The story Celebrities and their Media idiots wish to tell regularly obviously of some great case of how I live in a bubble where I am unaware of how much celebrities hate my guts and hence turn up to have such an attitude all the time; I could never get my head around it anyway, since it is still the same story of each occasion I have to deal with people turning up to bottom knock me and anus knock me and penis knock me and tummy knock me and so on because of something a celebrity said in my direction, I will find it and they will for it and as for the abusive and insulting and public work equity destroying media appearances and advertisement and popular culture and film and fashion, I will sell my books as well and make millions too and then we will be even otherwise it will never be over except it were over by my word. I wouldn’t know who asked them anyway because we all know whether or not I am a piece of shit or some piece of wood or whatever is completely irrelevant to me, except that there is always the follow on insults and body language with which to savage my finances and make up their own ideas of who I am along with their corrupt friends from Africa which leads eventually to an ending concerning how I am less than human in the context that they can be friends with camera men one moment and the next enemies and if you are stupid enough to save them when they call for help they get to flush your life down the toilet for meddling no matter how much it may cost to do so, which is why they like to target those that do well and are well to do such as myself while their idiots get up to all sorts with the neighbourhoods looking for trouble but having said that, the story is still the same i.e. once done then the case of me being less than human to them ensues and they turn up and deploy market I built to sell my books which exists to serve them in their view as it were to make millions with their run way organisers and with their advertisement industry idiots and they will do it week after week and year after year and start to pretend they own an animal that is me with a big mouth, measured only with stories they tell in public about how I stole their house which people have to be vile to a point in order to bandy about while their organisers and protectors talk nonsense about having problems seeking a piece of me all the time and yes it seems they don’t know me and are about to find out too. I hear it is a matter of a continued dominance on my part where provokes them; I cannot tell since they started off and the most recent is concerned with popular culture CDs of all kinds marked out for2015 in which advertisement their stupid girls can address me as usual but this time took the part about whatever I am doing with my career has already been sorted out by them way too far; nobody knows what brings it on anyway, except we all know they are cowards and bullies and will turn up here to make use of it and call me names as well to better their self improvement and seek more with their laziness through power hence like to assume absolutely everybody thinks they are celebrities especially when these insults are a product of how famous they think they bloody are. So my piece of advice is still the same i.e. not enough have died yet as it were and it’s all very well making even more noises in public places but they need to buy whatever they are after with that money they have which is only matched by their big mouth and leave me well alone or else. I have never really thought that the matter was a problem it’s just become a conversation due to the case being raised that I live in a bubble where I really am unaware of how much celebrities hate my guts; come 2015 just a few weeks ahead and they can play those music CDs concerning which they have got it all sorts here and therefore can point their stupid fingers at and address me if they have people protecting them too as it were, if they do have the fucking guts for it. It’s the usual story of getting people to hate those who have a better life without plans to lay it down for others but what about the part where the story of a personal life I stole from them cannot end because it is a tale that just keeps giving and they can never ever have enough money; they do need to buy it along with that big mouth, stay off my books or the warnings will remain the same as ever i.e. not enough have died yet. I mean if I were to easily beaten, it isn’t clear exactly how it would have implied idiots like them can how celebrities hate me turn up here to deploy my work and personal life to get rich and famous anyway and that their big mouth and stupid threats will have its day around here as well really soon. No idea how annoying claims of having my career covered really is and they don’t know me as I said before and are about to find out in a very grand way too the coward they used to be scared of who is now afraid of them (it is the great old story where certain women know what they are alike and will never rest unless the man that does not want to have sex with them because it would make them rich and successful if he did is having his possessions and public life turn up on media in another person’s name which will later be deployed as prerogatives of power that they can tell lies and make money before the owner gets to them with and then lay claims to at some stage but it gets better when you will not let them have it, it is when they find a way and their stupidities having become an asset thereof, to damage your finances and keep it damaged over a period of time when they need to plan out and play power games in which they will make certain sacrifices which means that the authorities should let them have anything they want and this is where they have a problem with listening to what others say to them as I have repeatedly informed them I want no part of their power game but it seems it was made to target me in the first place hence and so they say I am in no place to say what I say because their Politicians did wade into the matter a long time ago to deploy government office and state funds to keep my finances damaged for 14 years that I am so generous I give away like that all the time and now they sit around in the civil service and hold me down at benefits to talk nonsense in public all the time – thus if I were so easily beaten they would have been doing any stupid fame and fortune celebrities with them insane snap judgement against their equals as it were around here and we shall soon have to find out what their own looks like too).

We see those insults on public media every single day but of course it does not change anything about the fact they are the very things I need to do my academic work in order to avoid; the idiots at ignorance and violence as they say; it makes sense of everything when they blow off that their big mouth as well, using my possessions and strengths to better themselves and fight me as well, so that if they do so and combine it with a sense of snap judgements of discrimination they can determine what I am and what they want to be by doing so and it changes nothing about yapping I want to be rebel, I want to get involved with government, I want to get my hands on things that belong to a Country, I want to set somebody out as a yardstick that I can claim provoked me by showing disrespect to force me to keep things that belonged to the Country to myself, yapping such a person has to be such that he can become a good human shield against the Country when it wants to kill me and slaughter my stupid family along with me. I believe I have warned them not enough have died yet and those stupid celebrities as well, they said it was money and now it is power, wanting a piece of me. I hear it is a story about the fallacies I brew time and time again over the activities of global leaders who knew a long time ago what I know now – it has never once had a basis on reality which is rather that President Bush Jr for example was happy to sit down and give prerogatives to media idiots who were after the developing of my literary empire in order to wreck the finances that would have been made from its equities or make it their own as a result of which it was very important that the world heard all about my books as I was writing them and each sentence stolen and dealt with in that way to make claims of inequality and freedom of democracy we all know is a yardstick for theft on account they have problems; this was not the issue, the issue was that he took it one step further by making me into an international plaything for foolish women who were doing humanitarian work and we all know like the community croons and the Politicians that want some of mine with them here in the UK, those at the UN carry out their behaviour to a point and that point was reached here as well, so we simply had to find out which one he was doing for his part as well despite how much his wife and his mother will complain and raise an issue about it; hence the issue being that it may have been that I looked the part, it may have been intended to be abusive, it may have been intended as discriminative behaviour but it does not matter anymore now. Obama on the other hand wants his own story as well and I am generous; it beats me when they complain, I wonder what they are complaining about when their idiots have my property equity in companies of their choice with help from the government and with that regularly turn up on media to show me millions in equity property that they have handled and I have lost due to some misbehaviour or another, which I have not lost in anyway save the fact that time and again that they do those damaging things the outcome is always that an idiot who is after some personality competition with me or wants to own my personality spends some of his money on whatever contraption they come up with because I am Royalty and he is not – I wonder if these goons therefore complain because they did not expect to lose that money, I wonder if they complain because there is somebody that should have turned out to give them a privilege of injustice, I wonder if they complain because if it comes to it they can get the money off me and we see the same behaviour played out all over, not just media scum showing I am losing money on property equity that they handle on the Republican side in the US, we see it right across their middle classes with their middle class salaries and the need to buy abusive popular culture products in order to harm me and confiscate career or personal life or personality and so on.