One is not in any way caught up in a leadership fight or caught between one: the reality is that we are faced with some of the vilest and evilest things and problems that leadership has to contend with where that story is raised and it settles in the same par with the idea the media controls my office and ensures they can perceive anything that is happening around it and run it first then sit about goading me which means they control my every move and are therefore powerful – reality is that they are dealing with the fall out of living in a bubble where they are free to do whatever they like in their view with the persons of those who are laden with responsibility of leadership, of which British society operates in that way to serve me and not them for example wherefore the purpose is that Royal Office involves knowing everything first before you can begin in the first place. Where the matter concerns them however is that they are dealing with the fall out and therefore it has become a story all about what they can make me do for them and for others which goes only as far as what their big mouths can afford and no more and for their American friends as well what I am doing about it is not hurting badly enough yet it seems, hence they have begun to boast that their activities are getting more and more violent and they are becoming more confident about freedom, which is rather what they call it instead of what it really is. I have never really considered it to be a problem for my part when it has always been as simple as the fact that since it had become a matter of what I can be made by them to do for them and for others they can share me with, people have become more concerned with that and what they say about it than they have become more concerned with how stupid they really are which has then helped them with a sense of social equality that does not exist all built up on media as per that is what I am vulnerable to and hence what they are looking for trouble. The other side of how little a problem this is, is largely a matter of the fact they do not understand as well what I mean when I tell them this is not the 1990s or indeed the times that had gone before it where they can do these kinds of things and claim it is freedom and civil rights and then profit from it as well and I don’t mind sitting here in the UK to kick some in the US as well depending on how far they go. I understand they day I have stolen my books from them as well but that is no new story; we are aware he last time they raised such matters it was largely about getting politicians to stifle my academic work until they and the likes of them can dominate me and that is what has brought them to where they are today not least as a result of the involvement of their women whom they claim can handle people like me while we like to talk tough and of course set off a sense that if I get hold of those as well it is the men that will talk power so they can back up what they say too, so in my view it seems they are after a book that hurts them all the time because they simply cannot leave me alone – so freedom and civil rights is what they like to tell people it is instead when we hear from them which most of them time they are not requested to share anyway. Then there is my party piece which is all about finding and leading those that are loyal to me into harm’s way and to it I have paid some attention for a matter of days at this stage and they are clearly not making public complains as at yet as it were, so we are good so far on that front, never mind the part where they claim they have a means to observe every single move I make which I don’t mind if it is their civil rights idiots that are setting up public complains about that too at the same time hence this sense that they have got a feeling of blackmail to dish out on me all the time and the next thing I am going to do to them will be concerned with finding out what it is exactly that they can do about me when I refuse to deploy a Royal Office that they now control to deal with their problems because they have plans to head somewhere else important, knowing that they are in such a position as they can take it away from me if they wanted with a big mouth; its always largely been a case of the fact that if you do leave people to their own devices, what happens as a result of that if that they are active and they channel the means they have towards directions that will put them or other people in harm’s way and so this is the bit of Political leadership that I have to provide to some extent from a Royal Office which works sometimes depending on how silly and useless the Politicians have been or become recently, so what is happening around that is really not about them either.  Hence these are meant to be things I take to heart seriously when they lead to no profitability at all but of course the reality will always remain that media does not control me and I am not caught up in a leadership battle or caught between it and so on which are all the same thing in practice.

When it really comes down to it however the issues can be measured by reality surrounding the vote for an original provocation which was carried by the Politicians, so that when they need my academic work to be stifled so that they and the likes of them can dominate me it becomes a matter of how many years is enough putting up with a condition where it occurs every single second of the time? This is therefore the reality as such that has emerged from it i.e. it turns out the reasons I find these things amusing which is what a lot of people cannot understand is that this was all a matter of men setting off their position as that which should dominate women and people like me financially at all times which is where their insults originate from most of the time, so it at the end of the day does create the sense they need to be put in their place when the audacity of their abuses are taken into consideration and hence the reasons I have set out the freedom story at the background of this since I really do need to convince them they have to watch their filthy mouths lest I become the one that kicks it off all together in the first place; they control nothing like they claim they do and are simply having trouble understanding what I mean when I tell them this is not the 1990s or the periods before it for example, so that even if it was, it would not have applied here either.