Now it is said that my academic work has been messed up again and it is utter nonsense – the real mess is the first one where I tried to tackle people tackling me from culture and society concerning how I should be used and how long using me can be delayed, dropping out, taking a gap year and taking out fee loans in that time. I mean I don’t see any person being able to make something out of a process where considering how things are progressing with the Bookshop, I had need to fill a knowledge gap and did not have the access to the knowledge in order to do it because of an action they took. Otherwise as it stands, I believe my academic pursuits have now been placed completely beyond their reach and I would not fancy they liked the results of getting involved again either. There is the other question people have raised on what I think of people taking down statues of slave traders and yes I do think it is okay when the Council is a part of the process and very bad when the Council is not – they do claim it’s the easy way out and I have no idea why people continue to assume I am unlikely to become a threat to them when their civil rights looks like an alliance with men that will handle me on their behalf to make them comfortable one more time in this place anyway. It is bad when the Council is not a part of the process because the Council has been denied an opportunity to reach out to its local people, it is also a process by which we recognise items that draw the community away from our general sense of progress whereby we were children whom without our parents were heading towards the prisons before the Teachers got involved and then we followed the teachers until we learned how to keep a job, the things we must do to remove those icons we thought were progressive towards it in the past but have been discovered not to be – so its good when Council is part of the process and bad when it is not part of the process, the outcome of the latter is a creation of more conditions that add up to things we leave behind as the structures which cause pain and suffering to people who are thinking about, planning or taking part in criminal activity.

So some have said that I am starting to come round on the business of the fact that others know more about black culture that they deserve to be me and to be in my position than I am but I don’t hang around dreaming of getting into a conversation with financially well of psychopaths anyway, their insanity only usually makes sense most of the time, when they have run out of money; so they always say such things if they are not gathering somewhere blabbing of how I want to resist their right to take what they like from me as though I know what they have been doing with my concerns and can get my head around it anyway, as a sign they are stronger and should move into my right hand which makes me feel they are ruling my mind and will get me behaving towards them in the same way, to such an extent that either way I stood my ground and fought them or ran away, I will win never the less. So the question becomes whether I think myself to be vested in great knowledge of African culture and society of which I really have no idea what people are doing with it anyway – its usually a matter of where people stopped with respect either way to a sense of how they approached the process of doing the right thing and the process of doing the wrong thing equally, this is what creates this sense of injustice they complain about in my case all the time, whereby they believed they were vested in culture and then I am preferred and given lee way on matters rather often than they do i.e. they never ever listen and eventually they build a society where working for money is not as appealing as tackling other people to get rich, so they now have to make decisions on how they will to carry out their daily concerns in relative safety – Mr A will pick up a gun and now he has, will compare himself to Mr B who had decided to build himself an eccentric lifestyle that his Children are confused about, in order to carry on his concerns safely – apparently, the two are not the same thing and this is what cultural leaders are usually concerned with. Then there are the others such as the destruction of the Natural environment of which none really knows clearly and obviously what those who perform such acts are hoping to achieve. So they say that my list of bad things I have done are incredibly thin but then again they either are or they are so well thought out its difficult for people to find a way around or explain them i.e. when the fact people never listen and its always better to tackle others over money than work for it, there reaches a stage where it becomes dangerous – a stage where we think about the fact a government must consider the needs of a population in three ways i.e. the dependant elderly, the working population and the dependant children, such that every working person has about 45 years to secure their pension and tackling them only destroys local wealth so that when you end up securing your own, you become a character that is counted among those who control what you had not destroyed – then they handle mine as well and get a response that will be hard to forget.  The Politicians who play a part in this are usually most difficult to understand; what I know of them is that they soon show up to complain that prison population had swelled and that I had started looking like a character who wants to give up his property to keep young people off crime because I was seen getting involved with the Church – it does not know which one has been through hell to keep an ideological goon from making his life very difficult in the Government building that gets to its head but has made a decision already.

So they say that I do not think racism should be eradicated which is utter nonsense as the reality of it is a big decision for the society; it says a lot about the world we want to live in being such an advanced society that there is no racism and those other societies overseas who deal with discrimination and nepotism will have to look up to it – not some process of inventing a Hammer blow Law that then ends up solving a problem to such an extent it ends up with a new problem. It’s the same as the gimmick with Men showing up to tell me I needed to be rid of the things I had done to them, the same way I talk about and clear out these matters, which is insane; I mean it has spend 15 years of my time to find out how exhilarating I may respond to its stupidities and now relies on simple public and media pressure to make me clear out the consequences of its personal decision – it has been doing this using women naturally which is why it believes this planned exit will pay off and I can still remember that 8 hours before I wrote this piece I went out shopping for my supplies and it was another life changing violent lasciviousness from the Men who had located a world of men where they can go to get connected with wealthy men and get rich, thus showed up to abuse and take advantage of me in search of fresh ideas, ripping up everything in this place and the more they did was the happier they got, such that if they got nothing, they would gain narcissism from it which is just as good and now they want to be free of me as well and have got a plan on how I will work it. The point is that they always use women and they never allow the women get on with life as such – the common sense that a goon who shows up with deep hatred of other women must have done something very bad to deserve it, what they do with such characters is make statements about sloppy wife at home and award such characters access to Celebrity culture, so the idiots never stop showing up here to continue the nauseating financial complications that the stupidities of their involvement with my concerns have inflicted. I still remember when I was young and at Church, somebody will come up with ideas on how something should be done in a way that excluded the women committee, then the women committee eventually found out and did nothing about it until such a time as an issue will arise that the women committee were meant to handle, so the women committee will line up and demand an apology for that act that nothing gets done and the issues at hand gets packed away like a history that can be referred to or they resolve it once they are satisfied with the apology such that it does not make sense to resolve that issue any longer by the time they had – so these goons never acknowledge that is how it works, show up here to tear down my career with it and once done think I have been set on a weak mans roller coaster which I will have to be made to ride until I got rid of everything that allowed me to control them and are exhibiting some stupid power of positive thinking over it, provocatively again, just adding to the fact they get around obtaining matrimonial services at random as women walk down the streets bearing their burdens. So it’s the big old case where the women they work with are an old story of good looking characters who think there should be a war and it only improves when their fellow women ask them which husbands will be doing it, right up to the type that are usually right when they are right and then it shows up here all the time to express something of a stupidity which happens to acknowledge a man it thinks it can bully etc – point is I don’t have to do any such thing as freeing the men of the consequences of my actions, women exist and the way they run their social issues is a major part of how we live, if people are complaining.

I have been told that my word do not necessarily stop people from doing and encouraging these activities and they don’t, none of my actions have yet been channelled towards stopping the part where each Celebrity was surrounded by five characters that can punish everybody with LGBT lifestyle and there were another five splitting the personality of those whose lives and property have been sacrificed for everybody into sections they controlled to chase the interests of Celebrities as though Celebrities were living on Food Banks. They would say I really like to make matters into something that an be used to punish people who are completely harmless and its utter rubbish as what happens is that its now impossible to make clear sense of what a person who occupies a Government Office is really doing with it and yet we know these goons had attended University and read themselves a Marketing Text Book as such – hence we can see the completely harmless tale they tell of their activities are based on fact. For my part they say I have not got my bottom sorted and I think I can tackle bigger things and its utter nonsense too as the reality is that I made my first National Television appearance when I was about 4 years old and believe I will be able to go out on a date or attend a restaurant without smelling of what I ate the entire time, the day these gits had completely lost their Fashion and Celebrity connections over it; I mean every fashion model is allowed time to develop what teachers and friends had been talking about since school days and are now more important than I am while I wrote my Books in 2009 to earn their daily persecution of my financial wellbeing, to write this piece in 2020 and they believe they are completely unaware their stupidities are getting on my nerves. No probability of this nonsense stopping yet if this was not the result; so far all I have done is check up on the business of caring for State image which means working for Governmental interests, the Celebrities now have less time for them which is not necessarily a sustainable way of stopping them but it does not mean their careers are in jeopardy either, since there is clear boundary between me and my State concerns and the Celebrities who have campaigned against bullying since school days and even when we do our campaign against bullying later, we really cannot match their experience. Its like when they say they don’t understand my Books and when the President of the USA does to run a campaign that said the Republican Party was inherently corrupt, which earned him the younger votes, some things said by the way which probably should not have been, in the course of pointing out the racism does not wholly reside with the Republican Party nor is it right to blame the consequences of a Liberal Administration on the Republicans have continued to make him racist and make me cash strapped, mainly because they are on the other hand whilst claiming not to understand my Books, making a global stage phenomenon that helps them live out a dream of me being their servant as insultingly as possible, using what quasi criminal culture and society gits who hate my guts get up to – the consequence on the other hand being that the riots are easier than ever but they are expecting me to keep such a secret so that Mr Biden may win the White House and so its another run off.