We get so much misinformation about what is happening with government these days but the one that has really gotten to me is the one the opposition leader made out about the Prime Minister today i.e. that he has been telling the public he is getting energy industries to reduce prices but secretly has been telling them to bail him out. I have seen several government Policies show that the government is making the UK a more stable capitalist system and such things as home insulation that could be provided by a system that was virtually a civil service department is now being provided by a company that must ensure it is profitable doing so which will then be a matter of keeping with regulations to avoid fines, meeting customer expectations to get more customers and remain in the black etc. I have no idea where the exact point is that in terms of the big energy companies the Prime Minister has been telling them to bail him out in secret while in public he has been claiming he is working on them to make them reduce their prices etc. One idea is just as good as the other as long as it works and we don’t have to choose between Labour and any other party in this country, we can chose any party that we want at any point that we like to chose it.

My only problem is the matter of Politicians spending tax payers funds and time on popular culture goons who then turn out to show they can prevent companies that they are fans of from employing me while at the same time making sure I am beaten up and lowered and reduced and the question therefore is whether we have ever had a different outcome whenever Politicians come into government business to spend tax payer funds of them. They would say the reason is the increased encroachment on Political affairs by others but of course they were the ones that presented themselves to the public as individuals that were willing to get elected into government office and should have kept their business connections and popular culture goons out of it rather than turn up to spend tax payers funds on them knowing what the outcome will be. They will respond with claims it is about power of course which I don’t mind, I am only just a Christian and do not spend all my time thinking about the revenge that I can take on those who do wicked things to me that they are sure will cause me suffering and distress all the time but with the level of onslaught against me everyday and every second one person after another and more so on National media to propel the engines of my abuse they specifically seek a reaction from me and hence we enter into this circle of things which indicate that it does not necessarily mean that it will be pleasurable when I handle them on account I am a Christian. So the bottom line with all that noise making is that they cease to be deluded about the idea everybody is happy with how they feel they have settled into the UK as their country with that attitude, stop making noise about hurting me which will only make the situation worse as I have decided I want to live inside that stupid culture and select the best parts to write belongs that will help me sell my books with and they can live inside me as well if they have the gut for it, get off that silly culture and do so useful with their silly lives like they squander my world and my life on that stupid media claiming it is the purpose that God put me into this world to fulfil about which I am trying to cheat them by getting an education and having all thee successes and royal privileges I have enjoyed, which means my finances are always in a condition where it can never be protected and now we understand each other better, especially when we speak of an end to big misinformation about serious government matters when their opponents are too strong for them. As I said, I am a Christian and do not spend all my time thinking about revenge I can take on them for it and they need to get off my books; they would rather my books are rubbish on National media and that they will personally see that not a copy is sold, this of course is clearly not what I signed up for when I got my patents and they know they are looking for trouble – all that stupid talk about their money and leverage, an example of the matters on which it will blow up.


They say I have directly or indirectly been involved in killing people but all I know is an old name calling and abuse game they play to ensure people can always turn up around all I own and leave with whatever they want; names like cunt, names like ass and so on that gets around on media all the time and then we hear talk of how I must fear them because they are really tough and when people like me toughen up which they will make me by the way using problems and violence, I will only have become average  - it never goes away and reasons for it not to happen is never good enough until I start to play as well and its a stupid game for me and a stupid game for them and if I hurt they get it and if they hurt we will find out etc. So eventually the case is a matter of whether I can back up anything I say with action but it has always been an old story about their wickedness; where they can just mark out my possessions and hound me until they flush my entire life down the toilet and so it is now surrounded by fighting and the most I can do is kill so much until I am then killed which is what they have always wanted, I had decided nothing will ever occur in that way they had in response decided they like media and the abuse continues, hence they will win anyway and I must give up my entire self; they cannot leave people alone you see and will never be free of me, especially more so will I never give back that stupid left hand side and that stupid decadence and they will never ever impress their stupid friends as long as I am around, especially so in this Country. I know some say what I say and do is all strength spent on words with regards to what I am meant to do with action but it largely depends on choices; I know what I am doing and those who interfere with it do not – these individuals have a life that is to do with fame and fortune, sex industry and community croons holding down and abusing those whose lives they wish to pillage to fulfil those dreams, I get up everyday to search for work and have signed myself up as unemployed but their problems always turn up here and they do everything to ensure I cannot get a job so they might have everything and remain fans of companies which means they can prevent me from getting one for as long as they like and this is not the 1990s where there is one law for drag addicts on the streets and quite another for celebrities with good character that is made up on media when they are as evil as they come. So we have only attained a point where nobody is above the rules and the regulations and naivety of something or the other that may bring it about with regards to lofty lives people live is out of the window as well. The other choice most people like to use is that since it is peddling peoples personal lives and religion that they were told is how to make a living then holding them accountable according to how they do becomes the way forward and soon we hear complains they make about their sex lives and personal happiness so on. The process of buying a Mercedes to show off in  music video to rally people to their idea that expensive cars are a good thing and a good call very soon develops into a process of buying expensive cars as one of the good things in life they need to have to make more money and it is not just the property and job of the manufacturer on the line, it is that of others including states men and women as well and the Politicians that spend tax payers money on them to make them and allow them grow so big will laugh and insult and talk so much nonsense about power while it is fun, I do not believe I showed myself to be sharing their enthusiasm at any point whatsoever for my part either.