I am told that I tend to play both sides on the matter, tackle people when they try to defend themselves and criticise the debauched, social and sexually corrupt activities of some members of the Royal family being thrown at the Public but I don’t in anyway – I mean is HRH Prince of Wales that different a character from the Queen? Then we can try to answer such a question is terms of what HM was like when she was younger and when she had recently married his Father and the social and cultural and political and economic conditions which existed at the time, we all know it was tough and that she never put the foot wrong. The other fools fighting my wars at the Monarchy have always been at it naturally, it has dreamt of nothing but having a license to violate me because it has been fighting battles I am too weak and cowardly due to decadence I am not sharing, so when it is not able to play up rich getting richer and poor getting poorer routines at my expense because it saw me walk into a Church, once it is done leaving me with the bottom hurting issues that are a result of its stupid social and sexually corrupt decisions and joining the stupid men it is familiar with in tackling me, then we will certainly be found fighting my battles everywhere, I do rather fancy the way they show up for pity and medical help all the time. I am also told that I am provoking a lot of people and its easy rather I suppose for people to keep their stupid engagements off my concerns if they are worried that they are unable to predict everything that I am capable of as such. We see this nonsense all the time expecting me to give up property assets and equities because they were looking tidy and successful and needed to cover their bums and then I lose friends and allies because its such a bad thing to be selfish on such matters, yet take one layer off the surface and it goes beyond an unwillingness to respect my challenges in the sense that their stupidities have done me favours with those foolish cultures, then showed up to claim my arse is now open to the world distracting me from my hermitage all day long in the most violating manner imaginable and building a community on it, to other nefarious nonsense they perform at Industry, which is why their bottom hurts every time I am seen anywhere near it and what my Bookshop was doing for the day had to be sacrificed to cover their bums, until I mention it, I always look like the bad person, whereas it does not matter how hard I try or how hard these fools suffer for showing up to play practical jokes with my livelihood, it still comes down to an obsession for the purpose of grabbing my earnings and doing me favours with a stupid culture and society in order to get the imagination up my bum and manipulate me down to bank balance which also allows the bloody idiots hang about in public places issuing foolish threats their stupidities cannot back up. It’s a Bookshop you see and the problem with mentioning this is that I then end up with misgivings as per the reasons I shouldn’t being that their sufferings are a matter of showing up around it for practical jokes instead of reading what I have written or buying a Book, that said, it does seem that pointing it out constitutes a public service and so goes the answer to the question of whether their stupidities where right in terms of a Public image built for me that I am a bum who also spends all day doing nothing. They do claim the media supports their idiocy because people there hate me intensely but the Media bits have taken long enough as it were; I don’t care if they needed time and space to shut down the comments that do damage to this Bookshop while they are not sharing the salary, it would have meant that I cared if that stupid job of theirs was my priority against my wishes once again as it were, it needs to shut it down a push comes to shove and they will be better off being the reasons they engage in such activities  having become the life they had built for themselves and do so as soon as possible. They say I love to make out I am able to take them on while I am far from it, which is utter nonsense; it will never stop doing these behaviour firstly because it is or thinks that it is bigger than me and then also because it is convinced as stupidly as possible that there is unlikely to be a reciprocate response, which is the main foundation for its interest in me when it saw me walk into a Church, it does not stop until you got it beaten up seriously as well all together. They claim my activities are wrecking jobs and careers and yes they are as I am never allowed to simply run a Bookshop in peace, so Industry people like the way I do things and the way I get into an alliance with women they have selected to look into criminality matters, then the way their tribalism raids abuses and attacks people perpetually and of course I am certain that I have the right to compete – this is the outcome. They say my claim to the Office of an Arch Prince provokes people and yes it does but if the above matters are cleared up, it is perhaps a good time to talk about the fact HM does not like the way I keep myself untidy and the way I don’t pay attention to my language and it will then lead to another series of conversations where its not the way I talk but a business of describing them to run a Bookshop and then the result will be that I became like their stupidities are i.e. when HM makes a decision about me I have an argument and then the Queen has to reverse a decision.  They claim that became of me they no longer feel as though the Monarchy is off their league and it is utter nonsense as we know they also think that dress codes at the Ascots had been relaxed and that there was never a reason for those dress codes at all. It needs to keep off my Books, shut down its stupid comments and give me some space. I am told that I underestimate the kinds of dangers I faced I at the Monarchy but I don’t face any silly dangers as such – its all a bunch of goons whose Royal Parents have not yet been well informed of the nonsense I have to put up with each time they engage themselves with Media, Celebrity and Fashion and then followed quickly by another group of scum who want trophy Royal wife and as applied to me, marry into Royalty in order to handle me but do not want to share trophy wife as such, talking nonsense when it starts to hurt; its important people knew my problem was that I am no longer able to just do what I have to do here because of the constant rumour that another had taken my position, which leaves everything I have done painting a picture of me that suggests a Chracter that does not get paid for work he does. The aspect of threats I faced which have now become a National stage phenomenon at this point is these society and culture goons that are responsible for me always ending up in a life that I don’t want while they wreck the academic work when they are not paying the fees and wreck the career and finances when they are not paying the Bills – I am completely fed up now with these threats at the Monarchy and it should be noted how the latter threat issues have developed into claims I practice witchcraft which is soon going to drag me into a life I don’t want to live and end the way they want since they clearly can recognise witchcraft, some have claimed its my diet that annoys them the most, others that its my dress code and some my personality, public, penis, anus and so on, I don’t want to be disturbed at this Bookshop any further. So I am told what happens at the Monarchy I want to be a part of all the time is people protecting others while I am a coward, what really happens being that people are no longer able to read what I have written because cracked up out of my league has been deploying Arch Prince’s Royal order to fight its battles and now feels like it can tackle enemies on the left hand side and right hand side etc, the entire time of which it now wants to go back on a history of decades spent taking pictures of itself blowing kisses at criminals on other peoples public image for the Media industries and capitalises on all the nonsense I have to put up with from society fools that want to be free of me but have not stop the behaviour of either destroying my personality or building communities that help them run me down in public places all the time, it capitalises on that to churn my tummy for how its plans have affected its tummy. I am now completely fed up with the threats and will have no more – speaking of which we know they spent most of their time arguing with HM and I simply don’t know how I joined them looking like a character who wants to have his cause noted while the privileges of more senior Royals took precedence, so I might have need to talk about the social problems associated with privilege society. The way that this sort of behaviour leads to outcomes where the leaders assets their authority until they became tyrants does not worry them at all, nor does it concern them that their stupidities do not have a history of wading such problems. I have been told this is all a matter of low lives interfering with Government but either way I am not; what really happens is that even when a Politician knows that what you are doing is what you do for a living, should certain areas have the capacity to offer them a sense of security that leaves them feeling sensations of unprecedented glory, they will swoon the entire arrangement to get it everyday – so I have set out the Bookshop in a way which ensures that they and their followers suffered more than any other group over the costs and benefits of my career and have also warned them about internet trolling as it does not tend to prevent me from sacking their own outside of the internet as well.