So there is this talk now of a case where my position need to be cleared up on these warring positions the left has adopted and I wouldn’t know anyway; what is true is that the people we see on the left like the US for instance may not necessarily belong there – they might have belonged on the right before they travelled to the US but when they got there, only the Democratic Party would accept them, so whenever you create the slightest environment by which their true nature can be seen, we tend to see an exhibition of all these things we believe to be unbecoming of general human behaviour. The others are just little pipsqueaks who love to take risks they think you are not aware of in the sense that a person’s size might matter to you when other things like jobs and career is no longer important to you all together, their case of which will be easily resolved when they no longer have celebrity culture by which to ensure there is meaning attached to a process of picking you out to take their problems out on backed up by big men. This is all there is to it really; 90% of everything they say is about how those whose lives and property they cling to in order to make themselves comfortable will get into trouble if they do not co-operate as they should know that a lack of co-operation is usually something people have done to them in the past because such persons have been none the wiser – at the moment of which the media makes their personal decisions for them regarding my suffering all the time and in like manner do I think that when they do not have celebrity culture it will go away too. In the end it’s an old case where I am not necessarily naïve about what I do and can recognise evil if I see it; so what they usually tell us is that we need to pay more attention to the evils that are killing people and not the ones that they have developed to get by with, even when they know they want to seek money through such things as our body fluids for instance – the reality of which is that the whole process of somebody being hounded for 15 years before he turned to racism has not been something which was played out before I was born and hence it might have been said I was born into a world of racial inequality, it was not even played out at a time when I was anesthetised by childishness either, it was all played out while I was an adult, able to make my own way in the world by the decisions I have made on a personal basis; so that I was there when this person has been hounded by these goons for year one and year two and he was never a racist then, this has continued for the last 13 years none stop and it’s on the 14th year he decided to turn to racism, now I am being asked what must be done because an idiot has found himself in the throes of the unprotected as a result of behaving in that way which means that his stupidities ever come to an end when he starts to talk about the absence of protection on his life i.e. the person he has been hounding is about to kill him. This is the kind of facts that then bring out the truth of the situation i.e. that they do these things in order to mess up leaders and seek exit for the way they have lived out their stupid lewd and deviant existence by so doing and I don’t mind either, it’s just the amount of hype that is built up on the idea that what I am doing when I do not want them to have celebrity culture as well is wrong; in the end its either the job in hand or the combination of energy and money made from not actually working on anything they make a living with can only give rise to outcomes where I find them real jobs that will take away that advantage and it usually excites the ladies a lot since it is clear that handing over the trophies to the Men when I am finished is counterproductive. They do say it has taken all I had which is utter rubbish; I should really be spending my time studying, having fun and selling my Books but the reasons it is serious and hurtful is because of the aspect where I need to set up the structures – this has attracted the attention of stupid liberal leadership scum that are interested in the process and not the products and no plans they have to fulfil their dreams omits the bit where every aspects of my body is in severe pain, so it is tedious for that reason only and here we can see they expect a different result when they have been hounding a white guy like that for years as stupidly as possible endlessly, should they suddenly assume that we ought to pretend the white person is racist when he feels he needs to take the law into his hands. Eventually none of it really surprises me as a whole, it’s that old case of their evil not being paid attention to, so it becomes some sort of hard work clan and lazy clan divide; where hard work clan organise themselves socially and various other stuff while lazy clan check their hair and physical appearance and have been practicing lies and threats with which to survive handling people’s property all of their lives – it’s just what happens when they have started exhibiting other nonsense that suggests you have no right to exist. For my part I think that should my Books be set out as items written from a Royal Office without any involvement from Media and Celebrities, it will be successful enough to let me get on doing what I need to get done when I need to. Just like the old case of what it is exactly the Royal Family sees in a low life like me story; whereas what really happens is that the Princess of York is required by them to choose between an Arch Prince that assists the Queen at Governance and some goon that cannot say a thing that other people actually understand to begin with and I have to keep clearing out those abusive confusion that lead to outcomes where one might make a decision and regret it later and then the result will be a divorce. Such that here I am with my camper lifestyle but their main preoccupation had a long time ago become one of gathering unsavoury facts about it to display at the Monarchy; probability being once I clear out of the camper lifestyle of renting other people’s homes and being cash strapped, somebody at the Monarchy will fancy me again and realise they had made a mistake. As for the part about getting into trouble with them however, that was an old story of getting out of bed every day to deal with some idiots with ideas about clinging to something really important to me, which when they do gets my attention and then can be used as leverage to ensure whenever I work for what I do, they can grab it and whenever they have not send out stupid women to force me to do one for the ladies; so they always tell me that warning them against threatening me as well as my personal diaries are full and I am not writing anymore since it would only go round in circles and never really help me will get me into trouble with guys around the streets but we all know what will happen is that I will take that stupid civil rights violence from them and then when I do people will be able to hurt them anyway that is wanted and that they will do nothing about it and do nothing about me as well at the end of it too. The big question is usually that of the reason it happens and that is because they are always lying, so many people are confused about the fact this is just second stage in a plan to grab my work and toss it to the dogs and then own it later, which means that a good number of them cannot go into an office to work on a job without climbing up my public image to talk nonsense about how nobody knows who I am led by Americans that are just as stupid – the time wasted on the matter that could have been easily resolved being that of the fact that each time they toss my work into the midst of football people or other gangs, I get threatened instead and so those threats become the prime problem and they get on media to lose me money at a business in a way that increases their market profits that are worked by screwing with those who can work for things to help their goons make profit at the stock markets, trying to control me with a fight I am supposed to engage in mind, then tell me not to call them stupid. So what gets lost in translation is how it all began i.e. they are telling me to give up anything they have handled which is my possession and that I am ignorant of what they do to those who refuse to comply with their demands whenever this is their latest plan for getting rich and famous or important and the reason people are always confused about it is that each time somebody tells them off, they set about explaining their actions away with something I have said or done and that keeps the confusion going and that stupid hope alive too. The part where they get the better of me anyway is an old story that has no basis on reality; it is the one where I am really looking forward to wife beating Shakespearean theatrical scum doing my tummy because they are fucking famous but do not have a background that actually supports the fame thing; it’s like it’s never serious to them that the gimmick about liberalising my personal life or opening up my religion to turn it into a fraternity that people can join and control with money to feel good about life amounts to a situation where I remember locking my backdoor many times over but when I got up for a pee in the night found it open with a small note by the Table telling me they did it and did because it is the right thing to do as far as they are concerned – it is the one where I am really looking forward to a fight with their celebrity stupidities as well and am really hoping they do not push me and make it far more serious than it seems; we shall see what will become of outcomes where I handle their own and tidy that stupid neighbourhood of theirs for them so they can retaliate from there as well – otherwise it is fair to say when there are no more celebrity and popularity involvement with my concerns my Books and finances will be successful. They do say my tummy goes upside down because of them but its utter nonsense – what happens is that fundamentally I may stand on a pulpit to address thousands of people over passages of the Bible but because they have no respect for me, we find that I will soon be stuck somewhere in a place where thousands of people who want to listen to rock music and take ecstasy are being addressed and we see that carry on endlessly because the UK is divided by ethnic blocks separated by race, so every scum that has the same skin colour automatically has a prejudiced idiots right to get involved with me but when their involvement leads to bad grades and struggles at the jobs market, they need more facts to convince them they are fucking idiots, so they take it to media all together. I mean they can always sense when I am trying to prevent them from handling me to get rich and famous and need to ensure they had taken enough steps to prevent me from doing it because the steps they have taken so far is not working and I like to think the jobs they have in hand was the most important thing as it were, just in case I take steps to change their stupid priorities too and then people can keep getting confused about why it happens on account they are such good lairs from there. It all started when they got into a habit of picking up my work and person and projects to make money at stock markets and media with and then it got to the stage where I ended up with bad grades because of the things they are narcissist enough to do completely unnecessarily, now they tell me I want them to shut it down but that will never happen but this is not their life and I intend to shut it down if they lost their jobs as a result – the possibility that might have happened should have been something they gave thought to all along. I do not think I am doing anything unusual; if I do shut it down in such a way that they are able to carry on with the careers, the intellectual property and business image is what they are ripping up in order to make money, so I have to ensure that unless it’s about buying my books and acting with reference to it and applicable public image as a matter of tribute, everything else is to get shut down and I will shut it down if they lost those jobs too. Of course they do say my Books hurt Liberal America without reason but I wrote it to serve the fact I am running an Intellectual Property Administration business and that it was defeatist to end up being pillaged by popularity goons and celebrities who can decide that either because of the fact there has to be a female version of me or wealth distribution meant that daddy figures had to force me to share my knowledge with others so I might not be the only one in possession of it etc, I will end up with utter carnage being wrought on my Business, so the Books were written to fit but since then these fools have done nothing but get involved with the Books and fancy themselves bullies on media, telling me that writing it was a mistake with that big mouth; they always say they tend to move on only when they have extracted a secret of how I operate from me on a daily basis – religiously of which it makes me reactive and not proactive towards evil but career wise it does nothing but reiterate the fact the left is really good at disrespect until they have my identity, the right really good at stretching my resources and the middle is the women who think my personality is so difficult when I get bullied it is not noticed, showing up around my Books all the time like it was their possession. It does not mean I am worse off or anything like that; I mean just a question of what you do if you had the ability, with people who are really, good at stretching and squandering your resources on the right-hand side for instance, if it isn’t the one where if they are done complaining about you can get off on public places to tell people you are a character they deploy to get things done and are sharing with others as well? Then the left who think they are famous because people who are just as insane told them they were fucking famous. Then the women who will be needing a new country soon when you handle their own too. It is usually said there is not one thing about them that I like but we all know I am usually nice to them if they are nice to me as well but the part where they are dumb student that do well in school and can sense me trying to stop them handling my work and person to get financially comfortable and have cliques and gangs etc will not suffice – we all know what they do is cling to people’s lives and get cracked up, then the insults ensue to crack others up and save themselves instead and we start to find out why gangs and murders happens thereafter which I am completely fed up with at this stage and wish to see them get going really soon; I mean when they tackle your business they are not getting after the market and some of the income, they want the business image itself and it takes a certain level of abusive insult to achieve a process of doing such things, which equally diminishes my tolerance too since I did create the business itself on account I was stupid in their view all together. They always say it’s confusing the relationship we have with the US but it’s not, the idea it’s the same place as the UK is created by lazy convenience seeking money freaks, it is not the same place to live in – I mean I can paint a full picture of what people in the UK expect of their leadership if I say we do not get along with Russia but it does not mean we are tied to the US either – a case where we get along with people there if they get along with us, otherwise mostly it is not the same place to live in as the UK i.e. Mr Obama always wants to make decisions in a way that means British get shafted, Mr Trump will always want to make it in a way that means British get shafted, the difference is that Trump is about a sense of justice or even sensations of it for people he knows, Obama is about seeing an Arch Prince make his daughters feel special: in the end we have that from the top but at the bottom an idiot will get involved with my work in order to please their husbands and get more pocket money because finding out facts about Royalty will tell her things about Men, thus when your property and finances have been affected, you take up the greed mantle and will not freedom country let them have their own too; I mean I do get told that the more I mention it is the more people will do it because it populism and media leadership but I understand that Journalists do not wish to get news slots where they have to stand for long periods of time and I find it difficult to stand for a long period when my depression will make me breathless and it always does when people are too fond of the ruffian image the way that they are; so that they are now feel furnished with the information about the fact I may sit in a single spot for a couple of hours without feeling I have been affected in anyway but when people start to get fascinated about what I ate and others start to spy on me and spread violent lasciviousness and others use my personality to feel good about life, the question becomes whether I do not tend to feel depression if I am introverted. They do speak about threats of racial youths but it’s pretty much the same old case where no matter how many times people have been told not to raise their children at the deepest recesses of culture and society it becomes the only thing they want to do and then when somebody is a panel member in a major National enquiry, he has to consolidate his position by finding ways of seeking out a condition in which I am labouring under a misconception because he is having a hard time controlling his children to keep me alive; so apart from handling those children so they might end up with less rights than their parents did, they should know it only works in a single way i.e. half are always bothering me and the other half are always protecting me – soon the half that is protecting me will start to handle me like I am a woman and the one bothering me will start to become a threat, unless there is something else I need to know about how they operate, reality is still that there is always a stupid twisted community croon at the other end that wants me to get killed by racism because I have refused to work with her to make her rich and I should make such a stand as will be worthy of the history Books too. the female ones are an old story, it tends to appear it’s impossible to tell the stupid ones apart when you flatter those who had a lifeline cut off by a Man and picked themselves up and took the world by the hand, bulls by the horns etc and came through at the other end – so without a conversation being requested it wants to talk to me all the time and the only form of communication it cares about is that my Royal Estate has passed to somebody else, now it is apparently depressed and such outcome may not have been anticipated either. They say I glamorise the recesses of culture and society thing which I don’t; what happens is that I am very sensitive to the world around me as per what I see and what I hear and what I smell and that means that I really want to hear what culture and society goons think of the world around them thereof – I mean like find out and really want to hear it too – things like the fact they wanted to take advantage of somebody to make £10,000 and were stopped after they made £7,000 and the person that did it had the same character as me and I am on course to be taught a lesson; so the outcome is usually a case of what I do with fools that are really good at running my resources underground and so it’s like when I get them complaining to show I have heard the story before. Finally is the case of me dealing with a difficult existence which is utter rubbish; I should do nothing with myself save sell my Books and have fun but when disasters have happened and people have been hurt it becomes a question of whether it is important or not, if letting media paddle me shows it is then so be it but for the media I can say I am able to stand on my feet steadily for at least 5 Hours because it’s as long as my foot injury allows, they are finding out being introverted does not make you immune to depression when they are unable to stand for a Hour over a very important new bulletin and can play their stupid games with people personal space to call a crowd on it at will depending on how much they are learning thereof too. Eventually they do say that we have become enemies with the US which is utter nonsense; its rather just reality that the fact the British people do not expect their backyard to be opened up and also expect to have a National frontier is far more important than playing up to the wishes of a few goons that practice some institutionalised egalitarianism that they describe as democracy in the Government buildings of the US; so it has money that I need to respect all the time and when I remind it my main problem is to release funds from property that can run a Country it does not like being inferior but intend to try the same trick every time never the less, leaving its idiots to claim I am trying to use the Country to get rich which is a fun that is being had a per whether what I have belongs to me or belongs to the state when it is actually both until it ends as badly as they have set themselves up for. I do not think that this matter is a crisis either mostly; the Americans will always make decisions that leave people at the deep end and people will always pick themselves up and get on with what is important, its just a matter of them releasing money from my Estate for themselves due to the insults of British Media and Celebrities, like I do and blabbing stupid threats at me for it too, mocking me and laughing with each greedy profit they make to build an evil crowd (don't call be stupid if it makes you sick a case you have to respond to in order to counter the processes by which other people popularity leadership drives those who attend Church closer to crime, if not for your own leadership for that of the Church).