I hear SNP Politicians have started to tell me Scottish Nationalism is none of my business but that was before they cannot possibly do anything about it unless it was done at my expense; I mean black boys dance for an idiot could end in anything from sodomy through to GBH and even murder; so as long as I am still alive because I am fought to be alive then it means they have committed to crimes and they have harmed nobody and all I have done to stay alive in done to suit them. So its these kinds of insults and abuses as it were; I am £30,000 in student loans debt on account they wanted me out of employment and in cash flow crisis for another couple years to ensure they can dominate of which after that what I did to pick myself up was entirely up to me, so the ones in Scotland say Scottish Nationalism is not my business I hear after five years of wrecking my Literary empire and finances for their games; it is never good enough and the question is how I do things to these people which ensure they feel like somebody did these things they have done to them at 21, three years after the state had told them if their parents do not look after them nobody can help them and then did it every day intensely enough to suggest I was never meant to recover from it for the last 14.

These guys do enjoy pretending they are God’s gift to the world, a representation of what a westerner should look like but I don’t mind that much the problem is that I am not of the opinion you resign from a job in order to start seeking another, I am of the opinion you use jobs to get other jobs – I never resigned from my job to chase my academic work even though it would have made sense if I did, I actually was redundant before I did; that is the part they never allowed me finish as it were so that they can have their prize and they are still trying which is a worthy use of my time. It needs to be inquired of them those homosexual fame and fortune popular culture societies and clubbing etc what their view of how to get a job is – we all know however they enjoy making a lot of money and wasting it in order to find another means of making another lot of money they can waste but the real problem is that they enjoy spending my life on cheap thrills that allow them to keep the mind set by which to always get away with being able to do so and for that reason enjoy pretending they own me with a big mouth, they give their stupid girls some of course so they can turn up to play I always win against you whatever you do routine all the time but that is the question; who told them they always win? By the way of which I will show the men how to spend their own instead as it were – I never wrote books to create myself the problem I have today which I then think I should blame on others. The books were a job well done; we are here because they like clean crisp finished jobs they can pleasure themselves and make a mess to express their stupidity with and I think I have been clear I intend to make them as fed up as I am as well.

It is never an issue, the case is about my books and as I said it is the clean crisp jobs they enjoy playing their I am American and the fact about being one is that I can do what I like with anybody with; so what they do is pick pieces of my books and go off to South America for example and show it to some student and make a mess and claim it is an alternative to turning out on the streets to face a tyrant and somebody will go out and provoke the Police and get shot and it will be my fault and they will call the person a moron on media and continue to pretend they own me with a big mouth. So I think the issue is clear and they know it is; so do they understand my problem is that I don’t want to live on government support anymore due to the things I must get done and when I complain it has nothing whatsoever to do with them in any way about which any normal person would just leave me alone but not them. So I have no idea what they think media will do for them for my part either, more so at this stage. I am having fun as well only it is not paying off at the bottom line due to my plans and that is what my complains are about not them; only trying to be helpful as it were.

I mean they do say I pretend other people never do good things whereas the facts and realities about that is rather that I can simply get around with my concerns to bump into people who claim they did things with me and were my bosses in order to do good things to find out who will please the President of the US The most and it is something they do because they want to grab my fortunes and dash them to pieces and stand at the other end looking like a doll for it. About which we will have soon enough also heard them say I do it as well and that I in fact did it first. So I am not interested in any good thing they do and it is always up to them to prove their trust worthiness to their gangs etc – etc. 

So in the end it is said I pay no attention whatsoever to the fact that I consistently fail to mention that these things occur due to wicked people feeling that my deeds and words rob them of their power; whereas I have mentioned the fact people complain that Christians love to criticise others in order to exist and I had before then also mentioned on a different occasion that the problem can be that I sit down and write my books and work out whom I want to sell them to or take care of what reputations people create for themselves with media at my expense since it is never a matter of not associating with a murderer but generally people having the need to be in the best place to be. So have I also mentioned that they need to move on and not have the last word if they want to be free of me, because of course the problem is that having mentioned that I am attacked because of how my work affects their wickedness I must now know of it and fail to do something about it because they are too powerful and that has always been the ultimate prize of provoking Christians as it were. The statements of how less I am aware of the issues and most of my actions are trial and error has no basis on reality either; I am aware of these facts and at the bottom line is that being that I will fail to see reasons for letting people do their wicked deeds on account I am afraid of them and am also such a crazy Christian that it has led to a reckoning that has gone global and makes no sense whatsoever to any who might want to get involved, then it comes back down to the matter of what they are running away from if they have such a big problem with the idea of people being normal. I mean I know I don’t like to pay for whors I don’t fuck while International community idiots and media make riches and power and burn the world and children in it, so I turn myself into a sales man so I can run my business and remain in the heart of things while looking after the public office itself but the downside to that is free pornography developed specifically to attack me. I mean don’t get the wrong idea; the families will have done their thing before any pornography goon got involved and I had a serious issue with looking after customers but we all know it will go on and on and on and on, so it makes no sense when they complain, it makes no sense whatsoever, it even makes no sense why they cannot just be pornographers if they are and leave it at that.