for them to pleasure themselves with; Africans are not the problem the Politicians here are. It has never been an emotive issue, simply the old case of the fact that racists belong on the left for instance and if you let them move right and kill peoples children then that is what they will take pride in but if they are beaten off it they start to pretend it was all some big game – the blacks like to think they are really educated and know of every insult in the dictionary to that effect and are using it to keep racism at bay thereby doing you a favour and there is no way they don’t know more than you and shouldn’t be trying to abuse you further telling you what to do: - so that when it reaches the point where there are complains to the effect of me being responsible for the bad things black people do when my parents are from Nigeria for example and not the Caribbean or Jamaica or some small tourism nonsense in west Africa like Ghana for example then we all know it has come to head. I don’t think it is a major crisis – I mean they do reach a point where the need to make a boy listen because they are paramount gets to a stage and they have a need to ensure your financial success does not interfere with the controlling nature of a parent who is a member of their party and so on, so that they seem to have alternative explanations for what happens when it comes to a direct reaction to straight damage and destruction of your work and property the more frustrated they get that they cannot keep you down and so on and then the blacks usually get fed up and start to stir up racism on tour account at such a point as well: there is nothing new about the fact they never deploy their own lives to get anything done hence this story of some injustice and how I have been set out for revenge and so on and then the insults will progress from there and keep getting worse while they start to pretend they wore clean clothes at school and there were children that didn’t and travel to the UK to pretend they always know more than you do and perpetually feel like telling you what to do as insolently as possible like a second nature and so it turns out they are running from the fact if they spend time in the company of men they will have to deal with the desires of men getting so intense that the distant violence allow men to ruffle their private parts with impunity but when finished with clubbing and partying and corridors of international community they are after moral men and religious people whom they can guarantee have no means of hurting them because of course they get into trouble on account they ever listen to anything anybody says to them as it were with those stupid civil and criminal disobedience they want to make lucrative all the time; so it’s a matter of giving it half the chance to see what it will become when accused of fundamentally hating their women and the inability to stand their insults interpreted as discrimination.

So the story of how much I mess around my own work and sabotage my security does not apply of course; they need to keep their ego away from my concerns along with its favourite story among others of that my thing that nobody really can describe with any language known to real humans like them falling short of public expectation; we all know they do it because they are in league with drugs people or indeed work for them, so it’s not necessarily a crisis and in terms of my security, the need was to grab, break up and assimilate their societies and cultures and so on, so that every time they turn up to persuade Politicians and Armed forces and people at my Firm Community, they get persuaded in the process all the time – hence if any fighting is to be done it will have to be over ownership. I understand the part where I am to settle what my problem with pop people really is but it’s the same old story of having a conversation with the Court to be told there is somebody in there and when I check find myself instead – this game they like to play, except where popular culture and its fame and fortune and Industry is concerned when I check I find them in there actually making music CDs and it cannot be said to be unappreciated and unwanted and not required because when they have needs it has to be done and nobody knows when they suppose they will listen to what others are saying to them either- besides which the whole fame and fortune pop thing exists to push people into sex which is the only condition that they think people are acceptable to them and yet for every one of these things they do the sex industry is fighting twice as hard and working twice as hard to do it for people completely free of charge and the reason being so they can clear the lies and sell their products. It draw parity all together on those claims they like to make about terrorism all the time too; when we all know the reasons they are targeted is because for the obviously grown up women, the purpose of their time in the world can easily be to wreck peoples lives and foster an environment whereby idiots on the left get rich, never listen to what people do not want to happen to what they own and buy them expensive gifts like Cars and entire department stores and so on, which means they cannot keep their advertisement of insolence and abuse that is channelled in my direction like I am an item that helps to achieve that away from me and of course US Citizens are at the very crucible of this phenomenon which is why they love to claim terrorism affects everybody thus forging confusion about what it is about all together every single time - it  helps them to continue this sense that their activities can only ever be so amusing, when we all know they are only but the kind of people that have an insatiable need to create disputes that lead to death and blood shed and cannot keep it within their Country or possessions exclusively for apparent reasons.