Now they feel like they want to negotiate my existence all together in my absence using media to make up the two sides, one of me and one of them and them one that is me will agree with the other and I will simply have to live with it – I never see the idiots toss mud at Their President’s motorcade in the US then turn out to settle a case for him when they have planned to netogate his position either, I have no idea what they would have thought he should say or do or what indeed they would have expected to gain from such negotiations for my part either, so they can trade with whatever they want to trade with and that big mouth all over the place. They will never be free of me ever – I mean to settle the way this provocation operates I got a Royal Commission from The Queen in my absence but it is the completion of a first degree that has proven impossible while explanations for it never seem to run out as well; the Politicians have found their civil rights based vandalism and an objective must be attained with it and this is the reason.

The part where they speak of big banks making global evaluation of businesses and pushing them into liquidation in order to acquire their assets at cut price rates is all we have heard all day today, the one about the profits of big energy companies being secondary of course since real news would have been a case of facts and figures presented by the idiots about the investment plans of these companies alongside their profit rates which are as a result of increased bills costs that we have to put up with but of course since they do not have those figures and the fact all they have to do with their jobs is get up in public and say a factual truth about something that happened gives them nightmares all the time with respect to the chances it might change them and make them good people, they as ever thinking we consider them to be civil rights victims and not twisted vile evil idiots report such a news anyway – such things of course only confirms why it has been important not to have revenge for all they do to me so everybody can see it is really never enough once they think they can and that what you may do to them as well has nothing to do with prejudice. As for the banks, the Politicians were there when the banks drank champagne with them while planning to globally revaluate businesses and acquire their assets by pushing them into liquidation, they have played major roles to please these trouble makers by stifling my book sales and of course making sure all I have done to see that businesses think of local interest first before global ones when they operate in the UK fails woefully, now lets see them fix the process of talking nonsense about banking evaluating businesses and pushing them to liquidation to acquire their assets in order to win votes from the public, after all they were there when the banks were planning and doing those things, they were partying with them and drinking with them while they were planning those things. Of course they will say I would never have done it should it have been up to me but we all know these are idiots whose cabinet offices are compromised if they have parties with rich people who run rich businesses and yet they go there all the time still to party and drink and compromise cabinet office; I mean I know my cabinet office would never have been compromised because these big business idiots understand that I know the reasons that stock market gambles by fools like them pays off is because people whose voices will never be heard all over the world lose money in some way and that the reason we have market crash is when they have run out of money to lose. Hence I believe I would have been in complete control of risks that big business idiots that talk less and have blood sucking items they name products in front of them all the time to bang away at and get bloody minded over peoples possessions and property with and I know my cabinet office would never ever have been compromised as a result. In the end a business is a business and the owner is a person and if it has jobs it has jobs and if it has no jobs it does not have jobs and if it is shut it is shut and if it is open it is open – full stop; now they see the difference between businesses and those party idiots they spend tax payers money on and get off to party with as well. I am not saying they are an evil either, they exist to justify economic leadership from cabinet office which has failed so woefully the government is conducting an inquiry into whether or not a big bank has evaluated peoples businesses on a global parameter and driven them into liquidation in order to acquire their assets at cut price rates. I am only involved because another politics of civil rights and vandalism has happened to me again, so teach them what is and what is not and where those big mouth ought to say firmly and those insults too that seem to be the bees knees.

I have always maintained people ought to understand they are no civil rights victims but really twisted and evil goons that will stop at nothing when it comes to conducting a wicked act against others and in my case I have allowed some of those things happen unpunished because I need to make a statement that when you do handle them like animals as well it is never on account you have prejudices but because they do you first and of course the Politicians need to stay off my book sales and stop talking nonsense all over the place as well. I have never mentioned anything about being beaten up by celebrity idiots either – I have indicated on several occasions that celebrity assistants that are well vested in Asian and African cultures of wickedness do what they do to harm people first because they think that those people would suppose that they are looking after the precious celebrities they work for who have no knowledge that these things are happening, then secondly that there isn’t a soul in the world that is seeing them do it and that is why I want to rip up that popular culture as well and that fame industry on the basis that even if people see trade mark tell tale signs I was responsible they would never have seen me do it either. Nothing like being beaten up by celebrities being mentioned anywhere around here; as I said, I got a royal commission at 21 years of age in my absence but it was the first degree that could not be completed so they can spend anything they like and they will never be free of me for these things and can always negotiate my position as well whenever they want; the way it normally works is that when you are famous, then people can create spoofs out of your work and activities to make money which you would like to stop but cannot due to the fact you cannot control them, not when you are not famous and if I am fighting for personal dignity here they have gone too far and it is time to pay up; beginning with the need to ensure they cannot have anything that is the reason I am being abused by them.