The story of how the message in the UK is that ethnic minorities are free to be British for as long as it lasts is as far as I know utter rubbish, such a message have never come from anywhere even the white Communities and there are people in the white communities that will be up in arms if such a message were to come forth from anywhere as well; what really happens is that the best method to respond to somebody who is acting racist is usually to say, alright, I am just going to return to the neighbourhood and carry on with what matters while you do that but the Liberal and Socialist goons with a need to be famous have hijacked such things to an extent where there is no way to respond except to see what happens if a racist goads himself into personal violence and acts on you. So, whilst being British is to decide what your neighbourhood is like even if a racist were to live in it as well was the way it worked, we see that these goons were never part of it and have always thought of culture as something that allows people complain about them while they enjoy some powerful narcissism. It’s the same story we see at the International front; take Suez Canal away from the British and break their Empire, then fight every Axis of evil in the Middle East that the Russians and Chinese can hurt you with while you use these wars to decide which of your trading partners was really a Diplomatic ally – happening all over again when Liberal American rips up my Books to get rich in China and take revenge on Conservative America for being conservative America and British  Interest there will be subject to endless forms of unexplainably stupid practical jokes, until supposing war breaks out in Asia – leaving me in no doubt as to why every stupid little female American twerp thinks they can address me knowing that if they pretend to be me for a day they will be rich in the USA, while Donald Trump was actually their main problem all together. They started off these gimmicks with a banner that sought to find out what the British are like under the skin and to decide whether or not they liked it; now we see every behaviour is aimed at destroying their type of economy while they have allies they can bully and pick on for access to internal market, it is what America is like under the skin that is now the subject of diplomatic questions. So they claim nobody really knows what is happening with me and why I am always tackling people who actually care about me and it is utter nonsense; these goons and the Politicians who spend tax payer funds helping them to money that builds that stupid self confidence while spending some more of it to damage mine and ensure they felt they were more important are the reasons my energy levels bottom out simply because I write Books in spare time and study full time, the reasons I smell like my loo and they cannot stop digging that, the reasons it is impossible to do anything when it actually needs to be done. As I have mentioned before, I do the same things they do i.e. have people at Industry who expect me to work with them and we bring it in for each other and losses are prevented; it’s the reasons you realise there are people who think you matter, the reasons you realise you need to stand up, hold your head high and be an adult – this is what these idiots are taking away from me and we see them look like they have falsified CV to get jobs, so their whole position is now about making sure others cannot with communities of business and grandmothers who sign up for social media they have seen me work with when I have taken public transport to make money on my public image whether I like it or not, playing up popular culture, one huge irresponsibility after another. So we hear them complain about women over it if they are not asking what is going on like so then issue threats at me at the same time as well but when you have accomplished building a world where people sell it as they have written it on the Tin and buy it as it is written on the Tin, that will never be good enough because it means we live in a world where women cannot bother people, we see them take it as far as to cling to my Books, tell lies all the time and invent their own new homosexuality, we hear them tell me my problem was that I think I am Royalty when I am not which is none of their business, never the less of which I am an Arch Prince and nobody at the Monarchy is lying to me about that. So in the end they say I have become a plaything for them which I am not, just the probability that when they cannot let people buy and sell it as written on the tin so when they tell people what to do the vices pay attention to peoples personal lives and feminist to peoples finances while they pay attention to peoples private parts, they come up with their own disobedient version in the local communities which always needs a situation where you strike the shepherd to disperse the sheep – the Politicians who cling to my Books and make those stupid speeches they run everyday because they may have found doing such things amusing; otherwise we can now see they are complaining that I have damaged retail business in the UK when I am actually an entrepreneur who deals in retail and they need to get off my Books not develop an imagination that suggests that while they continue, their situation will have improved for a strange stupid freedom reason. They always say that my problem was more a matter of the fact everybody knows what I am thinking, while that was a carefully calculated plan that can ensure they take out their ear drums to be free of me or stopped getting involved; in terms of the latter we know what the results will be if they complied, in terms of the former when they do and cannot listen to anything people say to them, the outcome will be that they were actually deaf. My counter measure for their need to mess up peoples lives while attacking every process that facilitates market autonomy and lets people buy and sell as they see written in the market place is the bit I have set out about getting their fame equity from their mortgages and savings lest I start to invade their Celebrity villages too; they always believe they can do these things if they had blown off their big mouthed insults on media enough times to do it, especially on the matter of new alternative lifestyles that are used to ensure others cannot breathe. So its my Book, they need to keep off unless they wrote it themselves first of all especially as they are complaining about retail difficulty at this stage too and I would fancy they kept off the Royal Public image they can actually afford as it were, especially the Liberal Americans. I do get told I need to resolve the nasty way in which I communicate but I do not communicate in a nasty way; it’s a matter of finding this processes of entreating people who suffer from illnesses such as Heart disease and a behaviour that may prevent those who are vulnerable from suffering it too; an Auto builder may want to go through the processes of the Equity to build the next Car Model they wish to build and somebody will decide that it is a convenience that should be available to everybody; we can see how destructive and damaging their behaviour will have been and we can imagine what I would have had to do as well; so it all comes down to the great old little bit of showing some respect for what others do, if it actually constitutes a legal living. They really love to say that I do not have the advantage and I am usually left wondering which advantage I do not have save the process of managing Church Business alongside getting around Industry Communities to ask the Managers and CEOs not to give Celebrities Client Employee Contracts, so that I might be able to make sure all Jobs and Livelihoods they have are never really a secure source of income, as I make the prospects of finding any increasingly difficult, in order to position myself so as to get served by their stupidities directly or indirectly - I am still working on it, working on with my Church concerns and all.