I hear I am still one of the fundamental threats out there in a real way to peoples freedoms of course but I have no idea if the writing is not on the wall at this point i.e. that I hate black people – I hate their culture and I hate their society and I hate their civil bloody rights, I mean these are people that do not necessarily believe in God but think my personal life is their main preoccupation because I have gained it either by some magic I need to teach others or something in me that people can share which has nothing to do with religion, followed only by a process of making a public mess of my work and showing me what they can do if I deny them when they know that denying black people my possessions is a fundamental item to being financially successful around here, that is if they are not practicing violent orthodoxy that is designed to handle people like items I set up a state of affairs that rivals the laws of the land in an antagonism of the Police while as their stupid children grow older and hate it attacking me and my personal life becomes their answer for everything especially fame – then there are those that don’t even believe in God that much but go off to study some theology and establish their own Church and I always have a place in my heart for them as well for my part because they tend to have a problem with me and get after my finances instead that has nothing to do with the faith they hate so much. So it has never been a matter of not liking people that are not religious but a matter of evil – religion is a case of choice but when they say they don’t believe in God what they mean is such things as the common sense of getting on media to host talk shows they talk into your personal life with in order to ensure idiots in the local communities move into it and that is what they are declaring now i.e. they want to move into my right hand and its big mouth talk like that which will lead to results where I keep them out of this personal life and off my penis and anus and chest and tummy in my own way as well. We do hear them speak of what I cannot back up all the time but it has never actually applied, as we are looking at a case of the fact that what they do is a function of the fact I can get beaten up by them and not the other way round which then means that no matter what I do I will always let them take advantage as a result of fear, so we have a choice here and those claims of owning me simulation of kidnapping illnesses have never had a basis on reality either. What we have always had is such outcomes as a process where they do rap music and make money and buy European cars and European Jewellery and when some Royalty that run businesses which sell it to them start to get into trouble with them it turns up around me as the case of the most powerful of us that is black, hence even when I ask them to take a look at the state of my finances it never really works because they know what my history is: I am a European Royalty and these fools are nobody but they would rather prefer setting up communities that even have a media presence designed to abuse and berate and attack me for myself improvements everyday – people don’t do that unless they are looking for trouble and yet if I issue such warnings they will tell me Americans will defend themselves against all enemies of course, the reality of which is that despite their stories of what I am not certain about in terms of whether I am Royalty or not, the fact remains there are things I am not certain about and one of them is whether I am happy with what I am doing with myself at present i.e. am I happy with living like this when I should be concerned only with what happens at Church and the office? Of course not and then of course there are other ethical issues like the attacking of the common people which is always a matter of respect for higher authority which I never do unless they have a go at me and make it personal and I have to jab them one or two and pat them on the back and make them feel they have won but these idiots do those things because they think they live in the land of the free as it were and it is no wonder for my part that I mess up that stupid freedom all the time – needless to say like everything else about them if I see it I will completely destroy it as well and the ripping up of my books will soon become something they do for only one last time too as it were: yes I know it is said I am a trouble maker but first it should be considered from the point of their need to attack me for their self improvement and the evil behind it and then of course we can come down to the human and humane aspect of it too i.e. any normal person would have observed that I do not have the aspect of thinking which is concerned with regard for older women because they are always likely to have children and families and hence tend to have all that progressive personal changes that make the nervous which means you are likely to justify your actions when people attack them, as if that is not enough there is also the part where politicians spend public funds to pillage my finances in order to ensure I fear these idiots on account they have more money but we can see I am still provoked to this extent by these self harming fools whom in my view should never be saved from the consequences of their actions. Hence I think stating I hate black people should clear it up for them as well: I mean there is hardly a hair on your body that will like people that have taken up 15 years of your time to claim it is freedom working a process where there is some higher authority asking you to do things for them to make them comfortable endlessly, then complain about my actions as well at the end when they had failed to cover their tracks and I have made myself clear I don’t want to see any of that stupid freedom too anyway, especially the one where they have more money than I do and have become more important and more of leaders thereof.

The white ones speak all the time of course but they complain long after they could not have enough of their fun whereby I am supposed to be dominated by them first before I am allowed to finish my academic work and of course get a job in the process as well; so it got serious eventually when I went to University and they turned up to have fun and wrecked for me and left me with 30 thousand pounds debt and a book emerged from it and three others will follow soon enough as well and now it is time to complain too – in my view of which they do need to wait for me to take some years to finish the remaining three books concerning them so that they can understand what they are complaining about more clearly as it were. It leads right back to the same old issue of finding them insert things they want to sell into my book sales market again – I mean I have no idea what I am going to do to them anyway, they like to say it is common sense if they have some money and media at their disposal but I have expressly told them not to do it and it has become their main preoccupation instead as well as usual. So it is a matter that is broken into two sections and one of those being them and celebrities and Company CEOs that are paid millions to manage large companies but want to pillage mine to sell things for it in order to have a job instead and the celebrities complain well enough about indecent pictures of them showing up on the internet but we all know they have goons everywhere and that it is what these their media idiots work all of the time i.e. insults designed to show they want to live and work their jobs with my personal life happens because they know a local community idiots will want to move into that personal life as well and it is the same practiced by the CEOs, for those their girls will ensure you are beaten up by these community idiots or join them in forming gangs and so on, so it does appear that if their behaviour is long in improving I will be seen approving the activities of my own goons in my own world as well, and that is not going to be long in happening either as well.

They say they do these things because they know where my books are and it is a matter of how on some occasion celebrities get used like they were pieces of meat but of course I believe I have made myself clear with them and what they are doing with my work as well: customer is King when they buy products and until then I am, they are playing games and wish to find out what I am really like as well and nobody knows what they are complaining about either when they are mad enough to think they have reached a point where they want to own my right hand side and move into it. It does come back down to the issue of how my actions show I am on the side of owners and shareholders of companies and that there are shareholders that hate my guts as well but I have no idea what they suppose I have been talking about all along anyway: all I want to do is sell my books without seeing them insert anything anywhere and if I have to sit down somewhere and try to sign off copies to a few people and deal with a condition where they are on media setting out the punishment that gets to me and how to apply it this story will take another unrecognisable turn as well all together; for now it is freedom they say that propels them to seek to move into my right hand side and put up their day on media full of talking through to my personal life so their community idiots can take advantage, knowing very well I am not somebody who believes their loutish nonsense does anybody any good or that they might deserve to have the decadent societies they want but for the book sales they continue to think they are stupid and that it makes them powerful as well not withstanding of which everybody knows they are complaining about their civil rights presently because they like to screw around with me because they are trying to get people to do the same as well, typical example of these kinds of stupidities being that of Scottish independence where people think that if they have shares in companies they have shares in the Country. I mean we do understand I am referred to in terms of trash but it is also clear after dumping it they come back to displace it and dump it again until they get a reaction and seem to be oblivious to the fact they are looking for trouble because they are stupid and think it makes them powerful; it’s a matter of how much they have had worked out and the common sense of earning my income instead of working for their own to talk nonsense about being oppressed like that is how to make a living and in terms of power talking nonsense about owning me is really how to do it with their black American big mouth and fellow scumbags all over Africa – it’s a matter of respect and punishment as we are all grown up and they do not have to be friends, they can be rebels, that is no illegal in itself – I cannot be expected to allow them show how little they respect of the boundaries of where their Country is to turn up here and swirl all around Europe ripping up my Empire and making trouble all the time and societies of immorality will continue to be destroyed by me in payment for each and every one of their contact insults when there is no fist fight involved until when there is with that big mouth. In terms of things like Scottish independence of which it is the great old story of nothing you do when they are around being successful, its always light headed and there are those times when you instinctively snap out of it and they reassert themselves when is never what they mention when they want to talk about how you might want to handle them as well and of course they all have that in common and it is difficult to work out which one is play boy and which one is Politician – I mean there are playboys and there are playboys, there are playboys chasing money and there are playboys chasing money but which is which with the Politicians then anyway?