Now the Politicians and their Media fools have come to prefer the idea of describing me as impetuous; I wouldn’t know anyway since these are the same persons that think they should be giving money to fools that want to show they have evil powers that can make people rich or make people poor, help people win elections or help them have a new Country if consulted; it’s been 8 years since I was pushed out of University by these same idiots turning up at academic institutions to play with me while I am trying to study and that did solve a lot of problems apparently but 8 years on and these Political and Media fools at still at it too all together as it were. So we have to accept they love to wallow in the slums and get all filthy because representing these kinds of fools and having power to tell others what to do through them is the meaning of life but so do they have to fight their own battles and let me be as well otherwise they are courting fresh trouble, especially when they cannot shut their insults and I am impetuous because I have decided to do something about it to ensure they stop making up their own reasons for it or coming up with fresh ideas as per why they think I am coping like they love to do all the time.

They do say that the problem is that I have opened them up to the world and they are always emotional at the job but I wonder if I am the one that did or the fact they give money to evil idiots who will then take steps to ensure they cannot hold onto anything they have which is not being shared, which has achieved that, telling me I am impetuous. The big idea always being that if they did it and then made a perpetual Media appearance they will be immune to it and continue to hunt and persecute those who have things they do not until they are the ones that have everything that others do not but it also assumes I am stupid as well, when it applies to me.

Now they say all I do is a process of playing into what Politicians want which is not good for the Monarchy; it is utter nonsense of course since people have at this stage stopped telling lies about the importance of lewd social behaviour and deviance and homosexuality; the question they now have to answer being one about how good all these things are and then if so why what is happening just keeps happening unstoppably. They love to tell me I say such things because I am homophobic actually whereas the truth is rather that if a homosexual is a friend I am fine but I am not expecting to go out and make friends with every homosexual I find anyway; what happens with these idiots however is that the women can come from the worst possible upbringing and set about planning and dishing out violent behaviour which is usually a sign that they believe the fact they are women gives them license to do whatever they please, that will facilitate a process where they live off my Public image and finances, which is supported by rich idiots, while the Men who work wealth inequality and civil rights are just villainous wasters of everything good if they know that doing so will cause others pain but not hurt them in anyway. The Politicians however can always continue to give tax payer funds to idiots which will help them rub shoulders with successful and wealthy people if they wanted, at some point, when I ensure I am not paying for it, a time will arrive when they realised the treasury is not infinite, when it turns out those idiots are only interested in inequality they want to build at local communities and not bringing money back into government coffers; so I suppose now I have mentioned it a paradox has existed between a collection of fools who are so stupid and yet at the same time are 100% convinced they are in charge but how not got a foggiest clue what they are doing, which is Politicians and the hype we cannot be free from in Public places that turn out every day and supports all these other stupid bullying alongside and now I have mentioned it, they have gone from telling me that the reasons I run my affairs the way I do rather than hold onto wealth and allow bad fans of Royalty to bully wealth inequality goons in order to get hated while I do the right thing is because firstly that I am no Royalty and then also that I have no wealth – they too now know what they are doing for a change with that big mouth at Politics,. Of which nobody really knows why they always set me out as the easy picking anyway, usually before we hear some blabbing about wanting a new Country as the Monarchy is not doing the right thing.

In their defence they have said it many times and have turned it up on this occasion too i.e. my problem are the people who hate me at the Monarchy; utter rubbish of course since those are good at yapping of how nobody really knows who I am in certain places and there are categories of places where people do and it continues until I visit Buckingham palace to find them selling it along with their boo boys who are good with insults that make those who can control themselves control themselves to avoid making a bad smell which I cannot and there is nothing about which they can do as well. Its yapping like that until I create them something to do by showing up to flatter the Monarchy and setting about taking over and making it up as I go along as well and then it will turn out there are places and categories of places where people know my sort as it were alongside it too; nobody knows why they simply cannot keep it shut and it’s never the light insults either all together and above all, cannot keep off the public image. Apparently they talk that way because they are allied to Politicians and I am at a loss to per what the problem actually then is – but there are other aspects too such as when they get involved with Public transport operatives to sell my personality to rich idiots in the City and that whole case of places where nobody knows me tallies up as well with a case of people approaching me intimately on the streets which winds me up but about which I then have to pull myself back together and realise my photograph has been on the internet for some time and that these people do recognise me, which causes it to annoy me on a wholly different level all together.

Then we hear those stories that I am so exceptionally and publicly out of touch; whereas what happens is that want us all to think they are interested in general public leadership and the process of following a manifesto but then we should learn that they do have vanities and therefore get after the bit where they lead and represent criminal neighbourhoods where people want to give birth to children and decide how many of them should be criminals in order to control neighbourhoods and have power when their help is needed by law enforcement and then start to know where my anus and penis is in order to tell me to stop being selfish; I mean there isn’t one reason in the world that they shouldn’t do it as such, if somebody decides that treasury money is not being shared with them and that there is no reason her children should do neighbourhoods favours by staying out of crime and the problem with her case is the system itself – but what is clear is not just the fact a fight with Politicians can develop an answer to absolutely every problem but also the main part of it which is that their idiots clipping my Books to make me pay attention to their problems will develop far more serious problems than they can handle before it actually stops too.

Notwithstanding that we hear the problem to be that I do not seek wealth among my own class if I can seek it among the poor instead; whereas I write my packaged equities in real world facts because somebody else is running a small business and I am providing leadership, which makes me big business – not to mention the whole story of being out to touch having been a matter of breaking up a business empire to broker the equities and sell Books for a living because it was a more effective way to maintain my Royal Estate property and keep it safe from such nonsense while releasing funds I needed as well and the entire world has been a better place for it too which justified the decision. The big business world is apparently full of cases like this, not least civil rights idiots pillaging what they can of the lives of those they deem vulnerable and mocking them for a behaviour that is set in its own ways as well but also that the good people are good to a point where I will lose the fine job I created for myself like it was a bed of roses and the bad people are bad to a fault because of nonsense that comes from Politicians on a daily basis - an important piece here to remind them of where their jobs are, considering the next time I will take will involved these trouble makers finding out how it works too and getting after my Book sales is one of the easiest ways of making it happen.

So they always revert to tales of how I want to look after Women but actually cannot, which does not in any way bother me, only remind me of how stupid they actually are but then again I always say I am a sexist anyway because I do really believe that Women who chip into Men’s conversations are promiscuous; I am not referring to a friend or a colleague whose conversation with you, you tend to keep other peoples out of all together but it usually becomes a point of call so they might keep it up. General idea is showing up with the worst possible upbringing to find somebody that can work to wrap round their fingers can call on whole communities to help you take advantage of on a regular basis; it is something Media and popularity culture helps with because they have the power of course and we are starting to see if that is true or not too. Then we hear that I trap Women, which of course I do technically; since if they run families of cultural evils where I steal women’s places in the world and steal temperaments from Men that can actually do the violence that will keep them safe, then I do; otherwise if I concerned about mobility issues, then there is a possibility that somebody is married to a violent spouse and there is a way the relationship looks. In the end it’s not just that when people say Women are stupid, these idiots give it meaning, there is also the reality that the only thing they gain from it is a process where I am unable to unwind. They now say I should be cleaning up the mess fashion idiots and celebrities are doing at the Monarchy but there were others who had the duty to decide which celebrities ended up in my court or in my affairs it was not their own anyway – so I do not see why not as well, now that they are done fucking around. Its what they get from it that is more striking i.e. having a morally dedicated religious person they can persecute to make broadcasting for their time. I do not think the matter is a big problem; its an old story – if you take a look at that Woman that wants friendship with Politicians because she wants to be able to push younger people into crime and control communities or the one that just wants you wrapped around her finger so she can get comfortable at your expense or the one that wants to control religion and shut it down while taking part in it and holding position at Church where she can ensure young people have sex first before they are allowed to get jobs etc, what you find in their whole lives and communities of people are that they are a people whose entire existence is based on fooling around and then there is a tiny bit reserved as a means for respecting people and being happy and that is the part that is okay, except it is not for those who are not paying and then this makes them the last people you want anything to do with when you are trying to pass your exams in school etc and the reason for it has always been that they come from tourism economies; so when Media idiots want some religiously moral person they can persecute to make their broadcasting for the decade it is the sheer greed of spending all the days of their lives in these tourism economies and the need to make them keep off my earnings and my person must be done in a grand scale, so ensure people do not move into my right hand or my left hand more so thereof or that when I try to deter it, I simply create a condition where such behaviour is the main preoccupation, while stifling my book sales becomes a second job attached to the main one on Television and radio etc – so that it becomes obvious that when you get Americans into a place where they cannot bother you about their freedoms, you can then raise realities around the happenings of these sort and a conversation around it too thereof; years ago they were all in a fight with me for interfering with their Tourism hot spots while they rip up my Public image to make the money for it, Today it has since gotten serious and people want to run Warehouses where employees are behaving professionally, however which my finances have been completely decimated as we speak and they are still assuming it is that cheap.