It is now said that people fear for me but I am not in an apocalyptic situation as thought; this matter is broken down into three main areas and one of them is the Politicians showing up to stifle my finances and see how to rally my potential around the subjects I studied at school in order to pillage my so called future and make themselves look good, at the end of which they begin to look as though the most proficient thing they knew was to play up the race Politics. The other is the Celebrities and they are always important for no reason whatsoever – leaving an outcome where their goons follow me around at University to wreck everything I do and then keep it that way everyday for the last decade so far, there is also the item where the business of people making popular culture from the activities of security services operatives if they are close to such persons was something I created and therefore patented to this Estate and not available to everybody simply because it has existed nor does it mean that music record label can lay claims of ownership to my Public image whenever they put their sticker on the songs made or indeed that the composition of society has changed on account those songs were made, making them more than songs with the stickers of record companies on it as it were. The third being tribalism raid goons at Industry of which nobody has made law or instructed them to get involved with high crime and terrorism, showing up to make a mess of me all the time practicing how to be important while I am trying to write some Books as stupidly as possible and then complaining when I write the Books at a time which they wish to get their daily rest instead claiming I disturb neighbourhoods. We see the combination of these three putting up all sorts of nonsense in the neighbourhoods whereby if I broker equity with companies and got some Publicity to sell my Books for it, when black people get involved and wreck the Publicity, only to set me out as fighter of racists who are financially better off than I am thereafter, the problem really that I needed to solve was racism as it were – while the Daddy characters can never stop making a mess of my Public work, which if I do not perform will see them come up with all sorts of nonsense about a black person that stands out and needs to be killed so that liberalist idiots organising half the world to chase some British bums might gain a fair sense of how hurtful their activities are and yet when I perform the Public work, we find the idiots to get involved with me for a purpose that is making a mess of it half the time and the other half the time expressing all sorts of insults about how they believe they are entitled and can entitle themselves to anything I own or have worked for; we see this nonsense produce the reasons it has always happened i.e. if it is black it will get hurt by racists to teach me lessons about my selfishness instead of buy Books I have written and when it is white we see it get off to get hurt by some Russians somewhere and then show up to perform all sorts of vandalism on my public life, issue mortal threats and continue to behave as though it has then calculated all of my behaviour because it works in the Public transportation sector for instance. In the end my point is that either I am tackled by Politicians or Celebrities or Tribalism raid goons at Industry; these three groups understand I am capable of responding to any attack from them, so I do not think people should sit about fearing for me if it is not an expensive practical joke they are engaged in when doing so – suffice to say that since Obama it has become a much bigger question of the exact stage that I ended up in this condition where I fight for my life everyday because I am an idiots son on whom he has planned his stupid lazy get rich quick decadent freedom future, giving way to the Men building up their society strong and fingering my Bum in Public places and at work while conducting tribalism raids to practice how to be important and get rich quick; apparently the reason is that they know where my Books are and if they followed me around at Academic institutions when I attended again, I am really going to make some serious trouble for them all as well – presently Trump is racist and it was all partly something I was responsible for, not the fact they are always either practicing how to be important at peoples expense and in my case by disrupting my Books as I am no writer and the Celebrities are always important while their gurus chase peoples bottom and make people indecent all day long and their Politicians can never stop telling lies. It is nothing unusual; just Americans chasing the fact the British have some rejects from Russia who do not appear much on Russian Political stage or where decisions are being reached and will certainly get killed should people play practical jokes of these kind with their lives, setting off all sorts of things about what Men want to do to beat down some kids and get involved with Celebrities who really know how to spend the lives that the kids have created, while they also understood that the business of Politics working on the basis of tying down talented people so idiots may count pennies on the lives of such persons until millions were the result was based on such rubbish in the first place but in my case it is the sense that I do not understand what the purpose of my existence is but Celebrities can spend it looking beautiful which is what needs to be done. I am said therefore to have created most of these problems for myself by ending up in a bad neighbourhood, but I have done so, to keep me alert i.e. none peddles the faith and the personal life and Public Image of this Arch Princes Estate, especially if they blabbing insulting disobedience would feel terrible if I decided to peddle their own when I knew some 200 million pounds was on the offing at the Markets because they put their faces on an advertisement – we all know they never listen unless there are consequences and that they were largely convinced religion is the problem of the world. I am hoping as such that if they were quite finished, it might be time to just keep away and not interfere with Court of Female Journalists or the Women in my life, world and Concerns, let me get on with my own existence for a change, supposing they wanted to stop complaining about the effects of their insanity as well.

Usual case is that people point rich people to their bursting purses if they wish to play with the rich in order to get rich selling their own products too, what these fools have now invented is a process of tackling very talented people to rip up some lives and deploy trophy feelings of the talents on Media as a tool for deciding what the security of rich people will be in order to get a share of their money and lives – its purpose has become one that involves chasing my bum and churning my tummy with insults as a community on the streets looking for victims they cannot oppress and telling lies all the time, hence I am not actually excited that it has become a matter that I am able to officially handle as a career process. The big question about me being that none is aware of what I want while my Book sales numbers since their practical jokes began over it in 2009 is now in the hands of other people leaving me an inability to get a life and family like they did with my academic work the year before that but progress is that the sales numbers is now in the hands of racists all together which takes it a step from getting killed by racists to show me why I should be sharing what I have or getting hurt by Russians to get Celebrities spending my property whether I liked it or not, because they were fighting my battles assuming they have learned all they need to know about me since on account they work in the Pubic transportation system. I really do not know what is so appealing about me that people simply have to act in this way with a plan to see me grovel for money whereby if I say I am not homosexual, it tends to mean that I am and they are covering their tracks by making sure none can protect me being my daddies while I am their kid on whom their future depends; it started when they saw me walk into Church and have destroyed everything here with its insults since I was given an Estate by the British Monarch, stifling my finances like some final solution the Nazis could not perform i.e. we hear them boast all the time that they usually get what they want because people like them stirred up World War Two - see my point being that I have no idea if they have spent the last decade making sure my Book sales numbers are in the hands of other people and then in the hands of racists as a form of blackmail because they want me to acquire somebody that will look into the problem all together by discussing it or otherwise. I am unable to point out where or exactly how their money did get to hold me to random with Obama at the helm later on but I know this is now a choice between their gimmicks and my Royal Office as far as they are concerned and will do nothing save develop a Liberal world of half the planets population chasing some British Bums who have no money, threaten people who are interested in my Books to buy shares in Companies and pass around insults about me biting the hand that fed me with a big mouth.