I hear of a case of women I get involved with but cannot look after and it is an extension of that old matter of using the Christian kid to get women for sex that they would not otherwise have gotten, the Christian kid that deals with the same challenges they do since last the state declared both adults as it were – so these women they speak of being the Court and it is an old story about how I feel the things black women do are a function of a way of life whereas it is a matter of a certain prejudice they think their disposition at culture allows them to release themselves by throwing at me because they think my mind have been twisted into a place where I wouldn’t mind, whereas in my view it is a question of whether people really can be like that for 24/7, even though it is something you make out of them that they do that 24/7 none stop and apparently it is obvious that they can as it were. Eventually these idiots always create this sense that they do these things because it is their duty to fight against anything that represent authority that is more than them but the reality never matches the hype as we soon find it is about the fact they think that if they do not have people they attack with their problems they can never be successful at what they are doing and when we measure their sense that, the higher they go in terms of whom they are pick on the better, we see that it also matches what fascist do when they are being really wicked and really evil.

For me however it is a long story and I am not innocent in the matter because they do these things on account they plan certain gatherings where they get together to practice arts of power and turn out to exhibit and practice them on me claiming I look the part or am beautiful enough for it either which way and so it was the same way they lost the neighbourhoods and will never recover it i.e. the Christian must be made to behave in such ways as plays along with the demands of celebrities and rich people and generally have a madness about money and will do anything for it and is restless and behaves like a vagabond with a need for fame and they have a need to touch and handle people all the time so they have been enforcing that with media and the civil service and so since I had decided due to the point at which rumours get around I masturbate and because of it I cannot get a job while they are forcing me to masturbate and personally depriving me of jobs for it that I will not stand for any: hence waited I did and the point that presented the ultimate provocation as usual was the one where the young person that is me does not need to be by himself and so nobody was going to tell me how I am supposed to be as it were –I am not innocent in the matter of their part and what I do with it either, the reality is that they feel like handling me all the time to ensure that I am living in a way that is decadent and sinful and we all know nobody authorises them to touch me or any of my possessions while it has become something they link with being rich and important hence it never stops like a fix they need everyday – so as a result of their lack of respect for the royal estate that will never give them back control of the neighbourhoods, I have set out a means by which people will do their own again as well, the part where they look inferior and racists are itching to have a go and the process of having bad self esteem just keeps getting worse because we can see they have a real problem keeping their hands to themselves as it were. The Politicians are supposed to have been the goons with media chasing my personality for a living and making stupid ordinances for it all the time of which they have no respect for me in anyway whatsoever and in 14 years there has not been a single gesture of such respect from them in anyway, while they expect me to exercise a democratic right so they can have a top level job and their community idiots are cashing into the teasing of the introvert that is having his introvert temperaments taken away from him by those who need beauty sleep, so like the media find I can talk about anything and everything they have also found I can make a case of it and confiscate the National sense of fame which I have no plans to deploy but only look after so that they can make a mess of themselves whenever they make a mess instead. I am only saying that these women exist at the Company and the way it works is a case of me the Christian who likes my Christian activities and will not exchange it for anything and hence have ended up in a place where these idiots behave as if I do not exist within the space I have as home and it has now reached a point whereby it has backfired too and I don’t care what they feel in anyway whatsoever, while the company is where I work and there everybody involved has been taken care of and the rest are just these louts within this bubble as it were that I can get involved with if I wanted – the problem is that I have built this bubble in my life and they have determined it is a dump and have set out a case of a book I wrote and how to use me like a piece of meat as a result of it, and put is right beside another group of behaviour they wish to exhibit which is to do with their insults and how I cannot get involved with them but they can with me and I am the one with Government office they have no respect for while they are nobody’s so maintaining they are big oafs, people can tease it if they want and I can live in the UK and show my inability to tolerate their homosexual communities and a need for it has already been done announcements over other peoples career which is what they still chase me for to this day will not be enough anymore and there needs to be a lot more radical thinking than that as it were. So in terms of the Muslim ones, we have to put up with their big mouth all the time because they have no plans to leave the Country for those who know what kinds of discrimination actually works but at the end of the day they think nobody notices that they live in communities that are dark and dank and filthy with women and children trying to survive their brutality which they could have in Syria and not the UK or maybe Iraq and Afghanistan, I personally however still have no idea, the case of I can throw my problems anywhere and if you tolerate them you get it and if you don’t you get it and if you tolerate them and get it and react you get it, you will realise that I can take you on and you cannot take me on and it is something you need to live with which their girls and media idiots that are their fans dig all the time as it were, how they ended up picking their bags to travel to this Country and in my view which explains my actions they might as well pick it and travel off again, since there really is no sustainable explanation for the reason I can just sit down and start thinking about Muslims anyway – so they mingle they should expect others will not be a push over and these complains they make are not the end of the world in anyway whatsoever; I mean I like my Halal but these idiots are an examples of what happens when you let Tyrants thrive, their idiots make money and travel here and a system of society where people from other Countries that like the way things are in the UK and are victimised by their Countries for it because Mob justice there thinks you must have powerful popular culture to ensure other peoples property is your own using media otherwise you have not got a chance against economic powers, if they decide they cannot live in those conditions anymore and travel off to seek asylum or indeed travel off as occupation migrants, to be proliferated and used as a means of projecting some powers of wickedness all over the world, so it is my view they ought to pack up again and travel away and nobody would lose sleep over it and the Politicians that make deals with heir counterparts overseas for it need to settle up on the fact this is not their own lives and their insults will not be unpunished and whether or not I forget them is up to me only not them – it is the stage at which we make sense of media vandalism where the BBC for example speaks of women I cannot protect and yet the reality is that it has nothing to do with them like every one of my business people feel they can simply get involved with even mentioning the part where like everybody that is the best of what the Country has to offer, when women do you favours of getting involved with you which is what the culture is like, when I have such high privileges as HM giving me some, everybody especially black girls simply have got to get up in arms about it; the BBC has on many occasions attacked me for acting in ways that disrupt the profits of their industry idiots who make friends with companies and we are not talking about their branches and channels in every corner of Africa and the rest of the world being protected in the same way for example – so that when they believe it is my duty to do something about the Mob and its popular culture economy it blows me away completely since it is not clear exactly what they expect me to do when all I know is that they will never be free of me as long as those goons want a certain corner of my personal life to screw around with after all that nonsense they have been up to but we have not seen them heed this at all; the men speak of how I only care about women when we all know competitions about who is the best man is one of their finest moments as it were and when they had destroyed everything it turns out I have no choices and they can get involved with anything they like about which when they get off my book sales and those who need them get them is the only point at which my relationship with men will be revised, since it is the point at which an original provocation will be undone, otherwise they get lost or continue to press me like nobody asked them to touch me and touch my books and touch my office and I will not be responsible enough for my actions as well. We do hear them speak of murder but these are a collection of idiots that are so twisted that if they had to buy mercenaries the reality is that in the process of finding out what their own looks like they could get killed for you anyway – not that I have done them any favours myself but we all know they brag but each time they get angry they make friends as it were and its always the racism to fall back on and there was a village in this Country before the first and second world war and I want to see it.

I do understand they say the manner I handle my information puts me at risk and that it is becoming a crisis as well which crisis I do not seem to perceive anyway either – the reality is that leaving my home to go shopping means coming across the bigger picture of white and black people getting along and the basis of all they do is still the same old insulting abuses garnished with access their stupid parents have to my personal life to ensure the early parts of somebody that looks the part of what people want to practice violence on is done for the to feel superior with and what I find is that the entire purpose of their relationships are to extricate Industry communities designed to ensure they can dominate and not be dominated and that all I do to defend myself or dominate them as well has been sabotaged but when I actually walk into the shops it becomes provocative outright and hence all about how they are here to learn what they need to know in order to move off to bigger and better countries at the end of which they expect to fuck the nicest gentlemen around and so on and some of them do not understand being chased about by grannies with that sort of violent pervasiveness messes you up until you handle them the same way as well which is what I have done; so that I am very territorial has no basis on reality, what does is that Christian or not at some stage these kinds of insults will court a certain level of permissive violence.

I understand there is fear for where I am heading of course but there is no real reason for it, its a matter of what I am prepared for and if I am for a collection of trouble makers that have no respect for other peoples office to a point where it amounts to moderate fascism which their Politicians or indeed any Politician can cash into then it does not matter if it is Africans or Americans or the British that enjoy doing things I don’t like to me and it does not matter how many of them there are either – I mean we are all grown ups and they understand what I am saying very clearly too: for the blacks it is always about something pertaining to what they would do if they were in my shoes and they are not in my shoes and need to live with it – its all very well the distant abuses and regular appearance on media to start a conversation of which I don’t know if it be designed to weaken me of course but each time it happens I will break their own as well. They do speak of this lack of awareness for my part of the involvement of Africans in UK Military and it will never make sense to me, after all we all know Military guys have a way of looking after their own possessions as well and it is clearly not the place where people get territorial at all and the usual outcome is that these guys make trouble all the time and it is not that they could not enrol in the army, its just that they were better fighters outside of it picking on people every single second of their time, hence the Muslim ones end up with Terrorist acts when they are about to be recruited so they can get involved and do it as well, while the blacks always have parents that want the personal lives of the best gentlemen and to fuck them as well – it feeds into that sense that people who fight the British should be able to have similar weapons as they do of course when we all know a Country makes weapons according to need for defence and that the weapons there are today have taken years to evolve and if people do not have the same weapons should not want to attack the British rather than expect to have the same weapons when they start a fight otherwise they will break the rules of conflict and so on, thus it is where weapons companies sell weapons to absolutely anything that I have had to round them up, which is where I did my own stuff protection as well and usually where they ask if goons like me or the Military are more dangerous which I have no answer to anyway since I am not the one that really enjoys messing with people and winding them up and I bet they don’t either.